I was always one that loved small balls, I

love to put them in my mouth and just suck on them real slow...get the taste of hot balls

all over my lips and rub them all over my face...Once I got the opportunity to mouth some

big balls and the taste was not the same. My best encounter of small ball chewing was when

I was in high school and I got drunk with a couple of close friends of mine. None of us

knew at the time but this would be the first and last of our sexual encounters. I

remember feeling kind of different that night for some reason, and even recall looking at

my best friends ass earlier in the day and thinking how tight it was. I had never

done anything like that before and it seemed a little strange and exciting.

The night started as usual we stopped at a

few of our favorite bars and stops. We did drink a little more then usual that

night. At the last bar we decided to hit the local convenience store and pick up

some more beer for the road and house. We got back to my house about one in the

morning and immediately started sucking down the beer like it was gold. We started

talking about a few of the girls we had seen and even one that gave Eric a blow job in the

bathroom. We were all laughing because she was so ugly and even smelled a little

bit, so needless to say we kept riding the joke all night.

We were all so plastered and so horny that

I just started playing with myself. My best friend at the time came right over to me and

planted his lips around my swollen 6 inch shaft. I freaked out but kept right on stroking

his mouth until I squirted my load into the back of his throat. He slowly stripped off his

pants and started stroking his meat....I started licking his balls and it was then that I

realized that my favorite thing was having nice clean small balls in my mouth. I

sucked and nibbled for a few minutes then just put both balls in my hot strong mouth.

All the while stroking Eric's hot sweet meat. John my other friend just sat

shocked, not knowing what to do or for that matter what the hell was going on. We

have always been a kind of macho group of guys, chasing after girls and even at times

sharing some.

So the big shocker for all of us was that

we were engaging in man on man sex for the first time!! Everything moved to the floor and

we all stripped down to nothing. John had the smallest cock and balls I have ever

seen, his cock was three inches at the most erect. However it was the prettiest set

of balls and cock imaginable. Nice and straight, plump juicy prune size balls.

Once we were all naked Eric grabbed a bottle of baby oil and just started squirting

it all over us. We slid across each others bodies, rubbing our cocks and asses all

over each other.

I reached over and with my left hand

started squeezing Eric's beautiful balls. With my right hand I grabbed John's

swollen balls and started to squeeze. Both of them yelled out with pain and

pleasure. I continued to squeeze and massage their balls for what seemed like hours.

They laid back and just relaxed... enjoying their first man on man ball and cock

rub. I laid on my back and they both sat beside my head, John on the left and Eric

on the right. Each took turns slapping my face with their cocks as I squeezed their

balls. They both came all over my face and on each others cocks. I licked all

the cum off of Eric's cock and then turned to John and did the same.

We all fell asleep and the next morning

when we got up there was a weird feeling in the air. No one said a word, we all got

dressed and went on our ways. Since that night we have not spoken a word about the

'event,' and life just went on as usual. The thing that my friends do not

know and would kill me if they did is that I made a video of our night. I have

watched the tape at least twice a week, each time I get to relive the fantasy and that

special fuck feast. I love jacking off while watching it and sometime talk on the

phone to my friends while viewing the tape.



Tom T

[email protected]


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