I hooked up with Michael through a gay pen pal site on the web. We were still a mystery to each other. We didn't divulge everything about us to each other. We were exchanging a lot of emails. We wrote each other every day. We wanted to know if we had other things in common besides gay issues. At first we discovered each other as friends; what sports, music, movies and hobbies we liked. We discovered that we had much in common in those areas. I discovered that he was well rounded educationally and piqued my interest so I wanted to find out more about this cyber friend. I specifically avoided any talk about sex between us, but that was the reason for making contact, even if we didn't come right out and say it. Finally, we had a hot cyber session the other night. It was intense and lasted a long time. I came in buckets. We lived apart. Michael was from Michigan in the Midwest and I in the East. So getting together would not be easy, besides we both were busy with either school or careers and didn't have the time to enter into a situation that could lead to a meaningful relationship. We both had a few casual relationships, in my case more like one night stands. Through our emails, we discovered that we would both be traveling over the same weekend, heading in opposite directions. But would be at Chicago O'Hare at the same time for connecting flights. We decide to layover there; finally meet; and then proceed the next day to our respective destinations. Michael was heading for Atlanta to visit family and I was going to Omaha for a meeting.

I arrived first at about 7 pm and proceeded to the agreed upon hotel and checked into our suite. It had been a long day. It was nice to be in the hotel, which was cool and welcoming. About an hour later, Michael arrived at the reception and asked for me, and soon he was at the door. We greeted each other with warm smiles, both of us were pleased to meet each other in person and relieved that each thought the other looked great. Michael came in and sat down in the living room. I ordered some coffee from room service, but he chose a cool drink from the mini-bar. We talked some more and became totally relaxed and comfortable with each other. Later, we went to the restaurant for a late snack. You could almost feel the desire for each other in the air. It was time for us to get down to 'business'! After returning to our suite, I put on a bathrobe and suggested that he do the same in order to make ourselves more comfortable by getting out of our sweaty city clothes. Then I said that I was going to take a bath and I ask you if Michael would like to join me. He hesitated, so I went in alone to fill the tub and add some scented bubble bath. I took off my robe and slipped into the warm bath. After getting into the tub and covering my hardon with the soap bubbles, I called Michael in to the bathroom to continue to talk. I invited him to sit on the edge of the bath while we chatted. While we did so, his robe fell open to expose his knee. His eyes were shining; he looked so sexy that I placed a hand on his bare knee and started to creep upwards. He placed his hand on top of mine. I gently pulled Michael towards me to kiss him. It was our first kiss. It was gentle at first, then I felt his tongue against my lips. I opened my mouth and it darted inside. The kiss became more passionate. I wanted him so badly.

My legs were moving in the water so that the soap bubbles moved and my hardon was no longer hidden from his sight. I loosened his bathrobe and slipped it off his shoulders. It fell to the floor and I pulled him down towards me again. He lost his balance and fell on top of me. He was also hard. We kissed again, but tentatively, our hands started to move over each other's bodies. For a long time, we kissed, tongue against tongue, lips against lips, hands stroking and caressing. I felt him hard against me and he could feel me hard against him. There was no need to rush things and besides the water was still warm and it felt so good just being together, holding each other so close. We stayed locked in our embrace until the water turned cold. Then we stood up, drained the water and turned on the shower to rinse of the soapsuds.

After rinsing ourselves under the shower, we dried each other with huge white fluffy towels, and I picked him up in my arms and carried him into the bedroom where I had lit some candles beforehand. I laid him on the bed in their glow. God, he was a beautiful vision to behold. I sat down on the bed and just gazed at his taught body and bobbing cock. Then my hands and tongue started to wander over his body to a nipple. I tasted, kissed and finally swallowed it entirely. I then kissed his lips, neck and throat. He moaned with pleasure. My tongue traced a line down his belly until I found his cock, which was rock hard and oozing with pre-cum. I pumped it a little to prime the pre-cum to flow, then I licked if off and again a moan escaped from his mouth. Then I took the whole shaft into my mouth. I liked the taste of his cock as my mouth moved up and down, sucking him. I began to lick and suck his balls. Then I spread his legs and smelled his smell, that special smell from his silky pubic hair and butt crack mingled with the scent of soap. I licked under his balls and then ran my tongue up and down his crack. My tongue plunged up and into his ass. I tongue fucked him with gusto. After a while, he grabbed my head, held me still and then asked me to stop that for a while. He was close to cumming and wanted to make it last.

'Your turn,' he whispered. So I lay on my back along side of Michael. He kissed me passionately as his hands moved across my body. Just as mine had done to his awesome body. His lips traveled down from my mouth to my nipples and he discovered just how much he could turn me on, by nibbling and biting them gently. Then he descended lower and found my hard cock. After licking the head, he put it in his mouth. It felt good there and he tried to swallow all of it into his mouth. He wasn't able to. I whispered that it didn't matter. This was his first time of trying to swallow a cock. He would learn how to with all the practice that I planned to give him. He loved to suck on my cock, to feel its size and hardness, to play with it and to hear my moans of pleasure. I turned into a 69 position. Now we could suck each other's cock at the same time. Michael lay on his side next me and found he could fuck my mouth easier that way. It felt good. I loved to feel how his hard cock entered and then pulled out of my mouth. Then he started to swallow my tool. I was gentle, not forcing all my cock into his mouth. We sucked each other for a long time. But he wanted to experience more. 'I want you to really fuck me in the ass' you whispered. I lay him back on the bed with his legs hanging over the side and lubed my cock and his ass. I had him put on my condom and then I grabbed a hold of his legs; put them over my shoulders and pulled him towards me. My cock was at his pucker. He reached behind me grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into him. The sensation of his tight ass around hard cock felt really good. As my rhythm, the back and forth motion increased, I came too soon.

But he told me that the fuck was wonderful. I explained that I had lost control and wanted to really please him the next time. We relaxed together, stroking and cuddling, kissing tenderly. After a while, I felt desire returning to me and started to move around on him. I knew the time had come for me to show him what a good fuck was. I turned him over and put him on all fours, doggy style.

Once again, I excited him as before, my tongue and lips moved across his back. Then I told him to hug the bed with his butt in the air. His balls and pucker were exposed for my pleasure. I licked his balls then sucked one and then the other into my mouth. I reached under him, grabbed his still hard cock and pulled it between his legs so that I could suck it. I then buried my nose into his butt crack. My tongue licked across the puckered skin, and a new moan of desire escaped from him. I forced my tongue way inside and started to tongue fuck and rim his ass. He had never been rimmed before and soon he was begging me to fuck him again.

I spit on my fingers and gently inserted first one then a second into him. He winced and then relaxed so I inserted a third finger. Soon he was loose, hot and ready for my pulsing manhood. I lubed my cock and moved the head close against his tight hole. When he felt it, he pressed his butt against my hips so that my cock started to enter his bowels. Again, I was very gentle and slow with him. As my cockhead and then most of the shaft entered him, I heard his moans; first of a little pain then desire as he felt his sphincter being stretched to receive my cock. It was all in. I waited a moment for him to get accustomed to the intrusion. Then slowly and gently, I withdrew out of his ass almost completely and then slammed back in. I started to fuck him hard. He got really excited. He stretched out flat on the bed so I was lying on top of him; our bodies were held together by my cock being all the way inside. He asked me to pull out so we could change positions. He lay me on my back and straddled my cock facing me so that he could ride me. He lifted up and sat back down on my cock like a man possessed. He was out of control. I was ready to cum again as I heard his breathing increase. He cried out and suddenly I felt his sphincter contract around my cock. I sprayed jets of thick cum into him and at the same time, he came all over my chest. Exhausted, he lay on my chest and we fell asleep in each other's arms, my cock was still semi-hard inside of him.

Some time later, he kissed me awake and rolled off my chest. My cock plopped out of his hole. We both had dried cum on us so we showered. We went to bed that night nestled in each other's arms.

The next morning after our showers we dressed; grabbed our suitcases and headed for the terminal to make our flights. As we're walking out the door, he touched my shoulder and asked, 'When are we going to do this again?' I told him as soon as he could pack up his stuff in Michigan and move in with me. We would have all the time in the world then to discover each other more intimately.



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