I am a live-in mistress to Miguel and Silve. I was 22yrs old at the time of this story. The Garzas, Felipe and Rosa, are long time family servants that manage their apartment where I live. They have their own apartment next door. I spend a lot of time with them when Miguel and Silve are at their home in Florida.

 “Mama” Rosa decided I was her newest daughter, looking after me as she would her own two daughters. She knows I’m a transsexual, but doesn’t seem to mind. Silve says Rosa never treated the previous mistresses as well as she does me. Rosa is very protective of me.

Mia and Nina are Mama Rosa’s daughters. Both girls welcomed me into their family as another sister. Since I was slightly older, I became ‘Big Sister” to them. We shared many pleasant times together. They comforted me when I recently thought I was going to leave. I love them both very much and wouldn’t do anything to spoil our relationship.

Mia is 17. She is short like Rosa, and built much like her. Mia is voluptuous, with full breast and wide hips. She is very precocious and thinks me having a cock is the coolest thing ever! She often pesters me about life as a transsexual. She also flaunts her body around the apartment, much to Rosa’s chagrin!

Nina is 21, tall and slender, like her father. She is built similar to me with small breasts and narrow hips. She is very beautiful. Unfortunately, she seems to have a sexual interest in me which I try to discourage. Silve is a little jealous of the attention Nina pays me. It doesn’t help that Nina and I have the same art history class at the local college.

I figured if I ever had a problem, it would be with Nina. Boy, was I ever wrong!

One afternoon, I was sitting on the couch researching a term paper. Rosa was out grocery shopping and would be gone several hours. Mia came bouncing in wearing a tee shirt that did little to conceal her charms. And she was naked underneath. She often dresses like that when her parents were out.

She sit on my lap straddling me. She took me face in her hands and looked me in the eyes. She often does that when she wants something: usually one of my soft drinks, or some of the candy Miguel brings on his visits. Not this time, however!

“I want you to kiss my bottom! I’ve seen you kissing Silve’s and she always seem to like it! I would ask Nina, but she would only think it was gross!”

I was flabbergasted and tried to tell her it wasn’t a good idea! She was my sister!

“I’m not asking you to fuck me! I want to see why Silve likes it so much! Besides, I know Mama is visiting Aunt Gina this afternoon and won’t be in till late. Please! Please! Please!”

She got up and removed the tee and walked saucily to my room. That full bottom was turning me on. If she wasn’t my sister, I’d fuck that ass till she couldn’t walk! What the hell! 

I followed her into my room. She was laying facedown legs spread wide with a pillow under her hips. I lay down behind her reaching under her thighs around to hold her hips. I spent the next hour kissing that marvelous bottom! I can spend hours lavishing kisses on Silve’s fine ass, but Mia’s fuller bottom was the best I had tasted. I could feel her quiver as I covered her beautiful bottom with kisses. I lightly licked her between kisses. I would even take bites. I could make her a regular part of my diet!

Mia finally stopped me. Either she was getting turned on or was afraid I might be. She sat up and stretched, showing me her firm, full breasts “That was very nice! Maybe we can do that again sometime!” She bounced out of the room, grabbed her tee and returned to her apartment.

I’m glad she didn’t notice my erection. I masturbated and came twice before my erection faded. Man, did I feel guilty and confused!

It was a couple of weeks before she pranced in again. She started towards me, but Rosa came in, unexpectedly, and Mia left before she could be spotted. I was a little disappointed. I was hoping to kiss that ass again!

Silve came in for a few days. When she’s in town, I share her bed. . Occasionally, I fuck her. I spend many hours eating her pussy and ass. Some nights, we just cuddle. 

We were sitting on the couch, enjoying some of Miguel’s jazz CDs and sipping wine. Mia often comes in to tell me goodnight. She came in behind Silve, leaned over and kissed her cheek. She then came around the couch to kiss me goodnight. The sleep tee concealed nothing and barley covered her marvelous ass. She straddled me to give me a hug when the tee rode above her hips!

“You go put some clothes on, right now, young lady!” Silve growled. Mia ran out of the room, shirt still above her hips.

“Please tell me you aren’t fucking her!” she growled, again. (Silve was pissed!) Then she sighed, “Miguel and I have both told you we don’t mind who you fuck when we’re away, but, she’s so young!” I wisely kept my mouth shut and didn’t remind her how young I was.

We went to bed and I massaged her back and shoulders. We kissed and snuggled a while before I ate her to orgasm. She responded to my light licking with purrs of pleasure. I soon had her writhing on the bed. She grabbed my head and pulled me in close. I stuck my tongue inside and drew it out slowly. I kissed her pussy and licked until she came. It was a quiet (for her) orgasm. I lay there and blew my warm breath on her clit.

“If keep doing this to me regularly, I guess you could have Mia, if she’s really willing,” she purred. 

She had an early flight out the next morning and soon fell asleep. I was already missing her!

A week later, Mia, wearing the same top, straddled me again! And again, her top rode up uncovering her hips. She ground against me. I knew she could feel my erection beneath her.

“I could tell you like me like this!” she purred. "I can feel you against me. This is fun!”

She got up and removed her shirt and saucily walked towards my room.

“Come kiss my bottom like a good sister, please. Mama’s getting her hair done and then going shopping. She left pizza money.”

She lay across my bed like the last time. This time I started at her thighs and worked up to kiss her back and neck. I was hoping to scare her a little by being a little more aggressive, but she only sighed! I moved back down to savor her bottom. I was tempted to lick her ass hole, but held back.

I worshipped that marvelous ass for over an hour. And moved back up to kiss her neck before I stopped. I forgot I had an erection. She felt it through my light dress.

She turned over and looked at me and said, “I think we need to do something about that, don’t we.”

I was embarrassed and started pulling away. This had gone way past inappropriate! We were looking at inappropriate in the rear view mirror!

“Let me give you a blowjob,” Mia suggested. It’s only fair I return the favor. I really enjoyed your mouth on me. Besides, I need to learn some time.”

“What about your boyfriend?” I’m sure he would let you practice.” I said, trying to dissuade her.

“He won’t kiss my bottom! He just wants to make out and feel my breasts, but he won’t kiss me where I want him too!”

She was eyeing my throbbing cock. “I know we’re sisters, and I love you and don’t want that to change. But, just maybe we can be sisters with ’benefits’”, she said coyly.

When I didn’t protest again she knelt between my legs and took me into her mouth. She was a little clumsy at first, but she listened to my moans and fine-tuned her technique. She was soon deep throating me with every stroke. (I’m only 5 inches, it wasn’t difficult for her.)

I wasn’t going to last long. I warned her I was about to come, and that she might not like the taste. I emptied into her mouth. She pulled back and made a face.

“This isn’t how I expected it to taste, but I could learn to get used to it. Does Silve swallow?” When I nodded yes, she said, “Then I guess I’ll learn to do it, too?”

“You came quickly, but, you spent a lot of time pleasing me. I can do better!”

She took me into her mouth again. I ran my hands through her hair, enjoying every moment, but also feeling very guilty! However, I didn’t stop her from sucking. She sucked like she was trying to drink a very thick milkshake. After about 15-20 minutes I came again. She kept sucking until I was drained. She sat up and opened her mouth to show she had swallowed it all.

"That was nice. I like sucking you."

She dressed and sat on the bed’s edge.

“Oh, I have sucked my boyfriends. I just didn’t think you would let me suck you if I told you that. Besides, I like sucking you because you will kiss my bottom.” As she was leaving, she asked, “Can you help me with my math homework later?”

Maybe “sisters with benefits’ might not be so bad!




Angie K


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