Several years ago my sex life dried up at home I started cruising porn sites and looking at Craigslist. I'm in my 60s now and never had a homosexual experience but found it to be forbidden fruit and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to try it. I was getting tired of masturbating while watching porn. My imagination went wild thinking about sliding a dick into my mouth and gulping a load of another man's seed. I used to enjoy it when my wife did it and now I wanted to do the same. We had a neighbor who was a widower and he and I got together from time to time and helped with each others garden or watched a football game. He was in his late 60s and rarely did I see him date. During one football game and after a few beers the cheerleaders were high kicking and you could sometimes imagine seeing some hair or definitely see their camel toe impression. He commented that he'd like to stick his tool into that..... I commented that I'd like to eat it,. He commented that if I'd eat it I would suck a dick and laughed. I said I'll eat anything if I can stick a fork into it. The conversation started a banner about sucking a dick and he commented,  don't knock it if you haven't tried it. Then he said he was real horny and that if I'd try it once he'd give me a mind blowing blowjob afterwards. This went on for another 15 minutes and I got a raging hard on so I agreed to give it a try if he promised to give me that blowjob. He immediately unzipped his pants and pulled out a hard 6 inch cut dick dripping with pre-cum and said have at it. I felt my face redden but I had committed myself so i went over to his chair and got on my knees and rubbed his dick head on my lips. I could smell his lust and his pre-cum kinda tasted sweet. He said to take it in and when I opened my mouth to envelope it he thrust it all the way in to the back of my throat. I almost gagged but was able to suppress it as I bobbled up and down on him. I was determined to make it good for him and me. I was in heaven actually sucking a dick that I'd fantasized about for the past two years. He was hard and rubbery and getting a real treat out of me sucking him. He told me I was a natural cocksucker and wish he had know that last year. Him calling me a cocksucker got me even more excited and the he grabbed by ears and pulled me down hard on his cock and exploded a gush of cum that filled my mouth completely and seemed he gushed about 4 times never letting me up and telling me to drink it bitch. That caused me to cum all over myself without touching myself. It was wonderful. This started a regular thing for us until he moved away.

I went several months without sex again and dreamed about sucking a cock again. I was afraid of catching a disease and wanting to suck another dick. I even imagined getting a few guys over for a poker game and losing to suck their dicks but was afraid to try it for fear the word would get out that I was bi and it would ruin me in the neighborhood. So I just cruised the internet and masturbated. Finally, I saw a add on Craigs for an older MWM to suck off a MBM and it had a picture of a 7 inch uncut black dick attached. It looked good and clean and the guy sounded very much like he had a similar situation that I was in with no sex life at home. I finally got up the nerve to send a email to the guy and he responded immediately. Said he wasn't interested in sucking but wanted to be sucked. We corresponded thru a couple of emails and he couldn't host as his wife was at home  nor could I for the same reason. He finally came up with the idea that he had some land in the country that he wanted to sell and I could come by and pick him up and he'd show me the land. While there I could suck him off to see if I liked it. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to have him. So after a few days I agreed to meet him at his house and go from there. When I pulled into his drive he came out and introduced himself and his wife was on the porch and waved at us. She told him to take his time as she was going to visit friends. He smiled and said to me perfect. We drove about 15 minutes away on a country road to a track of forest with a a small shed and small field by it Maybe 7 acres or so.  It had a rutted trail leading from the road to the shed on the edge of the woods. He said this is it and did I still want to suck his dick. I wanted to see it so he pulled it out and pulled the skin back off the mushroom head so I could see the gleaming head oozing pre-cum, I almost lost it right then and there. He told me to follow him and we went to the garden shed where he unlocked the door and immediately dropped his pants when we got inside and told me to suck it dry cocksucker. That's all I needed to hear and I dropped and put that back snake into my mouth. It was thick and filled me up all the way to my throat. I gagged abit but was able to keep it in and started working it . I put my tongue inside the skin and worked it around the head of his dick. He was moaning and starting to fuck my face when he just blew his wad without warning. He was full of cum and it ran out the sides of my mouth even though I was swallowing as fast as I could. He continued to fuck my face until he went limp and then commented that it had been month since he had climaxed and that I was a good cock sucker. I was left very sexed up and he was soft without any desire left to continue. I told him I would suck him soft until he got it up again and he said it wouldn't work. I urged him to let me try and he said he couldn't but had a buddy that may want a white guy to suck him off. I was so hot and bothered that I agreed and he called his bud. It took him about 15 mintues to get to the shed but he showed up with another friend as well.They were big guys about 6 foot and 250 pounds with guts hanging over their belts, same as me. This looked good to me. When they came in they said you want to suck some more black dick you old bitch in heat. All I could say was show me and they pulled out their dicks which were about normal 6 to 7 inches and ready for a sucking. The older man grabbed my head and pulled it down on his cock and said have at it bitch and I was in heaven. He was thrusting in and out and while holding my head with both hands. His buddy was stroking his cock and he'd rub it on my ears and placed my hand on it all the while the man I came to see was watching and laughing at how hungry the white bitch was. The big guy finally cummed and it was strong and alot. He told me to swallow it all and said I was a good slut and then his buddy who was just abit younger grabbed me and rammed his cock into my mouth and he came within a few minutes as he had been stroking and was primed to shot a wad. He didn't have as much cum as he said he had fucked his girl that morning and wanted to know if I could taste her. It was great. I was full of cum and had been totally degraded but loved it. The two visitors had to go but told me if I ever wanted to suck some dick to let them know and they would be glad to give me all I wanted. When they left my original man who owned the land had a hard on and had me suck him again but he was rougher and more demeaning calling me a cum whore and telling me to eat him and stopped mid stream to have me lick his ass. I didn't want to do that but he said if I did he would agree to let me suck him again whenever I felt the need. He bent over and pulled his cheeks apart to expose his rosebud and I dived in with my tongue. He as clean so it wasn't to bad. After a few minutes he spun around and cummed all over my face and shirt. Said he had enough and take him home. This started a really good relationship for many months to come. More later.   




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