I have a dog tag necklace I always carry around with me that brings back a lot of memories from my days serving in the military.

When you think of war, graphic horrible images come to mind, but there were plenty of good times had during my days overseas.

I was partnered up with four other officers Tucker, Carl, Winston, and Mike. Mike was my senior and I always strove to make a good impression on him both professionally and personally.

I got nervous when he came around, because of my attraction to him. I felt nervous adrenaline rise up inside me whenever he'd come around me initially, but in time we discovered a shared interest for working out and weightlifting. Mike and I would spent hours some days behind the tents working out in the desert. During our workout sessions I'd admire how well a job he took of his body.

One morning after a workout Mike and I returned to our tents and he pulled out his camera and began to share photos of himself with his ex-girlfriend. He told me of the sexual things he and she got into into when they were together.

"This one time during sex asked to give me what she called an "anal inspection". Man, that felt good!" he said, and we both started laughing.

"I can't imagine sticking anything in my asshole and it feel good," I said.

"Neither did I, but it did," he said, smiling.

That day, Mike and I were going to be spending the entire day together on a special mission. I was somewhat nervous because it was the first time we were going to be working alone together without the other officers and I wanted to make a good impression on him in hopes that he would give me a good recommendation to the other senior officers.

"You'll do fine," he said, as we began to get suited up in our gear for the the day. Before getting into uniform Mike handed me his camera and asked me to snap a photo of him. He playfully stoked on his half cock and gave me a peace sign as I took a photo. Several other officers outside the tent walked by and whistled.

My cock grew hard (as it often did after we'd work out) as we continued changing into our gear. I always look forward to checking out his body and his ass as we were getting changed. So that morning I decided I'd make a comment since we were already discussing the topic of sex so I came up behind him, put a hand in his shoulder and gave his ass a good slap. His body jerked forward and I said, "I'll give you another anal inspection some time if you like" I said. I was nervous, after all Mike was my senior and slightly older than me, so I wasn't sure saying something like would go down too well.

"Really? I wouldn't mind that," he said, before he closed the tent screen threw me to the ground and bent me over one of the benches.

Suddenly I felt as Mike's rock hard body and equally hard cock slammed inside my smooth tight ass. It felt like great as he started to pound away o my hole harder and hard each time he thrust. After a few minutes of this, Mike came. After he came, I held onto the tent pole and started jacking myself off until I finally shot my load. I could feel the sheer volume of Mike's load still inside me and it amazed me.

"Looks like you haven't cum in a while, have you?" I said.

"Nope, I was saving it for you," he said.




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