My heart was pumping fast. My cousin's blood was all over my hands and he was lying on the floor. My uncle grabbed me by my hair and shirt and flung me off of him. I hit the wall hard and stayed against it for a while looking around the room at everyone. They stared back, some of them with anger. I started to say something but my cousin's coughing cut me off. I watched as blood gushed from his mouth and my uncle held him.

"Someone call the fucking ambulance for God's sake!"

His voice bellowed in my ears. I kept staring as my aunt ran over to the phone and dialed 911. She glanced over at me and I quickly turned away. Ashamed at what I had done. My uncle got up and started walking over to me. I got on my feet and pressed my back to the wall. He grabbed my throat and I could feel his large hands cutting off my air way. I panicked and started gasping quickly. My aunt rushed over and pulled my uncle off of me. He pushed her and stepped away, staring into my eyes. I could almost feel his eyes burning a hole into my skin.

"From this point on, you are no nephew of mine. You will leave this house first thing in the morning and I don't ever want to see your face again. Is that understood?"

The room was so quiet I could hear the buzzing from the old porch light outside. I looked around then at him.

"That's fine by me. I'll leave tonight. I'd be better off without any of you anyway."

I hurried into the room where I slept and quickly packed my bag with anything that was mine. As I did, the whole night played through my head. I tried to shake it off as the encounter between me and my cousin danced about in my mind but it didn't help. Flashes of before everything happened when I first moved in with my aunt and uncle after my mom left. Everyone was so nice to me. But all of that was over. I had fucked up my chances of ever having another family. I zipped up my bag and prepared to go when I heard the room door shut. My aunt was standing against the door and she stared at me. I stared back as well. Not having anything to say I turned back and zipped my bag up all the way. I put my backpack on and walked towards her. She stayed against the door. I came close and she grabbed my hand pleading to me with her eyes, looking into my soul. I looked away then gently kissed her hand then her forehead.

"I'm sorry Aunt Tabby..."

She started tearing and I grabbed the door handle and opened the door. I walked out and once again looked around at everyone in the house who stared. I looked where my cousin was but he wasn't there anymore and neither was my uncle. I avoided any contact with him and hurried out the door, walking into the night rain.



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