I met this man online at adam4adam. A lot of Arab men use this web site. In the UAE it was restricted and you have to use a VPN access to to go to the website. I had made contact with this man who was 35 and says he prefers older man, which was good for me, I am 58. He had not been with a CD before but invited me over to his place to spend the night. In the past in the UAE I have only had men visit me in my hotel room and there was a risk that if you venture out and go to someone's home that you have no control over the situation. But I am adventitious and would not be dressed when I traveled. I somewhat did not like meeting a guy as Roger and would like to have met him as Cindy but that was not possible. So I checked out of my hotel, and waited for him to pick me up. He was three hours late but we were in communication and he was driving in from another town in the UAE. Traffic can be bad in the Dubai so I was not worried. When he arrived, he was dressed in Arab UAE clothes, the long white robe and the headdress, signifying he was a UAE of royal connection. He was not a tall man and had the normal Arab beard and was quite striking in looks.

He had an apartment when he worked in Dubai which was across town. As we drove we chatted about our work and our meeting others. He spoke good English but with an accent requiring me to listen to his conservation.

We arrive at his apartment, a one room with a small kitchen. He had been out of town and there was not fresh food so he went out shopping and I told him I would be Cindy when he returned. It was about 45 min later, Cindy was all dressed with makeup when he arrived and I could not tell if he was surprised, aroused, excited but he did kiss me and we held each other. He fixed some food, made coffee and we sat on the couch chatting. His hand rubbed my stocking and he did want to play with my little extra. It was pleasurable to feel his hand explore my secret and we kissed and french.

He had changed out of his formal robe and was in a casual gown that went to his knees. I could tell that he was around by the bulged. He stood up and I went on my knees, lifted his gown to see his very nice six inches and thick cut Arab cock. When I meet a man for the first time I do not go down on him first, but I tease him by kissing and licking his thighs, his balls and his shaft. I want him to desire my mouth on his cock so took my time.

I was dressed in my short red and black skirt with stockings with the built in suspenders. I had a nice pair of pink panties that was in a thong style. I did not wear my boots so just had my stocking legs, pink thong, short skirt and my low cut top. I spend some time making my up but not too much time on my eye makeup. I have notice that when I meet someone for sex, they do not care about how my makeup looks. So in a dimly lit room I have an illusion of being a woman. In the one room apartment there was a platform bed that was like a futon. The mattress was very thin and did not offer much of a cushion for my knees or butt depending on what position I was in. By this time it was about 7 PM and my Arab friend had called a friend of his to join us. While we were waiting it gave us time to go the first round. While my Arab friend enjoyed my oral ability he was fairly quick to lay me on my back and fuck me like a woman. I think the visual illusion of Cindy had made him horny for a nice hole to slide his cock. His first penetration was bare and he slid in with little pain. I had lubed my hole several hours before so was ready for a nice fuck. There was little conservations so I decided to do some erotic talking. I told him he had a big cock and that I like him fucking me. I told him he was making me feel like a woman. I was in the position of my legs on his shoulders or my legs around his waist and I moved my nylon clad legs up and down his body. With each thrust in I would bite my lower lip and moan a little. He fucked me for a few minutes then told me to get on all four. This time he put on a condom and slid back in holding my hips as he positioned his cock for the best entry. I continued to use words like "fuck me" or "bitch" which I think excited him. A few more minutes of fucking and he came. I turned around, removed the condom and licked his cock, and held my mouth over his cock to get every last drop. I know that some men enjoy being sucked to completion and love for their cum to be swallowed. We remained in his bed with me being held in his arm. After a few minutes he goes takes a shower and then suggest that I take a shower. His friend had left a message saying he was on his way. So I had to take off all of my Cindy things, shower and then get dressed again. My Arab friend, friend arrived who was about the same age and a little taller. I met him and shook his hand which if he was meeting an Arab female I have been told was not the expected custom. Well we sat on the couch and I tried to look as sexy as I could be. After a few minutes I was in bed again with my breast being fondled, my little extra was being rubbed and sucking two cocks. The friend had about the same size cock, six inches, thick and cut. When there are two men to play with I have to decide who will get my primary attention. I decided that my Arab friend wanted to watch me service his friend and so I concentrated on sucking the friend, cock and balls. This worked out for me because my Arab friend got me into position and slide his condom clad cock into my ass again. I was somewhat stretched from the first round of fucking so entry was easy.

This was one of my favorite positions being between two men, sucking on and getting fucked by the other. I was told to sit on top of my Arab friend and sat down on his hard cock. The friend now got behind me and rubbed his cock up and down my crack. He put some lube on my crack and his cock and I realized he was going for the double penetration. Leaning forward allowed my hole to be accessible. I relaxed as much as I could allow a second cock to slip into my warm body. It took several attempts but there I felt filled as I never was before and had both men pumping in and out. At this point, Cindy was truly a fuck slut and happy to be one. I guess the feeling of his cock against another cock in my hole was more that the friend could take. He was about ready to shoot when he pulled out, took the condom off and moved within inches of my face. I opened my mouth waiting for a flood of warm cum to be deposited on my face and if lucky in my mouth. The friend did not disappoint me with several squirt all over then draining his cock allowing to cum to dribble into my mouth. All the time my Arab friend was fucking my hole, playing with my little extra and watching his friend unload on my face and mouth.

I lay there exhausted while my Arab friend and his friend retired to the couch to have a smoke. I was really tired and fell asleep. I am not sure how long I was sleeping but I woke up with my Arab friend inserting his cock into my used hole. I was not aware if he was already inside me when I woke or if I awoke when he entered me. I just remembered waking up with a cock in my hole and another one in my mouth. I was in that position again for the third time that night between two men sucking one and getting fucked. I rocked my hips in movement to the thrusting and allow the friend to gag me with his humping of his mouth. In this position I was somewhat restrained, being used and some might say abused. I was comfortable with my Arab friend and his friend and I was there for one purpose to be his slut to be used. My Arab friend was thrusting deep in my hole as I tighten my sphincter muscle giving him more resistant on each thrust in and moving my hips with each stroke he came inside me leaving his cock in me as I counted his squirts. I responded with each one of his squirts a contraction of one of my own. That was about all the fucking and sucking we three had in us. The friend left and I cleaned up removing my make up and dressed in my guy clothes. There was only one bed in the apartment so we slept together. The next morning we showered separately got dressed, I caught a cab to the airport and he was off to work. That night I was fucked three times once was a double penetration and sucked each guy multiple times. I was fully satisfied and wanted to arrange another meeting where my Arab friend might have two friend drop by for a little treat of Cindy.



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