Before I even begin this awful tale of pain and tragedy, let me give you a little background on myself. My name is Quinlan Davis, but I go by "Q". I'm a sophomore in high school. Dark-ish brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm a pretty athletic guy, 6 feet 183 pounds of (mostly) muscle. I got a nice, firm ass that I get a lot of complements on. Hell, I'd fuck it if I could. But anyway, this ain't no happy story, so don't expect to have your heart warmed by some cheerful, fantasy bull shit. I mean, I get laid a few times, so that kinda fun.

 I guess I'll start with what began this whole shit-show.

 I strolled slowly down the sidewalk, Wendy clutching my arm the entirety of our walk.

 "And after that, she STILL expected me to go with her! She's fucking insane, I swear." She ranted on. Brunettes are fun, but boy do they talk. This little chatterbox is my girlfriend of two months, Wendy.

 "Wow, that's crazy." I said, lazily, more interested in the two squirrels chasing each other up a tree. I swear, I only keep this chick around for the sex. She's always down to fuck, whenever and wherever, and that good because I got quite the sexual appetite.

 It was at that moment that Wesley and Simon came bounding across the street to us.

 "Yo, Q! Wassup man?" Wesley greeted as he dapped me up. He was a little shorter than me and a little skinnier. He had a black, buzz cut and brown eyes to match his dark skin color.

 "Nothin' much, Wes, what's good?" I answered.

 "We found something we know you'll like." Simon says. I raise a brow. Simon was shorter than Wes and I, but just as muscled as me with blonde hair and emerald eyes.

 "Oh word? Spill it."

 "There's an abandoned house a few blocks away with a back window smashed in. We were just in there smokin' a bowl. It's pretty dope, so come check it with us." Wes spoke when he caught his breath.

 "Hell ye-"

 "What? No!" Wendy immediately protested.

 "Yo what gives?" I turn to her.

 "Q! There's probably creepy old homeless guys in there." She continued.

 "Actually, we already checked the whole house. Place is completely empty." Wes interrupted. Wendy rolled her eyes.

 "Well fine, babe, you can go home and I'll go." I said as I kissed her forehead.

 "Well..." She sighed. "I still don't think you should go."

 "Don't worry about me, okay? I'll be fine. You just get home." I said. She smiled as she turned to leave.

 "Fine. But you better call me!" She called while walking away.

 "Alright, now where are we headed?" I asked eagerly. To this day, I still wish I'd listened to Wendy.

 "Holy hell!" I exclaimed once we hopped in through the broken back window. The house was amazing. Black tiled floors and red faded wallpaper, a large staircase that led to the upper floor, and a set of nice French doors.

 "Eh? What'd I tell you?" Simon gloated, his voice echoing in the empty house. It smelled strongly of pot.

 "You sure there no squatters in here?" I asked. A smile appeared on Wes's face.

 "Positive. Since we were the ones that broke the window." Simon admitted, fist-bumping Wes.

 "You assholes!" I laughed and punched Simon in the shoulder. I heard the sound of a lighter striking and looked over to see Wesley sparking up a fat blunt.

 "Well these two assholes just so happen to be smokin' your ass out, so I'd be a little nicer to us." Simon joked and we all laughed.

 I'm gonna skip the hour or so of goofing off and getting high and being stupid and get the important part. The three of us were sitting in a circle on the floor.

 "Yeah, and then she put her tits right in my fucking face." I stated.

 "Dude, in the fucking McDonald's? Hot." Simon exclaimed. Wes nodded.

 "Yup. Just the other day, we were in the movies and she gave me the best suck-job ever." I added.

 "You're fucking lucky man. Leah will hardly touch me, even when we're not in public!" Wes groaned, trying to hide his erection.

 "Yeah, well you two are both lucky. I haven't gotten any in months." Simon said, his hand moving against his lap. The room went quiet for a moment.

 "You guys wanna do a circle?" Wes asked.

 "I really don't even need to anymore, Wendy got that covered." I answered.

 "Well I want to." Simon began unzipping his pants. "And it's gay if it's only two of us." He finished. I looked over and Wes already had his 7 hard inches sticking out of the fly in his boxers. Well why not? I reached into my pants and fished out my semi-hard erection. I started stroking myself to hardness, Wes squirted some lube into his hand and then passed it to Simon and they each began wanking their cocks. I reached out for the lube, but Simon shook his head.

 "Nah I got it." He said, wrapping a hand around the base of my cock and squeezing out the warm, thick liquid. His hand began to move, up and down on my dick and I could feel myself hardening. The air was filled with loud, rhythmic smacking and slight pants, mostly from Simon with his sensitive, 6.5 uncut inches. What he lacked in length, he made up for in girth. I reached my hand around Wes's long, slim member and gave a tight, slow wank.

 His breath hitched. I felt Simon's pace quicken and my cock reached its full 8.5 inches and was craving attention. As good as his hand felt, I favored the feeling of nice warm mouth or a tight pussy over my hard cock. I could feel Wes' hips bucking upward into my hand as his moans became slightly louder and I could see Simon was coming pretty close too. I moved his hand away and wrapped my hand around his thick rod. It hardly fit, and I think he got turned on by me squeezing it and trying to make my fingers touch. I stroke him hard and fast.

 Surprisingly, Wesley was the first to cum, shooting all over the floor and my hand. I flung it off and it hit the floor with a loud splat. Simon's dick was pulsing in my hand and he moaned as spurts of hot jizz shot onto his chest and blonde pubes. The two of them were both breathing loud and heavy. I felt Simon's hand continue stroking me. He scooted closer and wanked me with both hands, a little faster this time. Wesley scooted over and started playing with my low-hanging balls.

 "Fuck that feels good." I moaned as I leaned my head back. I felt my shirt being raised and I had started to protest, but I felt a warm mouth encase my left nipple and I nearly came. I've always had these incredibly sensitive nipples. It's both a gift and a curse. I looked down to see Simon sucking and licking at my chest, staring up at me. My cock twitched.

 "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" I shouted. Simon pulled off my chest and aimed my cock to the side. I shot string after string of thick cum right onto Wes' face. He instantly jumped back, spitting my seed on the floor. Simon and I burst into laughter.

 "That's not fucking funny, that shit's gross!" He exclaimed, wiping his face. I stuffed my spent dick back into my pants.

 "Damn that felt good." Simon sighed as he stood. He instantly froze.

 "Yo man you go-" Wes began, but was instantly shushed by Simon.

 "I think I heard something outside." He spoke, finally.

 "Chill out, man. That's not cool." I said as I stood as well.

 "Yeah quit fucking around dude. We should roll another blunt." Wes suggested, and I wasn't gonna protest.

 "Hell y-" I didn't get to finish that "yeah" because there was a loud "THUD" against the door, accompanied by the sickening crack of the wooden door frame. Them there was silence. The three of us stood petrified, exchanging wide eyed glances. Before Wes and I could think, Simon bolted for the back window. When my feet started to cooperate again, I too turned to run, but it was too late. The door burst open, and in piled two police officers, aiming stun guns at Wes and I.

 "Freeze!" One of them shouted. Way ahead of you, buddy. My legs were shaking so bad, I knew running was out of the question. They walked over and proceeded to cuff us.

 "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be..."

 "Shit." I thought to myself.

 Yep. Wes and I went down for trespassing, destruction of property, and possession, but being underage teens, we got off a little easier. We were both offered diversions. Basically, if we kept our noses and piss clean for the next two to four months and did a little community service, we'd go free and this would stay off our records. My parents were pissed. My dad had wanted to enroll me in a reform school, but my mom wouldn't have it. She figured no tv for a month was a proper punishment. As My parents argued over what my consequences should be, I slipped out of the living room and into my bedroom. My phone was full of messages from Wes and Simon. It had been about a month and a half since the incident and my diversion period was coming to an end. I didn't get to check them because my dad walked in looking furious. He's a pretty big guy, at about 6'4 and built, he was already intimidating. I could hear my mom yelling from the living room.

 "Don't you do it, Marcus!" She shouted. He slammed the door shut.

 "You need to have all your shit packed by tomorrow, you're moving in with your uncle." 


 And that's the story of how I left my cozy, North Carolina home to live in the busy state of Maryland. I don't really get to keep all of my shit, just what I could fit into four large boxes. I'd been on this train for what seemed like forever when I finally heard them call the stop for Maryland. I didn't know much about my uncle. Hell, I'd only seen him a few times in my life. He's in his early thirties and was a Marine until his wife passed, resulting in him leaving so he could raise their young son.

 I retrieved my phone and checked my contacts, scrolling through until I'd found "uncle". I had just gotten the number from my dad at departure and was hoping I hadn't input it wrong. As I stepped out and got my suitcase, I dialed him up. The phone rang. And rang. And rang. No answer.

 "Oh you're fucking kidd-" I stopped as I looked up and examined my surroundings. The station was completely crowded and buzzing with life. Where the fuck do I even go?

 "Hey, douche! Get your head outta your ass!" Someone called from behind me and I realized I was standing in front of one of the trains exit doors. I backed out of the way. I followed the group of people leaving the trains into the main plaza. Jesus this place was huge... I decided to try dialing my uncle again. It rang. Then rang again.

 "Come on, Uncle-... Uh... Uncle." On about the fourth ring, he answered.

 "Hello?" He said in a deep voice.

 "Uh hey, it's Quinlan." I greeted. The line was silent for a moment.

 "Uh who? Is this the dude from the bar? Look, I told you it was just a one time thing-"

 "No, no, it's Marcus and Jeanine's kid." I clarified.

 "Ohhh! Shit hi." I could hear his embarrassment. "You at the station?"

 "Yeah, just got off the train." I answered.

 "Alright. Head to the main entrance and I'll be there in ten." He instructed.

 "Cool. See ya then." I said as I hung up. Now, where the fuck is the main entrance?

 After minutes of wandering and asking for directions, I found the main entrance and headed down the large steps in front, dragging my suitcase behind me. There was a sea of cabs and cars before me. It was then that I realized, he doesn't even know what I look like. I don't even know what he looks like. What does his car even look like? Why do I have to shit like right now?

 My phone rang.

 "Jello?" I answered.

 "Yeah I'm here. I'm in the black Malibu." He replied. What the fuck is that?

 "What the fuck is that?" He laughed.

 "Ok, what are you wearing?" He asked. I looked down and examined myself.

 "Uh black leather jacket, blue jeans, black and white converses and a backwards Bull's hat. I got this big ass red suitcase." I reported.

 "Found ya." He said almost instantly and I heard honking from my left. I looked in the direction to see some guy on the phone waving at me. I nearly ran down the few remaining steps and to the car. The trunk popped and I placed my suitcase inside. I hopped into the front seat.

 "Yo, nephew." He greeted and began pulling off.

 "What's up, Unc?" I replied. He resembled my dad somewhat. The both had those defined jawlines and cheekbones, but he had jet black hair and deep green eyes in contrast to my dad's brown hair and blue-grey eyes.

 "How old are you?" He asked.

 "I'm seventeen."

 "Ahh, my son's sixteen. I'm sure you guys'll get along just fine. You hungry?" He asked.

 "Oh god yes. Fifteen plus hours on a train has me famished." He laughed. God, he has my dad's laugh. That same deep, hardy chuckle.

 "I'll order a pizza when we get back."

 "Mother fuck!" I exclaimed as we walked in. This place was massive. Upon entering, we were greeted by two barking dogs.

 "The husky is Rilo and the lab is Monty." He explained. They were both big dogs but I could tell they were still puppies. They sniffed at me and my suitcase.

 "Your room is upstairs. Your things haven't arrived yet, but whenever they do, we'll get you situated." He said.

 "Ray! Get down here and meet your cousin!" He shouted. "Come on." He ordered as he led me through the large, white-tiled living room and up the carpeted stairs. There were two doors on either side of the long hallway. He opened the second one on the left and let me walk inside first. It was a decent sized room with wood flooring and lime-green walls. I remember how floored I was. It was such a step up from my old room back home.

 "I'll let you get settled in. Imma go order this pizza." He said as he exited and shut the door. I silently cheered. I walked over to the closed curtains and opened them. The window overlooked the busy street down below. Nice!

 My celebrating was cut short by a knock at the door.

 "Yeah." I answered, and in walked Ray. He was a few inches shorter than myself and was much more skinny than myself. He was mixed with a light caramel complexion. He had blond-ish brown curly hair that he had pulled into a ponytail.

 "Yo." I greeted.

 "H-Hey, I'm Ray." He stuttered. He seemed a little shy or nervous. I extended my hand and he shook it.

 "Do you uh, like video games?" He asked.

 "Hell yeah!" Was my response. We then engaged in a conversation about video games and comic books and which super heroes were our favorites, he was a pretty cool kid. We only stopped when Uncle... Shit, I need to work on that.

 "Pizza's here!" He called from downstairs.

 "Race ya." I said before yanking open the door and bolting downstairs.



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