It was a warm summer night as I sat in my classroom staring at my blank paper as my mind wandered about the place with thoughts and ideas. The time dragged on slowly as I sat there with complete disinterest in the work set out in front of me. The mandatory 2 hours of prep everyday was monotonous and dull.

“William?” I snapped out of my thoughts as Brian called my name.

I sighed and answered, “Yes?”

“Mr. Daniel (our physics’ teacher) is calling you to his office,” he whispered not wanting to draw attention to himself as he spoke to me.

I got up and headed for the physics lab wondering whether my grades were dropping or what the physics teacher could possibly want from me. I sighed again, bored.  I knocked like an innocent child at his door before opening it and stepping inside.

“Yes Mr.-" I started to say before a strong hand covered my mouth and a figure stepped out from behind me and held me tight.

The sensation was all too familiar. The warm hardness of his muscles caressing my skin through the fabric, his intoxicating musk that I loved so much, the heaving of his body up and down as he breathed in and out. It was Mike.

Mike was the rugby captain at our school and he was, without a doubt a sexy beast! He had big brown eyes and matching shaggy brown hair that added to his bad boy demeanor. His jaw was a chiseled and his hours at the gym paid off as his body was eye candy. He had large defined muscles that visibly pulsed when his heart beat. On his left pectoral muscle he had a tattoo that said ‘love’ in Chinese that added to his sex appeal.

I relaxed when I knew it was Mike and I could tell that he noticed because he pulled away from our tight embrace. I spun around and my eyes met his beautiful big brown eyes and my God I swore they sparkled. He leaned into my face and parted my lips with his and slid his wet warm tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back letting my tongue explore his mouth. He held my head in his hands as we passionately kissed.

He broke off the kiss and held my hand as he guided me out of the physics lab to one of the deserted dorms. This felt like a dream. He stood beside his bed and lovingly pulled me and kissed me again. As our lips were locked and driven by lust, I started to feel all over his magnificent body with my hands through his high school uniform. He purred softly into my mouth. My hands started to work on the buttons of his shirt as I impatiently ripped through them like a child opening a present. I finally finished the last button and I traced my hands up running them through his abs then his chest and finally his shoulders. I then threw the shirt off him as we continued our heated make out session.

I moved down from his lips and started kissing his neck. He moaned pleasurably. I kept going south still to his chest where I took his left nipple into my mouth and I sucked on it and gently nibbled on it as I played with his right nipple in my left hand. He ran his hands through my hair and I could tell he loved it. I moved to his right nipple and gave it a wet kiss treating it like I had the other one. I kissed his abs on my journey south until I was kneeling in front of him with his dick inches from my face still wrapped in his clothes.

I looked up at him staring directly into his eyes. I could see glow of love, lust and passion in them as I started to unbuckle his belt still locking our eyes. I managed to undo his belt and his trouser button and with that they swiftly fell to the floor leaving only his boxers in between my face and his dick. I hooked my fingers in his waistband and then stopped still looking up at him. He thrust his hips towards my face as a sign of encouragement, I pulled down his boxers slowly to the floor and his dick sprang out slapping me across my cheek.

I turned my gaze down from his eyes to look at his beautiful love stick. It stood proud and erect away from his body, long, thick and its veins pulsated every time his heart pumped blood. I lifted my right hand and gently run my index finger from its tip along its length to its base. His dick twitched as I did so. I then wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke it gently as I stared at his cock’s bulbous head. I inched closer to his dick and wrapped my lips around his cock before I stopped to look at his face again.

He placed his left hand on the back of my head and held it there firmly but still lovingly and gently while he slowly bucked his hips pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I used my tongue to gently massage the underside of his shaft as his cock continued on its journey into me. He stopped moving when his cock reached my throat and pulled back slowly until only its head was in my mouth. He ground his hips into my face again driving his dick to the back of my throat and then pulled out. He kept up this rhythm going in and out as I slurped and rolled my tongue over his dick while sucking it in to intensify his pleasure. He moaned and grunted as he was fucking my face occasionally saying a “Yes baby,” or “Fuck that feels so good”.

He suddenly pulled his dick out of my mouth leaving a saliva trail from the tip of his dick to my lower lip. I looked at him vexed then he picked me up and used his right hand to turn my chin up so I was facing him and passionately kissed me letting our tongues dance while he tasted himself. While we kissed he put his hands through one of the slits in my school shirt and forcefully ripped it apart sending the buttons flying, impatiently undressing me as he was wild with lust. He then peeled the button less shirt away from my body and threw it on the floor. He moved his hands down to my trousers and started fidgeting on the buckle trying to work it open. He finally managed this task and with one fluid motion dropped my trousers and boxers to the floor. I stepped out of them carefully trying not to break away from the kiss.

He placed his strong hands on my chest and forcefully shoved me onto the bed before he quickly climbed on top of me straddling me under his powerful body. He leaned down and kissed me lightly on my lips before quickly getting up and turning so he was facing my feet before he put his body in a plank position over mine and lowered his hips so that his dick was pressed against my lips. I parted my lips allowing entry for his tasty tool. He moaned again in pleasure and then turned to face my erect penis pointing up at the ceiling. I felt a wonderful sensation as his warm, soft mouth engulfed its head. He pushed his face onto my cock until his nose was buried in my balls. I heard him sniff before he started bobbing his head up and down on my cock causing me to jerk my head back and man through my mouthful of his cock. I felt it twitch as I did so and resumed sucking on it as he continued to pleasurably work my cock with his mouth.

We stayed sucking each other’s cocks for a while moaning and grunting as we did. He stopped sucking my dick and without waning he firmly pushed his hips onto my face until my mouth was at the base of his dick. He held it there for about 5 seconds before lifting off me. He got off me and stared at me grinning gleefully before he turned me onto my stomach. I felt him climb on top of me and then he placed his hands on both sides of my head he lowered himself until I felt his cock pressing on my pink pucker. He stopped and used one of his hands to rub his dick on my asshole.

“Are you ready?” Mike asked slightly concerned.

“Please fuck me,” I cooed back.

Obliging, I felt him push his cock into me slowly just until its head was wrapped tightly by my sphincter. He held it there letting me get used to it. He brought his head down to my back and started to kiss his way up starting with a wet kiss on my right shoulder blade, then the back of my neck and finally he kissed my right earlobe and sucked on it. He gently bit my ear and growled into it as I felt him begin to push his cock further up my ass.

“Aaaaaaahh,” I let out a loud moan as he penetrated me.

“Your ass is so tight,” Mike commented, saying the words that every guy dreams to hear one day.

He steadily guided his cock deeper into me until it was completely engulfed in the vice grip of my warm ass. His stomach pressed firmly against my ass. His balls ground against my own. It felt right, like this is how we were meant to be and I didn’t want this moment to pass. He propped himself up letting my ear fall from his mouth. He started to pull back inching his cock out off my  ass that was unwilling to let it go as its muscles clenched around it. He stopped when only his cock’s head was left in my ass. He drove his cock back into me this time a little faster and harder, and then out. Now he was steadily going in and out of me his thrusts getting more powerful. His stomach was now slapping my ass every time he pumped back into me and his balls slapped against mine making that sexy, wet plop sound that was music to my ears.

“AaAaAaAaA,” my moans resonated to his thrusts.

“Yeah you like that babe?” he asked as he smacked my ass, to which I squealed in reply.

“Give it, mphhh, to me, aaaaah, harder stud, mmmmhhhh,” I managed to say through the intense pleasure that was overwhelming my voice box.

Needing no further encouragement, he pulled my ass up so that it was supported by my knees. He also got on his knees and held my waist with both hands at either side and started to ram his cock into me without remorse. With every stroke he pulled my ass to meet his thrust. He plowed into me like a jackhammer. I turned my head down and bit the blankets below me screaming into them as he was bringing me into new realms of pleasure. He was moaning, grunting and panting the whole time like a wild, sex-crazed animal

He thrust one last time into my ass and held his cock there. He then slapped both my ass cheeks and held them in his hands kneading them like dough before pulling his cock out leaving me feeling empty like a piece of me is missing. He kissed the small of my back then I felt him leave the bed and then suddenly I felt him pull my legs roughly to bring me to the edge of the bed so my legs were hanging. He used his strong arms to flip me onto my back so I was facing him. I saw a look of pure lust in his eyes and a smug grin on across his face. He lifted my feet and threw them over his shoulders. Still looking into my eyes, he lined his cock up so that it was directly aimed at my pink, and now gaping, asshole. He slid its whole length into me with one fluid motion.

“Uuuuuuuuh,” Mike grunted as he jerked his head back.

He held my calves in his hands spreading my legs apart so he could gain better access. His massive frame towered over my petite body as he ravaged my willing ass, that was now his, to his heart’s content with his magic penis. He fucked me lovingly and passionately. My ass could feel his cock and the pattern of its veins as it slid in and out. He picked up the pace and started to fuck me with hard and fast strokes grunting as he did so. He pushed my legs down over my head and leaned down and started to kiss me passionately. We moaned into each other’s mouths as he continued smashing his hips into mine.

He bit my lower lip and said “I’m going to cum,” then he resumed kissing me.

“Cum… in… my… ass,” I said in between his kisses.

“Uh, aaaaah, uh, mmmmmmmh,” he moaned before he decisively thrust into my ass as deep as he could and held his cock there. I felt his cock begin to pulsate and twitch in my ass accompanied by feeling a warm liquid squirting into me painting my insides white with his seed. His body shook and trembled with pleasure

“Fuuuuuuck!” he exclaimed as he came down from on high.

He leaned in again for another kiss. After he kissed me he flashed me a toothy smile and then climbed off me pulling his dick out of my ass with a loud pop sound. I felt the cum start to ooze out of my ass as his cock wasn’t there to hold it. He lifted my legs over them and placed my feet on the floor. He got in between them and reached for my cock with his hand.

He gripped it firmly and started to stroke it while gazing into my eyes. He turned his  face to look at it and licked his lips. He opened his mouth and lowered his head onto it engulfing it. He began to bob his head on my cock running his tongue along it and sucking as he went up and down. My eyes rolled back as he gave me arguably the best blowjob of my life.

“Aaaaaaah,” I moaned. “I’m close,” I warned him.

He brought his hand up to jerk my cock at its base as he sucked on its head rolling his tongue all over it looking into my eyes while he did. My hand instinctively moved to hold his head. He jerked me off faster and I reached the point of no return.

“Fuck I’m cumming,” I said pushing his head onto my cock. He withdrew his hand and I forced his head down the whole length. He looked up at me as I my cock started to erupt. My dick pulsed and twitched in his mouth as I pumped cum down his throat. He swallowed and I felt his throat clenching and relaxing over my cock. I let go of his head and my head dropped back onto the bed. I felt him squeeze my cock from the bottom to the top and the suck the drop of cum that had formed at its tip. He kissed my cock and then released it from his grip.

He then straddled my hips and leaned to kiss me before he collapsed on the bed by my side. He lay on his back with his hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. I snuggled up to him and placed my head on his chest and I had a leg hauled over his legs. I used my right hand to trace shapes on his chest and abs as we talked about shit I don’t know ‘cause I wasn’t there *laughing emoji* and then we fell asleep LOL



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