Hey guys, it's been almost five months, been loads busy and have loads of stories to tell in the coming weeks. This story is not from experience its one of my own, and something that I've actually always wanted to do in some fashion. This story is one of my fellow readers has asked me to write (James Knoll) and so I've decided to treat him to this heart-pounding thriller which pushes the limits on crazy. Here goes.

MILE HIGH CLUB -- Sean was reserved 19 year old college freshman at USC who didn't know what he wanted. He didn't socialize much but had a long list of girls he had been with, most recently, a girl named Sofia whom he broke up with after high school graduation. Sean was roughly 6"2, weighing in at a lean 180 pounds, black pompadour hair style, with a cut chest, ripped abs, and firm set of muscular arms. He was getting ready to head to New York for Thanksgiving where he would see all of his family in the Hamptons.

Sean was riding in on a Airbus A380 which was actually a moving flight to prepare the airplane for a transatlantic flight, the plane was rather empty for the most part. Out of the over 500 seats, only roughly 250 passengers were on board for the redeye flight.

As his college semester was winding down, he began to question whether or not the opposite sex appealed to him. Every time he'd hit the gym, his eyes would wander from the girls on the elliptical machines to guys on the bench press or doing bicep curls. He would have his burning desire to see these muscular dudes naked as they took off their sweaty shirts and came out of the showers with a towel wrapped around their waists.

He wanted to explore this area so much so he was planning on jerking off to an ESPN The Body issue during the flight in his seat. In fact, barely anyone was nearby him or within a viewing distance of himself. He was on the top deck of the plane towards the back, he had a window seat and a empty seat next to him. Across from him was four middle seats (empty), and the two empty window seats. Behind him there were four sets of lavatories and a mini bar area which was closed on this particular flight.

The nearest person was two rows up, an elderly lady who was immediately knocked out the second the plane took off. The other was a middle-aged man who sat two seats from her in the middle who was listening to his iPod and sleeping on his own plush neck pillow.

Sean popped a wad of gum in his mouth and began chewing.

As I was about to watch some television, one of the flight attendants emerged from behind. Sean could smell his strong cologne, (Acqua di Gio), perforating through his nostrils, it grabbed his attention instantly.

"Would you like a pillow or blanket?" asked the sexy male flight attendant.

Sean was left petrified for a few seconds, processing this gorgeous hunk, who look like he came out of a niche fashion catalog for airline crew. Sean glanced at his name tag which read "James". James had dirty blond hair, combed high on the top and flat on the sides and back. He had hazel eyes, an amazing Colgate smile, and both of his ears were pierced. His uniform looked on the brink of ripping at the seams, his large arms and shoulders were wrapped firmly by his white dress shirt. His chest wanted to pop out of his shirt and black vest. It made Sean instantly sexually excited at the sight of seeing James that it was almost too much to handle.

"Um, I'm fine for now, thank you!" said a coy Sean who didn't no what else to say to this beautiful flight attendant.

James departed to other passengers and offered pillows and blankets to them. It was about roughly 20 minutes before James returned back to the area where Sean decided to try again.

"I've changed my mind, I would like both a pillow and a blanket thanks." said Sean who had the table over his crotch to protect the visual of his hardening cock.

"Sure thing" said James who pulled out the last blanket from the trolley, threw it to Sean and parked it right near the mini bar. James then proceeded to sitting down two seats away in the middle set of seats.

Sean was unsure what to make of it as he looked over at James who undid his vest a bit and sat comfortably in his seat. As James took notice of Sean's wandering eyes he looked at him.

"It's my break time, for the next two hours, these redeyes are dreadful.....my names James.."

"Sean........" The two shook hands as they smiled at one another. Sean didn't know what to say, he was rather a loss for words really, he was taken aback by this sexy flight attendant and only had thoughts that involved shirt ripping.

"So...you look like....

"...like I shouldn't be a flight attendant?" said James cutting off Sean. "Yeah, its this internship I'm doing, they've been sticking me on these redeye flights for the last couple weeks, I got about a few more flights left and then I'm working for the corporate office in the new year."

"So...how old are you?"

"23...just graduated college a few months ago....man do I miss it, lemme tell you, what about you.....from the looks of the frat medallion, you must be living the life."

Sean had won a Beer Pong medallion for winning the contest a few weeks back, it was his greatest social accomplishment thus far in college, but he had yet to hook up with any girls, a point that James was elaborating about in detail as he was reminiscing about his recent college days.

"So what has to be the craziest thing you've done" James asked me.

I began to delay my response by simply saying " Uhhhhhh, hmmmmm, I think..." Finally I came up with a lie to keep him interested in the conversation, and awake. "Would have to say, me fucking this sorority chick inside a classroom, during Orientation" I said. "We just banged on the teachers desk like it was a King sized bed."

"Dude no way, that's insane, you definitely are crazy son of a bitch.....let me sit next to you..that way you can tell me when to wake up and continue my shift."

My heart pounding faster, my dick wanted to come out of my pants and spring out in full glory. It worried me James' intention was to sleep but wanted my hardest to try and keep the conversation going.

"Don't you have standards, I don't think you're allowed to do this, sit with passengers and all" I said.

"Haha, I'm actually an extra flight attendant, they've got all the other ones taking care of passengers, I'm just shall we say an assistant, anyways, I've been dying to have a normal conversation with somebody other than being a slave and a fucking robot."

"Understandable, but you got to admit, traveling around, jet setting, this is one hell of an internship."

"Yep, it is one hell of a job, certainly had to pull some strings to get it, gotta love my pops being friends with the corporate hotshots, the perks of being a caddie for one of their golf negotiating deals."

As we both watched a little television, flipping through channels and judging ladies on a Miss Universe pageant rerun, James began to fall asleep on my shoulder. His last words were, "wake me in 2" as in two hours which kept me awake as his personal alarm clock. Sean couldn't turn him down, he felt he needed to comply with the guy who was making his dick erect for the better part of the last half hour.

Sean was fighting off the feeling to sleep, wanting desperately to obey James but his eyes kept closing and closing, and shut.

Sean's thoughts: Suddenly, I opened them up, I wasn't aware of how much time had passed, I glanced at James' Rolex watch and it had only been a few minutes. Sean then began to notice a massive bulge forming in James' slacks. Sean's heart pounded every so rapidly, wanting to dearly to grab it if only for the only thing he'd get to do. With his head still on his shoulder and no one around him, Sean took the initiative to do what he wanted.

He took a handful of deep breaths, and moved his shoulder a bit to measure how deep James was in sleep and it was clearly very deep. Sean began reaching for James' groin area, he massaged his thigh ever so subtly up and down whilst glaring at his eyes to make sure he was still sleeping. Gulp after gulp, his heart was aching with suspense, his hands began to sweat a little and then shake as he reached for the bulge.

"Ahhhhhh" Sean exhaled as he had made contact. He grabbed hold of the fabric of his slacks, hiding a enormous boner underneath. Sean began to grab it tighter and move it up and down. Sean's exhales were more pronounced and his next step was to unzip it. Sean moved his hand faintly upwards and struggled as he looked for a grip on the zipper.

Sean took another deep breath and slowly unzipped James' slacks all the way. He then glanced around to make sure the general area was clear before making his next move. Sean began to move his fingers inside. He had to fight the weight of James' head, the arm rest, and now tight briefs. Sean slammed his head back against his headrest in disappointment as he now had to question what he was doing. Practically sexually assaulting a flight attendant next to him and still hasn't been able to pull his dick out. Sean shook it off and used his thumb underneath to lower the briefs down below his dick.

It was a game of underwear gymnastics, trying to pull the briefs below his throbbing cock, inch by inch for what felt like five minutes. And then....success. James' huge uncut cock popped out of his slacks. Sean's stomach began to recoil back and forth, his breathing, loud and fast. He gulped as he pulled his hand out and saw his cock in all its glory.

What feeling Sean felt when he saw large set tits and ladies ass were temporarily replaced by the sight of James' cock which was vascular, thick, and roughly 8 inches.

Sean gathered himself once more and prepared to grab hold of it, this time for real. He surveyed the area around him once more and closed his eyes. He placed his hand around the base of his cock and held a firm grip. With his left hand, he began to unzip himself and simultaneously jerk the both of them off. He was in way over his head but he didn't care, with reckless abandon he was doing the unthinkable, so much so he could have gone to jail, or worse.

Suddenly, Sean saw a shadow from the stairwell behind them that led to the lower deck. He scrambled quickly, grabbing the blanket James gave to him and putting it over his hand around James' cock. In the process, my movements were enough to wake up James, with my hand still around his cock.

His heart dropped, he promptly looked out the window, and pretended to be asleep. The shadow was a fellow flight attendant, a middle-aged lady, who simply asked James if he was enjoying his break and that he had 90 minutes left. As she left, James elbowed Sean violently as he grabbed his hand and slammed it against the seat ahead of it.

"What the fuck, are you doing, you fucking faggot" whispered James who began to fix himself up. "You some sort of prospect pedophile, this is........is....I can't believe what you were doing."

Sean was speechless, he knew he was doing something really crazy and it turned out to be a disaster. James immediately got up and walked away, heading towards the front. Sean was frustrated with himself and questioned his actions, what was he doing, this wasn't in his nature, or was it a sleeping giant all along.

About ten minutes passed. Sean was still a bit frozen from what he had done and what occurred. A million thoughts raced through his mind, among those, was James informing other crew about what he had done, would he be arrested upon arrival, fuck, fuck fuck, thought Sean.

All of a sudden, James emerged again and hovered next to his seat and glanced up ahead. My heart dropped as I thought he had told the crew what I had done and they were getting ready to cuff me or something, Sean thought. But James promptly sat down next to him and began snickering a bit.

"I had always been intrigued by what it would have felt to rub dick heads and 69 with my frat brothers, was one thing I never crossed off my college bucket list. But one thing I've never done....join the Mile High Club....and even though you creeped me out just now, curiosity is always to be explored. I um...sorry for what I said by the way."

"Uh...yeah...I'm sorry for what I did....I just was... I don't know....

James smiled. "I would have done the same thing if a hot chick sat next to me with a skirt, and slept on my shoulder, I will admit, it felt real good your grip, I've had handjobs but man your grip was unlike anything I've ever felt."

Sean smiled back. "Yeah I uh......guess you can say I'm a seasoned veteran"

James leaned forward and kissed Sean. James put his hand behind Sean's head and the two were swapping spit and sticking their tongues in each other's mouths. James reached for Sean's pants and began undoing them.

"Wait....wait...here in the view of practically anyone?" Sean asked.

"Just the foreplay, besides, where is the thrill in taking in the restroom, you apparently had no reservations about grabbing my cock."


The pair resumed kissing passionately. James reached inside Sean's jeans grabbing his throbbing cock outside of his boxers. Sean helped James get it out and it sprung out in seconds. Sean had a 7.5 inch uncut cock that was ready to get devoured. James glared into Sean's eyes and without a moments noticed pounded on his erect dick.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck" said Sean who held James' head down, as he choked a bit on his cock. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I tilted it upwards. I massaged James' head with both my hands, holding him down as he gave me a glorious blowjob. James emerged after a few minutes down under.

"Not so bad" James said with a smile, wiping his lips of some spit. "Take off your shirt"

"Right here? You're insane." Sean said.

"Everyone is a sleep, curtains are closed up ahead, what have you got to loose?" James responded with a wink.

Sean didn't hesitate, he lifted up his shirt up and removed it as James undid his vest and dress shirt. He pulled the dress shirt out of his slacks and took it off, leaving his black wife-beater on as he threw his clothes on the row in front of em. The pair kissed passionately as James pulled back to ask a question. "Do you trust me?"

"You are the flight attendant, and we are on a plane, I guess I have to." Sean said. James grabbed Sean's hand and guided him to the middle row. James pulled every single arm rest up and made a bed of sorts for the both of em.

"Now this is what the Mile High Club is all about" James said as he laid down first. "Come quick Sean"

Sean immediately went over and laid on top of James. The two smiled at one another. "This is fucking crazy, really fucking crazy." said Sean.

James proceeded to remove his tank top and throw back at their seats. Sean was mesmorized by James' muscular body. His boulder shoulders, thick traps, bulging biceps, mountainous pecs, and a six pack that was a hard as a rock. Sean kissed James again, but this time he went lower. Kissing his neck and then his chest, licking each of his nipples like if they had whipped cream on them. He guided his tongue around his stomach and ripped six pack and then decided to push the limits even further.

"69?" Sean asked.

"Oh man, this is really getting crazy, actually, lets go inside the rooms, and get louder." James said. The two of em grabbed their clothes and went inside the lavatory to continue having sex. Almost immediately, James undid his pants and took off his shoes. Sean followed suit, removing his jeans, socks, shoes, and leaving only his boxers on. The pair began giggling as they struggled in little space to do so but quickly turned serious as they began kissing. James then pulled out a surprise, a bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennesse whiskey from the mini bar.

"No way, you actually took it" said Sean as James unscrewed the top off and let it fall to the ground.

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, babe. Bottoms up" said James as he gulped down some of the whiskey. Sean took it and did the same, by then both had consumed half the bottle. James began challenging Sean as to who took the longest chug. The two took a few turns finishing the bottle whole and throwing it on the sink.

"I guess I win" said James. "Now I know why you won beer pong, you have zilch experience chugging."

James took a glance at his watch. "We got about an hour, let's make it count......go down bitch."

Sean wanted this moment to be memorable so he immediately kissed James, slamming him against the wall and licking every inch of his muscular body. Sean practically soaked James with all the tongue action right as he slid of James' briefs with his teeth.

James' cock popped right out as Sean glared straight into his eyes as in took his dick whole into his mouth. Sean had practiced this movement with bananas occasionally, just wondering whether he actually liked the real thing, and if this moment would come. James held Sean's head at bay with his mighty hands, massaging his head like a machine.

"Give it to me Sean.......fuck yeah.....swallow that cock..................ahhhhhhhhh....fuck yeah.........."

Sean was gagging throughout but he didn't stop, he was relentless, wanting to please James as much as possible. James then took Sean off him and pulled him up for another passionate kiss before telling him to go the narrow space on the floor for the 69.

The space was scarce, probably a 4x8 walking space with a window view, it was just enough for a mobile honeymoon suite.

The pair were on their sides, sticking their faces into each other's crotches. James worked his tongue around cock with a smile; he handled it like a pro as he held it and devoured it inch by inch. James managed to deep throat his cock without a gage. Sean continued his gags trying his hardest to go lower and lower on James' 8 inch family jewel. Sean played with James' foreskin, sticking his tongue inside and around it, spitting and playing some more.

James' face turned tomato red as he kept a stable position around Sean's cock, deep throating it for over a minute and then exhaling with relief and smile as Sean pulled up as well.

"I love this internship" said James.

"I can't believe this is happening" said Sean.

"So how about it? You up for it, you know......a fuck?" asked James.

Sean paused for a second, wanting to find a way they could both manage to pull this off.

"Depends, we both get a crack?"

"Ahhh shoot, come on.........................alright... I go first."

James stood up giving a hand to Sean who stood up. Sean kissed James again, this time dry humping him in the process. Sean's dick was at its utter peak and he so desperately couldn't wait to stuff his cock into a virgin hole. But his turn had to wait, instead, James turned Sean over who was facing a mirror with the sink underneath him. James was preparing to go in dry, quite the difficult task but his cock was already lubbed up with blowjob Sean gave.

"Ready?" said James.

"oh my gosh" responded Sean at the first instance of contact. James' cock eased inside his ass. Sean tried his hardest to withstand the pain by not yelling or shouting.


"Yeah, fuck yeah, my bitch......yeah.....tell me you want it harder....tell me don't stop!"

"Yeah............fuck me.......hard..............harder.............can't feel .......it........harder!"

"Ahhhhhhhh.........yeah.......so tight, fuck yes, I've missed out on tight ass.........long time coming."


Sean was beginning to settle in, and get used to the pounding. Moderate sweat accumulated both guys, as the fucking continued for another 20 minutes.

"Oohhhhhhh......yeah............you've got......10 minutes....."

James pulled out and held his hands against the wall right above the lavatory window and toilet. Sean smiled in relief and promptly kneed in front of James' ass. He opened it up and with a wide mouth and a dripping tongue he dove right in.

"Motherfucker! Fuck..........oh my gosh...........god damn it.....................oh geezus......that feels amazing......" said James like a stoned tone. "Eat that shit.....take it"

Sean stuck his tongue inside James' asshole, and rimmed his tongue around. He held on to his on dick, jerking off and but keeping himself in check for the big moment. Sean stood up, nerves started settling in and he began shaking uncontrollably as he closed his eyes and position his cock right at the base of the hole.

"Fuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkk" whispered James' loudly. "Ohhhhhhh shit.............man..........fuck me....fuck.......harder Sean.........come on.......fuck me like you mean business..........damn................what is this feeling?"

Sean had a smirk on his face, enjoying every bit of this, he closed his eyes and upped the pressure on his pounding. Sean proceeded to grab James' dick with his hands and jerk him off.

"Ahhh man.............you fucking beast.........shit........handle that cock.....come on work it."

Sean kept quiet, letting James be the voice of the moment, so he could remember it more. Sweat dripped from Sean's muscular chest, down his abs and around his groin as the pounding went on. James' back was moist with unpretentious drops of sweat scattered about.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...........you're getting close..................its biting................oh.....its coming..........fuck......fuck"

At the same time, Sean was getting ready to ignite, he didn't know whether pull or not but decided as a rookie he was to stay.

"Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck................fuck.......fuck yeah" said Sean.

"Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh......yeah baby...........oh yes........shes a beauty......my old faithful" said James.

Cum littered the toilet seat and inside the bowl. Sean came inside James' ass as some of it began to seep out.

"You son of a bitch, you really couldn't wait could you? I was actually thinking about licking it off ya, but...."

Sean put his hands up, 'my bad"

The two began to clean the area a bit and dress right back up. Just as the two were getting ready to put on their shirts, Sean leaned into James for another kiss. James obliged, this time this kiss was more relaxed. The two stuck their tongues into each others mouths, albeit more controlled, like a couple.

"I......loved this.......I kinda loved you" said Sean.

James smiled.

"Now, now lets not get carried away" said James as he put his dress shirt on and adjusted the collar. "But who am I kidding......that was the craziest and most daredevil thing ive ever done. We did it, we are in the Mile High Club"

"Yeah.......its cool to say that and think this."

"Anyways, stay here when I leave first, I'm going to get you a bottle of rum, a tiny one from the mini bar and this pain reliever we got, should help ease the pain after the flight" said James who adjusted his cuff and put on his vest.

Sean grabbed James once more for yet another kiss. James put his hand on Sean's cheek and playfully slammed him against the wall. "I could go all night.....but duty calls, stay here." James winked at Sean as he shut the door.

Sean stayed in the lavatory for a few more minutes before James came right back.

"Here.....................Here....................................Here....... (echoes)

Sean wakes up startled, slight turbulence does the trick; he looks around and sees he is in first class. His eyes begin to flicker open and a female flight attendant approaches Sean.

"Would you like a cold towel, sir? "

Sean takes the towel and places it over his face, he looks up to see James who is sorting out towels in the station area. Suddenly he picks up the phone and begins to speak.

"We'll be landing in New York in about fifteen minutes; weather looks exceptional, clear skies and 65 degrees. Make sure your seat belts are fastened and treys are in upright position. We want to thank you for flying with our airline."

Sean looks out the window and begins to see water replaced with land, and a skyline ahead. Sean begins to question his night, was it a dream, or was it all real? Dreams feel so life like while we are in them that it's only when we've woken up that we realize something was actually strange.

After landing, Sean grabbed his bags from the overhead compartment; suddenly he was helped by James who placed his hands on top of Sean's to help him pull the heavy luggage down. Sean felt James' muscular body from behind, dick began to spring up but Sean immediately placed the dufflebag near his crotch to cover it.

James continues helping other passengers, upon leaving the cabin, James at the door, winks at Sean who throws out a folded piece of paper on the entryway of the jetway. Sean picks it up and looks back, however James does not look back, and when he undoes it, it ends up being a gum wrapper. He shakes his head in disappointment.

Sean continues to question the validity of last night, did he actually fuck the flight attendant or did he want it so much that he dreamt it up. Sean heads to the arrivals hall, he receives a text that his parents have been busy preparing for the weekend ahead and to grab a taxi to the Hamptons, that they will pay for it when he gets there.

He opts to keep the dufflebag with him at his side in order to use it a pillow for the drive there. While pondering the question that kept aching in his head, he decided to pull out gum from a side pocket of the bag. To his surprise it wasn't there, instead a note which was a folded airline branded stick-it note.

"Thanks for the pack of gum, I hope you enjoyed the upgrade to first class, it was the least I could do after last night. I never knew I could enjoy what we did, so much, that sex and on top of it risk my job doing so. If you want, it would mean a lot to me if we met once again, I'm staying in the city a few days before my next flight to Brussels. I'm staying at the W Hotel in downtown (cool corner room), ask for me ;) around noon."

"Uh, changed my mind, take me to the city, I've got some business to attend to."

Taxi deviates from route, Sean begins grabbing his throbbing cock as he looks at the window, his whispers. "Oh yeah, it's real."



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