The darkness surged around me as my body plunged into the icy cold water,after that more darkness and a burning that ripped my heart out.I tried to move but that only made it worse.So I tried to stay as still as possible.All I could remember now was the crash,remember it as it was happening at that very moment.The images flashed,the truck,the getting flung off from the cliff,the pain,the icy cold water and then darkness.It felt like weeks since I was in this condition,but I guess that was only the burning.I could hear voices around me,familiar voices.The voice of Sam,Alexis,June,Marc and Timothy.All I was trying to remember was why was I on that road in the first place,driving so reckless,wanting like a nightmare it stuck me.Sam telling me that he didn't want me anymore,that he was leaving and never coming back.Suddenly the pain,the burning grew.At this point all I wanted was to be killed,I'd rather get hit by a truck a hundred times,fall off a cliff a hundred time,anything but this.

It had been four days since I was in this condition,I wouldn't have known if it weren't for the voices around.I thought that my body must have turned to ash by now or even the ashes burned till nothing remained.I tried to move again but in vain,everything burned more just like the several of my other tries.I was kinda getting used to the pain,atleast wanted to.Another day passed,but now the burning was less,I could fell it reducing.Again I tried to move my fingers instead of hand,this way if the burning hadn't subsided it would only be my fingers not my hand,but this time when I tried my fingers moved,at once I felt a wind and he was next to me,calling my name.'Max'he said in his beautiful voice and my body responded,like it should have,I tired again,this time my eye lids.In what felt like a quarter of a second my eyes opened.



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