To be honest, sometimes I think this didn't really happen and that it must have been a dream. But then, we've both spoken about it enough times that it must have been true.

I'm Jon. My mother was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica; my father in Honshuu, Japan. I've been told I'm 'racially balanced', whatever that means. My skin's the colour of copper and I usually my curly hair long enough to keep it in cornrows or a puffy ponytail. I had just turned 17 a few weeks before; it was the Christmas season and I was so glad to be on holiday.

We live in Florida; so, my best friend Paul and I enjoyed our snowless holiday playing soccer, anything to go outside. We both hated being trapped inside during the term because of assignments and the like. Paul is older than me by a few months, and has got skin much darker than mine. He's very hot. I've got a more muscular frame than he does, but his thin lean look is just perfect. His roundish nose is the pinacle of African-American handsomeness.

He's straight, though. I know it sounds strange, but he was the first person I told when we were 13. He was cool about it, even gave me advice, told me I shouldn't rush into things as I try to figure myself out. We've been friends since grade school. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this friendship.

So you can imagine my surprise when he said, completely out of nowhere: 'Yo, Jon, I think I wanna try this out. You mind if I fuck you?'

Just like that. No other words came out until I answered. He looked at me expectantly. We were outside my house, just sitting on the lawn after short one-on-one soccer game.

'What?' I answered. This must have had something to do with his recent break-up. He really loved Veronica. Some sort of... I didn't know, I couldn't put words to it. 'You're serious?'

'Yeah, man,' he said, those gorgous lips curving up. 'He reached into the pocket of his gym shorts, putting out a wallet and from that, a condom in green wrapping.

'You like guys, Paul?'

'Nah, I don't think so. But I'm curious. You mind?'

I just stared at him for some time. Under his A-shirt, I saw his muscles move ever slow slightly as he put back the wallet, keeping the condom in his hand. I'd seen him shirtless many times and he knew I loved how he looked. Even the muscles of his cheeks looked... strong. Looking his biceps, his lower arm muscles... my penis jerked a bit imagining those hands wrapped around it.

'Nope. And you better not be playin' me, bro. You're gonna embarrass me with a hard-on in these gym shorts for nothin'.'

He got to his feet. 'Let's get to it, then.' I followed suit and we both walked across the lawn to the house.

Perfect timing: 'Jon, I'm going to your Aunt Aiko's house,' my mother said. 'It's been a while and I want to see the baby! You guys want to come?'

'Nah, Mom,' I said. 'See ya later.'

'Bye Mrs. Yamauchi,' Paul told her.

My mother knows. I told her and my father I was gay just years after. Her Jamaican homophobia definitely coloured her response, but she'd accepted it well enough. I didn't like to have sex when my parents were in the house, though; it stirred them up too much. And I'm not sure Paul wanted anything thinking he was gay.

Keeping the condom concealed in his sweaty right hand, he watched her walk out of the house. I wasn't feeling very patient: I had to be tuck my hard penis under my waistband, my hand under my A-shirt to hide it.

'So, lemme ask you,' I said as we headed upstairs to my room, the sound of the car starting meeting our ears. 'What are the rules? Can I kiss you, will you you be doing anything but putting that dick in my ass?'

'Well, you ain't getting anywhere near mine!' he said emphatically, but not harshly.

I laughed as we entered my room. Tou-san (what I called my father) was away and no one else was in the house, but still I locked the door. I felt very weird about this. I was hard as I could be and he didn't seem to be as excited as me. His red shorts weren't tenting up or anything. Paul headed over to my laptop, pulling out his USB drive from his wallet. He carried it over to the bed and in a minute or so, a video of his two favourite girls kissing each others lips, breasts and... lips was playing.

'Well?' He said as he dropped his pants and kicked off his shoes.

I didn't take my eyes off him as he pulled the black A-shirt over his head. He was slow and deliberate as he massaged his dick to hardness, but it was definitely to the sound of the moans of the brunette and Latin-American beauties. Unceremoniously, I dropped all my clothes and got the lube from a drawer. I crawled onto the bed.

'You know I can't believe this is happening, right?'

He smiled. 'Shut up.' He pushed his lips onto mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I heard the sound of him putting the condom on. His dick is bigger than mine; wider anyway. I think mine's just as long: around 8 inches hard. He took the lube from me and, I assumed, poored it on his dick. He'd known me long enough to know lube was very important to this whole ordeal. 'I've already had a mouth on my dick,' he told me as he lay back. 'Mind if I just put this in?'

'Man, you kidding me?' I blurted out. I crawled unto him pressing my abs against his, my dick loving the feel of them. I reached back and took the warm phallus from him, pointing it at my anus. 'You ready?' I asked, kissing him again. Those lips were so soft; wow. I pressed myself onto him and we both moaned together as if we've rehearsed it.

He pushed in and out, in and out. I felt the curly hair tickling my ass. I know I got harder against him. He kept looking towards the girls, but I knew he was liking my pussy. I kissed him, periodically, my hand pulling a bit on his short dreadlocks. 'Deeper, man,' I whispered against his cheek. 'Deeper.'

I sat up and settled my feet flat on the bed. I grabbed my own dick, massaging it slowly. I decided to put as much care into riding Paul. My ass exploded as I pushed up, letting it slide up to the engorged circumcised head and then sliding back down, again and again.

'Damn, Jonny. Shit. Why'd you never tell me this was so good? Tight-ass shit, man.' He was biting his lip so that the words didn't come out 100% clearly.

'You never asked,' I said. I picked up the lube and poored in on my own dick, then tossed it back on the bad as I continued to rub myself. 'I knew your dick would feel good, bro. You have no idea how good this feels.'

'Aw, shit...' he muttered. 'Naw, this ain't gon' work.' He grabbed my thicker waist and pulled me off.

'What the fuck?' I groaned disappointedly. This had barely been going on four minutes.

But what happened next surprised me. Paul pulled off the condom roughly and tossed it to the tiled floor. He grabbed my excessively lubed dick as I stooped over him and then seemed to be massaging it onto his own. No, it couldn't be. But it was. He pushed his torso up and his dick back in. I didn't think ; I was too shocked.

'DAMN!' we both cried out for different reasons. His was in extacy.

'Jon, your ass, man... This is so hot.'

With a smile, I continued bouncing again. Condom or no, it didn't affect how it felt for me since I wasn't the one who had been wearing it. The Latina tongue was inside the brunette vagina now and two brunette fingers inside the Latina pussy. Paul let me bounce up and down for a while, then, he muttered something I didn't hear. Though I'm more muscular, he's taller and his limbs are a longer so he was able to get a good grip on me and turn me on my back in one quick movement. His dick slipped out, but as I kept my legs open for him, he started to FUCK me. Wow.

That was when I really started to make some noise. I tried to stay quiet but I couldn't. If Mom came home, she'd probably hear me. I prided myself in not sounding like literally a pussy when I was fucked; I didn't turn into a sex-crazed high-pitched shriek when I fucked. But still I was loud and we both knew it.

'Damn, boy,' he murmered. He wasn't going slow. Man, this was awesome. What surprised me as when he grabbed my dick. I'd given up on it when we took this new position. It was good enough without penile stimulation; I'd jerk off later. But then, this straight guy, my best friend was not only fucking me, but jerking me. 'I hope you like that, man.'

'Yeah...' My eyes closed as I felt him buss inside me. The movement got smoother, I didn't want him to stop. But he did. He slipped out. And lay on his side, a smile on his face. He was still slowly jacking himself. He wasn't looking at the laptop anymore.

'Paul, I can't believe you did that,' I said, my palm rubbing my dick against my abs.

'I know,' he said with a smile. He was actually looking at my dick. He contemplated for a while, I saw. 'I can't believe I'm about to do THIS.' Next time I know, his mouth is on my dick.

'Paul!' I blurted out. His tongue moved around my lubed-up dick. This couldn't be happening.

But it didn't last long. He took his mouth off and, as if regretting what he was about to say, he said, 'Hurry and put that dick in,' he said. He got on his back and opened his legs.

'You sure about this?'

'No. But I might as well try it.'

I hesitated for a while, but my dick wanted this. I moved over to him, feeling the cum leaking out and down my legs. 'Just relax,' I said, realizing his dick was still hard. With one hand, I massaged it a bit; and with the other, I pushed mine at the hole that was about to become a man-pussy just for me. 'Just relax...'

He bit down hard as I pushed in. He groaned through his gritted teeth and asked, 'Does it always hurt like this, man?'

'Nah,' I answered. 'It only hurt me the first time. Just relax.' Good think I was lubed. I pulled out again and added more lube to myself and (he was not very comfortable with this, I could tell) I put my fingered in so I could get the lube inside him. Then, I started pushing in again. I'd never had virgin ass before. I was amazed at how tight it was. But I had to go slow for Paul.

'You cool, man?' I asked.

'No!' he spat. 'Hurry and cum!'

I actually laughed, but I understood. 'Alright, I'll take it out.'

'No, man, just do it. I got myself into this.'


Slowly, I worked my way in. I had a hard time going more than two inches in; then, a sudden breakthrough. I felt his body relax then. The cum that leaked from his dick unto my hand trailed down to his pubic hair as I focussed on getting in deeper. Then, I continued jerking him.

'Okay... not so bad now,' he said. 'You gonna try fucking me? But go slow.'

I did. Virgin ass is good. Tight. The muscles rip around and you just want to go fast, but I controlled myself. For a while.

'Paul, please let me go fast. I'm gonna cum soon.'

He sighed. 'Alright, man. Go on.' Heaven. As my hand went up and down his dick, I went in and out. He bit down hard to keep himself from screaming. 'Man, that's startin' to feel real good!'

I think that was what made me shoot my load. That admiission was so hot. I got my tongue into his ass immediately, sucking the semen from his ass, still jerking him off.

'Man, I had no idea ass work could feel so good,' he said. 'I thought you just had to do it 'cause the dick has to go somewhere.' With my tongue inside him, he come in my hands. I couldn't believe it when he pulled me towards him and kissed my, ass, cum and all.

He pulled me into a little hug. Not intimate, I felt. But I knew our friendship would never be the same.

'Wow, man. That was the shit.'

'So...' I said. 'You think you'll ever do that again?'

'Nah, man,' he said. 'It felt good, but so do my hands. I'm not into guys. I'd prefer to be inside a girl any day.'

I smiled as I got to my feet. 'I think we should go take a shower.' He nodded and we walked out of the room. He was a man of his word. He never had sex with another guy, as far as I know. I think I feel I can trust him with a lot more now, though. I still dream about one day having sex with him again, but it's okay; sometimes, the memory is enough.


Prince Kidd

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