Everybody just stared at the clock and waited for the clock to strike 2:30pm. Winter break was about to start and every minute that passed just seemed to take longer and longer, but when the bell rang I was out of the door before everyone else and ran to my car. Once home, I burst threw the front door and flopped on the couch. 'Two whole weeks to myself!' I yelled with excitement. Time had passed since I got home and I was starting to get more and more hungry so I hopped in my car and started to drive off when I notice that my wallet wasn't in my pant packet. I pulled back into the driveway and ran into the house. I search the couch, my backpack and every possible place that I went to in my house. 'I most of left my wallet at school,' I said in disbelieve, 'God I hope the school is still open at 6pm.' I ran out of my house and down the street and headed for school. I was lucky the school was still open. I jotted up the stairs to Mr. Reece's room. Mr. Reece's room still had the light on inside so I knew it was unlocked. I was about to open the door when I heard a moan. I opened the door and little to peck inside to see what was going on.

What I spotted in Mr. Reece's room was a naked Mr. Reece's himself getting his cock sucked by Mr. Robinson, my math teacher. I stood there and watched as my math teacher was sucking off my English teacher. 'Alex! I going to cum so,' Mr. Reece yelled. Mr. Robinson took Mr. Reece's cock out of his mouth and started stroking it. 'I want you to cum in my mouth Joey,' Mr. Robinson said as he shoved Mr. Reece's cock back in his mouth. It was long after Mr. Robinson started suck Mr. Reece's cock that Mr. Reece was shooting huge ropes of think and creamy cum into Mr. Robinson's mouth. 'Ya! Take that huge load of cum in your mouth,' Mr. Reece's said. I can believe what I was seeing, I was standing here watch two of my teacher have sex. Mr. Reece got off the floor and finished removing his cloths. Mr. Reece got up his deck and lifted his legs up in the air. Mr. Robinson placed his cock head against Mr. Reece's asshole and started shoving his cock in his ass. 'Ahhhhhhhh!' Mr. Reece moaned, 'Dam! How big is that thing?' Once Mr. Robinson had his cock all the way in Mr. Reece's ass he started slowly fucking Mr. Reece. 'It's about 10 or so inches,' Mr. Robinson said with a smile as he started fucking Mr. Reece faster and harder. As I watched Mr. Reece get fucked by Mr. Robinson I notice that my cock was getting harder so I reached into my pants and started stroking my 7 inches. Mr. Robinson was now fucking Mr. Reece as hard and as fast as he could. 'Ohhhhhhhh!' Mr. Reece moaned in pleasure as head of Mr. Robinson's cock rubbed against his prostate. Without even touching his it, Mr. Reece's cock exploded ropes of think and creamy cum all over his chest. After Mr. Reece shot his load Mr. Robinson withdrew his cock from Mr. Reece's asshole. 'I go get some paper-towels,' Mr. Robinson said as he made is way to the door. I quickly shoved my cock back into my pants and ran into the room next to Mr. Reece's. Once I knew Mr. Robinson was out of sight I came out of Mr. John's room and knocked on Mr. Reece's door.

'Just a minute,' Mr. Reece yelled as he scramble to put some cloths. The door open and there was Mr. Reece's dressed a little crappy. 'Now what is a teenager like you doing at school this late?' said Mr. Reece with a smirk. 'Mr. Reece, I think I left my wallet here by accident,' I said. I entered Mr. Reece's room and went to my sent and there it was lying on the ground. I started to walk out went Mr. Reece stopped me.

'I'm just about to leave as well. I'll give you a ride home,' said Mr. Reece as he packed up his briefcase in a hurry. 'You don't have to be in a hurry to pack up, it's not like I have to be home anytime soon,' I said as Mr. Reece finish packing up his briefcase. 'Why's that?' said Mr. Reece with a confused look. 'My parents are on a two week Caribbean Cruise,' I said as Mr. Reece and I headed to his car. 'If you're all alone why don't you come to my place and we can hang out,' said Mr. Reece. 'Ya that sounds great,' I said as Mr. Reece and I got in his car.

After about 30 minutes of driving we arrived at Mr. Reece's apartment. Mr. Reece and I entered the apartment. 'Nice apartment,' I said. 'Thanks Josh,' Mr. Reece said with a smile. 'If I gets to late I can just stay here, right?' I said. 'Ya you can either sleep on the couch or in the bed,' answer Mr. Reece. 'Then were are you going to sleep if I take your bed?' I asked. 'It's a king size bed,' Mr. Reece said as he went into his bedroom and came out naked, 'I like to live and sleep naked, is that already?' I just stood there in amaze as I glared at Mr. Reece's hot muscular body. 'Ya, it fine Mr. Reece,' I said with a stutters. Mr. Reece and I made our way to the couch and popped in a DVD. Silence swept the apartment for about and hour. To break the silence I scooted closer to Mr. Reece and leaned toward his cock and started sucking on it. Mr. Reece had a shocking expression across his face. 'What are you doing Josh?' Mr. Reece yelled as a stop sucking his cock. 'Well while I was a school looking for my wallet I peeked through the door into your classroom and saw you and Mr. Robinson having sex,' I answered. 'You saw that,' Mr. Reece said. 'Ya and I was so turned on that I started stroking my cock,' I said and returned to sucking Mr. Reece's 8-inch cock. Nothing was said for 5 minutes until Mr. Reece's body started to tremble. 'Josh, I'm about to cum,' Mr. Reece yelled as I just kept sucking. 'Josh! I'm going to cum any second,' Mr. Reece yelled as his cock explode and filled my mouth with think and creamy cum. As Mr. Reece filled my mouth fill of cum I started wallowing it. Once his cock was done shooting cum, I sucked his cock so more to make shore I got every last drop. 'God I hope you're 18,' Mr. Reece said. 'Ya I'm 18, Why?' I asked. 'Because, I'm going to show you just how that felt,' Mr. Reece said as he undid my pants and pulled out my cock and lean in towards my cock and started sucking on it. 'Ohhhhhhhh,' I moan in pleasure as I watched Mr. Reece suck my cock. I felt his warm mouth around my cock, swirling it with his tongue. I was long before the trembling feeling can to me. 'Ohh! I'm going to cum,' I said as my cock exploded huge ropes of think and creamy cum into Mr. Reece's mouth. Mr. Reece swallow my cum as it entered his mouth and after making sure that he got every drop we went to his bedroom.

'I going to fuck the shit out of you,' Mr. Reece said as he pushed me on to the edge of the bed. Mr. Reece wasted no time at all. He turned me on my back and raised my legs up in the air exposing my nice pink virgin asshole. Mr. Reece didn't bother to lube his cock or my asshole up. He placed the head of his cock on my asshole and started pushing it in. 'AHHHHHHHH!' I screamed in pain as the head of Mr. Reece's cock entered my asshole. Mr. Reece didn't wait for the pain that I felt to go away and kept pushing his cock farther and farther into my asshole. Once his cock was all the way in my ass he stopped. 'Wow does it fill?' Mr. Reece asked with a sarcastic smile. 'I hurt really badly,' I said. But still Mr. Reece didn't wait for the pain to go away and started fucking my virgin asshole as hard and fast as he could. 'Please Mr. Reece! Wait until the pain goes away,' I yelled, but Mr. Reece didn't listen. 'AHHHHHHHH! Please wait, you're tearing my asshole,' I screamed. To get me to shut-up Mr. Reece leaned forward and started making-out with me. My moans could still be heard through the kissing. After awhile my screams became moans of pleasure as his cock rubbed against my prostate. Mr. Reece just fucking me and rubbing my prostate, than my cock explodes with think and creamy cum all over my chest and Mr. Reece's chest.

After about 30 minutes of Mr. Reece fucking my asshole I could tell he was getting close to shooting his load. Mr. Reece stopped kissing me and got up. 'I'm about to cum,' Mr. Reece said, 'Wait...to late, I am cumming.' Mr. Reece filled my ass with his think and creamy cum. While he was shooting his load into my asshole he started fucking slowly. 'What did you think?' Mr. Reece asked as he leaned forward as started kissing me on the neck. 'I thought it was great after the pain went away,' I said with a softly. Soon Mr. Reece fell asleep in that position. His cock was still up my newly stretched asshole that was filled with his cum and lying on top of me. I didn't mind, as I soon fell asleep myself.

To Be Continued...


Jeph Lyons

[email protected]


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