Hi everyone, this is my first time writing a story so please bare with me! :D and this story im gonna tell you just happened (31st/October/2010).Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Han, im half british/half korean and ive lived in england since i was 12years old and since then ive been curious. Im not gay, but i just wanna try something new since all my closest girl friends always talks about handsome celebrities and fit teenagers around our area. I havent really done anything with a guy before..but this guy that i have known(lets call him Mister.Gee)for nearly 6years always gives me that 'jolt', he gives me goosebumps everytime i see him smile or laugh, hes probably got the cutest face ever and hes built like proper gymnast.BUT my friendship with him was ruined due to a rumour, so we dont really speak anymore or even say hi when we walk pass each other, which makes me really sad..In this story im gonna tell you what happened during halloween night, my frienship with him has been re-kindled..

I have been invited to go to a house party at my friends house, you know those 'drink till theres no tomorrow' sessions happened. Everyone has their own agendas during that night. And then i saw my 'old' friend come inside the house, it made me nervous when i saw him, i wanted to say hi to him but i knew hes only gonna ignore me, i dont wanna look stupid infront of my other friends. So my other friend walked up to him and welcomed him to his house and gave him a bottle of vodka, soon he was drunk. Mister Gee was a very good looking person, i remember before in the school campus that every girl has hots on him, hes very popular too. Anyway back to the story..hes been drinking a lot and he was soon drunk, all the girls are over him and hes loving the attention hes getting. I myself was annoyed for some strange reasons..then i accidently looked down on his pants, he was sprouting a huge boner, you can see the bulge through his tight jeans. Damn i felt that 'jolt' and it made me giggle. Mister Gee then stood up to get some more drinks, he then walked passed me and i was shocked because he said hi and spoke to me.

'Hi Han, how have you been?' i told him that i was fine, then i ignored him after.

'hey dont ignore me, i know we had a little quarell before,can we be friends again?' i was shocked that he said that, but i was playing hard to convince lol, i told him..

'look stop with the bullshit, i know youre drunk and your saying those words because of that, now go get your drink and continue to entertain your girl mates' he then walked away and took a can of Carlsberg.

I turned around and sat on the nearest dining chair, but just as i sat down Mister.Gee tapped me on the back and then grabbed my hands and took me inside his car. He was grabbing my hand really hard and it was hurting that i told him to get off. He said 'Han, please can we talk?' and then i told him 'ok,but please be quick'

He started the car and he told me that were gonna go for a ride. As we go around the town, we talked about the past and then we started laughing and joking around like what we did before. We went back to his place and he invited me in for a few cans...

He was getting drunk again and i wasnt, and the atmosphere was very awkward..He told me that he was very sorry for ignoring me and he wants to make up for it. So what he did was he grabbed my hand and then hugged me really tight. I was shocked to what he did and his body was soo warm and tight. I couldnt help myself so i hugged him back. After that he stopped hugging me and held my face with his both hands and his face slowly got closer to mines and he started kissing me passionately..i didnt know how to react, i was frozen for about a minute, then i had the courage to kiss him back.

Throughout the kissing, he started caressing my body, so i did the same to him. I felt his bulge under his tight jeans.

'Hey, lets go on my bed and continue this there' i told him yes and i followed him.

We started kissing again and he told me to take his top off, it was the first time in nearly 2weeks that i have seen his athletic body, i nearly fainted because of its awesomeness. He ordered me to kiss his body, and i did. I kissed and licked his amazing 8packs. The jolt i was feeling inside me nearly caused me to faint! it was awesome. I then removed his pants and its my first time to see his dick, it was 7/half inch long. He was smiling when i looked up, he then pushed my head to his throbbing dick, so i sucked it hard like theres no tomorrow. He was starting to have pre-cums so he told me stop. He took my shirt and jeans off. He kissed me, but he didnt sucked me off, but i didnt mind. Im with the guy ive always wanted, so im not complaining! Anyway..He told me to bend, he then inserted his awesome dick to my asshole. It felt like my ass was tearing apart! BUT after that every thrusts he gave me felt amazing.

He was groaning and making loud noises, i cana hear his big balls slapping on my butt cheeks, this made me even more hornier. His tempo went fast and i felt like i was in heaven. After 5mins of fast fucking me, he cummed inside me, the cum felt nice..which made me groan and then without realising, i came after.

Now, hes in my arms while writing this story. He said 'Im glad im friends with you Han' (: I love him..and he knows it :)

Thaank you for reading this story, i probably made some mistakes but please bare with it, thank you.




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