In previous stories chris and I got drunk and stoned and I end up stroking his cock. I watched Chris in the shower and I jerked off thinking of him. In this story we go a bit farther.

Chris' cousin came from overseas to visit. It was great to see him again. We all had dinner at Chris' house that his mom had made for us. In trying to figure out what to do for the night, I suggested we go to the local bars. They both agreed and after dinner, away we went.

We were typical bar hoppers, but had fun. Soon Chris was drunk and acting silly. His cousin and I had been drinking, but we knew when to stop. Chris was getting obnoxious as he can sometimes get. I told him if he didn't stop acting like a fool, and singing like a fool, I was going to give him the best blowjob he had ever gotten. Most straight guys would have stopped, but Chris kept singing away. Hmmm, is he being silly or really want the blowjob, I think he wants it. The night went on and it was late and time to go home. Chris didn't want to go home, so I said, let's go to my place and we can sleep in. They both agreed and off we went to my place.

Once we got there, we all had to take a piss, so I told them, don't flush to save water, besides, my mother lives in the unit below me. We all did what we had to do and ended up in the living room.

"Chris, when do you want that blowjob, since you were acting like a fool in the bar?"

"You're not sucking my dick, not now, not ever."

I looked to his cousin and said" since he doesn't want the blow job, you want it??"

Being he's from Denmark, his thinking is a bit better about sexual things.

He looked at me and said "okay, haven't been sucked off in a while and could use a blowjob."

Chris sat in the living room as I invited his cousin Boomer into my bedroom. I asked him if he had any sexual experience with a guy. He simply shook his head to say no. Not wanting to freak him out, I slowly pulled up his shirt and sucked on his nips, just to get him started. I pulled his shirt off and began to kiss and suck on his neck while I pushed him onto my bed. Kissing his chest, sucking his nips did the trick, I stared to see his cock bulging in his pants. I slowly unbuttoned his pants and took down the zipper to reveal his boxers. I'm thinking, is he as hung as Chris, smaller, bigger?? Soon I'd see, I slowly pulled his shorts down and saw his untrimmed bush or dark blonde hair. Farther down they went and I saw the thick base of his cock. He lifted his ass up so I could pull his pants off completely. And I stood in amazement. His cock was only semi hard and about 7" and uncut. I was in heaven, a big thick uncut cock, how big it got, I'd soon see.

I told him to lay on the bed so I could get between his legs so it would be easier for me and better for him. We moved around and soon I stared playing with his cock. Stroking him and licking his cockhead. I pulled the skin forward and was nibbling on the overhang of foreskin. In a few minutes, he was at full hardness, a full thick hard nine inch tower of uncut cock. I slowly worked my mouth over all of his cock and moved to a sixty-nine position and slowly swallowed his whole cock down my throat. He was moaning and groaning with pleasure. Chris' curiosity got the better of him and he peeked around the door, which I left open on purpose.

I heard Chris say, "where's your cock? "

I slowly pulled off Boomers' cock and Chris could see all nine inches shining with my spit. Boomers breathing went back to normal and then while Chris was watching I slowly slid this big uncut cock back down my throat. Boomer moaned and Chris' eyes nearly popped out his head. He had never seen his cousins' cock and never seen a live blow job, I think he was amazed that his cousins' cock was down my throat. I pulled back off his cock and just sucked his head and shaft, without deepthroating him. Chris was getting really turned on, as I could see he was hard in his pants. I gave Chris a wink while I sucked his cousins' cock.

"Chris, you should let him suck you cock, I never knew a guy could be this good and sucking cock. This is turning out to be the best blow job I have ever had. I've never had any woman deepthroat me." I just kept sucking and sucking while watching Chris in the doorway.

While I closed my eyes in pure pleasure, I heard a zipper being undone. I opened my eyes and Chris had undone his pants and let them drop and started to stroke his cock.

"Chris, you got to let him blow you !" Boomer told him

"Let's do this, move up on the bed leaning on the headboard, Chris, take off your shirt and get up here." I told them both.

Boomer moved up and Chris climbed in. I move Chris around so their cocks were only a few inches apart. Two hot guys, crotch to crotch and with their cocks hard in the air. I licked up Boomers cock and then down Chris' cock. His hard cock had gotten harder. I sucked Chris' cock and was in heaven. I had wanted to suck his cock for years and now, I'm doing it and it tastes and feels great. Playing with their balls, sucking their cocks, not sure which to suck on. I took turns on both of them, not to make them jealous. Boomer had started stroking his cock, so I sucked Chris for a while, enjoying every inch that I wanted to suck. I was so into sucking Chris, that I didn't notice that Boomer had moved off the bed and started to undress me. I moved around so he could get my clothes off while I still sucked Chris. Soon we were all naked.

I couldn't see Boomer, but I felt a hand on my ass, must have been Boomers. Then I felt his finger touching my hole. I was excited but scared, was he just going to finger me or try to fuck me. I felt his finger play with my hole. While I still sucked Chris' cock, I felt Boomers' cock head on my ass and it was wet with precum, a lot of precum. I felt his cockhead pushing at my hole, but it was too tight. He reached down and started to slowly push in his finger. It felt so good to have his finger in my ass, once he had it loose, he added another finger. He was fingering my ass as if he had done this before. He pulled his fingers out and I felt his cock head at my hole. With a gentle push, his cock head had popped into my ass. His thick cockhead was inside me, I was starting to think this was going to be a rough fuck.

"Chris, you have known him longer, I think you should get to fuck him first, and then I fuck him after your done." Boomer had said to Chris. Boomer pulled out of my ass and moved next to Chris.

Chris was enjoying me sucking his cock. He must have thought about fucking me for a few minutes, and then pulled my head off his cock. He got off the bed and moved around to my ass and Boomer moved to where Chris was and I started to suck his thick uncut cock.

Chris was behind me looking at me blowing his cousin and I could feel his cock poking at my ass cheeks. Boomer told Chris to do it, to fuck his best friend. Chris' cockhead was at my hole. I wanted him to shove his cock in me but he didn't. Then Chris said "I can't believe I'm gonna do this" and with that said, he cock slid into my hole, all seven uncut inches were deep in my ass. I was in heaven an uncut cock in my ass and one in my mouth.

"Oh my gaaaawwwdddd!!!" was all I heard from Chris "fuck you have one tight hole." Soon he started to pull out and sank back into me. In a few minutes he was fucking me like he never fucked anyone before, in fact I was the first person he ever fucked and he loved it.

"How's that hole Chris?" Boomer asked, "Now you know why I like to fuck guys. I guess I should tell you I'm bi Chris, leaning more towards gay."

Chris didn't seem to care, he just kept fucking my ass, pounding harder and harder. Boomer only encouraged him by telling him to long dick me and fuck me hard. Chris only listened and did it.

"Oh fuck, I'm getting close, I'm gonna cum soon" Chris shouted

He started to pull his cock out to cum on my back, I told him keep fucking me til he came in my ass. He started to pound me again, over and over.

"Oh fuck, oh god, I'm cumming in your ass Mike, you wanted it for so long, here it comes, Uuuunnnngggghhh!!" Chris yelled as his cock thickened and shot his load deep inside me. I finally had what I wanted, Chris' cock fucking me and he came in my ass. It felt so good, I was his. After he was done, he pulled his cock out and laid on the bed, breathing heavily. Boomers cock was still hard from me sucking and hadn't cum yet. He pulled my head off his cock and said it was his turn.

He got behind me and popped his head into my hole easily this time, It should have Chris just loosened it up for him. His nine inch uncut cock slowly slid til he was balls deep in my hole. All I could do was bite the sheets and moan in pleasure.

He slowly started to pull out and back in.

"Chris, I can feel your cum in his ass" Boomer told Chris, "fuck I think I'm gonna cum soon." And with a few deep thrusts, he slammed all nine inches deep in my ass and unloaded inside, his cum with Chris' cum. I was in heaven. I never expected to get fucked tonight, let alone by two guys, two uncut guys that were cousins.

With Boomers cock still hard in my ass, I rolled onto by back and stroked my aching hard cock two times and blew a huge load onto my chest. Boomer leaned over and began to lick some of my cum. Chris sat with wide eyes watching him taste my cum. Boomer scooped up a good wad of my load, leaned over to Chris, kissing him on the lips and fed him my cum. At first Chris didn't like the kissing, but warmed up to it and was kissing his cousin and seemed to enjoy it.

Boomer finally pulled out his cock and I wanted it back in or Chris' cock back in my hole. But we were all too exhausted to anything more. We just layed on the bed. We soon fell sound asleep.

More to follow, so stay tuned.

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