By Simon Traum

This sucks, thinks Jack.

Everyone told him he'd get to know himself so much better on his Mission, and he has. He's found out that he's not a Mormon. Not really, not inside. He looks like one, sure, and he was raised by them, so he's got all their peculiar habits deeply ingrained. But something's gone wrong somewhere along the line. He's been able to feel it for a long time. The way he's supposed to live just isn't 'taking'. It just doesn't make sense. But he doesn't know anything else, so too often he finds himself mouthing along with the rest of the choir. He's spent his life doing what others want, to make them happy.

Which is how he's ended up here, in an completely unfamiliar city, trying to sell strangers on a religion they don't want to know about, rooming with a guy who will only speak to him when absolutely necessary.

When he and Jaden had first been "companioned" up by the Church two months ago, they'd gotten along great. An easy companionability had sprung up effortlessly between them. They cooked for each other, quizzed each other on Scripture and Doctrine, did laundry together on P- Days. As missionary companions, they were to stay together constantly, not to go out of the hearing of their companion's voice. In adjusting to the complete lack of privacy, Jack really hadn't examined his feelings for the other guy before being awoken late three nights ago by a naked and very horny Jaden.

Jack was frankly shocked, but it felt too good to fight, and Jaden was clearly not taking 'no'for an answer. He pulled Jack's clothes off, caressing and kissing him. He slipped Jack's hardening cock into his mouth, and instantly Jack knew why he'd been born. He'd felt something rising within him. Maybe it was the devil, but it knew what it was doing, so he let it out.

He and Jaden sucked cock and made out and fell asleep in the same bed after hours of making each other feel better than they ever had before. Then the sun came up, and they had to pretend it hadn't happened. Jaden wouldn't even look him in the eyes, insisted that Jack call him Elder Young.

For the last three days, he's been as formal and unapproachable as he can, considering they share living quarters and are never supposed to be out of each other's sight. Jack doesn't get it.Was the other night a complete mistake? Then why did it feel better and more natural than anything else in his life? They both get up at 6:30 every morning, eat breakfast, do a half-hour's exercise next to each other, then study scripture for two hours before finally leaving to proselytize for about eleven hours. Jack knows it's wrong, but after exercising next to the guy, he'd much rather spend two hours sucking Jaden's beautiful dick. Studying scripture seems like a waste of time. Last night he worked up the nerve to broach the subject.

"Do you not like having your cock sucked, or did I do it wrong?" It lacked finesse, but it got the point across.

"Please don't talk that way." He wouldn't even look at Jack. "What happened the other night... shouldn't have happened. It wasn't true. I know it's my fault. I started it. I've been praying on it, asking for help. I'm sorry, I won't let it happen again." His voice broke a little."Look, if we just stick to our schedule, our tasks, just concentrate on that, it'll be okay. We just have to stay focused..."

"Our schedule seems stupid!" He's sure he shouldn't be saying this in front of "Elder Young", but he's just so frustrated, tied up in knots. "Everything seems wrong. I don't care about Scripture any more. All I think about any more is touching you."

"Don't say that. Don't lose your testimony. Don't give in to it."

"I already gave in. Now I'm looking for a way out."

Jacob's hanging out at Scott's place for the afternoon, which is their euphemism for fucking.They met a couple of months back when Scott, a married man in his mid-30's, hired Jacob, a shy, hunky 22-year-old, to help him move into his new house, and they had both proven completely incapable of keeping their hands off of each other. After their first hookup, not quite a week went by before Scott was getting ahold of Jacob, trying to get him to come over and get naked with him. Jacob didn't make him try very hard.

At first, they were trading fucks, but Jacob's gradually winding up on top more and more.This seems to be happening on its own. They haven't discussed this. Scott doesn't mean to be turning into a pig-tailed bitch, but he's becoming seriously addicted to the boy bull-stud. They've developed a preferred fucking position over the past two weeks. It involves Scott being folded double on the couch, with his knees draped over Jacob's big shoulders. They like to make out while the kid pile-drives in and out of his ass.

It was just after developing and perfecting this position that Scott's wife came home unexpectedly to discover her studly husband mewling helplessly, pinned down by the hulking muscle-monster who was forcing another orgasm out of him. That was it for the marriage.They'd never really gotten along anyway. Oddly, since she's probably getting the house, she's moved out on him. However, her departure has freed up huge portions of Scott's schedule which he can now devote to "hanging out" with Jacob. They don't sleep together much; Jacob's recently found out he's in demand as a bed partner, so there's some swarming going on. But as long as he comes over to scratch the itch, Scott's perfectly alright with not sleeping with him all that often.

Right now, Scott's lying on his stomach on the bed, watching Jacob in the bathroom and feeling a pleasant low throb in his rectum, the languorous result of a pounding the oversized kid just finished giving him. Against his better judgment, he's trying to imagine what the boy might say if Scott asked him to move in...

Jacob strolls back into the room, sits on the bed and massages the older man's butt-cheeks.Scott's head falls forward. He goes limp. "I'll give you half an hour to stop that," he says into the mattress.

Jacob straddles his ass, moves his hands up to massage his back. "Are you getting bored?" he asks.

"With what?" Scott's still speaking into the mattress. He likes the way it feels on his lips.

"Well, with me, maybe?"

"I'm not the least bit bored with you. You're exactly what I wanted for Christmas. You're not going back to the exchange desk." He looks over his shoulder at Jacob. "Are you bored?"

Jacob hesitates.

Scott flips over to face him. "What are you telling me, buddy? You want to cut this off?"

Jacob's eyes get big. "No! No. I thought..." He gestures ineffectually. "Well, I've been kind of playing with a few other guys lately, and... I don't know if you're seeing anyone else--"

"I haven't been."

"--so I thought maybe we could try doing a group?" He finishes timidly.

Scott can't help smiling. Gotta hand it to him, the kid knows what he wants. "Sure. Sounds like fun. Got any idea where you want to find this group?"

Jacob blushes, strokes Scott's stomach. "No. Not yet. I wanted to check with you first. I'll have to get back to you on it. Unless you have someone in mind..."

"I'll be good with whoever. Just as long as you're involved, baby, I'll go right along with it."

It's late in the afternoon when Elder Young presses the doorbell to the house they've approached on their bicycles. Beside him stands Jack, Elder Smith, miserable. Jaden's barely spoken a dozen words to him all day that didn't involve their itinerary of duties to be performed. Jack's become increasingly numb to it all, but he perks up considerably when the door is opened by an extremely attractive man in his mid-30's with curly auburn hair and wild Irish eyes. There's an immediate sexual rush emanating from him.

Scott takes one long look at the two conservatively dressed, but nevertheless quite appealing pair of boys he's just opened the door to. Well, look at this, he thinks. Speak of the devil, and he appears.

He ducks his head behind the door and shouts, "Hey, Jacob! You better come here!" Then he turns back around to re-appraise the missionaries: The blond one originally got his attention, but he feels drawn to the moody-looking dark-haired guy now.

The blond starts to speak, "Good afternoon. This is Elder Smith, and I am Elder Young. We are representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We would like to share a successful family program with you and yo-- Oh, my heck!"

A massive hairy muscle-guy about their age has arrived in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers and a smile. Elder Young stares dumbfounded. It's up to Elder Smith to finish the spiel: "May we come in for a moment?"

A brief look is exchanged inside before the missionaries are invited across the threshold. Yeah, they'll do.

"You guys want anything to drink?" Scott asks. "Beer, a Coke?"

"I'm sorry, sir, but we are not permitted either of those drinks," replies Elder Young, who's regaining his composure.

"Water? Lemonade?" Scott's looking through the refrigerator.

"Sure!" Elder Smith has recognized the elusive scent of sex, it's hitting him like crack. His head's actually spinning a little bit. There's a funny feeling of unreality to the situation. He leans to the side of the doorjamb in the kitchen. The older guy walks over to him, hand extended."My name's Scott. I don't think I caught yours."

Jack hesitates. He's really not supposed to reveal his first name. Again, he feels something rise to the surface inside him. "Jack." They grip hands, and a tingling surge runs up Jack's arm and right into his crotch. He feels the hair on his neck stand up as their eyes lock. Scott's staring right into him as he lifts one finger from the handshake to stroke Jack's wrist.

He hears Jaden in the other room saying something about the address being wrong, he thinks they might be in the wrong house, who knows, he doesn't want to think about it. He's throwing a rod in his shorts and that hasn't happened in a couple of days! Right now, he'll do just about anything this guy asks him to.

"Oh, my heck!" Elder Young says again. "How often do you work out?"

Scott calls out to Jacob. "You want to show him the workout room?"

"Oh, yeah," Jacob calls back, and you can hear him grinning.

Elder Young thrusts his head into the kitchen. Scott thrusts a glass of lemonade at him.

"Actually, we're not supposed to be separated," the young Elder says.

"We can't be out of earshot of each other," clarifies Elder Smith.

"We'll make a lot of noise," Scott counters. "You can, too. Don't worry, the whole place is well-insulated. No one's gonna get upset."

Jacob and Elder Young aren't even halfway upstairs before Scott's grabbed Elder Smith and planted the kiss of life on him. He only hopes Jacob does as well with the blond. This one's gorgeous, and he showed up ready to go! Jack kisses Scott roughly right back, so the two end up kind of wrestling all over the kitchen. They actually do make a lot of noise, since quite a few small objects get knocked every which way as they go at it, kissing and biting at each other.

They stop, giggling, catching their breath. Jack loosens his tie. They've both broken a sweat.Scott reaches up and loosens the tie a little more, then undoes the top three buttons on the white shirt. "That's better." He strokes an index finger from Jack's earlobe, down his neck, coming to rest in the dark hair below his collarbone. He and the boy lock eyes again. Scott pulls his t-shirt up. Jack slides his palm up Scott's well-defined chest. The boy's trembling, so Scott kisses him again.

Upstairs, Elder Young exclaims, "For Pete's sake..." There's a distant clanking of weights and equipment.

Scott breaks the liplock to pull his shirt over his head. Jack kisses his chest, his abs, rubs his face across Scott's crotch, kneeling.

Scott looks down at him, one eyebrow raised. "Oh yeah?" Jack nods, staring back up at him.Scott opens the fly of his jeans, takes out his fully hard cock. He squeezes the base, making the veins pop out, and holds it in front of Jack's face. Jack closes his eyes and licks up the side of it, feeling the texture of the raised veins on his tongue. He takes the leaking head in his mouth and descends on it until his lips are up against Scott's fist. Scott grunts and grabs him by the hair, then smooths his palm down the back of his head as Jack sucks his meat like his life depended on it. After a couple of minutes, Scott's starting to make a lot of noise again, maybe too much, but Jack's not stopping now, dag nab it!

This is the moment that Elder Young re-enters the kitchen to see his companion on his knees sucking his handsome host's big hard dick. "Elder Smith, we have to go! We ha--" He finally registers what's happening in front of him. He sputters, "Wh- What are you doing?" Jacob appears behind him, wraps a powerful arm around his waist. Elder Young, startled, struggles against him. Jacob's fully naked now, with a massive hard-on. No wonder the missionary ran back downstairs.

"Hey! Chill out," Jacob says, wrapping both huge hairy arms around him. "No one's gonna hurt cha."

Jack's gone back to sucking dick. "Elder Smith!" Elder Young calls, desperate.

Jack turns around. "Stop calling me that. I'm staying. We're not on that planet any more, Jaden. You can go if you want, but if you say anything to anyone I'll say you were here, too.You're implicated, like it or not."

"Aww, he was loving it for a little while there," Jacob nuzzles his chin against Elder Young's neck. "Then he got all uptight and came rushing off back here."

"Yeah, he does that," says Jack. Elder Young glares at him. Jack puts the cock back in his mouth. Scott moans.

"C'mon, man," Jacob mutters in his ear, "you know how many guys would kill to be in your place right now? You don't have to do anything you don't want to. Are you really turning down a blowjob?" His huge tool is pressed pulsing up against Jaden's back, big arms holding him, and its like something breaks inside him, he arches backward, pushing his butt back at the naked man. "Yeah, that's more like it!" His strong fingers begin to unbutton Jaden's shirt, finding their way inside, exploring his body. "C'mon, gorgeous. Let me in," his voice is husky with longing,Come on, you're the last piece of the puzzle!

He turns Jaden around and kisses him and the penny finally drops in Jaden's mind: The most spectacularly attractive creature he's ever laid eyes on is stark naked and in lust with him. Why was he resisting, again? His hands explore Jacob's huge hairy torso as Jacob works his clothes off of him. It takes a while, but once he's naked, Jacob guides him into the kitchen next to Scott, kneels in front of him, and patiently sucks his cock, steadily in and out. Jaden holds onto his shoulders and whimpers. One of Jacob's hands slides up Jaden's smooth torso, massaging his pecs., then moving higher, up his neck, chin, fingers moving into his mouth. Jaden sucks the fingers, running his hand up and down the huge furry arm that snakes up his body as he begins to thrust his cock into Jacob's hot mouth. This feels incredible for both of them, and soon they're making as much noise as the other pair.

There is a suggestion that the party be moved into a bedroom. Once this occurs, the configuration changes. Jack and Jaden find themselves in the middle, with Scott and Jacob penning them in from outside, and Jack's kissing Jaden and Jaden's kissing him back and their hard-ons are bumping and bouncing and it feels great and the other two guys are nuzzling their necks and kissing their shoulders and making all of this not just okay, but Holy. Not just permissible, but necessary and healthy. Here is the Sacred, appearing intuitively, disappearing again without warning, so get it while you can. Get it while it's hot.

The missionaries continue making out while the other two men go down on them, jacking their own big cocks and moaning a lot. They do this for awhile before Jaden shyly asks them,"Can I suck your cocks?" Like they were gonna say no.

The cute blond gets on his knees in front of Scott and Jacob. He runs a palm up Jacob's furry thigh, and Jacob's huge cock jumps. Jacob grins at him. "Lick it," he whispers. Jaden does. Jacob rolls his eyes and blows air out his mouth, then smiles wider. Jaden's head starts to bob on the horn. He can only get about halfway down, but its obvious he's trying hard and Jacob looks pretty happy. Then he switches to Scott's cock, but it's clear that he and Jacob prefer each other, and frankly, Scott's got plans for Jack.

Scott leads the naked boy over to the bed, hard-on pressing up against his asscheeks. "Will you let me fuck you?" he asks.

Jack nods. "Yeah," he breathes.

"Have you done this before?"


Scott's hands caress his body, removing tension. "We'll take it slow."

He does. He lays Jack down on the bed, while the other two 69 across the room, and he slowly massages Jack's asshole open, working on it until the boy's wiggling his ass in blatant pleasure. Scott puts his big dick at the opening and pushes in slowly. Jack gasps, "Oh God!"then pants rapidly. Scott grunts in relief and pleasure as he slides home inside the boy.

He scritches his fingertips lightly through Jack's chest hair and asks, "Are we okay?"

A hand brushes up his side to rest under the armpit. "Uh-huh." Still panting.

Scott fucks slowly back and forth. Jack says "Hah" every time he pushes it home. Scott's trying not to come, but Jack looks incredibly good right now, and his virgin ass feels even better.This was a really great idea of Jacob's. Jack's looking like he's enjoying himself now, wriggling on the end of Scott's cock. He grabs one of Scott's nipples and holds on. That does it. Scott shouts as his cock starts to erupt inside Jack's ass. "Oh, you beautiful fucker," Scott sobs. It's a particularly impressive orgasm. He collapses on top of the boy, kissing his neck as his softening cock slips out of his butthole.

Meanwhile, Jaden and Jacob have been steadily blowing each other closer to the crisis point.They can feel both orgasms building together, indistinguishable. Jaden's finally taking the whole length into his hungry mouth while Jacob slobbers away contentedly on Jaden's pretty bone.They're both groaning a lot, but at once they get louder and then Jaden withdraws the mammoth tool from his mouth as a large jet of semen shoots out of it onto his face. "Fetchin' Gosh!" he yells, stroking the huge dick and closing his eyes while another half dozen ropes of jizm hit him in the face. "I'm gonna shoot, too!" But Jacob's not letting this load get loose, he swallows all of it, keeps the cock in his mouth 'til its soft again. Then he hugs the exhausted blond like a teddy bear and kisses him, occasionally licking some of the come off his face.

Jaden and Jacob are off showering together. Scott and Jack are lying on the bed.

Scott says, "You didn't come, did you?"

Jack shakes his head. "I'm okay. Can we see you guys again?"

"Yeah, sure. You know where I live."

A pause.

"I'm not sure what happens now," Jack says.

"You like him a lot, don't you?"

Jack nods. "Crazy for him," he says softly, so no one will overhear.

"Hey, you're a catch yourself! Don't forget that. If it doesn't work out with him, don't give up. You'll find another one."

"Thanks. I appreciate that. But I guess I go where my companion goes. For now, at least."

"Well, if he doesn't treat you right, you can come on back here if you need to."


Jacob doesn't want to let Jaden out of the shower. He's discovered places on Jaden's body that, if he touches them right, the guy makes the most amazingly sexy noises. He's got a raging hard-on all over again. Jaden's not trying too hard to escape. He's struggling, all right, but it's really just an excuse for him to make more contact with the big guy's body. He's never seen anyone like this, let alone had permission to have sex with him! He realizes he'll miss this when it's over.Maybe they can come back, he thinks.

Jacob corners the blond under the spray, holds him and kisses him deeply. He's like a kid with a new toy. His own pet missionary.

The entire afternoon's gotten away from them. The sun's been down for quite awhile when Elders Smith and Young unlock their bikes and pedal back to their ward. They don't say much on the way, but there is an exchange that occurs when they've almost arrived. It goes like this:

"So all that didn't happen, right?"

"What didn't happen?"


"What do you think about having it not happen again?"

"I could think of worse things."

"That's what I thought."

"What do you think of sleeping in the same bed tonight?"

"I was just thinking of suggesting it."



Simon Traum

[email protected]


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