My best friend and I chose a stylish apartment with a view of the city but it was rather expensive. We were both star athletes at our university and we had decided earlier in the year to move out of the college dorms. I was attached to the dorms because i had had the most erotic experiences there and that's where i was introduced to bisexual activities but it was a time for a change... Jake supported my idea of moving off campus and we did. We were given the opportunity of living in a beautiful apartment but for a higher than expected price. We had some time before the semester started so we decided to make money to continue living in it. So we started a fit guy landscaping business and we got popular fast.

I called Jake to the kitchen one morning to check out some girls at the park that our apartment had a perfect view on, he walked in with spandex that hugged his upper thighs and cock and he was shirtless. Jake was 6 feet, 150 lbs of muscle hunk with gorgeous dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He said that they were alright and returned to his room leaving me in awe as his inflated squatter ass turned the corner. Jake and I had been roommates since freshman year and he introduced me to male on male action, he was the first guy that ever placed their lips on mine and so forth. We had sex occasionally whenever we had a strong desire for it but there was no pussy around. To be honest, i loved the way he moaned and how his muscular back tightened as our skin slammed against each other. I knew Jake wasn't getting any sex because we were putting all our mind set to the business and our nights consisted of clubs but we never brought anyone home.

I was taller than Jake by 2 inches but we had the same physique that some clients even thought we carried a family business. I didn't have blue eyes like Jake did, but our dirty blonde hair matched up like twins. After Jake's ignorance I made my way to my room and took off my shirt to exchange it for a tank that exposed my monster fore arms and some short shorts for any guys who were interested. I was feeling horny and I was having a deeper interest for more guy on guy action.

I made me way back to the window and spotted the sexiest man alive. He was a good 6 feet, bearded, and built like a rock. The man looked way older than Jake and I, but i was feeling aroused by his figure and looks. He was jogging across the street and he sat down to fiddle with his ipod, i reacted fast, grabbed a business card and jolted out the room. Hoping he would still be there, i felt my cock hardening from thinking about an older mans pounding my cheeks. I had to wait in the lobby as my boner died down, I caught a glimpse of him still sitting there and a smile came across my face. He was stylish, perfect comb over hair, brown beard, green eyes, as i got closer i knew he wasn't a hard core straight man, there was something about him. I pretended to be walking down the sidewalk and then i came up to him, i greeted him and he firmly shook my hand gazing into my eyes, or vice versa, i can't remember. I told him about our business and if he ever needed assistance we'd be glad to help. He gave me his number to call him to schedule an appointment and his deep sexy voice made me lose concentration. He was well on his way before i grabbed onto his huge bicep and pulled him back...

"I didn't catch your name sir" I stated.

"Roger... Mr. Roger if you must..." He winked at me and left jogging. I looked up to see Jake with a huge grin on his face. I knew Mr. Roger wasn't just alright for us, he was sexy.




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