It was an incredibly hot evening. The moment I came home from work I opened the windows and sliding glass door turning every fan on I could find. It was one of those nights, where nothing you do ever makes it anymore cooler. Feeling hot and somewhat bothered I decided to watch some porn. My boyfriend and I weren't able to see each other at the time because of our crazy work schedules and we weren't living together either so sometimes we would go all week without seeing each other. So naturally I decided to release a little built up frustration that had been mounting all day. It was one of those hardons that spring up out of nowhere and cause you a bit of nervousness because you hope nobody will notice. Well it had been springing up all day and so I decided to tease myself for a while before I gave into the carnal hunger for release.

I really love to edge myself. I think the orgasm is better and I seem to cum a lot more, which always feels great! So I began looking up some pictures and such that really get me going. Mostly guys caught in some kind of bondage in just their briefs with a group of guys around them spraying the helpless victim with their loads. Instantly my cock sprang to life. After a bit of still stimulation I decided to go for some videos to finish the job. I really enjoy watching clips from websites that capture helpless victims. It really turns me on.

Well I start to watch some video on my computer when I hear someone come into my apartment. It wasn't a big deal to me because I have roommates and I was in my room and the door was closed. They would just go about their business till I came out or they'd text me on my phone. We were really good about giving each other our private space. So I turn the video down a bit, so nobody could hear in the living room and went back to teasing my cock. I was laying in bed in a white undershirt and white briefs. I know I know, I am dressed a bit old fashioned but I love the feel of briefs. What can I say?

But there I am working up the tension getting ready to go for my cock full steam when a rag is placed on my face. I can't help but feel the woozy feeling that the dense chemical on the rag as forcing on me. I try to struggle to get away or even to turn around and see what figure was doing this to me but it was no use. In a few seconds of being attacked I was out cold.

When I woke up I was completely tied up. My legs were tied together and my arms and hands were restrained behind my back. There was a gag placed in my mouth and a blindfold was secured around my eyes. I immediately started to panic. I thrashed and kicked and moaned as much and as loud as I could. But because the binding was done so well and the drug was so strong I simply didn't have any strength and eventually succumb to my situation at the present time. The one thing I could notice is that I wasn't at home anymore. I was in a vehicle and we were traveling. We drove for some time but as the car vibrated and the bondage rubbed against me, I began to feel the hardon that had been plaguing me all day arise. I immediately began to beg myself to relax but the more I tried the harder my cock got. It tented my briefs and in no time a man that was in the van began to laugh and taunt my helpless cock. I wanted to cum so bad that it was overriding my real panic for the situation. I think they could tell because one of them whispers in my ear, 'Oh don't worry, you'll cum.'

At that I was a bit confused. What kind of kidnappers wanted to make me cum? As I thought about what the man said we drove and drove until finally coming to stop. The sliding door in the side of the car slid open and I was picked up and tossed over a shoulder. As I was taken inside I could hear music playing really loudly. The door opened and the man carrying me walked me inside. I was in what sounded like a club. The music was playing and the bass was pounding out the beat. Then as I heard the door open to another section of the club I heard another man walk up to us.

'Is this the one,' one of them asked.

I could feel the man carrying me nod. I wondered to myself why I hadn't heard him speak yet but didn't think any more on that. My only thoughts were on getting free and escaping harm. I was placed on a table and immediately hands grabbed me all over forcing me to be still. The bonds were released and then retied forcing me in a spread eagle position on the table I was resting on. Then it really began.

I could hear the man from before announce to the others in the club. Nobody is to touch his cock till the command is given.

At that I felt hands all over my body, my cock excluded of course. They roamed and discovered every part of me. I then felt pulling and tearing as my undershirt and briefs were torn from my body leaving me naked on the table, helpless and vulnerable in my bondage. Then suddenly I felt lube being rubbed on my asshole. Afraid I was going to be raped I immediately began to thrash around but then a hand grabbed my balls and a voice made it clear that my actions would come with consequence. Then a finger began to probe my hole and as time went on more and more fingers joined the fight and the probe began to stretch my hole. As this happened, hands continued to roam my body and tweak my nipples. It was a great sensation but constantly the pleasure would be overrun by my fear of the unknown. When the man finger fucking me was done a butt plug was shoved into my ass hole. It was metal and reached all the way to my prostate. I instantly went hard again and begged through the gag for some release.

My gag was then pulled off and dental gag was placed in. My mouth was rendered helpless soon it was being used as desired. Cock after cock found its way into my mouth. I tried to avoid the stabbing of dick in my mouth but nothing I did made any difference to these men. They pounded away till they began to spray warm liquid cum into my helpless mouth and all over my face. After about the second or third man to cum on me I felt a jolt come from the butt plug. It was electric and it began to vibrate and stimulate my prostate. Again my cock sprang to life and the men continued to fuck my face. Once or twice while like this I felt two cocks fighting for my one hole and then a shower of cum rain down on my body. As each cock went into my mouth the vibrator became more and more intense. I really wasn't sure how much longer I could take it. But I think the others were beginning to get restless because when I wasn't sucking all the cock that was cumming on me. Now there was a nonstop torrent of cum that seemed to be flowing on me. Every few minutes a guy would come over and mutter something about this worthless cum rag and shoot a load on my face or body or cock. I had cum everywhere. My hair was matted down, my mouth was dripping and sore and my body was sticky with the warm smell and translucent gew.

Then without as much as a warning the plug began to vibrate intensely. It went on and on till I helplessly screamed through my gag and released the load I had been carrying. But it didn't stop vibrating. It continued forcing my prostate to recharge and my dick to remain in a rock like status. As I came so did others. I couldn't see them for the blindfold but load after load continued to rain down on my helpless mouth and body. Every so often I would get a river of piss and the men would all cheer. I think they thought of this as a means to clean the slate and start over.

Then suddenly again without warning my body was over taken by the plug and would force another load out of my cock. By this point I had released 3 loads and I could feel myself running empty. After the third load had been milked from me the plug was removed. Then a rubber cock was slowly shoved inside my ass. It hurt so much but the stretching done with the plug and the fingers earlier made it bearable. Then the rubber cock began to fuck my ass. It was like heaven and hell were both fighting in my guts. I could hear that a machine was being set up and as they attached the rubber dick to it I knew I was in for a long night. The machine took flight and began forcing the cock in my ass with a strength and rhythm that only a machine could truly provide. It fucked me without mercy and without any care. My prostate was being slammed again and again and finally a fourth load was pulled from its torment. But still the cock inside me did not quit. I tried moving which only seemed to find new and deeper crevasse to plunge. I moaned and moaned but still cock found its way into my mouth and cum continued to flow on top of me.

Throughout the hours and hours I was held captive my cock was never touched as was commanded earlier. But yet I had cum oozing from my cock as the devices set in motion helped me climax again and again. The men would take turns taking the fucking machine and switching it to the butt plug turning it on full vibration when they did so. I counted a total of fifteen orgasms that had been pulled from me. Then a voice came over and said to the group, 'Ok fella, and finish up.'

At that I hear some laughing. It was familiar laughing. The blindfold was taken off me but that's it. Then a cock entered my mouth and as it fucked my face my eyes began to focus. When I realized who was fucking my mouth I about fainted. It was my boyfriend.

'He realized I could tell it was him and he pulled out. Then he undid my gag letting my sore jaw begin to recover. As I drooled and spit the remnants of the cum that had been filling my mouth he walked over to the butt plug and pulled it out. I moaned and then he shoved his cock in.

As he fucked me he told me that he had been keeping an eye on my porn and wanted to let me experience a true situation like that in my favorite pictures and videos. Then for the first time all evening he touched my cock and as he fucked me forced me to shoot lucky number 16, 17 and 18 making it the most times I have had an orgasm at one time. When I felt his cum fill my hole I was surprised at how refreshing it felt as it soothed my battered ass. Then he untied me but because I had been there so long I was unable to walk out. He carried me out through what appeared to be a back door and put me into his van. I realized as we left that it was a club we had gone to for drinks a few times before. I had never seen it so packed though. He later told me that there was an event going on at the same time and then word got out that a helpless sub was being used for a cum rag and men just showed up.

As much fun as this was and as grateful as I am to my boyfriend.....he is going to get his for this!



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