MIKEY - London 1957

This was the first piece of "gay" fiction I ever wrote. I did publish somewhere, not that anyone seemed to notice. I have now completely rewritten it and hope that someone might like it. If you do then I would love it if you told me!

I enjoyed visiting Uncle Jack, because he had a stall down the street market and every Saturday, I was allowed to go down and help out. He sold antiques; well junk really, but old junk. Also Mikey worked on the stall opposite and he was sex on legs. He was a couple of months older than me and he worked out in the same local gym as I did and had a body and big smile to die for. He was also the proud owner of the biggest nineteen year old cock in the district and didn't mind who serviced it as long as it was done regularly.

It started when I was at college. I was green as grass and my carnal knowledge was limited to what I'd picked up from various magazines and porn novels I found in certain bookshops. I'd get hard at the drop of a passing eyelid.

One Saturday Uncle Jack suggested Mikey and I took off for a break together as business was quiet. He and Mikey's Dad found that two bored fidgety members of the opinionated younger generation were what they could do without. Mikey grinned at me said, "C'mon Kid. I'll show you somthin'"

We disappeared down the back alleys behind the market and as we passed a public toilet he told me he needed a piss and we went in. The place reeked of stale urine and disinfectants with a faint miasma of old farts. The graffiti was a sex education manual for the most eclectic and various of tastes. It was just like a thousand other public conveniences in those days and at that moment it was empty. The stall doors stood open, and the piss-trough itself was virtually blocked by fragments of old fresheners and cigarette butts.

Mikey pulled out his weapon and proceeded to let go a positive cascade. My mouth must have dropped open at sight of his cock. It must've been over nine inches and he hadn't got excited yet. He saw me watching and grinned. "Like the view, Kid? Fancy a game? I can see you might." He nodded towards my tenting trousers. "Get it out, let's have a flash."

Blushing, I undid my flies and produced my almost painfully erect cock. He shook off his last drops, turned to me and went down on his knees. He looked up at me as he stuck out his tongue and licked my helmet. "I like 'em cut," he said. "Easier to keep clean." He leaned onto me and took my hard-on down into his throat. I had never felt anything like it and gasped noisily as he proceeded to appear to want to draw the cum from my balls by the vacuum force of his throat, tongue and lips. He held me as he bobbed his head and massaged my cock with his mouth. It was the most sensational experience of my young life, in all senses of the word. I'd tossed myself often of course, even done a bit of mutual, but this was something else. My throat went dry, my cock seemed to be stretching into infinity in the depths of Mikey and the feeling in my balls was unlike anything I'd ever known.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm gonna shoot!" I cried. He held me firmly and just gobbled down. I burst with an electric brilliance behind my eyes and felt my spunk flood his throat. He swallowed and swallowed so that my cock-head was squeezed of its load. I held onto his shoulders until he pulled back, looked up at me, licked the last drop of cum from my piss-slit and stood up.

"Enjoy that?" He grinned at me and I nodded. He kissed me hard forcing my lips and mouth open. He laid his tongue over mine so that I could taste my own cum. I clung to him in a hug of inexperienced sexual ecstasy while our mouths heightened the erotic charge. "Your turn, Kid," he murmured when we came up for air.

He gently pressed me down on to my knees and stroked that magnificent cock across my lips. I took hold of it and pulling back his foreskin kissed the pink head which tasted sweet from his pre-cum. I opened my mouth, "Watch your teeth, Kid. I don't want to loose part of my calling card." I managed to take him about halfway down the shaft before I was gagging. "Relax, breathe out and open your throat." I sucked and played my tongue round the head and shaft, then did as he wanted. It felt so good to me. I pulled back then down on him again. I gagged a bit when he was deep within me and my eyes watered.  My throat was caressing his glans, my tongue was working on his shaft and my nose was buried in his beautifully male scented bush. His turn to gasp now as he slowly fucked my face. It wasn't long when the pulse in his cock as well as his shout warned me he was cumming and he was sending man-juice into my throat, filling my mouth and dribbling down my chin. He tasted earthy and fungal; he was sweet and sour; I felt I had found the nectar of the Gods.

He withdrew and lifted me up. "You're a fucking natural. Will you be down your Uncle's next weekend? I want to do some natural fucking."

The Apocalypse couldn't have kept me away, but fortunately it didn't occur.

The next weekend I was at the stall and desperate for the sight of Mikey. The stall opposite remained closed. No sign of Mikey or his Dad, I couldn't believe it. My Uncle saw that I was not in my usual comparatively happy state.

"What's wrong boy?"

"Nothing, Uncle Jack. Nothing's wrong....... But... but where are Mikey and ....?

"John's brother is sick. I suppose they've gone to Stanmore on a visit. Why?"

"Nothing. It's just that Mikey and I... well we thought we might go out later. Have a beer ....chat some...It doesn't matter."

My Uncle laughed. "So Mikey was taking you on a girl hunt? Don't worry, it'll happen; but perhaps not this week. That boy has no shame." He turned away, shaking his head and smiling.

I shrugged while inside I died. Just after mid-day we closed the stall as usual, and packed everything away. I told my Uncle I would go for a wander and be back home later. I drifted down the streets and found the toilet where the week before I had found such ecstasy. I went in and there was no one there again. I didn't need a pee so came out and ran straight into a running man.

"There you are you cunt. I thought we had a date." Mikey was impatient. He was surprised I hadn't realized that obviously he would only be able to pick me up after the stall closed. My Uncle would have needed me during trading. His family was off in Wolverhampton and he'd only stayed back for me. "Come on!"

We went back to his house, once inside the door; he reached round me and drew me to him. We kissed. He took off my jacket dropping it on the floor and pulled off my tee shirt and started biting my tits. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. He empowered me. I crushed him to my chest, and he bit me till I released him. The pain never reached my brain. He sucked my nipples till they bruised and all I felt was pleasure. Our cocks were grinding against each other trying to find a way through the layers of cotton and denim. He was that much bigger than me so that he could duck slightly and with his strong arms pick me up; he took the stairs two at a time then into his bedroom and I was thrown onto his bed.

"Kid, I'm going to fuck you till I can taste myself cumming when I kiss you." He buried his tongue in my mouth. He stripped off the rest of my clothes and I got him out of his. His magnificent cock was in full display. I went down on him, remembering previous instructions. His cock felt so good in my mouth. If I used certain parts of my throat I could hold that uncut but now exposed helmet and milk it. He groaned; he cried out; he pulled away.

"No. You need to be fucked, Kid - By me." He grabbed my legs and dove into my crack. His tongue was wet, my hole opened. He bathed the outer ring then the lip surfaces before plunging it into me. My sphincter put up some resistance to the never-before--experienced invasion but Mikey's tongue was long and insistent. My own cock was so rampant I felt if he kept this up I would cum without a touch. "You're sweet hole to rim, kid."

He reached into a small drawer of the bedside table. He lubed me from the tube he found then smeared gel over his magnificent member. "I'll go careful, Kid. I don't want to hurt you, but you will be hurt. And then you'll be a real man." He lifted my legs up and over his shoulders

I felt his toolhead pushing gently for entrance. It went in easy but then "AAAAaaaaH"..."Relax Kid" he whispered and kissed me. His soft lips on mine and his tongue playing in my mouth calmed me. I felt that wonderful eleven inch hard cock slide deeply and so slowly within me while my own balls retracted fighting each other for release and my ass muscles began to work and enjoy the new experience. He fucked me slowly but with such an intensity that I knew I was going to cum. He reached down and took my cock in his hand and just rubbed his thumb over and then under the head and I fired. I came. It poured out of me, thick spunk in great ribbons covered us both and shortly after I felt him explode within me. Every anal nerve and muscle was working in overdrive to take everything he had to give. I was spunk-filled and spunk-streaked and the sexiest man in the world was eating my mouth and I was loving every minute. We clung to each other like drowning survivors of a sea tragedy. After a while I felt him shrink and he slipped out of me followed by some of his own cum. He moved off me. I felt lost

"I'm sorry." I said. "Did I do something wrong?"

"If you did, Kid. Keep doing it." He covered my mouth with his again.

He broke the kiss and scoped up some of my cum from my belly and chest and proceeded to lick it from his hand. He lowered his head and fed my mouth with my own sperm from his tongue.

"Sweet baby," he whispered. "Let's shower." He led me into their family bathroom and turned on the taps of the walk-in shower. "Ever had sex under running water?"

"No." I shook my head. He kissed me as he pulled me under the warm spray. He reached out and got a handful of shower gel from the hanging dispenser and started to lather me, my back, my arse, my legs and arms, then turning me from him, moved his lather covered hands down and across my chest , playing with my nipples till they hardened by which time my cock was reaching for the moon. His hands traveled south and soaped my balls and by lifting me a little inserted a couple of finger up my anus. I was in sexual nirvana. He slid his hand back to reach my cock. He covered it and pulled me onto his own rampant member. He gave me a standing fuck, like I had never experienced before (or since). As I felt his cock swell within me, he wanked me quickly and in a couple of strokes had me shooting my jism  across the shower stall. Then I felt him cum; as the warm flow filled my gut we were both crying out. He bit down into my shoulder, there was no pain, just ecstasy.

He leant back against the wall, slipping out of me as he turned me to face him again. He shut off the water as with mouths locked together we slid gently to the floor.

"I love you, Mikey. I really, really do."

"No you don't, Kid. That's just your arse and cock talking. But I love fucking you and we shall be doing it again very shortly." He brushed his lips over mine as I clung to him. He leant over and bit my left nipple, sucked on it and then just stroked it with his tongue. The initial pain was relieved and I could feel my balls starting to tingle again. He rose and pulled me up, wrapped towels around us and we returned to the bedroom. I suddenly saw the great purple mark on my shoulder where he had bitten me. He pulled me against him.

"Sorry about the hickey, Kid. But you really get to me." He kissed the bruise gently, then slipped his tongue into my mouth so that it danced with mine.

God, how I wish I could be nineteen again.



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