I stayed home with a cold yesterday. After sleeping all day, I got up last night and ate something and checked my emails. I saw your email and read it.

Since I'm a masculine dominant top, an email from another top telling me he wants to dominate and fuck me wouldn't usually even get read. I'd just click “delete” and move on. But since we're friends, I went ahead and read it before deleting it.

I admit you do have a way with words...In fact, as well as you spin a story, maybe you should write porn for a living or something! lol  Nonetheless, I didn't give it any more thought and turned off the computer to get some more sleep.

Before crawling into bed, I slammed a dose of NyQuil. It sometimes fucks with my head the next day, but I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to work today anyway, so what the hell.  

Sure enough, the NyQuil, combined with reading your email really messed with my head, because I ended up having a dream about you last night. No kidding, a fucking dream..

In the dream I am asleep and laying on my left side, with my head near the edge of the bed. I feel something against my lips in the dark, and when I realize it is a cock, I hear your voice say playfully "Hey buddy, it's just me..."

Though it's dark, I can tell from the tone of your voice that you are grinning and being playful.

Still a bit groggy, I open my lips and feel you push your cock into my mouth.

With the left side of my head still laying on the pillow, I sleepily suck you as you slide your cock in and out. After a few minutes I become more awake and start trying to really suck right.

You increase the depth and length of your stroke, and as your cock slides in and out of my mouth, I hear your breathing increase. You put both your hands on my head, sort of pinning it in place as you slowly move more and more towards actually face fucking me.

Your fucking gets a little deeper and faster and you don't show any sign of letting up.

I realize you have shifted from being playful to being somewhat aggressive.

When I hear you say "Yeah, suck it...", I can't tell if that's an order or you're just encouraging me.

After a few minutes you clamp down more on my head  even more and push your cock all the way in until my nose is buried in your pubes. Your balls are mashed against my face.

Unprepared to take all of it, I start to gag.

You immediately pull out, slap the side of my face with it and then go back to face fucking me like you had been doing a moment before.

Having done that same thing to guys who've sucked me, I know you are going to do it again, repeating the cycle until I can take all of it without gagging.

A few minutes later, when you bury your cock balls deep down my throat again, I know I was right.

This time, while it's buried in my mouth, you shift your hips back and forth from side to side. Then just before I start to gag, you pull back out again. Again you slap my face with it and then return to face fucking me, until my gag reflex has subsided.

Each time you you repeat this cycle, you bury your cock for a little longer than the previous time and more aggressively shift your hips, wallowing your cock around in my throat.

When you can tell I have lost my gag reflex, you switch to slowly pulling out until the head is just barely in my lips, and then slamming your cock deep, full length. Your balls slap against my face on every in-stroke.

You've taken me from a gentle friendly blow job to an aggressive face fucking in just a few minutes, with me falling in line as your submissive mouth slut. I don't protest, and just keep sucking. 
And I can tell you are starting to get close.

When you reach over and turn on the light next to the bed, I know you did that because you want to see your handiwork: You want to see the mouth of a jock top slutting out on your cock.

I feel you tighten up and know you are almost there. Just before you start to cum, you pull your cock out of my mouth and point it at my face with one hand while you hold my head in place with the other.

As your cock starts firing, you move your it all around, making sure every shot hits a different part of my face, until it is thoroughly coated.

You wipe the head of your cock across my lips and in a very commanding voice you say, "After you clean up, come to my bed."

Then you turn and walk out of the room without looking back.

I clean up. Since its a dream, exactly how and where I do is vague. Where your bed is and how I get there is unclear as well, the way things in dreams often are...

When I find you, you are laying on your back, on the right side of a king size bed.

As I approach from the opposite side of the bed, I am totally horned up and rock hard from sucking you off.

"Lay down facing me," you order.

I lay down on left right side, looking at you.

You have a very self-satisfied look on your face.

"Scoot over here and lay next to me,” you say. “Put your head on my chest and then drape a leg and an arm across me.” 

As I do it, I know you are having me take the submissive boi position while you take the dom man position. I know it because I've had guys who worshiped me sort of wrap themselves around me like that after I fucked their brains out.

My cock is pressed up against your right thigh and rock hard and leaking pre-cum in anticipation.

"Don't speak, just nod, okay?" you say to me.

I nod yes.

"You're ready to get off, aren't you?" you ask.

I nod again.

"Okay you can get off...while I fuck you!" you say, adding "In the morning! Leave your cock alone and don't jerk yourself off. You're sleeping right here in this bed, so if you beat off, it will wake me up and I will know it. In the morning, if you haven't gotten off, I will give you the fucking of your life and you can get off then. Otherwise, if you get off during the night, I will kick you out."

Since I am a big muscular guy and not some fem little emo bitch boi who takes this kind of shit from people, I can't believe I am letting you talk to me like this me. But then I can't believe I let you power fuck my mouth and give me a facial just moments earlier, either.

You turn off the light, roll over with your back to me and you are soon asleep.

I am dying to get off, but I don't. I role over on my right side, so our backs are pressed against each other, and eventually I fall asleep.


In the morning, I am still laying on my right side and in a deep sleep when I am awakened by one of your lubed fingers slowly being worked up my hole.

"Hey...!" I start to say in surprise, but you interrupt me.

"Same rules as last night...Don't speak," you say flatly. "In fact, just stay like that.”

You lift my upper leg. Then you pull my cock and balls down between my legs, before lowering my leg back down. From your point of view behind me, my cock and balls are sticking out between my legs.

After you do it, I remember that you said you like to see a bottom on his side with his cock and balls sticking out like that.

I feel a second finger slowly being added. Then your other hand reaches over my shoulder and hands me a bottle of poppers.

"Thanks for mentioning in your emails that you don't do poppers, because they make you want to bottom!" I hear you laugh from behind me. “Don't turn around or say anything, just take them,” you order.

I take them without turning around, just holding them in my hand for later.

"No, do some now..." you order, as you pull your two fingers out, and I feel the tip of a third finger next to them, waiting at the opening to my hole.

I do as ordered, and after waiting a second for them to take effect, you push all three fingers straight into me, all the way to the knuckle. I can't help but moan out loud in both pleasure and pain.

"Yeah, first moan of the morning!" you laugh. "Gotta get you ready, so I can put you through your paces!"

You slowly finger fuck me, and after a few minutes, when I have relaxed around your fingers steadily working in and out of my hole, you pull them completely out. 

My hole feels empty. Anxiously anticipating taking your cock up my hole, I do a big hit of poppers.

Instead, I feel the unmistakable feel of a dildo at the opening to my hole. As the head of it spreads my hole open and it begins to enter me, I realize it isn't a small one either.

You ease the dildo into me slowly, and when I feel the dildo's balls pressing against my ass, I know you've just made me take all of it.

After giving me a moment to adjust, you tell me to do another hit and then you slowly work it in and out until I have relaxed and can take it more easily. Soon it is sliding in and out of my ass, and I am loving it.

I am starting to really enjoy taking it when you suddenly remove it. My empty hole again starts to crave taking your cock in my now thoroughly relaxed hole. In anticipation, I do another hit of poppers. But instead I feel the head of another dildo. It is larger than the first one.

You have to go slowly, as I struggle to take it. But I keep myself flying on the poppers, until finally a few minutes later, it too is buried in my now slutty hole. Again, you take it easy on me until I have relaxed, and you then start easing it in and out. Eventually I can not only can handle it, it feels incredible.

As you fuck me with it, I can't believe that I am actually enjoying this bigger dildo going in and out of my ass. Once again, just as I am really getting into it, you remove it. Now my ass feels even more empty than before.

I'm not really all that that surprised when I feel the head of a third dildo pressing against the already stretched lips of my hole. And it too, is bigger than the previous one.

We have to work together to get it into me. I struggle to take it, even with plenty of lube and poppers. But at this point you have control of my hole, and that means you have control of me.

You are patient and go slow and take your time until finally I feel the third dildo's latex balls pressing against my ass cheeks.

"Good boy!” you say, both praising and humiliating me, “You took them ALL!"

I am relieved to hear you say the word “all”, not sure I could take anything more.  

You slowly withdraw the dildo and I feel more empty than I have ever felt before.

Even though I can't see you, I can tell from your voice that you are grinning when I hear you taunt me by asking, “Feel empty, huh?"

I nod yes. I want your cock in me so bad. I do a big hit of poppers, knowing that since you said I 'took them all', your cock is next.

I feel you scoot in behind me and finally I feel the head of your cock at my opening.

Then in one move, you push your entire cock all the way in at once.

As it slides balls deep into my hole, I moan out loudly in pain and ecstasy. I know I have totally slutted out for you. You have just taken me completely down and I am your bottom slut, just like you've wanted

Even though I haven't touched my cock the whole time, I am rock hard and leaking pre-cum like crazy. A steady string of it is drooling onto the sheets below the head.

As you slowly pick up your pace, I am still laying on my side facing forward, with a million conflicted thoughts going through my brain.

After a few moments of silent fucking, without breaking your rhythm, you reach behind you and grab something, throwing it in front of me on the bed. It's a big dildo.

You laugh and say, "I thought you might like to see what was up your ass a few minutes ago!"

I look at it and I am embarrassed that I took a dildo that big, but I can't say anything, because I am lost in the expert fucking my hole is now taking from your cock.

After a few more minutes of mercilessly drilling me, you order me to do another hit of poppers.

I do, and as they start to hit, you reach behind you again. " Oh yeah....AND you took THIS!" you laugh, as you throw an even larger dildo onto the bed in front of me, with the first one. 

My head is swimming from the incredible feeling of taking your big cock and from the poppers. As I look down at the 2nd bigger dildo, I am even more humiliated at having taken it up my ass just moments earlier. I know you are enjoying fmessing with my mind, watching me squirm as you show me the dildos I have just taken up my ass.

After a few minutes of silent fucking while I mentally grapple with this new humiliation, you again order me to do more poppers.

I do them as ordered, knowing what is coming. As the rush of the poppers sweeps over me, the final third dildo that you throw onto the heap is so ridiculously huge, for a second I think it must be a joke.

But it's not. Its still glistening with lube from having been buried in my hole moments earlier.

I am a top who likes to dominate bottoms. So I am both humiliated and a little freaked out to be under your control enough to have taken something that big up my ass, and to be slutting out for you like I have.

You pull out and roll me onto my back, looking me in the eyes, as you push my legs back. Like the night before, you have a very self-satisfied look on your face.

I can tell you are proud of both forcing me to get in touch with my submissive bottom side, and of being in total control of a big masculine guy like me.

You tell me I can jerk myself off now.

I obey.

Still looking at me, you again line up your cock with my hole and ram all of it back into me in one move.

I moan/cry out from taking the whole thing at once, as I again feel your balls slap against my ass.

You pause as you tell me to do one last hit of poppers.

After I do, you start to power fuck me.

My hole takes the full length of your big cock. Just like you did to my mouth earlier, you pull back so far on each out-stroke that it almost comes out. But before it does, you ram it balls deep in again.  The way I have been pre-cumming, I know I won't last long and you know it too. After just a few minutes of this high powered anal assault, I am almost there.

I look up at you and wonder if you still see me as a top or as just another conquered bottom now.

Its almost like you hear my thoughts. As I start to shoot, you look me in the eye and say “Yeah, that's it! Cum with my cock fucking you and TELL ME YOU THINK YOU'RE STILL A TOP!"

Ty Maxon
[email protected]

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