High on the list of things I do not like is nature. I hate it. It's full of creepy, crawly things that exist only to scare the living shit out of me and bite me if possible. Other people, however, use terms like 'restful' and 'soothing' to describe the Great Outdoors. Like my business partner, for example, who reserved a cabin for me and tossed my ass out of the office. And my doctor, who said a lot of things about stress.

And all that was why I was walking up a sunlit path, in brand new clothes and hiking boots, praying my allergy pill would kick in soon and wishing that damned cawing bird would shut up. I glanced down at the rustic, pre-printed map that promised a waterfall would magically appear in front of me if I kept to the well-marked path, and didn't do anything stupid like blunder off into the trees. As if.

I heard the waterfall long before I saw it. It sounded just like one of those damned relaxation tapes I owned, and they didn't help a bit. I kept walking, the path turned and before me was one of the most glorious sights in nature. I gasped. He was standing in the waterfall. I ducked behind a tree and gawked at him. Wet hair streamed down his back to his waist. Broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, flat stomach and a cock that hung down between his legs. Damn. I mean...damn. He turned, and I got a good look at a tight, round ass. I looked down at myself. The front of my new jeans bulged. I took a hand and adjusted myself and just stared. He was beyond beautiful. For a second I thought I had snapped, and was seeing things. Then he launched himself off the boulder in a smooth arcing dive and cut the water in the pool. The water was so clear I could see his body perfectly, the long legs kicking and propelling him through the water, the arms moving. Like some kind of fantasy male nymph.

I stood there, in my pale, office-bound skin, smelling like bug repellent, in my new 'yes, I'm a fucking tourist' clothes and just wanted to die. Now I was not only stressed out, I was so horny I thought I'd just die. My cock and balls were going to explode and I would just die. I stood there feeling sorry for myself, staring blindly at the waterfall that it took a few seconds to realize the nymph had pulled himself out of the pool and was standing right in front of me. I focused on him and my spine turned to jelly. The enormous eyes were a vivid green. He was a golden tan everywhere, except for the long, thick dusky rose cock. Water droplets decorated his thick, curly pubic hair and glistened like diamonds. He could have been any age, and he could have beaten me to death with one hand. I started to babble an apology, and he waved it off. He smiled suddenly, and it was as if a bright, warm light had been switched on. My face ached, and I realized I was grinning at him. He stepped forward, put out a hand and said his name was Deven and it was nice to meet me. I shook his hand and thought for a minute, and scraped up the name 'Gary,' which was my own. I shook his hand for a long, long time, completely unable to let go. I saw his smile broaden, and his eyes laugh, and gradually became aware that the long, dusky rose cock had stiffened and grown. I gaped at it, then up at his face.

He undressed me as I stood frozen. I just stood there, listening to the waterfall and the loud bird, with sunshine flowing all around me as a male nymph took my clothes off. When I was naked, he kissed me, his mouth soft and searching. The kiss was sensuous and passionate, his tongue finally sliding into my mouth to flick at mine and tempt it to his. We stood and kissed for a long time, mouth to mouth, breathing into each other. When he finally pulled his face back, I saw that the green eyes had darkened. He looked at my pale body the way I looked at him, and frankly I didn't understand it at all. I reached out a hand and touched his cock, which was so damned hard. I looked down at it as I stroked it. He trembled, then bent his mouth to my chest and licked and sucked at me. His tongue flicked across both nipples, then slid around them in a warm, moist figure eight.

He led me to a shady, moss covered spot underneath a tree, and pulled me to the ground. He laid me back, kissed me, then turned his body and mounted me. One knee was on either side of my head, and his huge cock lowered to my mouth. I sucked it in greedily, using one hand to stroke his shaft, the other to massage his balls. He grunted contentedly, then lowered his mouth to my cock and licked and nibbled at it. He drew it in slowly, his wet, warm lips closed around it. He massaged my balls. We sucked each other slowly and thoroughly, moving in unison. Arousal kept building and building, but in a way I didn't want to cum, because I didn't want it to ever end. Finally, though, his warm, tight mouth brought me to a point of no return. I felt my cock swell, throbbing helplessly and I came in his mouth. He sucked me as I twitched, and swallowed everything I gave him. I howled my pleasure against the silky head of his cock, then lapsed into low, gratified moans. When I recovered, I sucked his cock so hard he was howling and cumming in seconds, hips pumping, arms shaking then giving way as he fell to the ground beside me.

We eased each other into the cool, clear water of the pool. I couldn't believe how incredible the water felt on my hot skin. He smiled in understanding, then drew me forward and cupped my ass, lifting my body to his chest. I wrapped both arms around his neck and held on as he supported me. I'd never felt like this before, and I was astonished at the depth of feeling. He pulled me through the water, floating backward, quiet, gently smiling. We swam for an eternity, then got out and laid in the sun together to dry. I couldn't keep my eyes or hands off of him, and he laid on his stomach with his eyes closed, smiling. Finally my hand worked its way down his back to his ass. His hips moved a little as I stroked him, and his smile broadened. I sat up, leaned over and kissed the curve of his right cheek. The skin was warm and dry, and like silk. I kissed his ass, then my tongue slid into his crack and found his hole. He moaned and spread his legs. 'Yes,' he said huskily. 'Oh, please, yes.'

I tongue-fucked his ass as I rolled his balls in my fingers. He tasted so clean and sweet. I couldn't get enough of his ass. My tongue danced in and out of his hole as my hands played with all of him. Finally, he stretched out an arm and pointed a finger. I followed the movement with my eyes, and saw the backpack under the tree. I crawled to it, and opened it. Inside was a tube of lubricant, wine, bread and cheese. I felt cold suddenly. He'd had something planned... The thought trailed off as I tried to compose myself. He raised his head and the clear green eyes were like a touch. He spoke quietly. 'The pain-in-the-ass who bullied you into taking the map and hiking up to the waterfall is my brother.' He rested his head back down on his forearms and waited. I stared at him, at the backpack, at my own pale body, then back at him. It hit me that as hard as it was to accept, this gorgeous male nymph had planned for...me. I felt dizzy suddenly, and crawled back to rest my face on his warm ass, the lubricant clutched tightly in my hand.

I rolled him over so that I could see his face, then pushed his legs up. He held his knees up for me as I lubricated a finger slowly, then lowered it to his ass. He sighed happily as I penetrated him and worked my finger back and forth. His cock was hard, and I lowered my mouth to it and licked its length. I lapped at him like a big, horny kitten as my finger slid in and out of his tight ass. I licked his precum off the huge, dark cockhead and slid in a second finger. He started to writhe, the green eyes burning at me. I slicked up my cock slowly, up on my knees so he could watch. He licked his lips. 'Yes,' he said hoarsely. 'Oh, shit, Gary, yes.' I put my dripping cockhead against his hole and pushed. His ass stopped resisting and accepted me and I slid into him. We both gasped at the sensation. He was so damn tight around my cock. My cock felt huge as I pumped him.

I lowered my mouth to his and kissed him as I fucked him, thrusting my tongue in deep, demanding that he suck it. Deven sucked it hungrily, his hands claws on my ass, pulling me closer and deeper, urging me to fuck his tight ass as hard as I could. I pumped slowly at first, delighting in his urgings for more, then finally gave him what he wanted. I fucked him hard, very hard, my hips slamming into his ass, my balls thudding against his, my hands locked on his shoulders. He humped his ass back at me, growling deep in his throat. He turned his head suddenly and fastened his mouth on my forearm in a mock bite, his face wild with a very primitive lust. I ducked my head and closed my mouth on his left shoulder, sucking his flesh in hard. He gasped, but didn't release his grip on my arm. We fucked hard and chewed on each other. I was suddenly very aware of the sun, the wind and the rush of the waterfall as I rutted with my mate. I felt my cock swell and begin to throb helplessly, and Deven saw it in my face. 'Yes!' he howled, his mouth still locked on my arm. I exploded in his ass, cumming in a helpless, thrusting orgasm that nearly made me black out. The intensity was relentless, and I kept pounding and pounding. I sensed Deven's ass slam up at me as his fingers dug deep into my hips. All of his muscles seemed to lurch in a different direction. He howled, and there was suddenly hot cum all over my chest. He kept twitching, his body totally out of his control, his eyes wide, mouth working soundlessly. I lay down on him to hold him, warm him and try and ease the trembling. 'Damn!' he finally managed to say in a cracked voice. I grinned at him. That about said it all.

We have an agreement. Weekends and holidays we go look at nature. I'm actually getting tan. During the week we fight city traffic and smog. We rut like animals in either place. It's working.


Morgan Grayson

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