So, I've just moved to a small Southern CA town along the coast and know nobody. The good thing was, I could walk across the street and look down the cliffs and see the beach. This is the beach where marines from Camp Pendleton and surfers go.

I'm 34, 5'9", well built, brown hair, hairy chest and good looking. Gay but very inexperienced since I'd convinced myself until just 6 months ago that I was straight.

So, one evening after I'd eaten I had a couple beers and was feeling pretty good. I took my two Dalmatians and headed for the beach itself. The sun was just setting and would be dark before long but I noticed a nice moon showing it's face on the horizon.

It was early April and the temps were about 75 this time of day.

As I approached the beach, I was very surprised to see the beach was totally empty as far as I could see, with one exception. The silhouette of a young man with a nice body was just out of the water and beginning to dry off to change from his surfing experience. So, I managed to coax the dogs over to one side and went to the water's edge and keep them away from him. You never know if others like dogs as i do. They had other ideas. They ran right over to him wagging their tails and wiggling fiercely. The guy was 5'10, dark hair, very well built and seemed to be in a good mood as he reached down to pet my dogs and looked up to smile at me.

I noticed him yelling something at me and couldn't hear him, so decided to go back in his direction and to corral my dogs also.

I finally was able to hear him say "Cool dogs, man!"

I smiled and said thanks. ( very relieved he wasn't upset that my dogs approached him) Then asked him how it was out in the water, as he finished drying off his wet suit and then began to remove it right there in front of me.

He said he doesn't get out here as much as he'd like but it was pretty good and he's all riled up now from surfing.

I mentioned I was new to the area and then made up a story and told him that I had been planning a party for some friends in LA who were coming down but one had an accident and they entire crowd was going to reschedule. "Now I have all this beer and liquor at my house with nothing to do." Then asked if he would be interested in coming up to my place and help me get rid of some of that alcohol. He said yes very quickly.

So, he's still removing his wet suit and I get to see his incredible body and he doesn't seem to mind me looking either. Once off, he dried a final time and then put on a pair of tiny running shorts with no undies, his tennis shoes and we were off to walk back to my place.

We talked all the way. He was 18, farmer and wrestler in HS and has just finished basic training and has a couple weeks before he goes into his post. Because of the time of year, he didn't want to go home or he'd be put to work and just decided to try and figure out an alternative plan.

His girlfriend didn't even know he had this time off. So, we got to my place and he asked if he could take a shower. I said yes. and again watched as he removed his shoes and shorts to reveal his incredible physique. He jumped in the shower and claimed this was the coolest shower he'd seen. ( It was a large 2 person marble shower with floor to ceiling glass on the outside looking into a well manicured garden area. Quite attractive. So I made my way into the bathroom to talk to him while showering. I brought him his beer and he just chugged it straight down, so I went and got 2 more for him.

He said he was beat from surfing and now had so much to decide.

He got out, dried off and just put his tiny shorts on without even his shoes. We both sat on the sofa as i turned on the TV but walked outside to look down the hill at the beautiful sunset over the ocean. As we turned to walk back inside he noticed I had a nice hot tub over under the tree that also sported the same incredible view.

I asked if he'd be interested in that later on and he jumped at the chance. So I went to turn it on and let him know it would be an hour or so.

Inside we watched some tv and I finally asked him if he would want to stay here with me for a couple weeks until he made a decision he could live with. ''Sure!!'' he said excitedly and thanked me profusely.

"You sure are a nice guy, the way you talked on the beach, invited me up here and now offered me a room for a while. I told him he just seemed nice, trustworthy and in need. (what I really meant was, this would give me many opportunities to see him naked I'm sure)

I told him, "Before you make a decision, you gotta see what I have to offer you" and took him back to my bedroom which had a small side area added on with windows - like an extension for an office or something. "It doesn't have any doors to close and no privacy to speak of". he didn't care at all. "you've already seen me naked and if I ever jack off, I'll just turn and face outwards - that will be my privacy" and laughed.

After a couple more beers, it was finally time to go hit the jacuzzi. It was steaming and bubbling and he just stood at the edge and slipped off his shorts automatically. So I just did the same.

Because everyone wants to look out over the ocean, everyone always sits on one side of the hot tub. This was no exception. We were naked, side by side and joking about things when I heard him ask if I was hard. "i'm hard as a rock with this hot water and bubbles hitting me. Are you, too" and he reached over to grab me.

"Wow, you are huge!'' he said. So i reached over to grab his, and was amazed to find that the beautiful organ I'd admired several times already was now at full mast and was at least 10inches long and quite thick as well.

I really didnt' know what to do or say for a couple minutes but both of us kept fondling the other.

Just about then, he removed his hand and said, "listen, i'm not gay and don't think you are either, so maybe we should cool this stuff". I agreed and pulled back as well. this way I could massage my own throbbing cock.

After about a half hour, we decided to go back inside. Once inside, he said "listen, if I do move in here for a while, I don't want that to happen again, but if you're up for it, I really do like to be watched when I jack off".

I lit up and agreed to that whole heartedly. With that, he shucked off his tiny shorts again and put a porn tape in the vcr. he sat on the floor leaning against the wall while I just sat on the sofa watching him. he got real hard really quick and didn't mind that i was beating off also.

He was going for quite some time when all of a sudden, he jumped up, sat on the sofa next to me and said he was about to come. "If you're interested, you better go for it now" and pointed to his erect cock.

I leaned over and began licking it just as he shot what seemed like a 3-4 min fountain of cum. So much I couldn't even take it all and it was everywhere. I ended up shooting about the same time.

"Hey man, thanks a lot for that" he said. "Never done that but always wanted to" and smiled.

He ended up staying with me for almost 2 weeks when he received his orders that he would be shipping out sooner than he'd expected. He had me as an 'audience' every evening and most of the time offered me the opportunity to help him finish. When home he never had any clothes on at all.

We kept in touch through mail for a few months, but then lost contact info as I'd moved again also.

But that one single trip to the beach that night was such a good idea.


Ran The Man

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