It had been a quiet winter and I had been out in the "middle of nowhere," as I liked to call it, for more days in a row then I could remember.  I lived on ten acres about twenty-five minutes from anything and I was out there alone, mostly by myself, except for the occasional city slicker looking for respite.  I didn't think about about sex all the time during that time. In fact, I wasn't really interested, but things seemed to change the most when I wasn't paying attention.  

It started as any other morning where I did the regular around the house chores that I usually saved for the morning.  In the winter this meant  cleaning out the weeds from the fall, clearing flower beds, raking, and prepping the yard for Spring.  The growing season in the high desert is short so I always tried to do as much as possible before the snow came and this year was no exception.  

That morning I was making new flower beds on the East side of the house, which was a ton of digging.  From there it's hard to hear anything but the wind and the birds flapping their wings...maybe a dove coo from somewhere far away.  After an hour in the morning sun, even with the outside temperature below 50 degrees I was in in my t-shirt and working hard moving some dirt when I froze.  I heard footsteps on the wooden porch that runs along the house and I knew immediately that someone was there.  No one ever comes out here and one has to be looking for my place to find it so, of course, I was more than a little surprised.  I dropped my shovel and called out, "Hello?  Someone there?" I asked as I moved towards the porch.

"Oh, hello there.  I was just about to knock," I heard a voice answer from around the bend.

I stepped up to the porch steps and looked around the corner and standing there was a man about my age, fifty, a little taller than me maybe 5'7", in baggy jeans and a blue work shirt. He was holding a clipboard and I could see a white truck in the driveway through the trees and bushes.  "Can I help you?" I asked.

"Yes, I just wanted to drop by to let you know that tomorrow I have to come by and change out your electric meter.  It won't take long but I have to shut off the electricity to the house and I usually like to give a 24 hour notice.  I was going to leave this on the door but I'll just hand it to you," he said to me as he smiled. I found that our eyes were locked and I was feeling the attraction.  I reached out and smiled back and took the proffered paperwork.  

"I didn't know there was a problem with it.  Has it not been working?" I asked.  I hadn't wanted to stare at him so I hadn't had a real chance to really "check him out," but his face had me transfixed.

"Oh, it's not broken," he said with a slight laugh that stayed deep in his throat, "just updating all the old ones.  Yours is just due, is all."

I looked down at my hands and noticed that I still had my work gloves on, which I pulled off and reached my hand out, "I'm Gabe.  Sorry my hands are sweaty I've been shoveling," I said.

"Dave," he said as he shook my hand back.  He walked to the edge of the porch and asked, "Oh, I see.  A garden?"

"Yup.  I think it will be the herb garden.  I like to cook a lot," I said.  

"Well, it's a great place out here," he said as his eyes took in the open space, the valley below, and the crisp, winter air danced around us.


"Will the same time tomorrow be ok?" he asked as he turned to leave.

"Uh, yeah.  It's fine."

"All right then.  See  you then," he said as he walked away.

I watched him walk away from me and I saw that he looked nice in his jeans, he was slim, and sure of himself.  Almost unconsciously I looked at his left hand and saw a ring so I ignored any feelings of attraction and went back to the flower bed.


It was exactly 8:30 a.m., based on the coffee machine screen, the next morning, when I heard the crunching of the gravel outside as a truck pulled up.  I had actually forgotten that someone was coming that morning.  I had been up a while but I was still in my shorts and t-shirt morning wear.  I had a steaming cup of coffee in hand so I decided to walk out to meet them.  It was a brisk forty-five degrees as I stepped outside and I recognized Dave from yesterday and he was alone.  He wore a fleece lined brown coat, gloves and a hat.

"Good morning," I called.

"Oh, hey there.  Good morning," he called back as he walked towards the porch.  I headed towards him knowing that I only had about a minute outside before it got too cold.

"Do I need to do anything special besides shut everything off?" I asked.

"Oh, bit chilly to be outside in summer clothes," he smiled at me as he stared at my legs.

OK, so the truth is that I am no super hotty.  I am a fifty year old guy in ok shape, hairy all over and short.  So I don't get a ton of "come-ons" so when someone notices I notice that they notice.  

We caught each other's eyes and I knew that he knew that I saw him staring at my legs. He turned away and headed to the electric meter at the end of the porch.

"Uh, you don't need to do anything special," he started. "I need about ten minutes then I will knock on your door to make sure everything is off."  

"Yeah, sure," I said back.  "How about some coffee?" I asked over my shoulder as I quickly headed back towards the door and into the warm indoors.

"Uh, thanks, but I have a thermos," he said from around the house.  From there I could almost hear his heart beating and I knew he was as nervous and unsure as I was.  

"K," I said back and headed inside.  I went and stood by the fireplace, shut if off, and stood in front of the fan as it started to shut down.  It felt like an hour but it was probably more like two minutes when I heard a knock.  I went to the door and pulled it open a crack.

"All set?" I asked him as I looked into his face.

"Yup, it should take about two minutes to reconnect," he said as he reddened slightly in the face and turned and walked back towards the end of the porch.  

I pushed the door closed, unplugged the fireplace fan, and walked into the kitchen to wait. About a minute later the entire house went dark and everything became very quiet.  All I could hear was Dave outside detaching and reattaching the unit.  After about three minutes, which in the silence seemed like two hours, I decided to check things out.  I pulled on a cap and a hoodie and walked back out.

"Everything, o.k.?" I asked him as I reached the end of the porch.  All I could see was Dave's back as he struggled with whatever he was doing.

"Uh," he started to respond, "something is off here.  It's not coming back on."

"What do you mean it's not coming back on?  Everything was working just fine before you touched it," I said as I tried to keep myself from overreacting.

"It will be ok," he said to me. "I promise.  I'll fix it.  I have to go back and get a part and that won't take but half an hour maybe forty minutes.  Then I'll come back and turn it back on.  The new unit is defective.  Because if it was something inside the house...but because, as you say, everything was working fine.  So, I'll be back as soon as possible."

"Really," I said knowing that I was getting slightly agitated, "you are going to leave me here without any power?  And you promise me that you will be back in under an hour or I will be freaking out," I said to him.

"Really, less than thirty minutes," he said as he ran to his truck, started it up and pulled out of the driveway.  I smiled to myself as I walked back inside because I noticed that he was checking out my legs again.


True to his word and under thirty minutes I once again heard the crunching of the gravel as he pulled up.  I waited inside and peaked out the window as I watched him look towards the door for a second...maybe two...then he went back to the electric meter and out of sight. All I heard was the sound of him fumbling around the corner. After thirty seconds the whir of the house coming back online interrupted the silence and everything came back to life.  I heard some more fumbling at the corner, then I heard Dave walk across the front porch and there was a slight tap at the door.  I walked to the door and pulled it fully open.

"Come in, it's too cold out there," I said as I ushered him in.  I pushed the door closed and headed into the living room to start the pellet stove. I turned and crouched before the stove and listened to him walk into the house. "This will only take a second," I said over my shoulder, "so it's all taken care of? The unit was bad?" I asked him. I quickly doused the paper and pellets, lit them, turned on the fan and stood to face Dave.

"Uh, it was bad. I just wanted to apologize for the inconvenience," he started to answer then we both just looked at each other.  He moved forward towards me and came a little closer. He then whispered in a gruff voice, "am I reading signals from you?"

Now it was my turn to feel my heartbeat in my chest as I considered my next move. I could have had him out of there in less than thirty seconds or I could choose to play along to see what could happen. That's what I was thinking but my tongue took over and what I said was not what I would usually say.

"I see the ring. If you are married then leave."

"Not married," he said. "But it keeps people from asking questions. You know?  Out here?"

My heart pounded in my ears as I took in the possibilities of this experience.  And again what I said surprised me and it appeared to surprise him.

"We play by my rules," I said. "You come when I call. You do what I ask without question and you always play the role I give you. I won't hurt you but I will push you to your limits. I will respect you but I will do everything I can to humiliate you. If this is what you want then come back this evening after work.  There will be instructions for you on the glass door."

Dave stood frozen to his spot.  I heard his breathing as it quickened and rushed in and out of his open mouth.  I almost felt his blood rushing to his cock.  I knew that he was entirely interested and a little scared but he looked down at his feet. We stood in silence for a full minute while his head hammered his with fantasy and mine waited in anticipation.  

"I'll be here around 6:00," he said. Then he turned and left.


Six o'clock rolled around quicker than it ever had before. The note was on the door, the lights were dimmed, the music was soft techno that thumped slowly in the background. I waited in the dark, in the living room.  I had a full view of the front door.  At a few minutes after the hour the gravel crunched again and I was immediately rock hard.  I heard the approach of foot steps. They stopped at the door and I could hear the note being removed from the glass.  Slowly the door opened and he entered the room.  He placed the note on the table, and reached down to remove his boots, socks, pants, underwear, shirt, t-shirt.  He stood naked in the half light as he turned to the table and found the blindfold.  He walked through the kitchen and I could see that he was soft and he appeared very unsure of himself as he looked around the room trying to locate me in the dark.  He made his way into the family room according to the instructions.  He went to the middle of the sheet in the room and got to his knees and reached up to tie the blindfold. Then he got on all fours just as he was instructed.

I was able to watch all of this from the shadows in the hallway.  I stayed and watched him for about a minute.  He was nervous and kept moving his head as if trying to find me. I made my way slowly to him. I stood above him and took in his whole body. He was naked and vulnerable just for me.  Ready for almost anything. He was like me. Just a regular old guy in about the same shape as I was, a little taller, and not as hairy.  But he had a great back and a round hairy ass and that was all I needed to see.  His salt and pepper hair and trimmed mustache and beard made a strong contrast to him in a submissive pose. I stood above him  and watched with his ass in the air and all I wanted to do was to fuck him.  But my plan was to get him to beg for it. I wanted him to cry for me to fuck him.  He would have to wait.  First, I had to get him just the way I wanted him.  

"First my dirty boy we need to get you clean and ready.  You have to always be squeaky clean for me.  But, I want to make sure you understand the rules.  If you disobey me, tell me no, or resist me you will be punished," I said as I walked over to the small table and picked up the small, skinny bamboo stick.  I took the bamboo stick and ran it along his thighs and his ass.  I could see him stiffen slightly as he considered the sting. I flicked the stick on his ass and he jumped and said, "Oww," and he sucked in air through this teeth. Then he relaxed a bit and put his ass back in the air and spread his cheeks a little more.

"Nice," I said as my cock strained inside my pants. "You can ask for permission to speak.  You can respond to me as Sir.  Not Daddy or Master, but Sir.  If I am hurting you or you want me to stop at any time you just say stop. Now let's get you clean."

I reached down and took him by the arm, and gently helped him to stand. He was nervous walking blindfolded and he became increasingly helpless as I walked him through my house and walked him slowly up the stairs. His helplessness in his blindfold was surprisingly erotic. I guided him into the bathroom and into the tub. I got a large bottle of lube out and slowly began to play with his hole as I bent him over.

"Hold on to your ankles as I do this," I said.  He moved his head towards my voice and then slowly reached down and grabbed his ankles. I played with his ass and the lube, slowly. Watching him vulnerable and bent over with his ass in my face made my cock strain and precum was leaking into a stain on my pants.  I added more lube to a finger and began to play it around and inside his tight hole.  I turned on the shower head and turned the ass douche diverter on and waited for the water to reach a comfortable warm. I slowly inserted the hose into his pink hole and watched it disappear inside.

"Now hold it. We need to fill you up first."  I let the water run for a few seconds then pulled it out again. "Now hold it for me."   I straightened him up and guided him out of the tub and onto the toilet. "Now let it go," and he emptied himself into the toilet. I could see the shame flash on his face as he smelled himself and I got even harder.  I pulled him to his feet and back into the tub.  "Ankles," I said and he bent over and grasped his ankles.  Again, I slowly inserted the tube into his ass and this time I said, "Now let it come out as it goes in.  You have to relax and let it come out," I instructed and slowly at first then he opened up fully and I rubbed his ass and thighs as he was washed out clean.  I rinsed the tub and said, "now get face down ass up.  I need to shave you clean."

I grabbed him from the back of this neck and gently guided him down and onto all fours. Then I slowly pushed his head down until it came in contact with the tub.

"Now stay like that. Don't move," I said. I reached over to the counter and grabbed a razor blade and shaving cream.  I pulled the shower curtain mostly closed and turned on the water and slowly began washing his back and ass.  I rinsed him and turned the water off.  I rubbed shaving cream all over his upturned ass.  By that time I was so hard that I had to stop to take off my pants.  My throbbing dick was purple and ready to burst as I looked down at  him with his ass in the air ready to be shaved.  

I took my time and explored every inch of his ass.  I fantasized about putting my tongue deep in his hole and tasting him.  I thought about fucking his pink hole as I carefully shaved his hairy ass clean.  I shaved all of his ass, his crack and his lower back.  Again, I turned on the shower and rinsed him clean.  I had him stand and just as carefully I began to wash his cock and balls and I felt his cock stir.  Just as he started to get hard I stopped. I grabbed a towel and slowly dried his body.  I spread his ass cheeks and blew. His hole pulsed and I heard a small moan.  

"Sweet clean ass.  Just how I like my boy's ass.  Clean and smooth."

I took his arm and walked him into the master bedroom.  I had set up the massage table earlier in the day along with the video camera.  I guided him into the room and placed his hand on the massage table and told him, "Now climb up here. And get in the same position you were just in." I watched him as he climbed up and oriented himself. His nervousness on the table, naked and shaved, made me almost come.  I looked down at my rock hard cock and it pulsed with my heartbeat as my brain and body went into sensory overload.

"Move yourself down until your feet just hang off the edge."

He did this and I began to slowly walk around him.  I rubbed his body, pinched his nipples, pulled on his cock, massaged his ass cheeks, and blew at his hole. When I got close to his ass he whimpered a little and opened his hole to me.  All I wanted was a taste.  I just wanted my tongue on his sweet, clean hole. So I came up and with both hands spread his cheeks and ran a lick from his balls all the way up. And I got just the slightest taste of him.  Sweet and bitter and salty and then my face was in his ass and I was shoving my tongue up inside him.  He was moaning and his dick had gotten really hard.  He reached to touch himself and I smacked his hand away.  

"Spread them for me.  Open up that ass," I said as I watched him pull his ass cheeks apart. I dove in again and started to ream him open.  I pulled back and again I said "open up for me.  Let me inside," and I pushed once again as he let my tongue all the way inside.  Then I could taste him and I let my tongue play all around inside his ass and I pulled him into my face.  I couldn't get enough of him and I couldn't get close enough and I wanted to fuck him.  

But I also wanted him to beg so I pulled back.  I could see his cock was raging hard then and he wiggled his ass in my direction. He wanted more.  I grabbed the lube again and this time my fingers slid inside him easily as I lubed his wet hole all around.  I grabbed the butt plug and lubed it up and slowly began to play it in and out of his ass.  

"Now open up real wide here.  I want to get this all the way in," I said as I slid the tip of the plug into his ass.  It went in smoothly until the widest end. I gave the plug one good push and it popped in. He screamed a little, bit the sheet and again started to wiggle his ass. I massaged his ass again then slowly guided him, without words onto his back.  I attached a fuck bar to his ankles and I clipped his hands to the bar.  Now he was on his back, his ass was up and plugged and I stared down at him. He was completely in my control and I couldn't get enough of this.  I wanted to taunt and tease him all night!

I walked back to the table and got two clothes pins.  I walked back up to him and rubbed one of them on his nipple.  He immediately spread his toes, moaned, "ohhh," out loud and I saw his ass pulse.  I took his nipple in my teeth and slowly began to work it hard.  I sucked and chewed on his nipple until I thought he would come, then I quickly stood and clamped a clothespin to his erect, wet nipple.  He convulsed a little and his dick throbbed. I went to his other side and repeated my treatment on his other nipple until I clamped a second pin and he convulsed just a little.

I climbed up on the table and slowly took my hard dripping dick and rubbed it on his blindfolded face.  His tongue flicked out as he tried to get my dick into his mouth. I saw his own dick was raging hard and I knew just one touch would make him blow, but he would have to wait.

I slowly positioned myself to get my dick into his mouth and I started moving my hips in and out and started to fuck his face. I start to pump faster as the heat from my balls started to rise and I knew I was getting close.  As my breath shortened he knew I was about to cum and he started to moan as his own dick pulsed in anticipation.  Just before I came I pulled out and stroked myself while I grabbed his neck and shot all over his face and into his open, gaping mouth.  I came harder than I had come in years and I emptied my nuts down his throat.  He moaned and squirmed and pointed his toes as he shot on himself.

I slowly climbed off the table and stared down at him covered in cum and still bound up with his ass in the air and his butt plug pulsing from his orgasm.  We both breathed heavily. I walked over to his side and gently but firmly slid the butt plug out of his ass.  His whole body convulsed as the large bulbous end of the butt plug popped out. I disconnected his wrists, then his ankles then his blindfold.  

He leaned into me and rested his head on mine and whispered, "thank you sir."

I led him to the shower where I washed him clean again, dried him and put him to sleep.

I awoke early the next morning and watched him sleep for about an hour until eyes fluttered and he looked at me.

"How long have I been sleeping?" he asked.  

"All night," I said.  

"Do we have time for some more playtime sir? I seem to be lacking," he asked with his eyes downcast. "I want you to fuck me," he pleaded.  I decided he wasn't begging yet, but pleading was closer.

"We have about an hour.  Maybe I can get you to beg in an hour," I smiled at him as I reached for the blindfold




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