'Damn it' I said to myself as yet another car drove past. Does not even a uniform get you picked up anymore? I had just got a four week leave from the marines and was hitch-hiking home to see my dad. I had made it to only 50 miles away from my home town but it was getting late and fewer and fewer cars were passing by. I made a decision to just stay in a motel for the night and finish my journey tomorrow; the only problem was I could not see a motel anywhere near.

I didn't really know where I was in this town and so I picked a direction to walk in and hoped that would find me something. After walking for about 10 minutes I finally came across 'Tony's motel' which looked fine and was obviously busy as there were a lot of cars in the lot.

'Hey, how much is a room?' I asked a big, kinda scary looking tattooed guy.

'$50 for a night but you can get a membership and it will be cheaper'

'Just the night is fine, I'm just passing through' I replied, why would anyone want a motel membership?

'Ok, are you military?'

'Yes sir, Marines'

'Well you can have it for $40'

'I appreciate that, thank you'

'No problem, a lot of military pass through here and give me a lot of business' I paid the man my money and he gave me a key, directing me to my room.

'I think you're gonna enjoy your stay'

'Haha thanks' I said as I made my way to my room. I passed a couple of guys who smiled at me and winked, which I thought was kind of strange before I arrived at my room. The room wasn't too bad, I had stayed in worse, the bed was big and there was a nice bathroom. On the table next to the bed there was big folder giving information on all the motel facilities. I picked up and was surprised to what else the motel had; there was a pool, steam room, hot tub and bar.

I thought I might as well make the most of what they had, especially as it wasn't that late yet so I grabbed my towel and some shorts I could use to swim in. I decided to go via the bar and get a beer that I could take with me in the hot tub. There were a few other guys sat at small tables around the bar but I went straight up and ordered a beer.

'You military too?' I spun around to see another guy in uniform sat at the bar.

'Yes, Marines, you?

'Army, I'm Kody by the way' He stuck out his hand which I shook.


'So this is a pretty cool place, it's nice to let loose a little don't ya think?' He asked.

'Um I guess so, It's nice the motel has a bar' I replied.

'Come on man, you know what I mean' he laughed.

'No not really'

'So you don't know what this place is?'

'A motel'

'Well come and find me when you work it out' He said and got up and left, leaving me puzzled at his comments. I remained at the bar, drinking my beer in silence. I ordered another one and decided to head out and try the hot tub. There was a small locker room next to the pool where I quickly took off my uniform and pulled on my shorts. I headed back out to the hot tub where there were already 2 guys in there, talking to each other.

'Mind if I join you?' I asked.

'Sure but you gotta lose the shorts' one of them replied in a deep voice.

'What?' I would have normally thought he was joking but he sounded dead serious.

'Look at the sign, nude only policy' he continued and I turned to see a big sign stating: 'NO SWIMWEAR IN HOT TUB. NUDE ONLY'.

'Even if there are women?'

'Not much risk of that' he replied and they both laughed looking around at each other.

I decided to follow along with the rules and pulled my shorts down, revealing my flaccid cock. I knew they were all watching me but I wasn't embarrassed as I had spent the last 2 years surrounded my other men. I slowly sank into the warm water, took a sip from my beer and began to relax. However my rest was not long-lasting as I soon learned that if you were in the tub you were made to join the conversation.

I introduced myself and learned who the other men were; Sam who was 35 and Jim who was 44. They all seemed pretty cool guys and we had a lot to talk about, especially sport.

'So you're military' Jim asked.

'Yes, marines. How did you know that?'

'I can tell by your hair and also by the tags around your neck'

'Oh yeah' I laughed.

'Bet your horny all the time, surrounded by all that testosterone' Sam joined in.

'Well I guess most men are' I replied not sure what he was implying by the question.

'I reckon we could help you out with that' Jim said and placed his hand high on my thigh.

'What the fuck, man?' I jumped away at his touch.

'Come on wasn't this what you were wanting coming to a place like this?'

'This isn't just a motel is it?' A sudden realisation dawned over me and I realised how dumb I had been. It was obviously a gay motel where men came for sex.

'No, it's not' Jim smiled at me.


'Well are you going to make the most of the situation, all these men want to please you and when was the last time you got laid?' He replaced his hand on my leg, this time I didn't flinch and he began to rub up and down.

'I can't even remember' I replied, which was the truth. My cock was beginning to respond to his touch and was slowly beginning to stiffen.

'Well you can either go back to your room or let us provide you with the most satisfying sex you will ever have'

'I've never done anything like this before but I have heard dudes give better blowjobs'

'Oh we do, let me prove it'

Jim beckoned me to sit on the edge if the tub and pulled my lower body out if the water, revealing my now rock hard 8 inches. I'm not quite sure why I was going along with it but the couple of beers had reduced by inhibitions and hell, I was kind of curious and how many times would I have an opportunity like this? Jim slowly pumped my dick before taking it in his mouth and in one motion took it all down his throat.

'Oh fuck' I moaned.

'The chicks aren't quite as good as this are they? Sam asked as he came over.

'Fuck no, no one has ever taken it all the way like that'

Sam sat next to me and began to suck on my nipple, a ripple of pleasure shot through me. I never knew my nipples were so sensitive and I moaned even louder as Jim expertly worked on my dick. I was having so much pleasure I hadn't noticed the man standing behind me until his dick slapped me in the face.

'What the fuck?' I turned to see Kody, the army guy I met in the bar earlier.

'You finally figured out what this place is?'

'Looks like it'

'You wanna help me out?' He asked slapping his dick against my face again.

'I've never done that before'

'First time for everything' he smiled.

I don't know why but I stuck out my tongue and licked across the head, getting a taste of his salty precum. I guess I was kind of curious to try and when was I gonna get another chance like this? So I opened my mouth wide and Kody slid his cock into me. I gagged a little as he tried to push his fat dick down my throat but I soon managed to accommodate him and was now happily sucking his cock.

There was something quite erotic about it and I was actually enjoying it, it was a bit like eating pussy but also totally different. Kody was moaning loudly with his hand on my head, gently pushing me further onto his cock. Jim and Sam were both now working on my cock and balls and I knew I was going to blow my load very soon.

My balls contracted and I felt my load shoot out my cock and into a nice warm mouth. I was so into my own orgasm I had hardly realised that the dick in my mouth was releasing a load down my throat until I felt something hit the back of my throat. I quickly pulled back and the rest of his cum hit my face but most of it was in my mouth.

'Don't waste it man' Kody said.

He shocked me by crouching and down and licking the cum off my face and then in leaned in to kiss me. I didn't kiss me back for a moment but soon let his tongue enter and we shared the cum in my mouth and I found I actually kind of liked the taste. I saw him swallow as we broke the kiss so I followed him and did the same.

'Thanks man, maybe I'll see you later' Kody said and left.

'How was that?' I turned to see Sam and Jim stood next to me, smiling and pumping their hard dicks.

'I'm not sure, I don't even know how that happened'

'I think you need to try it again then'

They walked even closer to me offering me their cocks, I grabbed both of them and started to jerk them before leaning in and taking Jim's fat dick in my mouth. I hungrily sucked on his for a moment before switching over to Sam's and then alternating between the two. I can't believe I was actually enjoying sucking theses dude's dicks and I even tried to take them both in my mouth at the same time; playing with their cock heads.

'Oh shit, I'm gonna cum' Jim growled as he grabbed the back of my head, holding me down onto his dick, unleashing his load down my throat which I quickly swallowed. Sam then grabbed my head and forced me down onto his cock as it spewed its big load into me. I cleaned the cum off both the dicks, savouring the taste before swallowing it down.

'Damn, I think you liked it' Sam laughed as he pulled away.

'I guess I did' I replied, kind of shocked at what had happened.

'Alright we gotta go, but you have fun tonight' Jim said, putting his arm around Sam and they walked off together.

I stood up and decided to go to the steam room, a place where I hoped I could have a quiet sit down and think to myself. My dick was still rock hard even though I had already cum but I tried to ignore it as I thought about what had happened, I let a guy suck me off, I had sucked 3 dicks and eaten cum but the weirdest thing I was I didn't feel ashamed or disgusted, I thought it was fucking hot.

However, my plans for a quiet sit down were quickly changed when I opened the steam room door. Inside were at least 10 other guys, all involved in some kind of sex, some were just sucking each other but others were also fucking. A big bodybuilder in front of me, who I later found out was called Jason, had his face buried between a guy's cheeks and it looked like he was eating his ass hole, but when he heard me enter he quickly stood up.

'You the virgin?' He asked.

'How do you know that?'

'News travels fast around here'

'I can tell'

'You want to fuck your first man ass?'


'Come on man, you know you want to. You've already sucked dick'

'Ok, sure' I replied, kind of a little shocked that he already knew what had happened but he was right, I did want to try it.

'Ok well you gotta eat what you're gonna fuck first'

'Umm ok'

I crouched down behind the ass in front of me and I realised it belonged to Kody, who smiled at me and pulled his legs up to reveal his hole. It looked inviting but I wasn't sure what to do so I stuck my tongue out tentatively licked across his ass. His hole felt nice on my tongue and the manly smell was arousing so I lapped across his ass again.

'Come on man, eat his fucking hole.' Jason said and pushed the back of my head deep between Kody's cheeks. This time I slathered my tongue around his ass and poked it at his hole. I knew I was doing it right when Kody began moaning loudly and the other man kept encouraging me. His ass actually tasted fucking nice and I was loving eating his hot manhole.

'Yeah man, now fuck me' Kody moaned and I pulled away from his ass. I stood behind him and lined my cock up with ass and began to push against his hole, but nothing happened.

'You gotta push it in harder, it's not like pussy. He can take it, he's a real man.' Jason told me.

I grabbed Kody's hips and pushed even harder against his ass, this time I felt the muscle give way and my cock entered his man hole. Kody let out a yell as I slowly pushed deeper into him and I couldn't tell if it was from pleasure or from pain but as soon as my balls slapped his ass he begged me to fuck him. I had never fucked anything as tight and warm and it felt like his hole was milking my cock, it was gonna take a lot of control not to blow my load right away.

I started to pound harder and harder, as Kody moaned like a bitch telling me to fuck him harder and faster. I knew he was loving it as his cock was rock hard and leaking, without anyone touching it and it was hot to see his tags bouncing around his neck as I pounded him. I suddenly felt his ass clench and saw his dick shoot a load all over his well-defined abs, the feeling around my dick was just too good and I moaned loudly as I filled his ass with warm cum.

'Yeah load my ass' Kody moaned as I shot rope after rope inside him.

When I finished I slowly pulled out, revealing a cummy mess that Jason quickly bent down and cleaned up. He licked my all the cum off my cock before pushing his face into Kody's ass, lapping up the cum that was running out. I was taken aback when he then got up and kissed Kody, giving him a taste of the cum straight from his ass.

'You wanna try it now?' Jason asked as he stood up.

'Oh yeah' I replied. I was a bit shocked at how quickly I replied but it was true, I wanted to get fucked. I guess I was caught up in the moment but I had seen how much Kody enjoyed it and I knew it felt good when girls had pushed their finger in there.

'Alright, you didn't need much persuasion this time' He laughed, 'Come with me, popping your cherry needs a bigger audience'

We left the steam room and I followed Jason back to the bar, however it now looked totally different than before. There must have been over 50 guys all engaged in some kind of sexual activity, there were sex slings now up and I saw a guy with an half an arm up his ass. There was also some guys in the corner pissing all over each other and swallowing it down. Jason beckoned me to lie down on my back on a bench, and pull my legs up to reveal my hole.

'Guys I got a first timer here' Jason announced and a few guys looked up before coming over.

'I think as the owner, I get to go first' A big tattooed guy stepped over and I recognised him as the guy from the desk when I came in.

'Ok Tony, as long as I get to go next' Jason said and stood aside.

'I knew you were going to enjoy it here' Tony smiled at me before dropping down and putting his face in my ass.

'Oh shit' I moaned as he began to eat my ass. It felt so fucking good I was whimpering in pleasure his tongue prodded my hole, getting it to open up. My cock was still real hard even though I had already cum twice tonight and precum started to pour out when I felt a finger penetrate. His finger managed to reach a spot that made me feel so fucking good and a second finger made it feel even better. Tony gradually parted my hole by pulling his fingers apart, making it easier for his tongue to penetrate inside me. He eagerly lapped at my insides as my cock leaked even more and more precum.

'I think this fine muscle ass is ready for a good fucking' Tony said as he pulled away and stood up.

'Go easy on me, I've never done this before'

'Don't worry stud'

Tony grabbed his dick and aimed it at my ass and for the first time I got a view of how big it was. I would say it was at least 8 inches and pretty fat, I knew it was gonna hurt as he pushed against my hole.

'Oh fuuuuuck' I yelled as he cock head popped through.

'Someone put something in his mouth to keep him quiet'

I felt a cock slap across my face and I quickly opened my mouth to let in. I tried to concentrate on sucking the dick to distract from the pain as Tony slowly slid into me.

'Alright you've got it all' he said and I felt his balls whack my ass cheeks. 'You ready to get fucked now?'

I tried to respond and tell him to take it slow but unfortunately the cock in my mouth meant that all that could be heard was a muffled moan.

'I'll take that as a yes' Tony laughed and began to pump in and out my ass.

I started to moan loudly as he picked his rhythm up, getting faster and faster. It was actually starting to feel good, there was something inside that sent a shiver of pleasure through me every time as his dick rubbed against it. I suddenly heard Tony groan and felt him slam hard into me. I realised he was cumming inside my ass felt his cock pulse and his load hit my insides.

'Damn, I wish I could have lasted longer but that tight virgin ass was too fucking good' he said as he pulled out.

'My turn now' I heard Jason say and felt another cock plunge into me.

The rest of the evening continued like this, once one guy shot his load in me, another would quickly take his place. They would rotate between my mouth as well, making me get their cocks ready for fucking or cleaning it off after they had fucked me, which I gladly did. I guessed I got fucked by at least 10 guys and each one of them shot a load inside me.

After the final guy pulled out of me, I looked up and saw it was Kody. By now my cock was so hard and aching to shoot a another load. A puddle of precum had formed between my abs I was so horny.

'Let me take care of that for you' he said and crouched down, taking my dick straight down his throat. It didn't take long for me to cum and he took it all in his mouth. He then went down to my ass and cleaned up all the cum that was running out my asshole. Afterwards he came up to me and I knew what was coming as his face came towards mine. We kissed passionately sharing the load between us before we both swallowed.

'So I guess you figured out what this place is' Kody laughed as we broke apart.

'I guess I did'

'But the important question is did you enjoy it?'

'Put it this way, I'll definitely be back'


Chris Miller

[email protected]


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