Pretty much all my life I knew I sort of was attracted to certain guys. I mean, I love girls, and have had a few girlfriends growing up. I lost my verginity around the same age a lot of kids do, 15 or so. But ever since I discovered porn and saw for the first time a guy cum on a girls face and in her mouth, it turned me on more than anything I have seen. I imagined myself at the receiving end and knew I wanted to try that. It pretty much got to the point where every time a watched porn a thought about sucking a cock and how bad I wanted to try it. I grew up in a blue collar rural town in Minnesota, and always knew I wasn't fit for that kind of place. I needed to at least move to the city where I can be around like minded people.

    I moved out of my parents house when I was 17 and went to a vocation school where I lived in a dorm for a year. Before I moved in, I would fantasize about getting a gay dorm roommate, and I would finally be able to try and suck a cock. You are probably thinking as you read this that this is where I tell you about my gay roommate who helped me with my first time. That didn't happen. What happened was I got caught smoking weed in my dorm and the school I went to had a "zero tolerance policy" for things like drugs. It actually wasn't a big deal because I applied for collage right away and got in. I also had some friends let me move in to their condo in downtown Minneapolis. 

    At this time I wouldn't have known where to find a guy to try out my fantasy, until I found a chat site that let you filter the chat down to gay, and what area you are chatting. It was so easy to chat with guys and talk about my fantasy. I was so nervous to actually try it until I met Scott. 

    Scott lived only a few blocks from me. We chatted enough for him to convince me to come over and meet him. We were both the same body type, but he was a little smaller. About 5' 9" 165lbs. I told him in the chat that I only wanted to suck a cock. And he said he will go slow and do what ever I want. When we got into his appartment the first thing he asked me was if I was nervous. I said "yes, but we are doing this". He then asked if I liked making out. I was kind of surprised by the question since I really just wanted to give him a BJ. I didn't think fast enough and my mouth just said yes, so he reached in and put his tongue in my mouth. I hesitated, but tried not to flinch and just kissed his lips and put my tongue in his mouth. I could feel a bit of his facial hair, which I wasn't used to. I can honestly say I was feeling like I may have made a mistake. I didn't want to flake out, and I still wanted to try and suck a cock, so I reached down and undid his belt. He was wearing briefs. I put my hand in his underwear to feel his cock, it was about 5.5" cut. I didn't wait any longer and just dropped to my knees and pulled his pants all the way off. His cock is now right in front of my face. I kiss the head and open my mouth to taste my first cock. I remember that moment like it happend seconds ago. It was a billion times better than I ever thought. I worked up some good saliva and got his cock and my chin dripping wet, just like I have seen on some of my favorite porn scenes. He grabbed my armed and pulled me back up to his level and we kissed more before he grabbed me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. We lay on the bed and he asked me if I want to take off all of our clothes. I'm super nervous, so by this time I'm not saying words, just doing whatever he asks. We get fully naked and lay down. He get really close and we are now naked holding each other making out full force. All I wanted was to suck his cock and leave, but now I'm in a trance of extacy unlike anything I have ever felt. He then asked me something I never would have thought of trying and again was too nervous to say anything. I just complied. He asked me if I wanted to try and get a rim job. We were already naked doing plenty of things I didn't expect so, why not! I turn over to a doggy style position, and basically put my ass in his face. He has definitely done this before. He spit right into my asshole and put his fingers all over my ass. I have never had another person touch my asshole. It was amazing. He then licks my asshole and kisses it. I can feel his facial hair on my asshole and it is so stimulating all I can do is moan. I can't believe I am doing this. More than my fantasy is coming true, my mind is so blown. His tongue is as deep as he can get in my ass, and I never knew you could get a whole different kind of orgasm from playing with your ass. I guess that's why anal sex is a thing, lol. 

     He now rolls me over and positions himself so we are now in a 69. And I again take his cock in my moth. This time he pretty much starts fucking my face. All I can concentrate on is getting his cock in my mouth without gagging. I am making it so wet and slimy and tears are running down my face. I'm in love! I now LOVE sucking cock. I don't want to stop. But of coars all good things cum to an end as he whispers " here is comes" and I continue letting him fuck my face as he shoots his load in my mouth, down my throat, and all over my face. I did it! I lived out my fantacy, and much much more. I kissed my first guy, and got my ass rimmed. Scott had shown me so much, and he also liked me. We continued to see each other a bunch over the course of a few years. He showed me a lot of fun things, like getting tied up and blindfolded, taking showers and getting all wet and soapy, which became my favorite thing. We would sleep at each others houses and fall asleep in each others arms. Sometimes we would fall asleep making out with our tongues in each other's mouths. 

    Scott eventually moved on because he was gay and I never found the courage to come out. It has been a while since I have seen him and have been with some other guys, but they only want their dicks sucked and leave. I really miss Scott, and to this day a, looking for that same experience. 


Brent K


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