Mid-Towne Spa

It was the night before my nineteenth birthday and as usual for a testosterone driven teenager I was horny. I didn’t really know what but I’d been thinking that I wanted something different than a bar hook up. Then an E-mail buddy told me about the Mid-Towne SPA that he went to there in Houston. It sounded fantastic, especially the maze. When he mentioned that it was a chain operation and that he thought they had a branch in Dallas, I went straight to direct assistance. 

Mid-Towne was one big orgy of queers. Three hours later, I was down on my knees inside the maze sucking a dick. The maze was a long dark hallway that twisted and turned around a lot of little alcoves. The alcoves were so guys walking through the maze could stop and have sex. Most guys walked through the maze naked but a few wore towels. I loved it; it was one big sucking fest.

The first night as I was walking through the maze I meet a guy with a big dick. The hallway was narrow so we had to turn sideways to get past each other, as we past, without a word I reached out and took his dick in my hand, leaned over and kissed its head. When he didn't pull away, I slipped it into my mouth. By the time it got hard I was down on my knees sucking him like I meant business. As I sucked his dick another guy walked up and put his dick in my hand. And another started rubbing his dick on the side of my face.

Before I got up off my knees I'd sucked off all three of them, to their joy swallowing their hot gooey loads.

Later I was sitting on a bench in one of the large alcoves that they called the dudgeon. There was a swing hanging in there that was designed for people that wanted to receive anal and a TV monitor showing gay porn.

As I sat there watching TV a guy walked in, stuck his dick in my mouth and with his hands on the side of my head fucked my mouth like it was his wife’s pussy. After he cummed in my mouth, I licked him clean and he walked out all without either of us ever saying a word.  .   About thirty-minutes later, when I went back to the dudgeon. There were six or eight guys standing there watching a two guys having sex. One guy was standing while a guy sitting on the bench sucked him off.  As I walked up one of the watcher knelt down and started sucking the guy that was sitting down.    I guess the guy standing beside me liked what he was seeing, because he starting to get an erection. When I glanced over at it, its head was just starting to peek out of his foreskin. I'm so crazy about dick heads and foreskin that I guess that I wasn't being very subtle; I couldn’t take my eyes off it. 

When I did looked up the guy was staring back at me. Except that he was staring at my face, instead of my dick.

When we made eye contact, he reached over grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head. Then not roughly, but forcefully he pulled me with him. He backed into another dark little alcove off the dudgeon. Once we were in the dark he gently pushed me to my knees and feed me his now hard dick.

As I knelt there happily sucking his dick, he gently stroked my hair and watched the other three guys sucking each other off. Once he’d busted a nut in my mouth and I’d swallowed it, he wiped his cock on my face. Then leaving me there on my knees, walked happily away.  By now I was all sweaty so I headed for the showers. After getting out of the shower, I saw two black guys that looked to be in their early twenties standing in the hallway with towels around their waists. As they looked me over, they gave me a discreet nod, smiled and motioned for me to follow them. They led me through the dimly lit maze to a small dark private cubicle off one of the hallways where they both dropped their towels. They were already half-hard, thick and uncut with big purple heads peeking out of their foreskins.

One of them, the taller of the two asked, “Would you like to suck some cock…some black cock?”

I smiled and got down on my knees and grabbed their hardening cocks, one in each hand. I admired them for a few seconds and starting to work them, sucking and stroking them alternatively. Sucking two cocks at the same time is one of my favorite things.  It was so hot. Shortly after I started sucking they were both fully hard. They were both between eight and nine-inches and just the right thickness to suck.

In a few minutes one of them held the back of my head and said, "You like cum, do you?"

Mouth full of black cock I was only able to mumble something that they took for a yes and replied, “That's good because we shoot huge loads and we don’t want them to go to waste.”

Still sucking both of them, sometimes they jammed their dicks in my mouth at the same time or took turns fucking my face. One of them was getting very close. As his dick was hardening; he put his hand on the back of my head and started moaning, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming. I'm Cumming in your white mouth. Ooohhhh yesss,” and after a few seconds, streams of cum started to spew across my tongue, pushing deeper he finished up climaxing directly down my mouth. There was so much I had to swallow twice.

The other guy was right behind him and started blasting cum. The first shot hit me square on the upper lip under my nose and caused me to jerk back a little. It felt incredibly warm, followed almost immediately by a cooling sensation. The second shot hit me on the left cheek and a third shot got my left ear. He grabbed my hair and shoved his erupting cock deep in my mouth to unload the rest of his huge load.  It started to taste good and it made horny to swallow all that cum, with some dribbling on my chin.     

You like that cum white boy?” he asked.

"Yeah," I said, still savoring their shots, "It's hot; I might want more later.”   

"That can be arranged," he replied with a smile. “You know how to suck cock and you swallow huge loads. We like that.”   

After that I went for another shower. And hornier than ever. I dried myself and started to walk around.

The rooms were small. About half the space was taken up by a vinyl covered bed similar to a massage table.

As I walked past a room there was a young guy, mid-twenties, average looking, brownish-blonde hair lying there with his hands behind his head and his hard dick pointing at the celling while he watched porn on a TV monitor mounted high on the wall. Again he was average, between six and seven-inches long and fairly thick with a well-proportioned purple head and a maze of thick veins that begged to be traced by my hungry tongue.

An opened door is an invitation for sex so I shut the door behind me. Then I got down on my knees and laid my right palm on his pubic hair with my splayed fingers encircling the base of his cock. Opening my mouth, I slipped the purple-red head between my lips and lowered my face until the head bumped the back of my throat.

Tightening my lips and swirl my tongue around the head, I started sucking.  Soon I was slowly bobbed ing up and down, taking it all the way to his thick clump of curly pubic hair. I had him ready to pop in no time. Moving his hand to the back of my head, he shot his hot thick load into my mouth.

I think he figured it was over but, I kept sucking. He was young enough that he was twitching back to life in no time. Shortly I felt his cock spasm again for second time.

After sucking for a couple of more minutes, I got up and left the room.

I wasn’t ready to leave yet so I went down stairs to the steam room. There was no one in there when I went in and sat down.

But soon the two black guys that I’d sucked earlier waked in. Their dicks were barely covered by their towels but I could easily see they were already half erect.

With all the room they could ever want to choose from, they sat on either side of me.

Smiling they said, “Hi.”

I said, “Hi,” back as I look on fascinated, they started stroking their cocks.

Having already sucked them before I felt free to grabbed one cock in each hand and start stroking. I quickly got them rock hard again. I really liked these cocks, the thickness and slight purple heads. One by one they got up, stood in front of me and I started sucking them.

With a hand around each’s bottom, I held close and sucked and licked them both alternately…first one and then the other.

The door opened and my two-black beauties moved away from me.

A Latino guy slowly walked in.  He first looks at me, then his head swiveled from side to side to look at the 2 black guys where they’d moved still a couple feet away but still on either side of me. Noting there erect cocks sticking in the air he must have guessed what had been going on.

With the tinniest smile, the corners of his mouth just barely turned up, he moved in front of me and opened his towel exposing his fat uncut cock. As it dangled inches from my face, he put his hand behind my head and put his cock against my lips. When he pull forward my mouth opened wide to take. When my nose was crushed into his thick clump of pubic hair, I started moving my mouth up and down his now rock hard shaft and sucking. . As I sucked the Latino’s cock the tall black guy sat down on the bench one tier higher than me and leaned against the wall so he could watch the action.

As I continued to suck the Latino’s cock the other one stood kinda to the side so he could watch too.

They both laughed because by now the Latino was slowly working his hips as he face fucking me.   

After a while the Latino moved back and relinquished his place to the black guy that was still standing up. Then he stood to the side of me and watched me while I was being fucked.  

After a while, he pulled out and switched with his buddy. I was so turned on my cock was hard and dripping, I was feeling close to exploding, but trying not to.

Things was starting to get a little hot as they took turns fucking me quite hard as if they were trying to outdo each other. My mouth was taking a serious pounding.  

As I gasp for air they put me on my back and one after the other, including three-other guys that had come in, shot their hot gooey loads on my face and body. I was so excited that I also shot a big one up in the air.   

I couldn't believe all the hot action I’d just had. The next day I learned that when my friend Kevin found out that I was going to Mid-Towne, he’d set me up with the two black guys. The rest just happened.

The end…



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