Morning is a favorite time for me. And this particular morning was

especially fine. This was Christmas morning. Every year I spend Christmas

with my friends who live at the beach in Orange county. So I was up early,

and getting ready to drive down there.

It was a bright clear morning, a little crisp by Southern California

standards. A slight breeze from the ocean had cleaned the air and brought

the smell of salt water inland. I could see Pacific Palasades from

Hollywood. I stretched and reached for the sky and breathed in the air. It

was clean and fresh, as it should be for a day like today!

One of my favorite pleasures when I am with them, is spending time at

the beach. I always take my bicycle with me as they sometimes like to ride

along the ocean. I keep my bicycle at the studio where I have room for it.

So this morning, I found myself arriving there to claim it for my Christmas

at the beach.

Our studio is in a mostly business area in the central part of

Hollywood. That section of Hollywood is 'home' to an odd assortment of

street people. Bag ladies and men. Drunks and derelicts. Vagrants and

tramps. Many of whom frequently make the corridor between our two

buildings; and the area behind our building their bunk house. I often have

to go in back and run them off. For this reason, a wooden gate had recently

been installed and was kept locked.

It is about seven in the morning on this day, and it is quiet, almost

eerie. Not a single person was anywhere in the neighborhood. 'Not a

creature was stirring, not even a mouse.' I brought my bike out from the

prop room and put it in my camper. As I turned to go back to the building

to lock up, I noticed the wooden gate between our buildings slightly ajar.

I decided to investigate, so I went to the gate and pulled it open.

I couldn't believe my eyes. At the rear of the corridor, was a guy

sitting on a blanket, with all of his clothes off except for his shirt. He

was leaning against the building with his head thrown back and his eyes

closed. And he was enthusiastically jacking off!!! I quickly assumed it

was one of the neighborhood bums. Well, after all, it was Christmas

morning! So I gently closed the gate and started for my pickup.

But wait!! As the vision of that guy began to sink in, I realized it

wasn't a bum after all. It was a young hunky guy! I turned and went back

to the gate and quietly opened it to get a better look at him. He was gone!

Damn, he must have seen me and split. As I stood there, it dawned on me the

only place he could have gone without his clothes on was the area in the

back of the building.

I quickly entered the building and raced down the hall to the back

door. My heart was pounding as I reached for the knob to open the door I

knew would reveal the place where I hoped, I prayed he would be, still

jacking off. As I opened the door, a beautiful sight greeted my eyes. Here

was a nearly naked handsome latin teenager about five foot nine, muscular,

firm, and hunky; with a beautiful light golden brown complexion as only a

latin youth can have. He had the face of an angel with strikingly

beautiful, delicate features. He was in the process of putting his clothes

back on.

'Hi,' I said pertly.

'Hullo,' he quietly responded, obviously embarrassed at having been caught

in the act.

'How you doing?' I asked.


I choked up. I did not know what to say. I wanted this boy, wanted

him badly. But how could I have him? I didn't have time to contemplate.

He was going to be dressed and on his way in a moment. I decided to go for


'Did you get off,' I asked?

'Yeah,' he replied.

'Too bad. I would have liked to help you!'

'What do you mean?' He looked surprised!

'I would liked to have given you a blow job!' I swallowed hard. I'm not

usually this forward with a stranger. But god, how I wanted this handsome


'No thanks,' he said.

'You sure? I still would like to give you a blow job, even if you did get

off. I'm sure you could get off again.' I couldn't believe how forward I

was being.

'I said no thanks, I don't go for that! I only make it with girls.'

'Too bad,' I continued. 'I really give great head. Much better than a girl


He continued to dress and remained silent. I stood and watched that

beautiful body disappear beneath his clothing and wondered what else I could

do. What else? I wanted this handsome youth so badly. I would do

anything, anything to have him!

I just couldn't give up. I would never see him again. But then, he

knew where to find me. Maybe I should play it cool and drop this whole

thing. But my cock was pressing against my jeans at the thought of giving

this kid a blow job.

'Look. I really want to give you head,' I insisted. 'I know you'd like


'No, thanks!'

'O.K. You can't blame me for trying. You are really a damn good looking

man. I just got turned on seeing you naked and all. All I can think of is

sucking on your cock!'

'Forget it. I have never done anything like that before.'

'I'll only do what you want me to do. I know you'll like it. I give blow

jobs to straight guys all the time. You can tell me to stop anytime I do

something you don't like.' I still kept pushing.

'No thanks. I gotta go home. Good bye!'

He turned to walk down the corridor toward the street. I went thru

the hallway inside, locked up the building and went out the front door just

in time to meet him as he emerged from the corridor, through the gate and

onto the street.

'We meet again,' I said glibly. I walked across the street where my camper

was parked and started to get in.

'Could you give me a ride home,' he called.

'Where do you live?'


Pasadena!! Christ!! 'I'll tell you what. I'll give you a ride to the

interchange. I'm on my way to Orange County.'

'O.K. That'll help.'

He got in and I headed toward the Hollywood freeway.

'I'm Robert. What's your name,' I asked.


Nice name I thought. 'Hello Raul. Glad to meet you.' I gripped his

hand firmly and shook it. 'How old are you?'


'Did you really get off back there.'

'Naw. I was just too embarrassed to admit it. I can't get over that you

caught me. God, I just can't believe this. Being caught jacking off!

Especially by a stranger.'

'Its really natural, you know. Don't be ashamed.' I waited for a moment.

'I'd still like to give you a blow job, especially since I prevented you

from coming. It's the least I can do.' I was still trying!

'I couldn't let you do that. I'm not clean. I was fucking a girl last

night before her mother came home and caught us and threw me out. That's

why I was sleeping outside in back like that. And I haven't had a shower


'I'll tell you what,' I countered. 'Let me take you home with me, give you

a shower, then give you a blow job, and then I'll give you a ride all the

way to Pasadena.' I held my breath. I prayed for the right answer.

'O.K. I guess so. I need the ride home.'

I steered the truck up the next off ramp. I turned around and headed for

my place. God I hoped he wouldn't change his mind before I got home.

As we drove toward my apartment, Raul kept muttering to himself how he

couldn't believe what was happening. First getting caught in the act of

jacking off by a stranger, then going to the stranger's house to get blown.

I was worried we wouldn't get to my place fast enough. I was afraid he was

going to change his mind.

After what seemed to me like an eternity we arrived at my apartment.

I got out and waited for Raul. He just sat in the passengers seat.

I waited.

'I don't know,' he said. 'I don't think I should be doing this.'

I walked over to the passenger's side, opened the door and gently took

his hand and helped him out. 'I know you will enjoy it. Just relax. It's

just that it's new to you, that's all. I promise I won't do anything to you that you don't want me to do.'

He smiled faintly and followed me to my apartment. I couldn't wait to

see him get undressed so that I could see again what I had viewed in back of

the studio. I didn't want to rush him, but I did have to get to Orange


'Would you like a drink,' I asked?

'No thanks. I'd better take my shower.'

He began stripping in the living room in preparation for taking a

shower. As he took off his shirt first, I marveled at what I saw. I had

not seen his upper body before because he not taken his shirt off outside.

He removed his shoes and was now dropping his pants leaving only his jockey

shorts on. God what a fine body This kid really was fine! He looked at me

watching him and laughed with embarrassment. I just could not take my eyes

off him. He was everything anyone could possibly want.

'You do have a beautiful body,' I commented.


'Do you work out?'

'No. I just go out for a lot of sports.'

'It shows,' I said.

As he took his shorts off, he turned away from me.

'You know, I've already seen your cock, no sense in hiding it now,' I said.

I walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulders and began to

massage them. He stood quietly and relaxed as I firmly massaged the muscles

of his neck and shoulders. As I did, I drew closer and looked over his

shoulder and down at his cock. I saw why he had turned away from me. He

was getting hard. I ran my hands down his back and around his waist and

then, encircling him with my arms, I drew him to me in a hug as I ran my

hands down his tight, firm stomach and teasingly caressed his balls with one

hand while gently stroking his cock with the other.

'I better take that shower,' he said as he pulled away.

I drew my hands back around his body and squeezed his buttocks. They

were firm and muscular and smooth.

'Do you mind if I watch you shower,' I asked?

'If you want to.'

I followed him into the bathroom and watched as he adjusted the water

and stepped into the shower. Lord, what a body! He quickly finished and

stepped out to dry. He looked shyly at me as I tried not to just stare at


'Let's go to the bedroom,' I suggested.

We went to the bedroom and got into my king size bed. He fluffed up

the pillows, lay on his back, closed his eyes, threw his head back and put

his hands behind his head. Typical trade! He instinctively spread his legs

apart to allow me the space to lie down between them.

What a sight! This brown skinned handsome boy, his cock sticking

straight up, waiting, inviting. I lay down on my stomach, and grasping his

buttocks in my hands, I started gently licking him, starting with the inside

of his upper thighs, working my way to the crease next to his balls, finally

licking his balls all the way around and then underneath.

He moaned. My heart pounded, my cock throbbed as I continued to lick,

bringing my tongue up from under his balls; to the base of his cock, and

then up to the frenulum on the underside of his cock . He squirmed as I

finally encircled the head with my lips, gently, teasingly sucking his rock

hard cock. Because of his youth and inexperience with this sort of thing, I

was afraid that he might come quickly. I hoped not! I looked up at his

magnificent body as I continued to suck. He remained detached from any

involvement except for letting me suck his cock. But he was enjoying that!

It was such a pleasure having this jock's body responding to my actions, I

really didn't need more. I'm not sure I could have handled more!

I ran my hands all over his spectacular body, exploring everything,

discovering all of his errogenous zones, learning, manipulating,

worshipping. Gratifying him, gratifying myself! He responded to my touch

beautifully, taking in all of the pleasure I could induce, moaning, moving,

whimpering. I watched his body respond to me, respond to my technique.

Feeling that he might come soon, I wanted to satisfy my appetite as much as

I could before the spasms of his body concluded our pleasure.

He was still in the original position, the trade position, with his

hands behind his head and his eyes closed. I was determined to crack his

cool detachment. I would have him squirming all over this king size bed,

crying for release, begging for an orgasm, or I didn't know my stuff!

I slowed down just a little, pausing at the top of each up stroke,

setting up a slightly stilted pace, keeping it constant, teasing him, making

him want more. He began to press into my face, desiring more than I was

giving. I maintained my exageratedly slow pace. He moaned more loudly now,

and occasionally he would open his eyes and look down to watch me work on

his prick. When I looked up and caught him, he quickly closed his eyes and

pretended he had not been watching. He twisted from side to side, still

pressing into my face, still trying to get just a little more stimulation

than I was giving. Slowly he brought his hands down from behind his head

and reached down to touch my head, timidly at first, then with more


'Go faster, uh, oh, geez, go faster,' he grunted, and started moving my head

up and down more quickly. He ran his fingers through my hair and dug them

into my shoulders as he became more frustrated, wanting more stimulation.

He watched now, and did not glance away when I looked up. The well

conditioned muscles on his body began to tense. His quadriceps stood out

like bands of steel, his abs formed ridges across his stomach. I watched

him approaching his orgasm. Watched as his eyes watered, and glazed over.

He was looking at me and at the same time, his glance seemed far, far away.

His eyes slightly rolled up into his head, his eyelids fluttered open and

closed, as he lost touch with the present, as he drifted toward his supreme


I increased my pace and stopped the hesitation at the top of each

stroke. His hands slid from my head down to my shoulders as he got closer

and closer. The muscles in his face showed the strain he was under as I now

ran my fingers to those errogenous zones I had discovered earlier. His

breathing was heavy and labored.

I tasted pre-cum. He was ready. So was I!!

I put all I had into this now, keeping the rhythm constant, and

caressing his body all over. He groaned louder and panted, almost grunting.

'It's gonna shoot. You better stop. It's gonna come in your mouth,' he

cried. He reached down to pull my head off of his cock. I grunted 'uh-uh,'

and continued to suck on his now pulsating cock, hanging on to him by

holding his buttocks.

'You don't want me to cum in your mouth do you?' he asked in alarm.

I nodded yes.

'Oh man, I can't hold it back any longer, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!'

He closed his eyes hard and held his breath. All at once, his ass

began powerful pumping motions within my gripping hands. He raised up in a

semi-sitting position and cried out,

'Oh-h-h-h-h-h....god, I'm cumming, oh-h-h......uh-h-h.....uh-h-h!!!'

The head of his cock swelled up, the shaft became hard as steel, as big

full warm streams of cum filled my mouth. He jerked and twitched as I held

on to him and continued to receive his pleasure into my body. I was having

to gulp down the cum for he continued to pour it into my mouth faster than I

could swallow it.

As his spasms grew less intense, I rolled over slightly on my side, so

that I could grasp my cock and pump it. I was so close to cumming by then

that it only took a few strokes before I was joining him, shooting my load

all over his leg. This boy had so much to give, that he was still cumming

slightly, even as I finished.

He relaxed back on the bed, wiped the sweat off of his forehead and

looked sheepishly down at me.

'You were right,' he said at last. 'I did like it. I didn't think it could

feel that good with a queer sucking on it.'

'I told you, you'd like it.'

We laid on the bed for a short while. I continued to massage his body,

to feel it all over. His body was a joy. Finally, remembering my

commitment in Orange County, we got up, got dressed and left.

'You know,' I said as I was driving him home. 'This is the best Christmas

present I have ever had.'

He smiled. 'Merry Christmas. How about a New Years present!!'

I didn't realize it at the time, but it was an even better present than

I thought. Raul called me at least once a week for many months into the new

year each time he was in Hollywood. He would always call 'just to see how I

was doing,' but I knew that when he called, he wanted to come over and re-

bestow his Christmas present on me!

Later I would muse, what a really nice Christmas present; a virgin boy

on the day we celebrate the virgin birth

The end.



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