Hi I'm Andrew, I'm 18 years old and I have got a fabulous life here in Australia. I was working my late night Shift when I saw him. He had brown hair muscled body and these cute glasses I have ever seen. I was on the computer at the time and he walks over to me. My legs are like jelly.

'Hi' he says in a smooth voice. 'I'm Tom'

'H-h-i' I stammer uncontrollably 'I'm Andrew

He winks at me and walks off to his office. As I'm gawping at his bubble butt.

The next day I notice Tom on his own in the cafetria so I go over and talk to him.

'Hi' I said with a bit more confodence

'Hey, your looking fine today Andrew'

'Really?' I reply

'Yeah, why don't we go to my place after work?'

'ok' I managed to say.

As I walked home I started to put on my old suit. Some tight trousers and the tightest white briefs you ever seen.

As I knocked on the door. He answered it topless. As I stared at his bulging muscles he lets me in.

So tom led me into his georgeous one bedroom apartment with a 35' plasma screen tv, the apartment overlooks the beach with its fine and warm blue ocean. I noticed Tom looking over me with lustful eyes.

'So you wanna start or shall I?' he says in that lustful voice I 've known to love.

'I'm kinda nervous so can you lead me?' I manage to say without a stammer.

So we enter his bedroom which was so big you could stuff about 50 guysin the room I ask him if he's had any gangbangs here.

'Yes, but I'm sure you'll be fine for a first time'

So we started kissing passionatley our tounges fighting for dominance. But in the end I let my lover win. So there we are shredding our clothes as if they were going out of fashion. We then end up in a loop on to the bed and he starts sucking my cock like a lollipop. Awwww I moan. He goes hmm your so amazing.

Suddenly a big overpowering guy of 22 comes in peering at us like a crow hunting his prey.

'What the fuck is happening?' he shouts. So I gather my clothes put them on and rushed out the door. Tears falling down my cheeks.

Its been a few days when me and tom were found out by his lover. I was constantly crying trying to disbelief myself of this shocking revelation. My tears were on my bed sheets. So i wake up and wash them in my new washing machine.

the next few days at work were quiet neither did i notice Tom who was talking to his usual co-workers when Drew my supervisor comes to me and asks me to go to the bosses office. Now i'm normally a good worker and was never summoned by the boss but as i knocked politely. I heard a dremy voice 'Come in' it says. As i open the door i notice this stunner of a guy who looked younger then 25. 'Take a seat' he says. I was staring at him in adoration he had gorgeous blue puppy dog eyes, brown hair and a nicely tanned body. I could see that his pants were too tight which made me horny.

'sorry i not introduced myself, I'm Luke'. And he gives me a strong handshake and i feel electricity pass through my muscles.

'I'm Andrew, it's a pleasure to meet you'

'Andrew i have heard about you and Tom and i am feeling so sorry for you and i would like to take you to Dinner'

'so this is like a date?' i ask stupidly.

'yes' he says in that dreamy voice. He then takes some bold moves towards me and kisses so much better then Tom i nearly fainted. He then locks the door and lifts me onto the desk. 'i've got to take some business for you' he then lifts my shirt and pulls my trousers down with my teeth. He looks at my boxers afmiringly. 'you got amazing abs'

'thanks, Boss' i say in almost a whisper.

'please when i'm finished with you call me Luke'

he then pops a button in my boxers and releases my 8 inch cock. 'woe, nice' he says as he licks his lips. Then suddenly i wake up and it's a dream. 'Fuck' i swore loudly.

The next day i was watching Tv when the news report comes on and it's headline saying 'one man has been found shot dead in the middle of the Outback. The killer is still at large and extremely dangerous. We have got the victims picture. When i saw the pic i dropped my cup of coffee in shock as i stared at the face of Tom!!!!

The End




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