Vincent a regular feeder of mine invited me on a short hike yesterday. When I accepted we both knew how it would end up. Vince is a high class guy with a big cock who like dominate me. But he's an older fellow...late 50s, so it's not scary. For his age he's in good shape.

We had a nice stroll and enjoyed some nice weather and fall leaves. Neither of us said anything but we ended up in our usual small clearing in the woods. Again with nothing being said I subserviently got down on my knees and Vince unsnapped, unzipped and dropped his pants down around his ankles.

When his long smooth cock sprang free it was apparent Vince was horned up and ready to take charge. This made me so hot and anxious that I wasted no time stroking it and telling him the usual platitudes, i.e. I had forgotten how big it was, how nice it was going to fit in my mouth, how beautiful it was, etc.

But he wasn't having any small talk and grabbed the back of my head. I looked up and smiled but his look was stern and firm as he pulled my head forward, pulling my mouth towards his long cock.

So I started licking it and kissing the tip and purring. He moaned, "Ummmmm," and said how incredible my mouth was, etc.

Encouraged, I took Vince's swollen head in my mouth, tightened my lips around the shaft. Then slowly worked his cock all the way down my throat until my nose and lips were buried in his thick clump of public hair. Luckily his big cock never gets rock hard so deep throating him is easy for me. But I guess no one else can do it because he kept telling me, "You're the best."

I started my favorite activity. Bobbing my head, pushing my mouth all the way down his shaft until his cock head was in my throat and his balls were resting on my chin and my tongue was working the underside. Then back up until only the head was in my mouth.

This drove Vince wild until he firmly held my head. I came up for air and then did a slow in and out. Vince was moaning, "Uugggghhhhhhh," and squirming and crying out.

Then Vince pulled his cock out my mouth and put his hair balls in my mouth. The feel of them seemed to ignite a fire in me, as I licked and sucked first one then the other of his balls into my mouth, gently rolling them around with my tongue. It felt so natural and yet so forbidden...taboo if you will at the same time. With a, "Uuuugh," he started moving his hips, letting his cock trail across my lips. With every movement, he praised me, calling me a faggot and a cocksucker, telling me how good I was, how wonderful my mouth felt to him.

Caught up in the moment and from the tremendous pleasure I was feeling, I started kissing and nipping at his shaft, running my tongue across the veins on the underside. His cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against my lips as I continued to revel in his readily apparent enjoyment.

Then it was back to the conventional cock sucking as I took the head in my mouth. As my mouth moved up and down his shaft, Vince wouldn't let himself cum. His fingers twisted cruelly in my hair, he'd control the speed, even making me stop until the moment had passed.

Then he told me get up off my knees and to lie back on the ground so he could fuck my face. This was different but I wanted it so as I lay with my head on his rolled up pants as a pillow and stroking my hard cock, Vince, facing forward, squatted over my face and drove his cock into my mouth so deep that his balls rested on my chin. Using his legs to move up and down, he stroked me deep giving me just enough air to breathe. This was a first for me and I loved it.

Then he really gave me the dominant cock-action.

Moving the pants, Vince turned around into a reverse cowboy position, facing my feet with his knees on either side of my head. Leaning forward and bracing himself on his hands, he lowered his hips and pushed his cock all the way into my mouth and held it there. His hairy balls now rested on my face and nose.

Although he was horned up, he was nice enough to ask, "Are you OK?"

I moaned a garbled, "Yes," around his cock.

I had to lift his balls off my nose now and then to breathe but it was very exciting and satisfying to be dominated and my mouth stuffed with his cock.

Making grunting sounds like a pig down in his throat, Vince started moving his hips up and down, moving his cock in my mouth. As he got his rhythm he picked up speed going deeper and deeper, faster and faster. The only sound in the room was his low grunting and the sound of flesh slapping flesh as his balls slapped my face. This went on for a little while with him only pausing now and then long enough to pull out to prevent himself from cumming.

Eventually when Vince pulled out he rolled off me and ordered me back up on my knees. As he stood with his still hard cock dangling in my face he asked, "Are you ready to take my cum?"

"I'm so ready." I told him as I took his cock in my hand, once more feeling his hardness as my fingers wrapped possessively around it. I am always amazed that a dick could feel so solid and yet soft to the touch at the same time.

All I wanted to do was take it in my mouth, but instead I flicked my tongue around the head, I licked under the ridge of his bulbous cock head, and up onto the wet eye, tasting the pre-cum that had begun to leak from his straining cock. I swirled my tongue around and around the head and then I opened my mouth, wet my lips, and bent my face toward it. Then I slowly wrapped my lips around the head of his big cock and slid down its length, filling my mouth once more with his velvety hardness. And all of a sudden I was sucking Vince's cock again. His manly, hard, cum filled cock.

I'm not exactly proud of what I did that night. As a matter of fact, I am downright embarrassed. But for the next few minutes I was a mindless cock-sucking whore, bobbing my head up and down on Vince's rock hard dick

Sucking and licking I started bobbing my head, moving my mouth up and down on his shaft, drawing him deeper and deeper into my mouth. Grabbing the sides of my head, Vince started working his hips and thrusting to thrust into my mouth.

As Vince thrust hard into my mouth, I clamped my lips and sucked. Soon his groans were driving me wild. I sucked him deep, holding him there as I worked my tongue. Then suddenly, he tensed up and I felt his cock swell and expand in my mouth, becoming even harder if that was possible. "Oh shit, here it is," he screeched but it was more of announcement than a warning, "I'm cumming,"

All it took was one more swirl of my tongue beneath the head of Vince's cock and his cum exploded into my mouth. His first squirt hit the back of my throat with such force that I almost choked. Then I managed to pull my mouth back until the head was on my tongue just before he let go with another stream of cum. He must not have cum for a month. His cock seemed to contract and then swell again as he shot a second jet of cum into my mouth. This time on to my tongue where I could taste it.

He pushed my head down hard and then it was squirt, squirt as Vince pumped stream after stream into my mouth, coating my tongue and throat with his thick salty cum. I had to keep swallowing in huge gulps to keep up with him. There was so much cum that some ran out my mouth and oozed down my chin. As Vince's orgasms subsided, he pulled out and rubbed the last drops on my face and lips. It was so hot. His mucky cock scent stayed with me for hours.

From there I went back to the park and, oh my, I really got a mouthful or two of cum. But that's a different story.

The end...



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