My wife and I were finally going on our honeymoon! We'd been married six months ago, but could barely afford the wedding. I had just gotten out of boot camp and we decided to get hitched, spur of the moment, the weekend before I was deployed to my first assignment overseas. Now with some money saved up, I could finally treat her to the proper romantic holiday she deserved. I was so excited to see her again and missed her terribly. I had not so much as looked at another woman while we were apart...that's not say I didn't masturbate frequently in those months that had passed. Nevertheless, I was always faithful to her, my "third-leg" as she called it, got relief as a consequence of my right hand.

Being in the Army is a rewarding experience and I am proud to serve my country. After basic training, I was sent to Germany and then reassigned to Kuwait. The first month in Germany had been tolerable, but the months in Kuwait were miserably hot. I was happy with my assignments overseas, but sure as hell was homesick. I requested leave as soon as I was eligible, and luckily my request was granted, if only it was to be for a short week.

My wife decided on Hawaii for our honeymoon location, but after being in the hot desert, I would have liked someplace much cooler. However, Hawaii was more romantic and still cheaper than any other option. To save money, I would be take scheduled military charter flights for free to the Philippines and then a paid commercial flight from Manila, meeting her in Honolulu.

The flights on military aircraft from Kuwait to Manila were roundabout and brutal. On each leg of the journey, it seemed as though I got stuck in the last possible seat, more often than not I rode in the jump-seat backwards! I arrived in Manila totally exhausted, a bit dirty and sweaty, and badly in need of a hot shower. I was wearing the same standard-issue Army Combat Uniform (or ACUs) I'd worn since boarding the first military flight in Kuwait. Unfortunately, with only minutes to change airports and check in my duffel bag, I had no time for a change into civilian clothes let alone for a shower.

I barely got to the gate on time, with boarding already in progress. To my disappointment, the flight was so crowded and full, it had been overbooked. I was lucky enough to have an assigned seat, however, it was a center seat and located at the very back of the plane. I decided after all the crappy military flights I'd been subject to, I didn't so much care because I was ultimately going to Honolulu to hook up with my wife! It was after all our honeymoon. How could I possibly let this last leg of the journey get me down!

When I got onboard and found my seat, I discovered I would be sandwiched between two teenage boys. They looked liked high-school wrestlers and were already fighting and being obnoxious in their seats. I wondered if they were brothers; they sure did look like it.

"Hi, guys", I said as I approached. "I think I'm in this row, the center seat. Are you two related?"

"Hey G.I. Joe dude", the closest one said, giving me a silly military salute.

"Yeah, we're brothers. Identical twins in fact, Einstein, if you got to know," the other replied sarcastically.

Twins? Yeah, I could see that. They certainly acted the same. "Do you mind if I take the aisle or window seat and you two sit together?", I politely asked. I really didn't want to be in the center seat all the way to Hawaii between them.

"No can do, officer", the first brother said . "I'm on the aisle because I like to get up a lot."

"Yeah, he likes to hang out in the restroom", added his twin, "like a little faggot troll and piss a lot."

At this, they proceeded to punch and horse play with each other. I was in for a very long flight.

"Guys, guys!", I repeated in an attempt to bring them back to earth. "What about the window?"

"The window! The window, it's lovely isn't it?", the brother closest to it said. He gestured to it as if he were a game show hostess and spoke in a British accent, "The window is most valuable because one can rest one's head upon it." And then he gave me a little frown.

These twin brothers were a couple of douchebags I thought to myself.

"Ok, no problem", I stated climbing over the first and taking the center seat.

"Besides, by having you between us. We won't fight as much", one of them added cheerfully.

That confirmed what punks these two were and a fucking wonderful flight this was going to be. I settled into my uncomfortable seat and thought about using the in-flight call button, but I knew no other seats were available and some unfortunate fool had to sit here. It might as well be me. I wondered where their parents had runoff to. I glanced around but all of the passengers seated around us were Asian and I didn't think these two matching blonde, blue-eyed boys could be their unfortunate offspring.

"Where are your parents?" I asked curiously. The thought occurred to exchange seats with one of them.

"They're in first class. Dad's kind of big deal when it comes to international negotiations, he's a US diplomat, so he and mom get the good seats", said the brother closest to the window, he looked a little dejected.

"We're perfectly fine where we are" came the response of his brother, "They're taking us on vacation WITH them this time, so don't forget that!" He threw an in-flight magazine squarely aimed at his sibling. A mini-fight between them ensued.

To my surprise, once the airplane doors closed and we had taken off, the boys settled down. I guess being between them really did have an effect, or was I just fooling myself.

I unlaced my boots and slipped both of them off from my aching feet. Upon reaching the minimum, required altitude, I reclined the seat back, but what I really needed were a few strong drinks. I wanted to sleep the entire flight and booze would do the trick. When the

apparently non-existent beverage cart finally arrived, I ordered two Jack D's with coke. The coke was purely optional and I downed both bottles of liquor. Naturally, the brothers both tried to have me buy them alcohol, but I outright refused.

"How about you get us a beer?" one of them whined. "It's only a beer, not like the hard shit you just gulped."

They started arguing back and forth with one another again and I was beginning to regret buying drinks in front of them in the first place. After the meal cart finally made its way and we got our trays, I ordered two more drinks from the beverage cart that followed. I was stuck in hell and I wanted to pass out as soon possible.

"Are you sure, you want two more?", the stewardess asked in a seductive voice referring to the Jack Daniel's she handed to me. She leaned over the seat deliberately so I could see her large bosom. She then proceeded to chat and flirt, and when she got through didn't charge me for the extra drinks. I sometimes have that effect on women, but I think it's mostly the uniform.

When she flitted off down the aisle, the boys went crazy mocking her. One of them held out his t-shirt making fake boobs and paraded them around as if they were real. The other, slapped after his brother with a limp wrist and said, "Have another free drink, soldier. I'll be waiting out back." God, these two really killed me. I had to laugh just the same.

After the meal service, the cabin lights were dimmed. It was dark enough to sleep in the back of the plane; a distant flickering light came from the movie screen ahead. The three of us couldn't be bothered, as we were too far away to see it anyway. I kicked back, to fall asleep. It had been a long day of flights and the liquor was working its magic.

I began to dream.

I was with my wife standing in front of palm trees, smiling with cheeks close together. She held out a camera and snapped our picture. In the next scene, I held out my hand touching her breast and then we kissed. This scene was sexier than the last and I felt my monster cock coming to life. Next, a whisper to my ear, what was she saying? That she wanted me to fuck her or was it that she wanted to blow me? Either way, I was game and I had a distinct impression she was snapping pictures of us the entire time. Pictures that she said would preserve our honeymoon forever. The scenes that followed were more bizarre. We stood in sand at the beach as she pressed her face to my armpit, she told me how good I smelled. Next, her hand rubbed at my crotch, and when I looked down she had taken my cock out of my shorts for me. Why was she being so aggressive? Finally, she was jerking my cock just like I'd go about masturbating. But why? When what I really wanted after all this time apart was to fuck her. Then, as dreams can turn into nightmares, it felt as though my ass was getting touched and fingered. I woke with a jolt at the thought of this!

"Easy there, soldier", said a male voice right next to me. Still in a haze, I blinked in an attempt to wake myself. The liquor had done a number on me. For a moment, I'd forgotten where I was and then I painfully recalled the two brothers sitting on either side.

When my head started to clear, I found the lights of the cabin even more faint, providing minimal light. The movie no longer played. However, it was the airplane seat that felt rough against me and even more uncomfortable than before. Like burlap, it was bugging me. I soon found out why.

I nearly did a double take in disbelief as I looked down at my lap. My pants and underwear were missing completely! I was sitting on the plane in the nude with my big dick and hairy balls spilled out on display, but if that weren't bad enough, my "third-leg", horse-hung cock was semi-hard! I suppose my dick had gotten huge while dreaming of my wife, but that didn't explain my missing pants and underwear!

"Fucking-A," I thought. Instinctively, I moved my hands to cover my exposed crotch. But I was prevented from doing so. I quickly found my forearms to be tightly bound at either side by airplane seat belts! I was a pretty muscular, worked-out army guy. How was this possibly happening to me?

"What the fu...", I nearly yelled as a hand covered and muffled my mouth in an instant. Everyone around was apparently asleep as no movement from any direction could be heard or seen.

"We're going to have a little fun, soldier", the brother closest to the window whispered, he was the one with a hand over my mouth. A Cheshire-like cat grin appeared over his face.

Before I could attempt another word in protest, his brother, seated at the aisle, crudely shoved a digital camera under my nose. To my shock and utter disbelief, the picture in the display had me with my cheek next to his brother's. In the photo, the brim of my ACUPAT army cap cleverly dipped below my eyes so you couldn't tell if I were asleep or awake. A blissful, dreamy look could be seen on my face and right next to me, his brother appeared with his eyes open-wide wearing a large smile. Jesus Christ, we looked like gay boyfriends going on vacation!

If that weren't enough, the next picture was far worse. His brother and I appeared to be locked in a kiss. Or rather he was kissing me! As bad as that was, I had my hairy arm raised, hand placed up against his shirtless chest. "Fuck. My. Life.", was all I could think.

Each photo, about a dozen in all, got progressively worse. He even zoomed into one of them to reveal my nametag, it clearly read: "PINETTI" and right above it "U.S. ARMY". Although I knew the photos in which I appeared had all been posed while unconscious, they certainly looked real to the viewer.

"Awwwww, and here's the last one," the brother holding the camera said like a disappointed child whose last Christmas present had been handed to him.

This turned out to be the most damaging one in the set. My pants were missing as they are currently, but my horse-hung cock was fully erect and, far worse than anything previous to this, his brother appeared next to my engorged dick. His face tilted to the side with mouth open and lips about to touch my bulging shaft. The photo was taken at a low angle so you could see both his face and mine!

Why were these two brothers doing this to me? Were they gay and thought that I somehow was too?

I became panic-stricken, and struggled against the seat, but my arms remained bound in place; my waist was cinched down tightly by my own seatbelt. I couldn't move, much less get up. I had only my voice as an ally, to use in my rescue. Although my mouth was still covered, I thought to bite the little fucker that held it shut.

In response to my resistance, the boy with his hand over my mouth hissed in my ear, "You saw the photos, so don't put up a fight and if you don't cooperate in our little fun, we'll make sure they're shown to someone who cares". He tapped the patch above my shirt pocket that

read, "U.S. ARMY" and deliberately squeezed the finger above my wedding band.

I got his message loud and clear. I certainly wouldn't want my wife ever, in a million years, to see those photos. The military might look the other way, but I doubted it. After all, I was representing the Army in uniform and the boy in the photos with me looked young! I quickly thought of a thousand ways I could explain the images to someone, especially my wife, but I could not come up with one sensible possibility. The truth in which--I'd been ambushed by identical twin brothers, who strapped me down in an airplane seat and placed me in compromising positions--didn't seem at all believable. Even to me! How could I explain my erect cock with him about to go down on it! Well, honey, I was having a wet dream of you at the time. Yeah, right!

As if sensing the conclusion I had reached and my acknowledgement of defeat, he removed the hand covering my mouth, put a finger to his lips, and then whispered, "Shhhhhh". Before I could speak, he said in a low voice, "The photos are pretty damaging aren't they? But we're so happy to see you've decided to cooperate with us." He placed emphasis on the words "so happy".

"There'll be no causing attention to our row of seats", he added. "And by that I mean, no making noise or sudden movements."

Well, how fucking ironic was that? That I should be the one not to be obnoxious or disorderly!

"Guys, I don't know what this is all about, but I'm not gay" I interjected, "You saw my wedding ring. I'm married! I am as straight as can be. Untie me and give my pants back, GODDAMNIT!"

They both looked at me with disinterest. Had they not heard at all what I said?

Ignoring me, he continued, "Josh and I have a childish game we like to play, it's a simple game where we make up a challenge and see who can do it first. Some challenges are easy, but the challenges we like best are those next to impossible."

"Whatever, dude", I thought, "totally not interested." I made a mental note, Josh was the boy seated at the window. He was also the one who appeared in the photos taken with me.

His brother continued, "For example, a challenge we made was to score some free liquor on this flight. Though, so far we're losing."

"But we haven't landed yet!", an excited Josh interrupt, "Plenty of time, I think I'll just swipe some from the kitchen in back."

"It's called a GALLEY, dumb-shit", his brother corrected him, "And keep your voice down, you'll wake all the neighbors."

"Fuck you, Justin. So I'll just steal it from the GALLEY then", Josh attempted his best at a whisper.

Justin concluded, "Obviously, there are no rules in our challenge games. Stealing, lying, cheating. It's all good." He nodded towards his brother.

So they were Josh and Justin, twin brothers. How clever was that? I couldn't tell them apart only that one blonde guy was on my right and the other on my left. I needed to get a hold of that camera and delete all those false, incriminating photos!

"What do you want from me?" I finally asked when he got done explaining their stupid game.

"It's not what we want from you. It's what we don't want from you", came Justin's strange reply.

"It's simple. First, we don't want your huge dick to get hard. And, second, we don't want you to cum.", Josh added.

"Waaa-whaaat?" I nearly shouted back at them, to be recruited into their game was totally fucked up.

"That's right married, military soldier-stud. We DON'T want you to get hard or cum."

I looked down at my crotch. My cock was not at all hard in the very least. Honestly, it looked a bit shrunken given the recent set of events.

"Ok, my cock's not hard. I win." I declared flatly.

"Ha! Nice try", replied Justin, "See, it's not going to be that easy. The challenge is for my brother or I to get you hard and to cum. Your challenge is to resist doing so and if you can manage that, we'll delete the photos."

What a sick, twisted game they were playing with me. I'm all for a good hazing when well deserved. But did I deserve this?

"Josh and I will take turns. You only have to sit there like a sack of potatoes and keep your dick soft ", Justin explained.

"Well, bring it." I thought to myself, "Let them have their gay fun with a straight army guy if it turned them on." I wanted those fucking photos to burn in hell as soon this was over and I had won. I sat back, relaxing as best as I could, for whatever would come next.

"And one more thing", he added, "We're not allowed to touch your cock directly, just your balls. Since your cock is monstrous, this will be an extra challenge. But the all rest of your body is fair game."

"Perverted psycho", I thought, "I certainly didn't like hearing the words 'fair game' as it pertained to me."

Seated at the window, Josh, slipped off his cargo shorts letting them slide to the floor. With his shorts off, his cock and balls, while not bad in size for a teen boy, were on display. Being comfortable in my sexual orientation, his exposed junk didn't bother me one bit. He scratched under his balls and then oddly brought his sweaty fingers under his nose to take a whiff.

"Damn, that's raunchy dude", I thought.

After he was finished, he brought his fingers up under my nose.

"Sniff 'em, soldier", he commanded.

Since I had no choice but to comply, I was forced to give a sniff of them too. It was, naturally, the distinct odor of a sweaty, musky ballsac. The smell took me back to the locker room at my old high school; I recalled all the towel snapping to balls and bare butts along with the usual high-jinx that had gone on back then.

After I sniffed his fingers, that didn't seem all that bad to me, Josh leaned over and sniffed under my armpit closest to him. He was practically burying his face there. Why would he want to do this? Besides, I stunk to high heaven after so many flights from the Kuwait desert to the present. To my surprise, his cock began to get hard and then the teen reached down to play with himself. "Jeez", I thought, "this little, gay dude was into my man scent!"

After a few moments of this, he sat back in his seat. His brother, Justin, at the aisle took over. He too dropped his shorts, but first spread out one of the cheap airline blankets provided and then hooked it from the seat in front of him to his seatback. He cleverly fastened the ends using the headrest's fabric with the bit of velcro that was there. His brother at the window signaled two thumbs up as if to say 'good job' for blocking the aisle entry like a makeshift tent flap.

The blanket, in my humble opinion, provided little privacy. Regardless, the small group of passengers sitting close by, like everyone else on the flight, seemed to be asleep. The flight

attendants long done with their duties could not be found. Hell, they hadn't been around since meal service ended. It was apparent that no one cared what was going on in my world or would be disturbing us any time soon.

With the aisle opening blocked, Justin, the bolder of the two, went for my nuts. He was careful not to touch my large cock flopped to one side as the 'rules' implied, but there he was fondling my stinky, hairy ballsac just the same. This had no affect on me. He tugged on my scrotum and squeezed my nuts. My cock didn't so much as flinch. I wondered how long this game would take before they'd give up.

After playing with my hairy ballsac for several minutes, and getting no response from me, he pulled his hand away and stuck his fingers under Josh's nose as if this were a perfectly natural thing to do. However, the effect this had on his brother was unreal. Josh got the most incredible look on his face, like that of a guy hopelessly in love with some girl he'd just seen. The hard teenaged cock in his lap bounced around all on it's own and if I wasn't mistaken pre-cum started to appear at the tip. The overpowering scent of testosterone my balls gave off must've been the cause, but I could not comprehend as to why I had this effect on him.

Justin proceeded to retrieve my combat boots from under the seat in front of me. Once my boots were out in the open, they gave off the distinctive odor of my strong smelling feet. I blame the hot Kuwaiti desert for this. In my defense, I wear them for hours on end. Damn, though, our row of seats really stank: the smell of three un-showered, nearly naked guys, and now of my dirty, stinky boots. This combination of smells took me back to my recent days in basic training where overcrowded barracks gave off very similar scents. Although I knew we all stunk, this too didn't bother me one bit.

With boots in hand, Justin removed the laces from each and then tied them together at one end to form an extra-long piece. His need to make a single bootlace out of two baffled me, but at this point, why should I be surprised by anything he or his brother would do? He took the newly formed bootlace and started tying it around the base of my cock and up under my balls forming some kind of loop around them. When I struggled in protest, he glared back at me without saying a word. I knew what his look meant, so I no longer put up a fight. The digital photos they'd taken were a hold on me; they were my kryptonite.

After he got done tying my cock and balls, he moved my legs closer together at the knees. Then using the free end of each bootlace, he tied one around my right knee and the other around my left in the same manner. What purpose did this weak bond serve? I was already held by the seatbelt at my waist and a seatbelt by my sides, one for each arm. Clearly I wasn't going anywhere! Yet here I sat, naked from the waist down with a bootlace around my cock and then tied to each knee at opposite ends. WTF? Getting tied up, especially with a guy, is not my thing!

Justin nodded, as if to tag team his brother Josh who sat at the window. Josh took over as Justin, satisfied with his bootlace handiwork, had his chance to watch his brother in return.

Josh quickly unbuttoned my camouflaged shirt down the front. He ripped it open and down off my shoulders--as much as my arms, bound by seat belts, would allow--to reveal my sweat-stained, brown army t-shirt and dog tags hanging there. The worn-out t-shirt was small compared to my size as it hugged my muscular chest; I could tell dark tuft of hairs from my armpits were exposed due to the tightness of the short t-shirtsleeves and this made me feel more vulnerable than before.

To my astonishment, Josh took each thumb and index finger to his cock in order to wet them with pre-cum that oozed from his overflowing, enlarged piss slit. With his remaining dry fingers, I helplessly looked on as he inched my tight tee little by little up past my hairy, solid pecs. All the while, I shook my head from side to side. To my disgust, his cum-lubed thumb and index fingers came in contact with my exposed chest. Being naked around guys is one thing, but participating in a game of homosexual foreplay is another. Until now,a dude's semen, other than my own, never had touched my body. I closed my eyes wishing this would all go away and, as best as I could, turned my thoughts to my wife, Julia.

Josh started rubbing each pec under his cum-lubed fingers as I did my best to ignore him. No matter how foreign this was to me, I couldn't help feel how slick his wet cum felt on my nipples. He worked them slowly and deliberately around clockwise and then in the opposite

direction. I let my mind wander, is this how Julia felt when I fondled her breasts? The thought of her tits and the slow circles around mine, this caused me to relax as if I were doing this to her. I barely took notice when a wet tongue replaced one of the hands that had been working my pec.

When it came to sex, I had always been the aggressor, to foremost give a woman pleasure and, thereby, indirectly receive pleasure in return. This was something neither learned nor taught, but how things simply were. A woman's needs came first. Always. Or so I thought.

As his hand with pre-cum fingers continuously encircled my right nipple, Josh gently licked at my left that he'd previously coated with pre-cum. This dude was definitely getting a hefty taste of his own sperm as he licked and sucked my chest clean and there was nothing I could say or do about it! His tongue worked relentlessly on my left pec, my chest hairs became damp and then soaked with his spit; my nipples hardened in response to his never-ending onslaught. I wanted this to stop, but feared I didn't want it to end. To keep my sanity, I pictured Julia with my mouth sucking her tit while grabbing the other. This mirrored what Josh was doing to me and turned out to be a mistake. I should have deflected my thoughts elsewhere, something other than sex. Josh was being too persistent and this is when I felt my cock betray me. In all this time my horse-hung manhood had been soft, its large girth flopped over to one side, but now it started to grow, involuntarily with a mind all its own. I was about to lose the first challenge unless I could quickly change things around, but it was no use. The beast had been awakened.

"It's so fucking beautifully huge, man", whispered Justin's voice in my ear, "Just look at that monster cock, buddy!"

His talk wasn't helping and effectively played to my male ego. I knew he had eagerly looked on as I went from soft to massively hard the whole time under his brother's influence. Josh pulled off my chest and all three of us stared down in awe at my pulsating, throbbing monster of a baby maker for a few moments. Yes, it was beautiful, just as he had said. Intoxicated in self-centered indulgence, I was a bit awestruck myself.

"You lost the first challenge in less than ten minutes" Josh stated, obviously proud of himself.

But as of this very moment, I really could not have cared. I'd learned something far more valuable as it related to sex in general and, more specifically, sex with my wife. My sexual satisfaction wasn't limited to pleasing her, to fucking her or getting a blowjob on occasion. My gratification should not be secondary or derived from hers. As a straight male and husband, I loved fucking her even though it had been so very long ago, but as of right now, I realized my body was a wonderland too. That is to say, I ought to be capable of receiving pleasure from her directly, to be less aggressive and allow her to touch me for my pure enjoyment of it. My hard cock in response to Josh's attack on my chest and nipples had proven this. Sure, it had taken a guy to make me feel this way; but my thoughts were of Julia and not of some gay dude that got me hard. Yes, I was confident of that.

Besides, getting me erect was one thing. Hell, I popped a boner now and again just like the next dude. Getting me to cum was an entirely different matter. The fact I had a hard-on was justified, we'd been apart too long with me stuck in the Middle East and her back home. Yes, justified completely. I am not gay in the slightest no matter what my hard prick said at the moment! I wanted those photos deleted more than I ever wanted to cum or anything else in my life. Period.

"Oh, Mikey, I think he likes it", teased Josh reciting words from a timeless Life cereal commercial. It was to be his brother's turn to wreak havoc on me for a change; adventurous Justin who earlier had tied a bootlace around my cock and balls.

Of its own free will, my throbbing manhood stood out proudly before me, and for the twin teens to see in all its glory. If that weren't enough, Justin reached down and cupped my sweaty, hairy ballsac as he had done before. He again was careful to avoid touching the thick,

vein-popping shaft directly. He rolled my balls between his fingers, feeling their weight and giving them a squeeze every so often. Now that I was compromised with an erection, his touch felt impossibly different and the tugging on my balls didn't displease me either. My cock was responding as a result of what he was doing and I couldn't help myself.

"Damn, your nuts are huge", he whispered to me, "They go perfectly with your monster dick. You ought to have a permit for that assault weapon."

He was feeding my ego again just as I was trying to think of ways to kill my massive erection. I couldn't think straight with my cock like this!

"Well, Private Pinetti" Justin recalled from my uniform, "That's one impressive piece of meat. Just how hung are you? That fucker looks at least nine inches."

"It's tahh...Ten inches" I stammered, a bit red faced and certainly not accustomed to discussing cock size with another dude. Regardless of this, my raging boner thick as a cop's nightstick waived around at the mercy and will of Justin who grasped my full nuts. His persistent handling and teasing to my ballsac was feeling all too good and as a result my hard-on would not go away! I needed Julia's warm, wet pussy to slam my cock into or access to my fist to jerk off. What was I thinking? I needed these two gay teen brothers to stop and let me go!

While one hand tugged on my nuts, Justin's other explored further south. I sat my furry ass firmly down on the seat with knees still close together. My butt was definitely off limits and I didn't want any gay guy to get ideas to the contrary. Justin didn't see it this way and when I resisted, even so slightly, he force-spread my legs open. To my shock and unexpected euphoria, as my knees parted, the bootstrap tightened around my cock and balls. The loop, or rather slipknot, he had placed there effectively constricted my ballsac and the it was pleasure...I received felt so impossibly good!

"Eeeeeooowwww", I gasped out. My swollen, cum-filled balls grossly protruded against the confines of my hairy, tight ballsac while my monster of a cock pulsed even longer and harder than I'd ever seen. Justin on one side of me and now Josh joining in to, were parting my legs at the knee moving them out and into their own seats. The bootstrap kept getting tighter and tighter around my nuts as they spread me wide.

"Oh, God, boys just look at me!" escaped from my breath. I was losing a battle within.

The tip of my dick was purple and engorged, the piss slit gaped open and I bet my balls were turning blue. Sure as fuck I was in heaven! I've had sex with hot women; Julia included and masturbated just as much as the next guy, but I've never experienced anything sexually satisfying and prolonged as this. I never knew that a strap tied around my cock at the hand of these brothers could feel so fucking incredibly good! Hell, I didn't want to shoot a load at all... I wanted this to last FOREVER.

With one muscular, wrestler-dude on each side, Justin and Josh, kept me spread open by hooking one of their legs over each leg of mine. I felt the brothers' blonde peach-fuzz covered thighs rubbing atop my own. Their young skin and soft hairs felt nice like a woman's, and were in sharp contrast to my scruffy, dark-haired thighs. Sitting as we were, they had ultimate control of how wide or narrow my legs could become and, therefore, they had control of how tight or less-tight the strap around my cock and balls got. When Justin and Josh spread my knees apart to the breaking point, I was becoming unglued, squirming and sliding my ass down the seat, clenching my fists, as the tight strap reached its breaking point constricting my balls to the maximum.

"Fuuu-ck that's so taahh-ight" escaped over my lips as I still couldn't get over how excessively huge and grotesque my balls had become.

Josh leaned in slightly and while licking my left ear whispered, "I know you're enjoying this soldier". The truth is I was. His wet tongue probed deeper inside my ear opening and I discovered that along with his hot breath and wicked whispers it made me even weaker. I slumped down further in the airline seat and surrendered.

Thoughts of the boy's high school locker room and the overcrowded male army barracks came flooding in. Had I been suppressing secret desires all along? I didn't want to think so much, to analyze my present condition, but for whatever the reason, I wanted all that was happening to me. From this moment forward, I'd let them both take over and accept that two blonde, hot muscular teenaged guys were driving me into complete sexual frenzy.

With my hairy ass hanging off the edge of the seat and legs spread wide apart, the boys had full access to my perineum. Justin took a middle finger and it ran up and down my furry, sweaty ass crack. This delightfully tickled and my tight hole twitched a bit in response to his repetitive strokes. When he paused and brought his finger before me, I willingly sniff it with curiosity. It oozed of my sweat and testosterone and as if it were natural for all males to do, the three of us moved in and sniff it together. The tip of our tongues met as we began licking and tasting his middle finger in unison. It tasted salty and of musky male ass, it was not at all unpleasant, as I might have imagined.

Justin darted his finger coated with my scent into his brother's mouth, then back to mine, and finally back into his. He repeated this several times as we eagerly waited our turns. When it was cleaned of my strong masculine hormones and covered with all three of our combined male spit, we brought our lips together in a kiss. Their full plump lips felt so good next to mine like they were two girls from some 3-way fantasy, but this was reality and these were indeed two hot young men and I was letting this happen. Making out like three insatiable sailors on leave, I barely noticed as a warm, wet finger circled back to my ass and met my defenseless hole. Distracted, as all three of our mouths and tongues competed with one another, my unguarded virgin hole easily took Justin's slick finger as it slid past the opening. I was mildly shocked, but quickly settled into it as his finger probed deeper to my insides and massaged my prostate gently in small up-and-down motions. My massive erect cock continued to throb on and oddly I loved being restricted by the bonds that held me. If I ever came to my senses, I wasn't an active participant that this was all being done to me and out of my own free will, but really who was I kidding?

"Hot damn, PINETTI, you fucking love my finger riding up your ass don't you!" a heavy breathing Justin gushed over me.

"Yeaah, yes I do" came my uninhibited reply. "My name is Nick, by the way, being how we are all getting intimate here."

As we were practically on top of one another, I could feel a smile over their lips in response to what I had said. It was his brother Josh who then whispered, "Well, Nick, you are one hot, handsome man in and out of uniform."

"And apparently very horny too."

Our mouths joined one another's again. I let the twins kiss and suck on my tongue then I took my time with each of theirs. Although not women, they were both just as sexy and luscious all the same. Justin grasped my short hair at the back of my head and spat directly in my open mouth. I received a quick jolt as my mouth filled of warm male spit and without missing a beat, I immediately spat it all back into Josh's mouth adding my own. We continued taking turns until a nasty, large spitball formed between the three of us. We had to stop finally when Josh's mouth became so full to point he was gagging. Justin pulled my head back as his brother spat the largest ball of dude-spit down my waiting throat that mankind had ever known. I swallowed.

Josh's middle finger joined his brothers at the opening of my dirty, musky manhole. Justin hadn't loosened me nearly enough, but he was an expert at wanting my prostrate to desire even more. Josh slipped his finger alongside his brother's and like two pistons they began sliding both fingers in my ass simultaneously, first one would be further in and then it was the other, over and over. My fucking furry buttcrack and swollen prostrated never had it better.

I knew they were building me into an intense mind-blowing, all-American hero's climax. With the tight bootstrap around my aching balls, my throbbing, untouched baby maker at the brink and my enlarged prostate so bruised and abused, I had the sudden urge to cum. With all their deep probing, I had to let go.

"Guys, guys!" I panted, "I think I'm cumming!"

Justin and Josh kept working their fingers inside me and moved their mouths just over my cock careful not to disturb or touch it. Suddenly, without warning I was spraying onto their faces and necks, but we instantly realized it wasn't cum at all. I was uncontrollably pissing a large steady stream from my thick erect cock! Justin was quick to put his mouth just over my gaping wide slit and swallowed my piss down best he could. Then Josh took over to do the same and when he had his fill, he forced me to gulp down my own. It tasted salty and strong like the raw hard taste of grain alcohol. My piss kept flowing and we all had another round. The more that we drank, the more we got drunk off my piss.

"Motherfucker!" Justin exclaimed, when finally my spraying subsided and came to an end.

We barely had managed to avoid soaking the airline seats but my chest was drenched in piss. The guys never once removed their probing fingers from deep inside my ass.

"Fuck that tasted good" Josh burped. The hot smell of alcohol piss on his breath.

"Guys, you HAVE to let me cum", I begged. "I can't take this any longer. If you'd just suck me off, I'd be able to CUM!"

"Those aren't the rules, Army stud", Justin said, "And you fully well know it."

As I thrust my huge cock in thin air trying get off, he slapped my large swollen nuts down to get me to stop; this hurt like a bitch.

"Oooohhhyesssowww", I groaned. "Why'd you have to do that? I'll let you and your brother take turns sucking my cock and whoever gets my load wins." I made my own challenge for them, I was so damn intoxicated.

I could tell Josh was into the idea as his tongue wet his peach-fuzz covered upper lip. I'd seen that same look on women before. He wanted my prick banging down inside his neck. His brother wasn't as convinced.

I struggled against the seatbelts and managed to get my forearms a bit free. I reached out to each twin brother with my fists and got ahold of their hard, identical teen cocks. They both edged in closer when I finally got a good grip, then I began jerking them off, feeling their stiff young muscles slip in the palm of each hand. The boys' pre-cum flowed relentlessly between my fingers. It was so damn twisted but so very right at the same time. Josh leaned over and finally Justin too, taking one side of my monster prick between each of their lips. They sucked on my throbbing shaft like wrestlers in competition trying to kiss each other with my trusting massive baby maker in one another's way.

My reddened cock came to a standstill as my balls churned hot magma below. The boys froze in time too and I suddenly felt Josh's and Justin's cum pass between the sides of my tightly curved thumbs. Their identical shafts pulsed for several cycles, then spewed hot creamy boy-cum onto my hairy balls and up under their chins, coating my swollen thick shaft as they sucked and kissed on the product of their own fantastic teen orgasm.

I knew they were getting a hefty taste of their loads and that's when I lost it completely. I sprayed my waiting face covered with dark stubble, but this time only with boatloads of my cum. Glob after thick glob shot up my nose and down my eager mouth for I wanted to taste what they'd made me do. I shot so hard some hit the overhead oxygen panel. I couldn't help myself yet I never once wanted this to end.

The twin's embraced me in a man-to-teen kiss where we shared our hot, concentrated cum over alcohol breath. The thick cum I shot dripped down from the ceiling onto my dogtags. Justin placed the embossed metal between my lips and we sucked and swallowed the cum off them too.

"You lost." Justin panted, the distinct smell of cum on his breath.

"Welcome to the mile-high club" added his brother.

To be continued...

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