Step into the club hot night ruba dub, hip hop beat with alot of freak, guys look hunky sexy and funky,
Cute dude in the backroom getting dick suck v neck t shirt cute ass to fuck, next to the bathroom i went to take the piss
In there i saw dick size big as a fist, these men have cock to fill any crack, powerful muscle rod some pretty looking cod, i said listen up boys let me play with your toys, dick taste good when they are born from the hood, ghetto dude carry them hanging like tree stem, theres a dude next door i fuck every month i would skin him wide and had him like lunch, i love cumsplash all messy like chocolate fight, mayonnaise milk all dripping like stanpipe, muscle body boys look solo in boxers when it stuck to there asscrack a sweaty looking bumper, men love me to be hardcore in words and to suck that cum like chines beancurds, niggas got suck all nìght long, while another one tongue in my ass like a thong, i love these guys i call them bong grinder i met everyone from gayfriendfinder


Fadrian keymo

[email protected]


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