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I hope you guys like my first attempt at writing a story any constructive criticism is appreciated. I write this all on a whim with no planning, so yeah...If it offends your senses and peace of mind don't read but you can tell me how much you hate it, I like flames. Winter is coming. ;)



All your dreams, fantasy's, the supernatural/paranormal, the folk tales, fables, everything that doesn't exist in our world along with the alternate of who you really want to be are all in yours and everyone else's own mind right? When you close your eyes to sleep where ever you are, do you dream a life better for yourself and the world around you? Or you dream about slapping that bitch who got your order wrong at your favorite eat-in? Dream about destruction , revenge, sinful pleasures and pain? Of fortune and fame? No. All the dreams, imaginations, and everything in between do exist. For when you have that wishful dream and imagine the impossible they take hold and float away into space where they gravitate into a world where they they can take form and are born. Your thoughts are powerful.


[Let's Do An Introduction]

There was this annoying sound trying to get me out of this blissful violent dream of me destroying my boss and finally eating the hell out of those powdered blue cake balls that he always has on his desk every time he calls me in for a "reprimand". Those visits to his office are never on how I fuck up, because when you fuck up at work your boss doesn't leer at you while trying to set you straight. Or try to lure you to going out to a delicious dinner while secretly planning on how he is going to drug your Fire Sour drink and mate you while you're sedated and slutty. Yuck.

I snuggle harder into my black fluff of a comforter while this noise of evilness try to wake me up again. "Kai, get your scrawny ass up! You promise to go to the arena with me" It whine again making an echo in my small living place. I bolt out of my nest and faced the communication screen in the middle of my sleeping room.

"What the fuck Siiloe? It's a rest day, leave me the hell alone!" I yell as I angrily rub the sleep out of my eyes. The screen shows my long time friend Siiloe. We've been best buddies since meeting way back when we were still little blips in nappies at the First House of Learning 17 cycles ago. Now in our 20th cycle he finally looks like how he is suppose to look; towering, big muscled, with a domineering personality though he is still a gentle giant to friends and family. Including light features his kind normal has. The silver hair that should have graced his head is shaven down since he loves the bald look, though the light blue eyes and his artistic bone face structure make you not miss the hair at all.

"Look Kailyn if you didn't swear to come to one of my matches finally, I wouldn't be here waking your ass up. It's dusk time anyways get up, get ready, and meet me at the shuttle ride near Vilag's Chow Time." He said sternly and then rudely turned off his communicator before I neon color welcome screen pops up and shows me the time and temperature outside among other things. I sigh and give my warm nest one more look before padding slowly into the Hygenie room, the sudden bright light hurts my eyes for a few second as it switches on from sensing body heat in area.

I look up and see myself in the reflections around the room feeling slightly self conscious now that Siiloe seen me like this. My long mud colored hair was like a swirl of wind around my head. Crease lines of my comforter along with drool lines are all over my Sunn's tan face, damn I look like hell. My amber eyes took in my indeed scrawny body angrily, I shook my head and went about my "morning" cleaning routine. I strip off my violet knee length sleep shirt that I got from my Mama when I moved out and step onto the white tile of the showering area and push the buttons for hot water and apple-wood scent. The water rushes out from the glass spout above my head causing me to shiver in delight. With a little help from electronics I finished in record time (15 minutes) I felt way better with my hair smoothly going down my head, my body is clean, and smelling good.

"What should I wear?" I say out loud to my reflections. Hey loners sometimes talk to themselves nothing bad about about that. I padded back to the communicator in my sleep room and tap on the clothes selectory quickly in-case anyone opens up a call video and sees me standing here naked like a deprived being. Instead of grueling over what to wear, I took a chance and tap the random selector and wait for clothes to appear from the receiving niche box under the screen. A green light turns on and I open the box. I give the communicator a death glare while snatching up the black sea of clothes and a pair of of course black athletic shoes.

"Stupid fucking electronic" I muttered bitterly at the screen and proceed to walk away from the screen's range into my guest entertaining section. "What was that you little blip-bastard? And my name is Neemio dumb ass, it's written on the box when you brought me!" The electronic shot back at me.

Here's a back story of this thing, I don't possess a lot of fortune so when buying something as important as a communicator I couldn't get a new one. So I did what most sensible beings do and go to a pawn shop and purchased the cheapest one. I only need one to keep in contact with family, my job, and the few friends I have so I didn't care of how old or what cool programs it had on it. That was my mistake because little did I know this cheap piece of shit belong to a hacker who though it was funny to give it a fucked up personality. I tried to take it back but of course there's a no return policy on my receipt...gah.

I rush to put on the black clothes consisting of a tank top, knee length jeans shorts, and ankle socks. With the electronic at my back now I finally shoved my shoes on. I then went to look for the rest of the things I needed for the outside world hating how tight the clothes feel on my skin. I didn't say that out loud because I know that will only encourage it more. "Ignore me all you want you little vice, and don't ask me to pick things for you if you are going to be the emotional life bringer that you are" Neemio angrily said as it orbits around me. I ignore it's words again and looked frantically for my keys. It sometimes like to create a virtual self to mess with me. It takes to form of a foot size naked fat being, I don't know where it gets that from but it knows that the image embarrasses me. Especially when it stares at me when I sleep and sometimes when I wake up, I get the view of it's virtual example of a male organ hovering above my face. Yeah I am still saving up for a new communicator...

"Aha, found it!" I yell happily finding the keys under the pile of bills on my munch table "See ya later virus glitch" I run to the door before the electronic tampers with my entrance door and holds me in here till I beg it or me to death. I made it out in to the hallway turning around to stick out my tongue before slamming the door in it's virtual fat face. Hmm I am going to regret that later...oh well.

I walk down the floral lit hallway and through to the exit.

[To Be Continued]




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