Money For College

Brian walked in just as Jason shoved the books off his desk in a fit anger.

"What's up, buddy?" he asked.

"Not a Goddamn thing that a few thousand bucks wouldn't cure," he replied.

"I've got twenty, if that'll help," Brian offered.

Jason had to laugh even though he didn't feel like it.

"So, what the hell's the problem?" Brian asked.

"My Dad found himself a new bimbo and all of a sudden there's no money for college."

"Your Dad's had a lot of bimbo's. If this one isn't around any longer than......."

"He married this one," Jason cut in, fairly spitting the words out.

"Oh, damn, that is a bummer."

"Well, I'm done here," Jason said, as he shoved his chair back and stood up. "I might as well start packing."

"You've got the rest of the semester," Brian said.

"The semester isn't paid for. I've been paying a little bit at a time. When I don't show up with the next payment I promised, they're going to shut me out."

"There's gotta be a way....something....."

"I'm already working two part time jobs that don't pay shit, and that's barely covering my share of this dump we're living in. Another job wouldn't leave time even to attend classes or study."

"Loans....grants?" Brian said.

"I couldn't get a loan or a grant in time. I'm going to have to lay out for a year."

"Statistics show that eighty percent of those who lay out don't come back," Brian pointed out.

"Screw your statistics. Do they show that most of that eighty percent don't come back because they can't scrape the money together?" He pulled his T-shirt up and over his head and tossed it on his bed. Then he shoved his shorts down, kicked them away, and grabbed a towel he'd left over the back of a chair.

"There is a way," Brian said with a thoughtful grin.

"Yeah? What? Rob a bank?"

Brian grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him to face the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

"Take a look at yourself."

Jason looked at himself in the mirror then caught his roommate's eyes. "So, what am I supposed to see that's got anything to do with this?"

"You're a walking gold mine," Brian said.

Jason looked himself up and down again, without even the self-admiration that he deserved. Sure, he was built, but what did that get him except in some girl's bed?

"And what secret formula do you have for turning this into gold?" he asked with a sweep of his hand toward the image in the mirror.

Brian grabbed his arm and led him to the window overlooking the street. Jason was right, it was a dump they were living in, in a dumpy neighborhood that boasted no better than pool halls, bars and prostitutes. "There's your answer, right across the street."

"Are you sure you understood the question?" Jason asked sourly. He gazed out the window. "If you're talking about Racers......"

"Look at you, man. You're built like a fuckin' god. Put it to work, for chrissakes."

"You're talking about stripping....."

Brian turned him back to the mirror. "Take another look, my friend. You don't have any clothes on right now. Nobody paid you to take them off, but here you are, naked. Walk across the street and take your clothes off, you get paid for it. I hear they make over a hundred bucks a night just in tips."

"Their sign says male dancers. I don't know how to dance," he said.

"Come on, I've seen you on the dance floor," Brian scoffed.

"It wouldn't be that kind of dancing," he said, nodding to the male strip club.

Brian threw up his hands. "Okay, go back to PoDunk and shovel shit or flip hamburgers or whatever else they have to offer and see how long it takes you to earn enough money for fuckin' bus fare back here, let alone pay for tuition and books."

"It's a male strip club man. I would feel weird taking my clothes off in front of a bunch of guys," Jason said.

"Exactly how many guys does it take to make you feel weird? You got a number? Is it twenty, ten, eight?"

"What's the point of your question?"

"Well, I'm one guy, and you're naked in front of me all the time. How many guys were in the locker room when you played football back in high school? How many guys are in the locker room at the gym when you strip down to shower?"

"I don't know, I never paid any attention," he said with a frown.

"Right. So you don't pay attention to how many guys are watching you when you're taking off your clothes off on stage," Brian said

"I see your logic but....I don't know, man......"

"Okay, I'll see you back here in a couple of years....maybe," Brian said dryly.

"Okay....okay, maybe I'll go over and talk to them," Jason said, now more thoughtfully. He wasn't at all sure he would, but saying it would appease Brian for the moment and get him off his back. Meanwhile, he didn't know what he was going to do.

"Listen, don't be a fool," Brian said. "Look at it this way. You've got all the tools to do the job. Maybe it's not the job you were looking for, but you've got the tools, so you do it. Just go over there and talk to them. They're not going to throw you out, and you just might discover a natural talent you didn't know you had."

"A natural talent?" Jason questioned.

"Yeah, like taking off your clothes," Brian said dryly. "Doing what comes naturally, and getting paid for it."

"Speaking of being thrown's a bar, and I just turned nineteen," said Jason.

"You're going there to strip, not to drink," Brian said.

"But they serve booze," Brian said.

"They sell booze in the grocery stores here. A nineteen year old checkout boy has to have somebody else ring it up. You won't have anything to do with the booze. If all else, get a fake ID. You could easily pass for twenty-one."

They left it at that for the moment as Jason changed the subject to a party he'd been invited to, and asked Brian if he wanted to come along.

"Was I invited?" Brian asked.

"You are now," Jason said.

"It's not your party."

"It's not anybody's party. Just some kids getting together at somebody's place out in the country; some guy who owns a small ranch."

"Hey, if they're not going to check the invitation list, sure," Brian said. "When?"

"This weekend. Saturday, it'll probably spill over into Sunday."

Brian's suggestion laid heavy on Jason's mind. He made it sound like such a simple way of making money. Just walk into the place, say, "Hey, I'm willing to take my clothes off, how much will you pay me?"

By the next morning, after laying awake thinking about it, he decided to at least go make an inquiry. Instinct told him he needed to make a good first impression; show off the tools that Brian said he had. He showered and used some of Brian's body splash but then he didn't know what kind of impression he should try to make. It was a strip club but he couldn't walk in wearing a thong. But it didn't warrant a suit and tie either. Better to err on the side of decency, he thought. He put on his best pair of jeans and a short-sleeved sport shirt with a button down collar. He didn't tuck it in and he left the top two buttons open to show the separation between his thick pecs that pressed against the front of the shirt. He liked the way the sleeves fit, too, nice and snug around his biceps. As an afterthought he grabbed a pair of faded Levi cut-offs that he'd brought with him from high school and stuffed them in his back pack. They were short--almost no leg left from the many washings and trimming off the frazzles--and well worn, almost threadbare at the crotch and in the seat. He added a white tank top, slapped on his baseball cap and headed across the street.

It was dark inside the place and it took a moment for his eyes to adjust. When they did, he could make out a young, burly guy behind the bar--looked about thirty-who looked like he might have been a football player. He walked up and extended his hand across the bar. Before he got his name out, the guy said, "You here about the job?"

"Uhh....yes, as a matter of fact, I am," Jason said, blinking with surprise.

"I saw you coming across the street. I was hoping so."

"My name's Jason."

"I've already got a Jason. How about Ryder?"


"Yeah, you need a stage name."

"Well, before I take a stage name, I'd like to know something about what's involved," Jason said.

"You take your clothes off in time to the music. We call it dancing, but you don't have to know how to dance. First show starts at ten-thirty. Another one at twelve, and another one at one-thirty a.m."

"What do I wear?" Jason asked.

"What you've got on is great to start out with, depending on what you're wearing underneath."

"I brought something along that I thought might be good," he said, putting a hand on his back pack.

"Let's see."

He dug the cut-offs and tank top out of the bag and laid them on the bar.

"That outfit always goes over good. Why don't you go back there and change and show me what you've got."

He went back to where the bartender had pointed, into a small office. He quickly changed into the cut-offs and tank top and checked himself out in the mirror on the back of the wall. The cut-offs were nice and snug, showing plenty of thigh. He hadn't worn them for a long time and his thigh muscles bulged against the worn material. They were almost indecent to wear out in public, but muscle was what they wanted to see at Racer's. He took off his shirt and put on the tank top. It hugged his torso like a second skin and made his shoulders look even broader. He liked the way the straps made the muscles on the sides look more heaped. He put his cap on and went back to the bar.

"You look great. You can start tonight if you want to."

"You don't want me to audition? I'm not really a very good dancer," Jason said.

"I watched you walking across the street; that was your audition. You've got all the right moves, just do 'em in time to the music."

Jason laughed. "What's the pay?"

"Twenty bucks for showing up, plus tips. You'll rake in the tips; easy a hundred a night, the way you're put together, probably more."

Jason thought about it for a moment.

"Look, I don't wanta pressure you but kid, you're made for this job, and you won't find one that pays better. Don't waste the opportunity. I've had a couple of other guys come in but they don't compare to you."

"All right, thanks," he said.

"Does that mean all right, you're taking the job? And are you starting tonight? I gotta know so I know whether to put your name on the roster or call in somebody else."

"I'll be here," Jason said. "I'll give it a try."

"Great. You're going to go over big. Hey, do you have your own music?"

"No. This was a spur of the moment thing. My roommate talked me into coming over."

"Well, you can bring a tape, or perform to one of ours."

Back in his room--Brian was in class--Jason dug around for a tape of some of his favorite music. He slipped it into the tape player and stood in front of the mirror. When the music started he started moving. He felt foolish, but he didn't look foolish. He hadn't noticed before, but he could be sexy on foot. He practiced for a few minutes just moving and swaying to the music then he began to spice it up with some impromptu moves, swaying and thrusting his hips. Then he started taking off his clothes. Maybe he could do this after all.

He didn't tell Brian he'd taken the job. That night, when Brian was coming out of the shower, he saw Jason getting dressed after his shower.

"Where're you going?" Jason asked.

"To work," Jason replied as he buttoned his jeans around his trim waist and smoothed his hand down over the bulge.

"This is your night off to study," Brian said.

"I'll have to study later."

"Oh! You got the job at Racers!"

"Yeah, and they didn't even ask for ID."


Jason grabbed his T-shirt and slipped it on then picked up his gym bag. "Well, it's not great, but it's a way of telling my old man to fuck off with his bimbo wife," Jason said.

"Hey, that's your father's wife, show some respect,' Brian said.

"Fuck my father's wife," Jason growled. "And I probably could," he added under his breath.

"I'm getting dressed and come along," Brian said excitedly.

"No," Jason said. "I don't want you there. At least not the first night, till I get used to it and know what I'm doing. Besides, you're not gay."


"It's an all-male strip club....a gay strip club," Jason said.

"I've seen women go in, with their dates," Brian said.

"You've seen ten times as many guys go in....with their dates."

"Okay, I'll stay away tonight, but I'm coming to see you do your stuff," Brian said.

The bartender greeted him with a smile and pointed him to where to go get dressed. Jason was nervous as he climbed the stairs to the dressing room. He was somehow taken aback when he saw the small room full of mostly naked guys, but he should've expected it; it was a strip club. He was keenly aware of the eyes that followed him to a corner where he dropped his bag. He tried not to be nervous. He'd done this hundreds of times in front of hundreds of other guys, but this was different. This wasn't the locker room, and he wasn't going to leave this room fully dressed for a date. He was going to go down those stairs and leap up on the stage, and show himself to dozens of guys--strangers--mostly gay strangers. He caught the glance of one guy in particular as he was pulling off his shirt. He dug the tank top out of his bag and slipped it on. It was more than a glance, really, for when he looked back, the guy was still looking at him. He took off his hiking boots and jeans. He hadn't decided whether to wear just his shorts or slip on the thong he'd purchased, or his jockstrap. It would be that much more he would have to take off.

The guy watched him as he was undoing his jeans. In just his shorts, he dug around in his gym bag for the skimpier thong. He picked up the jockstrap but put it back. He would save the jockstrap for later in the show, or for another night.

Someone popped his head in the door. "Ten minutes, guys. Is there a guy named Ryder here?"

Everybody looked around but nobody answered to the name.

"Well, shit, don't tell me he didn't show up," the man muttered. "Now I'll have to change the lineup."

Suddenly it hit Jason; he was Ryder. "Sorry. I wasn't paying attention to the name. I guess I'm Ryder," he told the man.

The guy looked at him, standing in his briefs with his thumbs in the waist band, about to shove them down.

"Okay, you're on right after Arthur. Don't forget that name, 'cause I'll be announcing you in that order."

"Got it," Jason said, and shoved his shorts down. He wasn't particularly aware that there were more eyes on him till someone spoke up.

"Well, fuck, there goes my tips for the night," someone said.

"Yeah, there ought to be a law," someone else said.

Jason didn't realize they were talking about him till he straightened, pulling the tiny thong up his muscular thighs and was lifting and placing his manhood inside the pouch. He glanced about and saw guys looking at him. He paused for a second, then finished pulling the thong up over his manhood.

"What?" he asked, finally, to everyone in general.

"Ignore them," the guy next to him said. "They just saw that gold mine you just tucked away inside your thong, and saw their tips going south."

"Uhh....guys, this is my first shot at this, I have no idea what the hell I'm even doing," Jason said in a feeble defense.

"You're doing it," the other guy said, looking him up and down. "Fuck, I think I'm jealous."

"Just wait till you see how bad I fuck this up, they probably won't even let me do a second set," Jason said.

The guy put out his hand and introduced himself. "My name's Tucker."

"Jason. My real name."

"Yeah, Tucker's mine. It's also my stage name."

The banter went on as Jason put his shorts back on then the cut-offs and Jason began to realize that a couple of the guys really were jealous. But most of them were only joking around about it. The music started and the announcer could be heard downstairs. Jason pulled on his hiking boots over the heavy work socks. The first guy's name was announced and one of the guys rushed down the stairs. Jason wished he could go down and watch so he would know what he was supposed to do. He was glad for Tucker's company.

"Nervous?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah, a little," Jason said as he tied his boots.

"You'll do fine."

"Hell, I can't even dance," Jason said.

"You don't have to know how to dance. Just move to the beat of the music. Trust me, that's all you have to do," he said, looking him up and down again. "Listen, slip your shirt on over that tank top, and put on your cap. It's a strip show, every item of clothing you have to take off builds the anticipation."

"Oh, all right, I guess you're right. Thanks. I told you I didn't know what I was doing," Jason said.

"So what made you decide to give this a try?" Tucker asked.

"I need money for college."

"That's the reason a lot of guys are here. You'll do good with the tips," Tucker said. "The guys are right, you probably will cut into some of their tips."

"That's all I need, having everybody pissed off at me," Jason said.

"Don't worry about it. Listen, do you want to get together afterwards?" Tucker asked, then quickly added, "Just for a beer, no funny stuff. I'm straight too."

"Yeah, we could do that," Jason said. "Listen....the does that work, exactly?"

"You keep all of your tips; that's why you don't get paid much," Tucker said.

"No I mean....I know, they stuff money in your jock while you're dancing, but after the set....I heard some guys talking about working the crowd. What's that all about?"

"You don't have to do it, but that's where the real money is. You just go up to a guy and be friendly. It's always good to put your hands on him, like on his knees or his shoulders, and he'll do the same to you, only he's gonna want to get his hands all over those muscles. Then you can move your hands down to his hips or on his thighs. If he's built, make some comments about his arms or his abs. You don't have to let him go too far, but the more attention you give him and the more freedom you give him, the more he's gonna tip."

"What do you mean, freedom?"

"Like feeling you up, playing with your butt, maybe kissing your nipples, even putting his hand down inside your shorts."

"I'm not sure I wanta let anybody do that," Jason said.

"It's your call," Tucker said. "But it's good to strike while the iron's hot; you get 'em all boned up with your moves on stage, they're already digging out their money for when you come around. If you don't take it, they'll give it to the next guy. And you'll probably get propositioned. No, you will get propositioned."


"I almost never leave the club alone," Tucker said. "There will be some guy who wants you to go with him after you get off work. That's where the real gold is."

"Go with him. Where?"

"To his place. To his motel room. Hell, maybe even his car or van. For sex."

Jason blinked. "I don't think that's in the cards for me, either."

"Suit yourself. But you can easily double your money by spending an hour or so with the guy."

"Yeah, but doing what?"

"That's always your call too. Most want to give you head or have you fuck them. But I've had guys who just wanted to watch me jack off while they felt my muscles. One guy just wanted to lie naked with me and talk. Easiest two hundred bucks I ever made."

"You got paid two hundred bucks for lying naked and talking?"

"Mostly, I listened. But, hell, getting head or fucking some guy's ass is a pretty nice and easy way to make two hundred bucks, too."

"You've actually fucked guys for money?"

Tucker laughed. "Hell, I've fucked guys NOT for money."

"Listen, uh....we never really talked about it when I hired in this morning, but do they ever go all the way with the clothes? You know, strip completely?"

"Technically, it's against the law, but it's a private club. Definitely don't do it on the first set. Sometimes the third set, depending on the crowd and the mood. Just watch the others and play it by ear. Come on, let's go down and wait, you can see how we do it."

Jason followed Tucker down the narrow stairway and they stood in the shadows near the bar to watch Arthur perform. He was good, and his moves were pretty basic. Jason thought he could do it, and he was built a lot better than him.

Just then Jason heard his name called....Ryder. He was glad he'd come downstairs; he hadn't even heard Arthur's name called.

"You're on, stud," Tucker said, giving his butt a quick squeeze. Jason thought nothing of it; he'd had that done dozens of times in the locker room.

Jason took a deep breath as the announcer informed the crowd that it was Ryder's first time at the club, and in fact, his first time ever on stage.

"Hey, tear the T-shirt off," Tucker told him just as he was moving away.

Jason made his way through the crowd standing around near the doorway, to the small stage with brass poles at each end. The lighting was such that he was unable to see the patrons when he jumped up on the stage, but he knew they were there. The beat of the music was intoxicating and once he was on stage and started moving around to the beat, he was relieved to feel his nervousness flow out of him. He didn't know how long he was supposed to dance; how long he had to get out of his clothes. Suddenly he noticed a large mirror on the wall opposite the bar. He watched himself and was pleased with the way he could move. He unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt and ran his hand down inside it. He slowly undid the rest of the buttons and took a full minute to shrug it off. He moved around the stage, pulling his tank top out of his jeans, tugging it up to show his lower abs. There was some soft applause at first, and some whoops and hollers that encouraged him when he pulled it up to show his chest. Then he got the ultimate encouragement when a young guy approached the stage and stuffed some bills in the waistband of his briefs. He pushed the tank top up and kissed Jason's lower stomach.

"Take off the shirt," he said, holding up more money.

"I'll do better than that," Jason said. He gripped the shirt and ripped it apart, exposing his deep-ridged ab muscles and then his thick broad pecs.

"Oh, My Godd," the guy gasped. He reached up and ran his hands over Jason's stomach and squeezed his pecs, then he ran his hands down his sides and on down his bare thighs. He moved his hands back up Jason's thighs and shoved them up inside the legs of his cutoffs, then he tucked more money in his waistband.

Surprisingly, Jason was okay with the touching. It was money for college, and he didn't mind having the guy's hands on him; it was almost like he was worshipping his body. As he moved away Jason began unbuttoning his cutoffs. He did several turns around the stage before his fly was all the way open, revealing the white of his briefs. He reached inside and hefted the front of his shorts out and let the bulge rest in the V of his fly for another full turn around the stage. It was awkward, trying take off the cutoffs off while he moved in time with the music but he managed to step out of them and tossed them to the end of the stage and began swiveling his hips and thrusting, wearing just his shorts. Several more guys came up to stuff money inside his shorts and feel his muscles. One guy saw or felt his thong underneath.

"Take off the briefs," he said.

Jason was getting into it by how and he boldly told the guy, "Why don't you take 'em off for me."

The man smiled as he pulled the shorts down while Jason swiveled his hips right at his face level. When he had the shorts off of him, the man asked if he could keep them.

Jason leaned down and said, "I would have to buy new ones." The man stuffed a ten dollar bill inside his thong and got a good feel of the pouch.

The set ended all too soon and the announcer was announcing Tucker. Jason wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, so he stayed on stage till Tucker joined him.

"You did great, man. Now go work 'em," Tucker told him as he began his own routine.

Jason jumped off the stage and glanced around to see the first couple of dancers back in the darker end of the bar, mingling with the patrons. He went in that direction. Almost immediately, he was pulled in against a guy sitting turned around on a bar stool.

"Don't rush past me," the guy said as he began running his hands over Jason's body.

"Sorry, I couldn't see after those bright lights in my eyes," Jason said. He did as the others were doing and placed his hands on the man's shoulders and swiveled his hips slowly to the music like he was still dancing.

"You were hot up there," the man said. "You're even hotter down here in the flesh."

"I was in the flesh up there," Jason said.

"But this is hands-on flesh," the man said.

Jason saw that the man had bills in one hand, and he stayed with him till he had tucked one of them inside his shorts, then he eased away from him and moved on to the next guy, just like Tucker said to do; leave them wanting. He couldn't tell what the bills were that he had collected, but they were sticking out all around the waistband of his thong, plus those that were stuffed down inside. He eased away from a couple of pairs of groping hands when they found their way inside his thong, and once he gently eased a man's hand away when he was getting too serious about playing with his cock.

"I can't get a hardon yet, and you're going to give me one," Jason told him with a smile.

His heart was racing as he went back up the stairs to the dressing room. He saw his thong was stuffed with bills, and saw that some of them were five dollar bills. He began pulling the bills out and straightening them to count them. Tucker appeared behind him, rubbing his hand over his butt.

"Looks like you did all right for yourself, stud," he said, smiling. "Did you get propositioned?"

"I don't even know, I was so nervous," Jason said.

"Well, if you didn't, you will next set," Tucker said. "Sometimes it takes one set for them to work up their nerve."

Jason counted the money; forty-nine dollars. "What do I do with the money?" he asked Tucker.

"I can hold it for you when you're on stage, you can hold mine, but always count it before you give it to me so you know I didn't keep any of it," Tucker said.

Jason handed him the money and pulled off the thong. He dug his jockstrap out of his bag and pulled it on.

The next set was more lucrative than the first, and when he went around to work the crowd again, he got propositioned by the first guy who had pulled him over before.

"You shoved off too quickly the first time," the man said. "I was going to ask what it would take to get you go to back to my motel room with me. I'll make it worth your while."

"I don't know what worth your while means," Jason said.

"Two hundred, for a couple of hours," the man said.

"All right." He startled himself with his quick answer. He hadn't intended to accept any propositions--sell himself for sex--but it just came out in response to the mention of two hundred bucks, and he felt surprisingly comfortable with his decision.

"I'll wait for you after your last set," the man said He finished working the crowd then went back upstairs.

"Well, I got propositioned," he told Tucker.

"Are you going?"

"Yeah. Two hundred bucks, I couldn't turn that down."

"Great!" Tucker said, putting his hand up for a high five. "You're catching on fast."

"He asked me and I just blurted it out, yeah, I would go, without thinking," Jason said. "Now I don't know what I've got myself into."

"Like I said, it's totally your call," Tucker said. "Have you ever had sex with a guy?"


"Let him know that, he'll love it that you're a virgin," Brian said.

"I'm not a virgin," Jason said.

"You will be to him."

By his final set, Jason had accumulated a hundred and forty dollars, plus his base pay of twenty dollars from the bar. And there was a guy waiting to pay him another two hundred.

The guy, Jack, was waiting for him at the door. Jason went with him to his car. As they drove to the motel he wondered more what he had gotten himself into. He couldn't believe he had agreed to come with the guy, but it was only when they were inside the room and he heard the bolt on the door that he realized that he was actually there to have sex with this stranger, for money. It was male prostitution, pure and simple, and it had to be against the law. But he was there, he had made a commitment, of sorts, and he didn't have any way back to the club.

"Go ahead, get comfortable," the man told him. "You're welcome to use my shower."

"Yes, I should shower, the hot lights made me work up quite a sweat."

"You didn't need hot lights to work up a sweat. Your moves made a lot of guys work up a sweat," the man said. "Besides it looked good on you, the way your muscles glistened under the lights."

"Thanks." He went to the bathroom and turned on the shower then stripped down. He could have stayed longer under the shower, but there was no use prolonging things. He wondered what the man would expect of him. He remembered Tucker's words, "It's your call." But the guy was the one with the money, so it was a lot his call.

He was surprised when he came out of the bathroom, towel around his waist, and saw the money laying on the dresser.

"There's your money," the man said. "We agreed on two hundred, right?"

"Right," Jason said.

"Here, let me have your towel, I'll hang it up for you," the man said.

Jason removed the towel and handed it to the man.

"Oh, Godd," the man gasped when he saw his fluffed up cock. "I can hardly wait."

Jason had never felt so completely naked and vulnerable in his life. He had been naked in the locker room and showers hundreds of times, but this was different. He casually pulled on his cock, suddenly proud of its size and the heft and meatiness of it, but still a little apprehensive about what the guy expected of him. He needn't have been. Seated on the edge of the bed, the man reached out with one hand on Jason's hip and brought him to stand in front of him. Then he put both hands on Jason's hips and bent down and scooped his cock up into his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, Shit!" Jason groaned, tossing his head back.

The man smiled around his cock then backed off from it. "Sounds like that feels good."

"Ohhh, fuck yeah! This is the first time I ever did this," Jason said.

"Your first time out as an escort?"

"My first time out, and my first time to have a guy suck my cock or even let another guy touch me."

"Oh, really. That's wonderful. I'm so glad I'm your first."

"I kinda think I'm gonna be glad for that too," Jason said.

As Jack sucked him, he leaned back and slowly maneuvered Jason onto the bed till he was astraddle his chest and feeding him his cock. Jack clasped his hands around Jason's tight butt and pulled him higher, urging him up over him. Jason assumed the position and began doing pushups over the man's head, driving his cock all the way into his throat. He couldn't imagine a man could do that. Jack choked and gagged but he kept sucking.

Jason's arms and legs were trembling from the intense excitement. He'd never felt anything so good in his life. He didn't know how he was going to make it for the next few minutes, much less a couple of hours. He worked to hold off but finally had to pull up. His cock extracted from the man's mouth with a loud suctioning noise.

"I gotta break, before I cum," he told him.

"Yes, of course. I'm too anxious," Jack said. "Lie over beside me, we can cool down and work back into it. But don't be afraid to cum; I'm sure you can reload."

"I can, but it's so good I want it to last," Jason said.

"Me too, but I would like to get you off at least twice. Once in my mouth, and once in my ass."

Jason blinked with surprise. "You want your ass?" he stammered.

The man smiled. "You weren't expecting that?" he said.

"I wasn't expecting anything, I didn't know what to expect, really, except maybe a blowjob."

"Will you fuck me?"

"Yeah, I....I guess I can, if you want me to. I've never fucked a guy before."

"Same rudiments as fucking a girl," Jack said. "Can you cum twice?"

"I can cum as many times as you can get me off in two hours," Jason said.

"Ohh, Godd, I love that," Jack said. "Climb back up here and feed me some more of that magnificent meat. Make me choke on that big cock."

"I guess that means you want a load in your mouth," Jason said as he straddled the man again and began feeding him his cock.

"Yes," Jack managed to say before his mouth was stuffed full and he gagged on the big hunk of meat.

Over the next twenty minutes or so they scooted down on the bed till Jason was hunkered over the man doing pushups over his face and thrusting his big cock all the way into his throat, fairly nailing his head to the mattress. He paid no mind that he choked him repeatedly because the man never told him to stop doing it. At one point he paused and straightened up.

"I ought to tell you, I cum quite a bit," he said.

"Drown me," Jack said.

Jason laughed and said, "I just might. I just wanted you to know."

"I can hardly wait to taste you."

At the end he didn't cum in the man's throat because he said he wanted to taste him. Instead, he withdrew completely and pumped his cock by hand, aimed at the man's face.

"Oh, Godd, Yess! Give it to me," the man whimpered with his mouth opened wide and his tongue out.

Jason laid the head of his cock on the man's tongue. "I'm gonna cum!" He humped up over him and began shooting in his mouth. He overshot several times and laid thick ropes of warm cum all over his face and in his hair, on the pillow and some even splattered against the headboard.

The man tried to talk as he was gulping down Jason's cum and licking it up. "My Godd....slurp....where did that....slurp, slurp....all come from?"......slurp, lick.

Jason smiled as he rubbed the head of his cock in the warm cum and moved it to the man's mouth.

"The next load won't be that much," he said.

"Just don't lose that hardon," the man said.

"Don't worry about that," Jason said. "I can fuck you whenever you're ready."

"I haven't been not ready, stud, since you jumped up on stage and started twisting that fine ass around. I was imagining you twisting it around to much better use."

"I can do that," Jason said as he finished milking his cock over the man's mouth.

"Oh, I love it!" the man exclaimed. "I love your cum, I love your cock, I love your body, I love the way you talk."

"I hope you like the way I move," Jason said. He was suddenly feeling very confident in his newfound "profession." He pushed to the back of his mind the fact that what he was doing was probably illegal.

Jack was ready. He asked Jason how he wanted him.

"Hey, you're paying me, that's your call. How do you want it?"

"Oh, let me count the ways!" Jack replied. "Every position you know."

Jason laughed. "That might take more than two hours."

"I don't care how long it takes, I'll gladly pay your overtime rate."

"I don't charge overtime," Jason said. "Okay, I've got five positions in mind."

"Oh, Godd, Yess! What are they?" the man asked excitedly. "Oh, Godd, I love the way you handle yourself. I can't believe this is your first time escorting."

"You make it easy," Jason told him. It didn't hurt to stroke the guy's ego. "On your stomach, on your back, on your hands and knees, standing up in front of the mirrors, and....turned upside with me facing the other way."

"Oh my Godd, you're going to fuck me a new asshole!" he shrieked with laughter.

"I'll do my best," Jason said.

Jason moved aside so the man could get on his stomach. When he started to rise up, Jason pushed his butt back down.

"No, flat on your stomach....later on your hands and knees," he said. "I assume you've been fucked before," he said as he straddled the man's thighs and began kneading his butt, which was surprisingly firm and tight, he thought, for a guy his age.

"Yes, but never upside down. And I think this entire experience is going to be like all first times. I think I'm going to feel like a virgin again."

"Well, I doubt it'll be that good, this is my first try at this," Jason said. For some reason he was too shy to ask about lube or condoms but he didn't want to fuck bareback. He spat a glob of spit into the man's ass crack and worked it in with the head of his cock. Jack squirmed back against his cock. Then he found his courage.

"Listen, I don't have a condom," he said.

"Oh. Sorry." Jack scrambled to reach over the side of the bed and got a condom out of his pants and handed it to Jason, along with a bottle of lube.


He rolled the condom over his cock and drizzled some lube on it. Then he squeezed some against the man's hole. The slickness came together in the crack of the man's as and the head of his cock pressed deep against the man's hole. He could feel it clinching anxiously against his cock. He pushed, gently at first, but when he felt Jack pushing back, he shoved harder, forcing his cock through the tight hole. The thrust sent him in about halfway before he was able to check his entry.

"Ohh, Goddd!" Jack moaned, pressing his head back in the pillow.

"Is that okay? Is it hurting?" Jason asked.

"If it does, it's a good hurt," Jack said. "Don't worry about it, stud, just shove that big, wonderful cock all the way in and fuck me."

Jason gave him what he wanted, with a loud, low moan of his own as his cock was enveloped completely in the man's warm, snug fitting ass. He leaned up over him and pressed his loins hard against the man's butt, flattening it as much as the taut muscles would allow. Jack moaned when Jason twisted his hips around.

"Oh, Godd, that....Oh, fuck, yesss."

As he fucked him, Jason quickly learned what moves made the man moan and cry out and he soon had his own repertoire of moves way beyond just moving in and out. He fucked him flat on his stomach for twenty minutes or so then took hold of his right hip bone and urged him up on his hands and knees.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me like a dog," Jack moaned as he eagerly assumed the position. "OHh, Godd, fuck me like your bitch. go in a lot deeper this way," he cried out.

Jason could feel it to, but he didn't bother asking if it hurt, he just kept fucking. There were no time constraints, he wasn't keeping track of the time, for he was liking this as much as Jack, his client, and he was silently thanking Brian for pushing him into it. He would thank him properly when he got back to their room.

After a while Jason mentioned trying it standing up. Jack was eager to comply. He got off the bed and bent over the dresser with his face right in the mirror. He watched Jason take his position behind him. He winced a little when he entered him but then quickly reverted to his moaning, whimpering state when Jason began fucking him.

Jason tried to allot the same amount of time for each position. He had an idea how he wanted to finish. He discovered that fucking standing up took its toll faster on his butt muscles and his legs. When he suggested on his back, Jack eagerly got into position with his legs held up for Jason to grab hold of. Jason stood beside the bed and entered him again, leaning over and plunging down hard. It was a good position, he went in deep and it pleased Jack, but he was having to stay focused and concentrate on holding off. Finally he decided he wouldn't try.

He pulled out and turned Jack's body straight on the bed then stepped up to stand on the mattress astraddle the man's upturned butt.

"Oh, this is going to be hot," Jack said. "Oh, I thought you were going to face away from me," he said as Jack took up a position facing him.

"I changed my mind. Since I'm going to cum in your ass, I'm going to make you cum in your mouth at the same time and eat your own load."

"You are so ingenious."

Jason laughed. "Some would call it perverted," he said. He stood astraddle Jack's upturned butt and aimed his cock downward. The head slipped in and he lowered himself on his haunches to sink in all the way to his balls. He held deep and snug for a moment then began moving up and down.

"Ohh....Ohhhh....Ohhhhh, Godd....this is a whole new feeling ....ohh, you're rubbing every inch across my prostate....oh, fuck....oh, fuck, I think I'm gonna cum. Don't stop....fuck me harder.....oh, yeah, harder, harder....Ohhhhh....OHHHH GODDD! Oh, Godd, YESS!...I'm cumming!!!"

Jack was cumming quicker than Jason had anticipated. He fucked him hard, trying to work up his own climax to coincide with Jack's. It was a close call. He felt Jack's asshole quiver and tighten around his cock as he started cumming. Huge streams of cum shot out of his cock, into his mouth and all over his face. He had to close his eyes and Jason grabbed hold of his cock to aim the jettisons at the man's mouth. Then Jason started cumming too.

Jack uttered an animal-like squealing, whimpering moan as he threw his arms out to the sides to claw at the sheets. It was over in minutes, what seemed like hours. Jason's thighs screamed for relief from the weight bearing down in such an awkward position and his butt muscles ached. Jack was beginning to go limp under him and Jason's legs were going to give out. Finally, he leaned forward and literally collapsed on top of him.

It was a long moment before either of them moved. When they did, Jason simply leaned to the side and they toppled onto their sides, Jack still bent in half and Jason's cock still buried in his ass.

"My Godd, what just happened," Jack gasped weakly.

Jason laughed. "I don't fuckin' know myself, except the best sex I ever had."

"It was that for me too, I'm glad to hear you say it," Jack said.

Jason started untangling himself from Jack and pulled his cock free. The condom hung heavy with cum. "Did I give you your money's worth?" he asked.

"Oh, stud, money can't buy sex that good. I can only offer a pittance."

Jason laughed, "Two hundred bucks is hardly a pittance," he said as he was carefully removing the heavy laden condom."

"Can I have that?"

Jack frowned and shrugged. "Yeah, I guess, the condom is yours, I only borrowed it. And I guess you could say you paid for the cum." He handed it to Jack. "What're you going to do with it?"

"I'm going to freeze your cum," he said as he tied off the end. "Then I'm going to wash and dry the condom and keep it as a memento of the best sex I ever had."

"Want me to autograph it for you?" Jason joked.

Jack let him shower again, while he watched. He watched him get dressed. When he was dressed and picked up his money he saw another twenty and a five besides the four fifties that Jack had laid out.

"You gave me too much," he said, handing back the extra bills.

"No I didn't. But I would like to have one little bonus for it the tip."

"What's that?" Jason asked.

"A kiss. A huge kiss."

Jason recoiled inside and almost said no, but his upbringing kicked in. He couldn't reject the man like that and hurt his feelings after being so generous, and it was twenty five extra bucks. Jack was standing now, in front of him, Jason facing the large mirror over the dresser. He watched himself in the mirror, as if he were a stranger brushing his lips against those of another man and then his mouth opening at the urging of the man's tongue, and then he was kissing Jack back. It surprised him that he felt a tingling in his loins and even a quivering in his ass. He even moaned. He forced himself to part, feeling a little breathless, and much surprised.

"Thanks for that," Jack said.

"Yes, but I still don't need the extra money," Jason said.

"You earned every cent," Jack told him.

Jason went to the door. He turned the knob and opened it before he realized that he was on foot. He heard Jack chuckle behind him.

"That's a long walk. I'll get dressed," Jack said.

Jack drove him back to Racers. It was closed but Jason got out there. He told him he lived close by and he needed the fresh air. Back at his room, he let himself in, quietly, but Brian woke up.

"Where the hell have you been? Racers closed over two hours ago."

"Fuck, where do I start?" Jason said.

"You can start by telling me how much money you made," Brian said.

"I think three hundred and eighty five dollars."

"Holy Shit! Where do I apply? I told you, you're a walking gold mine. Do they need another dancer?" Brian said excitedly.

"Well, it wasn't all from dancing."

"Oh, really."

"I went to this guy's motel room and had sex with him."

"No fuckin' shit!"

"No fuckin' shit," Jason said.

"What'd you do?"

"Well, he sucked my cock for a while then I fucked him. He paid me two hundred bucks for less than two hours of sex, plus a twenty five dollar tip. He asked if we could kiss for the tip money."


"I let him kiss me. Well, I....I guess I kissed him back, a little, but hey, it was twenty five bucks."

Brian just lay there gaping at him. Finally, he said, "Man, it's gonna take me a while to get my head wrapped around this."

"Man, so much shit happened tonight...I can't get my head around it and I was there. I mean, I....I actually kissed a guy. I mean, it was almost a deep throat kiss, like swapping tongues. It was And getting my cock sucked....okay, but I fucked him. And I......" He stopped as if he'd caught himself.

"You what?" Brian asked.

"I had him in this position where he was bent in half with his butt turned up and I was standing over him, astraddle his butt, fucking him straight down into his ass, to make him come in his own mouth. Well, he started shooting cum all over his face and he had to shut his eyes. I grabbed hold of his cock and aimed it for him so he would get it in his mouth. It was the first time I ever touched another guy that way. It felt weird. I couldn't believe I was doing it, I mean, it was like I was jacking him off."

"Hey, it sounds like you're getting all fucked up in the head over it. It was a job. You did it for the money, for college."

"Yeah, I kept telling myself that. He even asked for the condom when we were finished. Said he was going to freeze my load of cum."

"Okay, it sounds like you fit in just fine, I'm coming to watch you next time," Brad.

"I'd be okay with that, if you think you'll be comfortable in the surroundings," Jason said.

Next time came sooner than expected. It was the next night, in fact. They called Jason in to fill in for somebody who couldn't make it. He was eager to go, even though he'd planned to study. Brad started to get ready and go with him.

"I don't know if you can even get in. The only reason I can is because I'm one of the dancers."

"Then why don't I come along with you and you can introduce me as your roommate who might be interested in a job?"

"That might work."

The bartender seemed happy to meet Brad. "I can't give you an audition right now but you look like you'd fill the bill. Can you come back for an audition?"


"Okay, I should ask you to leave but I'm going to let you stay since you're a friend of Jason's," he said as he set a can of Pepsi and a glass on the bar. "Just don't go out of your way to get yourself noticed, and don't order anything stronger than this."

"All right, thanks.

Brad took his drink and moved to the back of the bar where the lighting was dimmer. It was full back there but someone motioned him to an empty stool.


"I was saving it for someone but it doesn't look like he's going to show," the man said. It was hard to tell in the dim light but he looked to be in his forties, he was pretty good looking and built.

"If he does show, I'll move," Brad said.

"No need to," the man said as he put out his hand. "My name's Keith."

"Brad," he said, taking the guy's hand. It was big, the thick, strong fingers wrapped around his own hand in a firm grip.

"Have you been here before?"

"No," he replied. It was no lie. He'd been dying to come and find out what Racers was all about but he couldn't let Jason see him going into the place.

"You're in for a treat. There's a new guy, Ryder. Godd, he is hot! Wait till you see him." Then he noticed Brad pouring the rest of his Pepsi into the glass. "I see you're on the wagon tonight," he said.

"Actually, I'm not old enough to be in here," Brad said. "I told them I wanted to apply for a job as a dancer and the bartender let me stay, but I can't order anything stronger than this."

"Butch is good about that. I don't think half of the dancers are old enough to be here. Do you think you'll take the job?"

"He said I could come back for an audition."

"I was wondering about your age, but then at my age everybody looks young."

"What are you, all of eighty?" Brad asked.

Keith laughed. "Not quite, but old enough to be your father."

"People say age is relevant. I say it's irrelevant."

"Age is irrelevant only to those under twenty," Keith said.

Just then the music started and the announcer came on the speaker introducing Arthur.

Arthur was good but Brad was anxious to see Jason come to the stage. He didn't know how far down the line he was.

"This kid's got some good moves and he's cute enough, but wait till you see Ryder," Keith said.

Brad had to wonder if Ryder could possibly be any better than Jason. Meanwhile, young Arthur was enough to get his pulse beating harder. He lifted his glass to take another sip of Pepsi when Keith took his wrist.

"Here, give me your glass," he said as he lowered the glass to his lap. "The bartender said you couldn't order anything stronger; you didn't order this," he said as he dumped his own drink into Jason's glass.

"Wow, thanks."

"I'll start ordering doubles and keep you refilled," he said.

Brad perked up at the sound of Ryder's name being announced. He was surprised when he saw Jason come leaping up on the stage. He held his breath as he began gyrating his lean hips and moving about the stage. He had to let it out and take in another breath. His pulse raced and he felt the heat in his loins. His eyes were glued to his every move. Godd, he was sexy! He hadn't intended it but a soft "Wow!" escaped his lips.

"Told you he was hot," Keith said, as he casually laid his hand on Brad's leg. Then he laughed. "Dude, I can hear your heart beating from here," he kidded him.

Brad flexed his thigh muscle but didn't pull away. He was a little surprised but he should've expected it; it was a male strip club.

"The proper thing to do is get a hardon, it shows your appreciation for the stripper," Keith said as he slid his hand into Brad's crotch. "Damn, dude, that is some impressive appreciation!"

Brad was okay with Keith feeling him up. Racers, he realized, could suddenly open up a whole new world for him. He wouldn't have to come often and risk Jason finding out; he could slip in for a couple of hours when he was at the gym or the library, or on a date, just long enough to make some contacts. He watched several men go up and stuff money in Brad's jockstrap and run their hands over his muscles. He was surprised how at ease Jason was with that, even encouraging.

Just then "Ryder's" set ended and he jumped down off the stage to work the crowd. He went to those at the tables first, then to those seated at the bar. Brad watched him interact with the patrons before he came to the back of the place where the lighting was so dim. Brad waited with baited breath for him to come to where he was sitting and took the moment to gently ease Keith's hand away. He didn't want to have to explain that to Jason.

As Jason moved over to him, visibly surprised to see it was Brad.

"I wondered where you disappeared to," Jason said. He placed his hands on his shoulders but nothing else; none of the attention he'd given the others.

"You were pretty hot up there," Brad said as he reached down and tucked a five dollar bill in the waistband of his jock, and he let his hand linger against his bare lower stomach.

"No, man, you're not doing that," Jason said, laughing, as he drew back. He took the money out of his jock and gave it back then moved on to Keith. He leaned down and murmured something in his ear while Keith stuffed some money in his jock then quickly moved on before Keith barely got a feel. Keith turned and looked at Brad with a what-the-fuck look.

"Sorry, I think he's a little self-conscious about me being here," Brad said.

"He wasn't self-conscious about taking my money," Keith said, sounding a little perturbed. "Why'd he give your money back?"

"He's my roommate."

"Oh. Oh, fuck! You live with this guy. When can I come over?" he asked excitedly.

Brad shook his head, laughing. "He's not gay. He's only here for the money."

Jason went up to Tucker who had a fresh Pepsi for him. "I saw you push a guy's money away. Did he say something to piss you off?"

"No, that was my roommate; he was just fucking with me."

"No kidding you guys fuck around?'

"No! He's straight!" Jason said, laughing.

Just then a young guy came up to them and pulled Jason away. "I am dying to get together with you, but I have a roommate."

"So have I," Jason said.

"I'll do you both."

"I don't know if he would go for it.'

"How about you?

"I might consider it. But we would have to arrange something," Jason said.

"Can't you talk to your roommate and see if he would go for it? You can promise him he won't be disappointed."

Jason was seriously considering it. The guy was cute and young looking; didn't look like he was old enough to be in the place. And he did have a nice pair of full lips that would fit perfectly around his cock.

"Can I call you?"

"Yes!" He eagerly took a card out of his pocket and handed it to Jason. "Please, do call me. If he won't go for it, maybe I can work something out. Call anytime, day or night."

Brad left Racers early; he didn't want to hang around till the wee hours till Jason got off work. He was in bed when Jason came in but not asleep.

"You were hot tonight," he said quietly.


"No after-hours client?"

"I got an offer but I'm tired, and besides he was old, fat and ugly."

"Hell, that doesn't tarnish his money," Brad said.

"There'll be plenty more propositions," Jason said.

"Tell me, if it was some hot guy, would you do it again, for free?" Brad asked.

"Jason looked down him, a bewildered look, with a frown. "What do you mean? Why would I.....Why're you asking such a dumb question?"

"Just wondering if you liked it enough to do it for free," Brad said.

"I don't know. It'd depend on the guy, I guess."

"Why did you push my money away?"

"I don't want you stuffing money in my jock. You're straight, you didn't have to play the game. Listen, there's a guy--a college guy--who wants to do us both. He wanted to get together with me but he's got a roommate. I told him so do I, and he said he would do us both. Are you interested?"

"Fuck, yeah. Did you get his name?"

"He gave me a card with his first name and phone number."

"Hell, call him," Brad said. "Do you think he would come at this hour?"

"He said to call anytime, day or night."

Jason made the call then took a shower. Cory showed up in less than twenty minutes. Jason wrapped a towel around his waist to let him in. He seemed a little nervous and he was obviously excited. Jason offered him a beer.

"Sure, why not, I like to get a good buzz on," Cory said.

Jason whipped the towel off to finish drying his hair. "This is my roommate, Brad. Brad, this is Cory."

Cory stepped over to the bed and put out his hand. "Good to meet you, Brad."

"Glad you could make it at such a ridiculous hour," Brad said as he rose up to take the guy's hand. The sheet fell low around his waist.

"The hour doesn't matter, I'm here," Cory said.

"Why don't you sit down," Brad said, patting the edge of the mattress.


Brad noticed the guy was having a hard time not looking at Jason. He laughed softly. "You don't have to pretend not to look at him, considering why you're here," he said as he slowly worked the sheet down with his foot till it was down around his ankles.

Cory laughed nervously and let out a sigh. "I don't believe I'm here. I don't usually get this lucky."

Brad lifted one leg and laid it across Cory's lap.

"Ohh, Godd," he breathed as he leaned over to set his beer on the night stand. Then he leaned down and nuzzled his face in Brad's balls.

"Yeah, let's not waste time with polite conversation," Brad said.

Jason lay on the bed beside his roommate and Cory moved into a more accessible position, straddling Brad's left leg and Jason's right. Then he leaned up and took Jason's cock in his mouth. He sucked him for a few minutes then took a turn on Brad's cock. He went back and forth several times.

"You two guys are so hot," he murmured. "Listen, I can do you both if you wanta change positions. Lie facing each other, balls to balls."

They moved into position and Cory knelt at the side. He brought both of their cocks up, held tightly together and went down on both of them.

"Awwwhhhh!" Jason moaned. "Oh, dude, you are an artist." He looked at Brad. "He's fuckin' good."

"Yeah," Brad agreed.

"That's not a very enthusiastic Yeah," Jason chided him. "Show some appreciation for the man's talent."

Brad had to admit Cory was good but he had other things on his mind. He loved watching the guy sucking their cocks but his attention was more on Jason, but discreetly.

He reached down and ruffled Cory's hair. "How about going back to one at a time. You can't deep-throat both of us at the same time and I love how you do that."

Cory was quick to accommodate his request and when Brad moved away he went all the way down on Jason's big cock.

"Ohh, fuck yeah!" Jason moaned, pressing his head back in the pillow, his eyes closed.

When Brad saw him close his eyes, he lay across the bed where he could watch the action up close. Cory smiled around Jason's cock when he saw him.

"How the fuck do you do that?" Brad asked. "He's a horse and you swallow him like it's nothing."

"Want me to show you?" Cory asked, waving Jason's cock in his face.

Brad reared back instinctively but immediately regretted doing so. His golden opportunity was being waved in his face and he recoiled. He stayed, hoping for another chance. He glanced up to see Jason's eyes were still closed. After a few more minutes, Cory seemed to catch on. While still sucking Jason's cock, he and Brad made eye contact. That was all it took. He moved off of Jason's cock and tilted it toward Brad and Brad took it. Cory smiled.

Brad was sure he wasn't as good a Cory and he cringed inside, waiting for Jason to notice. Godd, he tasted good, and he felt good in his mouth. He hoped he could get his load, but that was yet to be decided. Cory took hold of the shaft and tugged it back to himself. Brad relinquished his hold and Cory went down on it again.

"Ohh, fuckkkkkk!" Jason moaned softly.

After a few more minutes on the towering cock, Cory gave it up to Brad again, with a wink and a smile. As Brad began sucking him again, Cory began kissing his loins, moving up to his lower abs. Brad tightened up inside; this was going to tell the story. He sucked him almost with a reverence as Cory made his way up Jason's stomach. Brad tightened more with anticipation as Cory moved up to Jason's broad chest. He flicked the turgid nipple then sucked on it.

"Aww, yeah, suck it, baby, that feels so good," Jason moaned softly. Suddenly he lifted his head and his eyes snapped open "Hey what! What the fuck!" He looked at Cory then down at Brad, his eyes wide with shock. "Brad! What the fuck're you doing man!"

"What I've wanted to do ever since you walked in that door at the first of the year," Brad said as he stroked the big spit-slick cock.

"Holy Shit! I had no idea!"

"You can tell me if you want me to stop," Brad said.

"No," Jason said quickly. "No, you don't have to stop." He laughed nervously. "Man, I thought there was something funny going on, a different feeling on my cock. Then suddenly I come to and realized Cory can't be sucking my tits and my cock at the same time. Geezuss, Brad, why didn't you say something? We could've been doing this all along."

"No guts," Brad said.

Jason looked at Cory, who was half cradled in his arm, his head still on his chest. "You're being a good sport about it. I guess you don't mind sharing," he said, laughing.

"Not at all, there's plenty of you to go around."

Brad was licking Jason's cock, slathering the head with his tongue. He looked up at Cory and said, "I'll let you have his load. I have a feeling there'll be plenty more for me."

When Cory left, Brad came back to the bed after letting him out. Jason was lying there, shaking his head and smiling.

"Man, I had no clue," he said.

"I'm glad. That means I'm able to hide it," Brad said as he put his knee in the edge of the mattress.

"Come here," Jason said as he grabbed his wrist pulled him on the bed, right on top of him. "Am I ever glad you talked me into going over to Racers," he said as he put an arm around Brad's shoulders.

"I wasn't sure you would thank me for that, but it just seemed like such a total waste to have you lay out when you've got all the tools to do the job."

"You like my tools, don't you?" Jason chided him.

"You don't know how much."

"Show me," Jason said. "Show me again so I know I'm not dreaming."

The End


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