I had been traveling for business around the Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit area and had been talking to an older gentleman on a chat forum. The chat was completely platonic and unrelated to my work which I enjoyed as a getaway. I had been in communication through chat and email with him for about eight months and during our conversations he had told me he enjoyed amateur photography. We talked at length about his love of photography since I enjoyed doing amateur modeling.

In one of our email threads he mentioned that he lived outside the Chicago area so with my being in the area over a weekend I decided to reach out and see if he wanted to meet for a cup of coffee on a Saturday and get to meet face to face. I was happy to get his reply and we set up a time and place for a meeting early one Saturday morning.

I arrived and we managed to find each other although neither of us had ever shared a picture of each other. Edgar, was a very distinguished looking gentleman. He stood 6’5” and despite being on the heavy side carried himself very well. He had a full head of silver hair and a silver well-trimmed beard. Edgar was dressed as if he was going to a formal meeting and I thought I should have worn something a little more than a t-shirt and pair of old jeans. It was obvious from our communication and from his tone and vocabulary that Edgar was a refined educated man.

We immediately hit if off and before I knew it we had been sitting in the coffee shop just outside of the loop for almost three hours. Despite our long conversations I knew very little about Edgar himself. We had met on an online forum discussing world events and had remained in contact but primarily discussing non personal events. It was purely by accident he shared the fact that he loved photography. As we sat I showed Edgar my online portfolio which contained a cross section of genres which included nudes. Edgar expressed he wished we had more time as he would love to photograph me. I told him I did not have to be in Detroit until Monday morning and if he wanted we could shoot something while I was there. We decided to put it together with no particular theme or concept in mind and just to shoot some images for fun. Edgar asked if I had ever posed in a jockstrap and I told him no, he said he thought it would be a great thing to try with my build.

Edgar gave the address of his studio, it was a school that he taught at before retiring but still could use. It would be vacant since it was early January and everyone was on break. I left the coffee shop and told him I would meet him there in about an hour. I stopped at a sporting good store and purchased a white and a black jockstrap and plugged the school address into my GPS.

It was a large building and Edgar was waiting outside the door when I pulled in. It was freezing with an icy mix outside and I was traveling without a jacket so I ran in with my bag in hand. Edgar showed me around and we went into a large room that looked like an old warehouse with exposed walls and high ceilings. There were several large wooden tables scattered among backdrops and large old windows overlooking the stark cold city from the distance of the school grounds. Surprisingly it was not as cold in the room as I expected and Edgar sat and got his camera equipment out of his bag. He asked me to just pose freely so he could adjust his lights and lens and I moved around the room as he snapped away.

Edgar stopped and asked if I had anything specific I was wanting to capture and I told him no, I was open for whatever he wanted. He asked me to undress and said he just wanted to shoot some freestyle stuff as I moved about the room capturing the contrast of the room with my body. Edgar shot images of me undressing and as I moved posing in different ways. As I became more comfortable I began striking some more intimate poses and this seemed to get his creative juices flowing. Edgar said he had not plan and to just roll with it for fun. He said he had not been able to photograph a live model for over two years and was enjoying himself. Several hours had passed and Edgar had filled two 64 GB memory cards.

I stopped for some water and Edgar showed me the images. They were nice and all freestyle. Edgar thanked me for doing this for him and asked if I wanted a glass of wine. I said yes and he said he had an office where he advised younger professors and had an unopened bottle. He asked if I wanted to dress and I told him only if he thought we may run into somebody and he remarked about how open I was to being nude. We walked down several long dark hallways past empty classrooms and reached his office. Edgar said he never drank with a model during a shoot and I had two glasses of an excellent wine. I told him not to consider me a model and we were just two friends taking pictures for fun and Edgar smiled and decided to share a glass with me.

Back in the studio room Edgar had me do some more posing as he took some close up images of body areas as he liked to do bodyscapes. Edgar liked to shoot using all natural light and I could tell he was happy with our shots. After he filled another 64 GB card I put on the jockstrap and saw Edgar smile big. We continued to shoot until we began to loose daylight in the windows and Edgar put his camera away. He thanked me repeatedly for posing for him and for being so open. I told him it was my pleasure and I had enjoyed it as much as he did.

I asked Edgar if he was ready for me to get dressed as I stood in the jockstrap and he looked at me with a serious look and asked “Since we are just two friends taking pictures together would it be ok if I touch your ass?”  I bent over the table slightly and arched my ass out toward him and replied in a low voice “I would love that.” Edgar reached his very large hand and gently caressed my naked ass cheek as he told me how he loved the way my ass looked. His warm caress felt good on my bare skin as I looked out over the gray skyline of the city through the large window in front of me.

Edgar apologized saying he did not mean to take such a long time and my mind raced as he backs up slightly. Edgar was 73 years old and 27 years younger than me at the time. He was older than my dad and had a very gentle way about him. I knew he enjoyed taking the pictures and touching me and said to him “You know what’s best for me Daddy, are you still going to spank me?” I did not have to wait on a response as almost immediately I felt a very sharp slap across my cheek that burned. The surprise of the whack sent me forward and I touched the table with my hip with Edgar’s immediate response “Stand up straight here and take your punishment or you will get an extra one lick.” Edgar’s voice was deep and firm as I felt another whack a little harder across my already burning ass cheek. Without control I cried out “ow, your hurting me Daddy.” As I felt tears well up in my eyes with yet another hard slap that filled the room. Edgar replied “Is this turning you on? You have an awful big bulge in your jockstrap for being punished. Maybe I need to spank you harder.”  I was surprised to see my cock was completely hard and sticking out straight from the spanking. I had been playfully spanked before but never this hard and I was loving it.

Edgar continued spanking my ass without letting up and my skin felt like it was on fire. Edgar’s voice was stern and demanding as he repeatedly asked if I had learned my lesson yet. My face was soaked with tears and my eyes were streaming as I cried out with each firm whack while being told to stand still. I was now standing straight and trying to cover my exposed cheeks with my hands and Edgar pushed me forward and held my hands to my side. He was very strong. Finally he slowed the pace of his slaps and started to rub my ass cheeks which felt good. My voice was broken as I held back tears and I said “I’m sorry Daddy, I promise to be good.” Edgar’s reply was “You know this hurts Daddy worse than it hurts you son.”  Edgar stood and rubbed my ass as he held me close to himself.

Edgar finally broke the silence as he told me to go and turn on a lamp. He told me to stand so he could see my ass and I turned and bet over for him giving him a view of my burning red ass. My cock was still fully erect poking the front of jockstrap out form my pelvis allowing full view of my balls beneath. I was surprised at how excited and turned on this spanking had made me. Edgar said in a quieter softer voice “Daddy is sorry for getting so mad and spanking you so hard. Daddy really needs to control his temper better.”  He then continued “Come here and let Daddy make you feel better.”  I walked to the table where Edgar was standing and he turned me to face the table. I was not sure what he was going to do next as this was all unplanned and he had jumped right into the role play without hesitation as soon as I called him Daddy. I was expecting a soft pat but Edgar had taken over. He pushed me onto my hands and knees on top of the table in front of him and bent me over putting my head down onto the table with my ass still in the air. He pushed my legs further apart opening me up and exposing me fully. Before I could speak to ask what he was doing Edgar pulled my sore cheeks apart and buried his face between them.

Edgar’s tongue circled my anus as he licked. His hot breath on my ass felt incredible as his tongue circled my tight anus teasingly daring inside me slightly. His hands were rubbing and kneading my spread cheeks and I was moaning in pleasure I was receiving. As I was now being very vocal Edgar’s rim job intensified and he was now licking me from the top of my crack all the way to my balls and pushing his tongue fully inside me. He pulled my jockstrap off allowing my cock to spring free and without him touching my cock I felt my cum begin to leave my balls and boil its way up. I knew I was going to explode in a massive orgasm and cried out “Daddy, I’m going to cum daddy, oh god, I’m cumming daddy.”. I felt Edgar’s mouth engulf my cock as my first load began to shoot from my cock and Edgar’s finger replaced his tongue in my ass. I have had a lot of blow jobs but Edgar was milking my cock with his mouth and sucking every drop of cum I had in me down his throat without ever lightning up in his intensity. His finger was fucking my ass hard and fast which increased the pleasure to the point I thought I would lose consciousness and pass out.

Once I was done I lay breathing heavily on the table top in a naked heap. Edgar was running his hands through my hair and rubbing my chest with the other. I was starting to regain my awareness and I thanked Edgar telling him that was amazing. I raised my knees back to my chest and him to fuck me. Edgar laughed and said he would not have had to be asked until about five years ago. He said he would love to but would not be able to get hard. He said he had resigned himself to occasionally servicing other men orally. I rubbed his crotch and told him I would suck him off to get him hard. He replied that I had already given him enough.

Edgar brought me another glass of wine and I lay on the table for another half hour recovering. I could not believe I had just cum more than I ever had and there was not a drop of cum on me or on my cock. Edgar said he did  not know how I would have responded to his touch and when I called him daddy it had him so excited he could not contain himself. He told me he hoped he had not spanked me too hard and I told him I loved every part of it. He said he could not believe I called him Daddy and asked to be spanked, he could not have asked for anything he enjoyed more. It was about 9:30 when we walked outside into the freezing cold. Over twelve hours since we had met earlier that morning.

I hugged him goodbye and drove out onto Interstate 294. I was on the Indiana Toll Road and was approaching Interstate 69 North when my gas light rang in the rental car and brought me out of my thoughts of the day. It had turned out to be an incredible day filled with new adventure.



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