I was looking forward to the military recruiters coming to our high school. There were a few anti-military nutballs who thought they might have a protest rally on the day the recruiters were to be there but being a pretty conservative community, they didn't get enough support. I laughed in the guy's face who asked me if I would join the protest.

'Fuck, no, man, I'm going to join them. Why don't you try to find your balls and do the same?' I told him.

The school administration gave the recruiters an entire day to ply their trade, allowing them to set up their booths and displays in the cafeteria where kids could come and go at their leisure, and the recruiters were even allowed to sit in on classes if they wanted to. Teachers were instructed to cooperate and were even told to issue passes on request to kids who wanted to talk at length to the recruiters. I got a pass out of my first period English class to visit the cafeteria. A lot of kids did, some of them just to get out of classes, but I was seriously considering joining. I just hadn't made up my mind which branch. I was one of the first to arrive, early enough that they weren't all completely set up yet.

The Navy and Air Force guys were ready and waiting so I went to talk to them first. The Air Force guy didn't impress me. He was pasty and not at all what I expected to see in a recruiter. He came across as very smart and technical; way over my head, which I think he knew and enjoyed, and that didn't impress me either. I didn't spend much time with him. I hadn't given a thought to joining the Air Force anyway. I went over to the Navy booth. He was more impressive, both in his physical appearance and his presentation. He was fuckin' cute, was what he was, and funny. He gave me his spiel without, I noticed, mentioning the SEALs or even offering me any of the literature that was there on the table pertaining to the SEALs. He didn't say anything even when I picked up one of the brochures; he just stood and watched me as I looked through it.

'How come you didn't promote the SEALs?' I asked.

'The Navy SEALs don't need promoting,' he said. 'Just like the brochures are there if you wanta look at them, the SEALs are there if you want to join them. But nobody tries to talk you into it. It's something that has to come from your gut.'

'Fair enough,' I said.

We talked a little about it but he only answered questions, without elaborating much. The SEALs lingered in the back of my mind, but I guess I had it in the back of my mind all along to join the Marines. I walked over to the Marine booth where they were just finishing setting up. There were two of them, one in full dress blues, saber and all, and the other in combat uniform. They both put out big ham-like hands when I approached their table. Fuck, they had big hands; and good grips. I tried to match their grips, but it was no contest. They encouraged me to ask them questions, which I did, and they gave me tough-sounding, straight answers. My problem was directing my attention to what they had to say and try not to drool over the two Marines packed inside those uniforms. Geezusss, they were fuckin' studs! Which I supposed was the reason they were recruiters; what guy wouldn't want to join and look like them? The Air Force should take note. I was impressed as hell, and in the back of my mind, the Marines was still my choice, although I didn't voice that to them yet.

I spent a casual, appropriate amount of time at the Coast Guard table but with no real intention of joining. For some reason, the Coast Guard just didn't sound exciting enough for me. I would learn later in life what an important job they did, and how well they did it, and at that later time in my life, I would have given the Coast Guard equal consideration.

The last was the Army. They had just finished setting up their table and a sharp-looking soldier was stacking brochures in neat piles as I was walking toward him. Just then another soldier came into the cafeteria carrying two flags and flag stands. I paused in mid-step; hell, I stopped in my tracks. He was GI Joe in the flesh! I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe my heart suddenly thumping in my chest, or my knees suddenly going weak. Fuck!! GI Joe lived!!

Looking back, I think I fell in love with GI Joe from the very beginning, when I got my first GI Joe doll when I was six years old. My parents must've paid a pretty penny for it because it was one of the original 12' dolls, some time after they started making the smaller versions. He even came with a wooden foot locker. I had no idea he was used and if I had known, it wouldn't have mattered. He was my favorite toy, with all his uniforms and clothing and gear, and I spent hours playing with him. It didn't matter to me at the time that he wasn't anatomically correct. Maybe it did to some degree, because absent the required badge of manhood in front, I found an attraction to his butt. Don't ask me why.

I didn't understand the strong attraction that young, of course; I only knew I admired and looked up to him like he was a god, and I knew I wanted to be like him; handsome and muscular and a real man, when I grew up. I am ashamed to admit that I compared all other men in my life with him, and even my father came up short.

My parents saw how much I enjoyed playing with the doll and I got my second GI Joe for Christmas a few months later. I was elated. Now I had a team; the blonde-haired Duke, and Flint, with dark hair. They were both such tough looking guys. I even had the stats and history of the two men, which my father read to me more than once. By the time I learned to read it myself, I practically had them already memorized.

Duke, blonde hair, incredibly handsome, his real name was Conrad S. Hauser, Airborne Infantryman, with his secondary specialty Artillery, Small-arms armorer. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but I didn't know when. That didn't matter either, because he always stayed the same age. He held the rank of E-8, Master Sergeant, was fluent in French, German, and English. He graduated top of his class at Airborne School, Fort Benning, Georgia. I found Fort Benning on the map so I would know where he had trained because way in the back of my little mind, I was going there myself and train when I grew up, and I wanted to see how far it was. Duke opted for U.S. Army Special Language School where he specialized in Han Chinese and South East Asian dialects. He went to Special Forces and was sent to Vietnam where he worked with tribesmen in the boonies of South Vietnam. He ran four different Special Forces schools there. He commanded by winning respect. His current assignment: Acting First Sergeant, G.I. Joe team. He was offered a commission but turned it down. His statement after declining commission: 'They tell me that an officer's job is to impel others to take the risks '' so that the officer survives to take the blame in the event of total catastrophe. With all due respect, sir, if that's what an officer does, I don't want any part of it.'

Then there was Flint, the dark-haired soldier. His real name was Dashiell R. Faireborn; a weird name, I thought. He was born in Wichita, Kansas. He was infantry, but also moved into the Warrant Officer ranks when he became a helicopter pilot. He was smart, a Rhodes Scholar. and earned his degree in English Lit. He got bored though and enlisted in the Army and applied the tenacity and concentration he had used so well scholastically to grind his way through Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces School and finally Flight Warrant Officers School, graduating each with top honors. A thorough tactical planner, Flint drafted and personally led a half dozen rescue missions in hostile territories that for obvious reasons of security were never publicized, let alone admitted to. 'We had thought COBRA had us in the stinking dungeon for good '' so we didn't know what was going down when we heard that chopper comin' in and all the heavy hardware going off like the Fourth of July. Then somebody kicked down the door to our cell and when the smoke cleared, there was Flint with that lop-sided grin sayin', 'C'mon boys, we're goin' home...''

Who the hell wouldn't want to be like these guys! My dad began buying me my own GI Joe clothes. They were off the rack military kids clothes, but to me they were GI Joe issue. I wondered later if maybe he was grooming me, hoping that I would one day join the Army as he had. I loved playing with the dolls without their shirts, or in their T-shirts and shorts, or best of all, naked, and when I could get by with it, I dressed, or undressed myself, as I did them. And as I got older, I began to develop a new and different attachment to the dolls. Yeah, I was somewhat of a little pervert even back then. I don't remember at what age I made the awful discovery that neither Flint nor Duke was anatomically correct as I was. They didn't have a cock and balls like I did, and it pissed me off that they had made fake soldiers. But I loved them anyway.

Duke and Flint were inseparable. They looked out for each other's butts when they went on dangerous missions and they had fun together when they weren't fighting the enemy. They even slept together in the same sleeping bag. I found that especially erotic, although I didn't know what that meant, to tuck them both into the same sleeping bag, naked, with their arms wrapped around each other; it just seemed the right thing to do, they were so close. I stood them up facing each other, and pretended they were taking a piss all over each other. I played with them in a tub of water where they went swimming, one lying on the back of the other. Usually, it was Flint in the dominate role, I think, for no other reason than he had dark hair.

Once my mom asked how come I was playing with Flint and Duke without their clothes on. Quick thinker that I was, I told her they were going swimming and didn't have swimsuits. She bought it, but she also had little swimsuits made for them. I got around that by telling her the next time that they were on a combat mission in the jungle and soldiers didn't carry swimsuits. I don't know if she suspected that her son was a pervert at that tender age, but she never said anything about it after that when she found me playing with them naked.

I already knew the difference between boys and girls, and it interested me greatly, as with most boys, and by about eleven, I learned the word fuck from an older friend, named Jake, along with all its connotations. It became my favorite word, although I leaned to use it out loud only when I was sure I was alone, or with somebody else who knew the word. Duke and Flint and I used a lot of swear words when we were together. I also developed a secret attraction to my friend, Jake, which I played out with my GI Joes. My attraction included Jake's physical attributes which he had proudly shown me, and I was soon adept at conjuring up images of Duke and Flint having the cocks and balls like Jake that their creators had denied them. Very large cocks, in fact, because Jake's cock was so much bigger than mine, so Flint and Duke had to have very large cocks because thy were grown men. Yeah, Jake and I had compared, at his suggestive bragging, and yeah, I'd even touched his cock...played with it when he played with mine...and he showed me how he could shoot. Well, I could hardly wait till I could do the same, and I practiced every day, jacking off like he taught me, and every night, eagerly anticipating the enormous ejaculation that I knew I would soon have.

At that point in my life I didn't discern between boys and girls as far as being more attracted to one or the other. They both held a strong attraction for me. My piqued interest somehow led to an interest in my sister's Barbie dolls. They were anathema to me up to that point; they were dolls, after all, not to wonder that I was playing with dolls myself. But mine were male dolls; so they weren't really dolls at all. I mean, you couldn't put GI Joes in the same class as dolls. Well, Ken was a doll too, but he wasn't a GI Joe so he didn't count in the scheme of things.

At some point I sneaked one of her Barbie dolls into my room...my sister no longer played with them so it wasn't missed. The reason was to provide R&R for Flint and Duke after the rigors of a dangerous mission, and what better entertainment than sexy, big-boobed Barbie. I would surmise later that she was a bit of a whore anyway. I mean, she lived in upscale townhouses, drove expensive cars, ate in fine restaurants, wore fine jewelry and clothes and took fabulous vacations, all without any visible means of support. She had to be putting out for some very rich dudes to be able to afford all of that. Flint and Duke weren't rich dudes but they were studs and Barbie was only too happy to spread her legs up in the air for them to crawl between and fuck her eyeballs out. Duke fucked her first, then Flint, the first time they had her. After that, they fucked her together like they did everything else, taking turns, and eventually, one of them fucked her in the ass while the other fucked her pussy. She loved that. She also loved it when one of them fucked her and the other one sat astraddle her boobs and made her suck his cock. Hey, I told you I was a budding pervert. Not to matter that she didn't have a pussy or an asshole and they didn't have cocks...I had a very active imagination. I would position Barbie with her legs sticking up in the air and spread out with my GI Joes hunkered between them and straddle her big-boobs, feeding her his non-existent, make-believe, very large cock.

I began to get the impression by age twelve that I was getting too old to play with dolls; even GI Joe dolls. But I did anyway, only in a more secretive way. I still had them in my room, in open display, sort of as collectors items; a link with my boyhood. In reality, they were still very much a part of my life and my fantasies and I still played them every chance I got. In the middle of this confusing time...it wasn't apparent to me at the time that it was confusing...I had my first ejaculation. I was an early starter; I had just turned twelve. I was so fuckin' proud, I wanted to yell it from the rooftops. There was nobody I could tell, of course, except Jake...and Duke and Flint. Actually, I didn't have to tell Duke and Flint; it happened while I was playing with them so they were witness to the event, and they were proud as hell.

I had gone into the woods behind our house with my GI Joes and Barbie tucked away in my rucksack and had them stripped down to their combat boots and helmets and was having a time of it, pretending out loud that we were on a mission and came across a woman''Barbie''fleeing some enemy soldiers and we rescued her. Well, she was only too eager to reward us and Flint and Duke fucked her out of her mind right there in the fuckin' battle-ridden jungle. When they were finished with her they offered her to me. I was giving her what for, using my hand as a prop, when suddenly it happened. The good tingly feelings I always had when I jacked off suddenly took on a new intensity and something terribly wonderful was happening down between my legs. I realized suddenly that I was about to have my first climax. I was wide-eyed and slack-jawed at the prospect, fairly gaping at my cock in anticipation of the great explosion that I knew was coming. I was sitting on my haunches and rose up and thrust forward just as my cock began to spurt out great streams of pearl-whitish stuff. The stuff shot out about a foot or more, so hard my hips almost lurched forward. It happened that Duke and Flint were still standing around, watching me fuck Barbie and I splattered them with my stuff. All over their faces and chests and arms. I was so fuckin' proud; it was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to me. I sat back on my haunches, gasping for air, gaping at Duke and Flint with my semen running down their bodies; I had tossed Barbie aside, I was finished with her.

I was sort of in a daze for several minutes as I tried to relive the moment of my passage into manhood. Finally, I reached out and picked up the two soldiers. I held them up and just looked at them for a moment. They were so fuckin' proud for me and it was like the expressions on their faces were different, like they were, without saying it, welcoming me into their world of manhood. Then I did the damnedst thing. I licked my semen off of them. It was the least I could do after making such a mess on my two heroes. So I not only had my first ejaculation, I also took the occasion to have my first taste of come. I sort of liked it. I could not know what a taste I would develop for it in my later life.

My friend, Jake, was happy for me when I told him. I didn't tell him outright. I waited till the next time we were together and as usual, the subject of sex came up and pretty soon we had our pants down and were playing with our cocks, then each other's cocks. He wanted me to suck him, and I sort of wanted to now that I knew what come tasted like and I was curious to see if his tasted like mine. So I said okay, I would do it, but only if he would suck me. He said okay, but only if I would let him shoot his load in my mouth and I had to swallow it. I said okay, but only if he did the same for me. He laughed and said okay; he thought I was joking; he thought I couldn't come yet. So we stretched out in the grass back in the woods and sucked each other off. I didn't last long. It was so fuckin' good and I was so anxious to show Jack that I could come. I didn't warn him; I just let it go. He groaned and squealed when I started shooting in his mouth and started to pull back but I clasped my hand around his head to remind him of his promise. He succumbed and took my load and after a great effort, I was sure, he swallowed it. He must've liked it, because while he was gulping my stuff down, he shot off in my mouth. He didn't taste quite the same as me, but it was good.

'You little fucker, you tricked me,' he said when we were finished.

'No, I didn't. I told you, you had to take my load, too. That should've given you a clue,' I said.

'Dam, it was quite a load, too,' he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. 'Shit, it felt like as much as I shoot.'

'Yeah, it's quite a lot. We'll compare next time,' I said.

Later, I latched onto Barbie's boyfriend, Ken. Needless to say, Ken was jealous as hell when he found out what the hunky soldiers were doing to his girlfriend. They only laughed and invited him to join them and they would show him how well they could take care of her and chided him that he must not be doing the job. Ken tried but he didn't measure up, not even to Barbie. He was humiliated. One time, going back to the woods, I packed Ken in my rucksack instead of Barbie...yeah, my perversion was developing nicely...and on that mission, being always horny, Duke and Flint had an eye for Ken, since he had come along and was available and Barbie wasn't. They talked it over and decided, hell, Ken was all they had so Flint decided to put it to Ken. Yeah, my perverted little mind made me place my Flint doll behind Ken and fuck his prostate to pulp. Next time we went on a mission, I tucked Barbie in my rucksack as well and while Ken was fucking Barbie, Flint pounded Ken's ass. Duke stood in front of Ken and made him suck his cock. All the while, I was still pissed that none of the four were anatomically correct, except for Barbie's boobs. Hell, I thought, the least they could've done was give her a pussy. How much trouble would that have been, to drill a hole between her legs.

Duke and Flint gradually gravitated away from Barbie, to Ken. Soon, they were using him as they had Barbie who I had stopped taking along. They were fucking him in the ass and making him suck their cocks. Things got really hot and heavy during those scenarios. I mean we all invariably shot huge loads, which was the reason I set them up that way in the first place. In reality, I shot off my load, but in the fantasy, we all did. Only now I shot all over Ken, on his butt if we were fucking him, on his face if he was sucking our cocks. We all liked humiliating him.

One time Duke and Flint went on leave together and visited Barbie in her townhouse. They had a good time, fucking her in every room in the house. Ken was really mad when he walked in and caught them, but they grabbed him and pulled him into it and fucked him as well. Barbie loved watching her boyfriend taking it just like she did.

Then one time Duke and Flint were on a mission somewhere in the jungles of a country I couldn't name, and it was in the middle of the night and they were all alone and lonely and Duke said, wouldn't it be great if Barbie was there. Flint said, 'or Ken.' But Barbie and Ken were safe back in her townhouse and Ken was fucking her eyeballs out while they, Duke and Flint, were off fighting a war, and they were alone in the stinking jungle, and horny as fuck. And one of them said something like, 'it's just you and me, buddy,' and the next thing they knew, they were feeling each other up and taking each other's clothes off and Duke went to his knees and started sucking Flint's cock! Flint was so surprised, and hot and he said he needed to return the favor so they stretched out on the thick jungle grass and sucked each other, just like Jake and I had done. In the natural progression of things, with their hands gripping each other's hard butts, they started fingering each other's assholes and before long, Flint was changing position, turning around, urging Duke onto his back and then he was crawling on top of him, lifting his legs onto his shoulders and the long and short of it was, Duke lost his cherry to his best buddy out there in the middle of that black jungle that night.

After that time in the jungle, Ken and Barbie pretty much went by the way side. They were returned to my sister's room where they lived happily ever after in her swanky townhouse. Only a couple of times did they venture out, when Barbie sought out Duke and Flint when she just couldn't get satisfaction from Ken. And those few times when Ken sought them out, begging them to take him on a mission with them, which they did, and fucked him a new asshole. All of this, mind you, without benefit of assholes, cocks or balls. But what fantasies they were.

I never forgave the manufacturers for creating such magnificent men as Duke and Flint without finishing the job. But then that all went by the wayside the day I saw that soldier walk into the cafeteria carrying the flags and flag stands. At last, GI Joe lived!

He was the spitting image of Flint. Incredibly ruggedly handsome, with deep dark eyes, square jaw, thick, muscular neck, and facial muscles that flexed when he spoke. I could easily visualize his muscles under his uniform as he moved. For certain, this GI Joe had a butt that surpassed even Flint. It stuck out against the material of his pants, solid and flexing with each step and when he bent over to put the flag in the stand, it fairly bulged against the seat of his pants. I could only imagine what anatomically correct, manly attributes he carried in front. From the moment I laid eyes on him, the other four branches of the military, including the Marines, went out the window. It was as if I had been destined to join the Army, as my father hoped, and this big soldier had come to lead me to my destiny.

I approached the table where his partner sat just as he, the hunk, was walking around behind the table. The one seated stood as I approached and I saw his nametag, Adamson. I knew rank, and saw that he was a sergeant; a very young sergeant. He looked barely twenty. The big guy's nametag read Mitchell and I quickly put the name Flint with it. He wore corporal stripes. They put out their hands in turn and I couldn't help noticing the size of their hands. Especially Mitchell's. It was a firm handshake, but not overdone; if he had, I'm sure he could've crushed every bone in my hand.

'Are you interested in joining the Army?' Adamson asked.

'Interested, but not sure,' I replied.

'Well we're here to answer any questions you might have,' he said. 'Have you talked to the other recruiters?'


'Saved the best till last, huh. Smart man,' Mitchell said in a deep, resonant voice that made my knees week.

'I suppose you could say that,' I said.

Adamson went right into his spiel, handing me brochures and explaining the options and benefits as he went. I wished it were Mitchell doing the talking just so I could hear his voice and watch the muscles in his face, but he stood and listened; as if he was meant as window dressing. If that was the case, they had sure picked the right man. He should've been on the recruiting poster. As others began to approach the table, Adamson sort of passed me on to Mitchell to pull the other boys in, for which I was grateful. Not that Adamson was all that shabby, but he wasn't my hero, Flint.

'You're a Ranger, right?' I asked the big corporal.

'Yes, sir, to the core,' he replied with subdued pride.

'The training's tough,' I said.

'You could say that.'

'Could I get through it?' I asked.

'I did,' he said.

'I don't look like you,' I said.

'I didn't look like me either, when I joined,' he said.

'The Rangers did that?' I asked, nodding to his physique.

'Okay, I was in pretty good shape when I joined right out of high school. I was a varsity wrestler for three years. That helps. But the Army decided it wasn't good enough so they sort of re-shaped me in their own image. Ranger training added the finishing touches.'

I chuckled and glanced down at my feet, a little embarrassed at what I was about to say, but I had to say it.

'You look like one of my GI Joes.'

He laughed, laying his head back a little, flexing his neck muscles. 'You know, I've been told that before. And I'll tell you a secret. I patterned myself after my own GI Joes.'

'No kidding. So have I,' I said. I started asking him questions about the Ranger training but he gently backed me off.

'Whoa, you have to get through basic training first,' he said.

'Let's assume I get through basic,' I said.

'You don't just get through it. You ace it if you want to go onto Rangers school,' he said. 'You have to show them you've got what it takes to go on to Special Forces, otherwise they're not going to waste their time even letting you apply.'

'Okay, back to basics,' I said.

We talked about basic training. I asked him everything I could think of to ask as a dumb civilian, and sensing that I was really interested, he filled in the blanks for me. As we talked, a couple of other guys moved in closer to listen but it impressed me that Mitchell seemed to direct his remarks mostly to me. I must have stood out as a strong candidate to him and the others were pretty much irrelevant. One of them moved on, the other one stayed, and another boy moved up. Still, Mitchell talked to me, only glancing at the others from time to time just to include them in the conversation. Finally, there were enough guys hanging around, listening and asking questions that he had to give them all some attention. I started to step back when he quickly handed me a business card.

'Give me a call,' he said.

'Yeah, I will.' Yesss! I definitely would!

But the day wasn't over. I said the administration had granted the recruiters permission to visit and sit in on classes. They graced the classes of several teachers, wandering discreetly in and out of the classrooms, I figured for as much exposure as they could get. Imagine my surprise, though, when two of them showed up for boys PE class; Mitchell (Flint), the Ranger, and a guy named Rankin from the Navy. They sought out Coach Collins first to see if it would be okay if they joined in PE, and if there might be some extra PE clothes for them to wear. I heard the coach readily agree and I quickly stepped up to volunteer my stuff for Mitchell. I had extra stuff in my gym bag and I was quick to let Mitchell know that I would be glad to lend him a pair of shorts and I even had a clean jockstrap he could wear. Actually, it wasn't freshly laundered but I'd only worn it once. Somebody else, smaller, offered his stuff to Mitchell, but I'd already outfitted him. I told him the jockstrap had been worn only once.

'Hell, my cock and balls won't care,' he said.

Oh, Godd...just hearing him mention his cock and balls sent shivers all through me.

Nobody had extra shoes but Coach Collins inspected Rankin's shoes and Mitchell's combat boots and decided they wouldn't damage the floor.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, two healthy, hunky military studs stripping down in our locker room. We all thought we were a bunch of studs, and we were that, among our peers, but these guys put us to shame; Mitchell more than Rankin. I thought, what better place to recruit than the locker room. Young, impressionable teenage boys got a look at guys like them and they would sign on the dotted line just so they could look like them. Since I had loaned Mitchell my stuff, he undressed right beside me at my locker. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of him. I kept thinking of things to say just so I could look at him while I talked. Fuck! He was big! All over! Shoulders that wouldn't quit, huge arms and a massive chest that made me weak in the knees. Big tits that stood out like erasers. His abs were like a plate of armor, sloped inward under the shelf of his thick pecs sticking out. As he took something off I took it and hung it in my locker. I was getting short of breath by the time he was unbuckling his belt. I noticed his big hands again; long, thick, strong fingers undoing the buckle, then the zipper. He shoved his pants down then sat down to unlace and take off his boots. He pulled his pants off and handed them to me then put his boots back on and laced them up.

'You lock your locker, don't you?' he asked.

'Yes, sir.' Godd, what a sight; standing there in his bulging briefs and combat boots.

He reached up to get the jockstrap I'd hung over the top of my locker door. I was delighted when he put it between his teeth to hold it while he took his shorts off, even knowing I'd worn it! He started to toss his shorts in the bottom of my locker but I reached out for them.

'I'll take those,' I said. He handed them to me and I put them in the top of my locker; they didn't belong on the bottom. I held them for a second longer than necessary, just to feel the warmth of his manhood still in the material.

When he stood up I nearly choked. Actually, I did choke down the near gasp that almost escaped my lips. He pulled the jockstrap up his muscular thighs and stuffed the biggest cock I'd ever imagined inside it. The pouch fell heavy under the weight, and the mesh material was stretched so that I could see the dark hue of his manhood though the threads. He reached back to adjust the straps around his butt, gave the heavy pouch another heft then reached for my gym shorts. This GI Joe was most definitely anatomically correct, in a big way. GI Joe manufacturer, take fuckin' note!!

My gym shorts fit perfectly around Mitchell's lean waist and more perfectly snug around his bubble butt and massive thighs. I loved the way the material hugged his thick leg muscles. He held up the T-shirt but it was obvious he wouldn't fit into it and I asked Ben Smith if he could borrow one of his; Ben was the biggest kid in the locker room. But Coach Collins said it wasn't necessary, we would be playing shirts and skins and Mitchell could just be one of the skins. Bless you, Coach Collins!! Rankin was handed a t-shirt.

'Wonder where the rest of the recruiters are,' Mitchell said to Rankin. 'Looks like we're the only two with any balls to take these guys on.'

The way he said it....'take these guys on'....sent another chill down my spine.

Rankin smiled. 'Yeah, some of us with more balls than others,' Rankin said.

I thought it was an odd thing for a Navy recruiter to say to an Army recruiter, and I didn't know for sure what he meant by it. In the back of my mind I wondered if he might have the hots for Mitchell. I guess I could've wondered that about a lot of guys in the locker room that day, the way they kept looking at Mitchell. I certainly wasn't the only one who couldn't keep my eyes off of the guy. But it was mostly just awe. He was so damned big and muscular and intimidating and handsome; shit you had to look.

We went out into the gym where I thought we would play basketball but the coach tossed out a football instead. He chose the teams. I guess since I had loaned the Ranger my stuff, he put us on the same team. I thought he would put Rankin on the opposite team but he didn't. We elected Mitchell our quarterback, although he wasn't built like one. He was built like a fullback; actually, he was built like two fullbacks, but I guess we wanted to honor him with the number one spot. I don't know why Rankin was chosen as center but it was a perfect choice. Actually, Mitchell suggested it and nobody objected. I had to wonder about that.

We took the formation with Rankin bent over in a squat with the ball ready to hike and Mitchell behind him with his hands up between his legs.

'Well, now, ain't this appropriate,' Mitchell drawled. 'Navy's just where he belongs, with his tight butt turned up for the Rangers. Take note, guys, before you sign on the dotted line,' he told the class of boys.

We all got a laugh out of it. Even Rankin laughed. Mitchell wasn't a very good quarterback and he recognized it after a few plays. He asked the coach who his quarterback was and told him to put him in to do the job right. It was a real boost to Jack Wilson's ego that the big Ranger had requested him to step in and take his place. Mitchell stepped in as a blocker. Actually, he didn't do all that much. When he went after someone, the guy just stopped and stood there with his hands up; he didn't want to be hit by the big guy and knocked down on the gym floor. Then one of the guys got hurt and the coach switched me to the other team. I wasn't so shy as a tackler. We didn't actually tackle, not on the gym floor, but I didn't hesitate to go after Mitchell and wrap my arms around his tight waist. I had no chance of bringing him down, of course, but I hung on as he dragged me along and my arms slid down around his massive thighs, and my face down over his hard butt. I loved it when he pulled me to my feet and gave me a quick shoulder hug and a smack on the butt. Godd, he was solid!

It was the most exciting PE class I'd ever had, and I think that was so for most of the guys. It ended all too soon. Afterwards as we were going back into the locker room, Mitchell asked me if I had an extra towel so he could shower. I didn't but I told him yes. There was no way I was going to let the opportunity slip by seeing that big stud in the shower. I had a towel hanging in my locker that needed to be taken home to wash and I would use that one. I gave Mitchell the clean towel out of my gym bag.

Showering was an event in itself, with Mitchell and Rankin in there with us, even better than having them undress with us. Even Rankin was impressive, with his lean, tight, muscular build, and his cock was pretty impressive too, especially for a guy his size. And he was cute. Mitchell, on the other hand, was simply an awesome sight to behold, and everybody beheld him as he soaped up and let the water wash the suds down his rippling muscles while he and Rankin kept up a joking banter about the Army and the Navy.

'Did the Army build you up like that?' one boy asked.

'The Army helped. Ranger training put on the finishing touches. But like I told Dan, I was in pretty good shape right out of high school,' he said. 'That helps if you get in your best condition you can before you go in.'

'He was a varsity wrestler for three years of high school,' I put in.

I was so fuckin' proud that he called me by name and, and that I could add that bit of information, and when he walked out of the shower with me, back to my locker where we dried off together.

'You're going to call me, right, Dan?' he said as he rubbed the towel over his massive chest.

'Yes, sir,' I said.

'Do you like to fish?' he asked.


'I know a place where you can catch catfish big as a dog,' he said.

I did like to fish but at the moment I wasn't interested in big catfish, my attention was focused, or trying not to focus, on another big hunk of meat. Damn, I wondered, how big would he be when he was hard? If six plus inches hanging was any indication......

'I would like to go,' I said.

'Great. If you want, I can pick you up,' he was saying.

'When?' I asked.

'Tomorrow, Saturday,' he said, in a tone that made me wonder if he'd already told me when and I wasn't listening.

'That'd be great,' I said.

'We can drive back to my place and clean 'em and cook 'em,' he said.

We parted with me walking about a foot off the ground. Mitchell was taking a real interest in me, and I was going to get to spend some real personal time with him. That night I took my GI Joes, Flint and Duke, off my dresser and they slept with me. I stripped off their combat fatigue shorts, left their boots on and tucked one in each arm. I had sex with those two rugged soldiers like never before. I laid them on the bed under me and jacked off all over them then licked it off. I was exhausted. I went to sleep dreaming of being with my real GI Joe the next day.

Next morning, I put my GI Joes' combat shorts back on, set them back up on the dresser, told them goodbye and went downstairs to get my fishing gear and wait for Flint; or Mitchell.

He came rolling up in a deep Army-green Jeep that looked like he'd come through a muddy swamp.

'Climb in,' he greeted me.

I put my stuff in the back and climbed in beside him. My eyes raked over his big physique, neck, shoulders, huge arms, and fell to his massive thighs sticking out of a pair of Army khaki shorts with that impressive bulge between them. Fuck, he had huge thighs!!

'Do you know Adams Creek?' he asked as we drove off.


'That's where we're going. Way downstream, where the water's deeper. It's a place where you can catch catfish any time of day instead of having to wait till later in the day. Great place for swimming, too, if the fish aren't biting,' he added.

'How'd you get this thing so dirty?' I asked.

'I had some off road fun the other day and never got around to washing it,' he said.

It was about an hour's drive to the part along Adam's Creek that he'd picked out to go fishing. We had to hike another twenty minutes or so to get to the spot where we tossed out our lines. It was a quiet time, rather intimate for me, as we sat side by side, watching our lines in the water and talking. It was a chance for me to ask him a lot more questions I had about the military and the Army and the Rangers in particular, and he answered them in detail.

'You're good at answering my questions when I don't have a clue what to ask,' I said.

'Nobody expects you to know all that much about the Army or the Rangers. That's my job, to explain it,' he said.

We caught a couple of nice sized cats and a bluegill that I threw back. Then Mitchell caught a catfish, literally the size of a small dog.

'Fuck! That's enough for two meals all by itself,' he said as he took it off his hook. 'We've got plenty of fish to eat, I guess we can stop fishing and go swimming if you want.'

I hadn't brought or worn a swimsuit and I was hoping Mitchell hadn't either. He didn't make any bones about stripping down to the buff. He went up to the edge of the bank and dove in. I didn't see him for a long moment till he surfaced several yards across the creek.

'I've been swimming here before. It's plenty deep enough for diving,' he said, treading water.

I jumped in and swam toward him. Even in the deep, wide expanse of the creek, it seemed an intimate time, being alone with the big stud. I fantasized about us horsing around in the creek and climbing up on the grassy bank and having hard, wild sex, with a real, live GI Joe. I fantasized that we were two soldiers on a mission in a jungle somewhere and we'd found solace in the closeness of each other's hard, muscular bodies. I fantasized that I was the enemy and he was the Ranger who captured me; I wanted him to take me prisoner and drag me off to some secluded spot and interrogate me in the some brutal, sexual manner till I screamed out whatever he wanted to know.

None of that happened, of course, but the next best thing did. When we got out of the creek we had nothing to dry off with. Mitchell wasn't deterred. We gathered up our clothes and fishing gear and our fish and headed back to the Jeep naked except for our boots. At the Jeep, he pulled on his shorts''said we would probably get arrested driving back naked''and I did the same. He said he knew the country roads back. It was exhilarating, driving along in nothing but our shorts with the wind blowing over us. I loved watching Mitchell's thick pecs bouncing as he Jeep rolled over the rough road. We were soon dried off.

We drove past what I knew to be the turn back home and I asked Mitchell where he was going.

'To my place. I live in Atkinsville,' he said.

'Oh. I didn't know that,' I said.

Atkinsville was about twenty miles from my hometown, and he had driven all that way to pick me up. I didn't know Atkinsville very well and I didn't know the part of town at all where he lived. It was on the outskirts, practically in the country; a big three-story apartment building tucked away in a heavily wooded area. We were still in our shorts and I thought we should've stopped and put on our clothes but he wheeled right up to the building and around back.

'It's okay to go in like this?' I asked before I got out of the Jeep.

'Sure, it's private back here,' he said, already getting out of the Jeep. 'Besides, those who can see us I'm sure ain't gonna mind,' he added with a grin.

I didn't know how private it could be in an apartment building but I climbed out too. We gathered up our stuff and went inside. He lived on the third floor so I had a nice long view of those massive thighs and his big, round butt muscles flexing as we climbed the stairs.

He put the fish in the kitchen sink

'Hey, do you wanta spend the night?' he asked. 'That would give us time to talk more.'

Oh, Godd, I thought. Where was I going to get the breath to even answer him.

'Sure, if it's okay,' I managed, hoping I didn't sound short of breath.

'Yeah, it's okay. Call your folks,' he said, pointing to the phone.

My parents were okay with it, me being in the company of someone as responsible as an Army Ranger. And they knew I was thinking about joining the military so they took this as nothing more than the normal progression of things and the process of recruitment. If they only knew. If I only knew!

He asked me to start the grill while he cleaned the fish. The grill was sitting out on the balcony that faced the wilderness behind the apartment complex. In addition to the expanse of wilderness there were two huge artificial trees with live vines entwined around them and growing across the top of the balcony. With a little imagination, it looked like a jungle all around us.

'This is nice out here,' I said.

'Yeah, it gets me away from everything, just coming out here to sit and have a beer, or a cup of coffee in the morning,' he said.

'You ever go back in there?' I asked, with a wave of my hand toward the woods beyond.

He laughed. 'That's where we were, on the other side,' he said.

The largest fish that he'd caught was enough to feed both of us so he put the rest of the fish in the freezer and brought out two frozen loaded baked potatoes.

'You want a beer, Dan? I know you're not old enough, but you're not going to be driving,' Mitchell said.


He brought my beer out on the balcony and watched as I got the grill going. 'Look, I don't want any of this to appear as if I'm bribing you to join the Army,' he said. 'I invited you to go fishing because I think we connected at school and I figured it'd be fun to spend some time together, and I wanted to make myself available for more questions you might have.'

'I won't take it as a bribe,' I said. 'I'm having fun.'

'You won't take offense, though, if I make my pitch now and then,' he said.

'No offense taken. That's why I took you up on your invitation; I want to hear all you've got to say about the Army and the Rangers. The more I know, the more informed decision I can make.'

'Will you talk to the other recruiters before you make that informed decision?' he asked.

'Probably. The Marines, anyway,' I said.

'I couldn't fault you if you joined the Marines,' he said. 'But don't let them shit you, Ranger training is as tough as anything they hand out. They just get more publicity. Hey, give me those damp shorts, I'll get you something dry to put on,' he said.

I was a bit startled, but I peeled the shorts off and handed them to him while he took his off too. It was several minutes before he came back out on the balcony, without the shorts, and he was still naked

'Oh, hell, I forgot to get us some shorts,' he said, 'I stopped to check the potatoes in the oven and completely forgot about it.' He started to leave but then paused at the door and looked back at me. 'Unless you wanta stay this way; it's okay, it's just me and you, and nobody's gonna see us,' he said.

'Okay with me,' I said with a shrug. Okay? I wanted to shout with joy!

He went in and got his beer and brought me another one although I still had about half my beer left. But he picked it up and drained it over the side of the balcony.

'No need to drink piss-warm beer,' he said. 'Unless you like warm piss,' he added, laughing.

'Never tried it,' I said cockily as I downed about half the second beer. I wasn't a big drinker and I knew two beers would give me a good buzz. He'd poured out half of one, but I figured there was plenty more where that came from. I stirred the coals and arranged them just right in the grill. 'It'll be about five minutes and this'll be ready,' I said.

'We've got plenty of time, and the fire will hold,' he said as he leaned down on the balcony railing to look out over the countryside. 'I love the view from up here,' he said.

'Yeah, it's nice,' I said, but I wasn't looking at the woods or the countryside; I was looking at Mitchell; especially his round, tight ass and the pair of big, heavy balls hanging down on either side of his cock. I didn't realize there was an inflection in my voice till he looked over his shoulder with a sly grin.

'Are you eyeballing my butt?' he asked with a soft chuckle.

'It's pretty hard not to notice such a fine looking butt, especially when it's sticking out like that,' I said with cocky confidence.

He laughed, and it turned into a smile before he looked back around. I wondered if something had sparked between us. I hoped so but I was half afraid. If I made the wrong move, or said the wrong thing or he took it the wrong way, he might reject me as a prospective recruit before I had a chance. I moved up to lean over the railing beside him.

'Hey, do you want me to get some chicks up here?' he asked. 'All it takes is a phone call. There're a couple of real lookers who live downstairs. I've had 'em both. They would jump at the chance to get their hands on you.'

I laughed, scoffing. 'If you've had 'em both, they would throw rocks at me,' I said.

'No, I had another kid up here one time. They really like high school guys. Especially jocks.'

'Maybe later,' I said. I wasn't in the mood for chicks. I had what I wanted right next to me. But if it didn't look like it was going to pan out with him, I would go with the chicks; maybe it could work into a foursome. 'Do you bring very many guys up here?' I asked.

'No. Just guys who I think are seriously interested in joining,' he said. 'A lot of guys, when we're at the school, come up and talk and ask a lot of questions, trying to act studly. I give them all the time they want, but I can tell those who are really interested. Guys like you.'

A moment passed and Mitchell looked around at me and flashed me a big smile.

'You know, I haven't quite got you figured out, Archer,' he said.

'What do you mean? What is there to figure out?' I asked.

'Mmmmm, I don't know for certain. I'm thinking a lot of guys would be uncomfortable, being here like this, standing out here stark naked with a recruiter.'

'I'm a jock, I'm used to being naked around other guys,' I said.

'In one-on-one situations, like this?' he asked with a cocked brow.

'I never looked at it as a one-on-one situation. I guess it is, but that's not the way I see it,' I said.

'How do you see it?' he asked.

I thought for a moment. 'I'm going to answer that by saying, I don't quite have you figured out yet either,' I said.

He laughed. 'To quote you, what is there to figure out?' he asked.

'Well, I'm thinking most recruiters would be uncomfortable, being here like this, standing out here stark naked with somebody they were trying to recruit.'

'I'm a soldier, I'm damn sure used to being naked around other guys,' he said.

'In one-on-one situations like this?' I asked 'Or don't you see it that way?'

'Look, if it makes you uncomfortable, I'll go get us some shorts,' he said in a more serious tone, rising up from the railing. 'And if I was out of line with that warm piss or eyeballing my butt wise cracks, I apologize. But your come back didn't sound like you were offended.'

'I wasn't offended,' I said with a cocky grin. 'Hell, I can take a joke.'

He picked up my beer and checked it. 'Looks like you need another one,' he said.

I watched him walk back into the kitchen and bend over to get another beer out of the fridge. My chest tightened up just from the sight of his magnificent body and especially his taut, round butt all spread apart.

'Most guys would jump at the chance of having a couple of willing chicks brought up,' he said as he came back on the balcony and handed me a fresh beer.

'I didn't say no to it,' I reminded him.

He tilted his beer to his pursed lips and let a long trickle of beer into his mouth.

'You didn't jump on it either,' he pointed out, then quickly followed with, 'There is one thing we haven't talked about yet. It's officially a taboo subject but unofficially, we're advised to bring it up.'

'What's that?' I asked.

'The military's don't-ask-don't-tell policy concerning gays,' he said.

'I've heard of it,' I said. 'That's where you can't ask me if I'm gay and I'm not supposed to tell you if I am, right?'

'Well, yes, but not exactly,' he said. 'I'm supposed to make it clear that the military doesn't accept gays.'

'But you can't ask me so you don't know if I am, so I can't figure out what good the policy is in the first place,' I said. 'Besides, why should the Army care one way or the other?'

'My sentiments exactly,' he said, laughing, with a sense of relief. 'But, I had to touch on it. Now that that's out of the way.....' Then he reached back, slowly and clasped his hand gently around the side of my butt. 'Does this offend you?' he asked.

'No,' I replied, without hesitation.

He smiled. 'I didn't think so,' he said. 'I had you figured better than I thought.'

'I was hoping you would. Truth is, I wanted to do the same thing to you but I was afraid to. I was afraid the recruitment process would come to a screeching halt,' I said. 'And that you might break my neck if I tried anything with you.'

'If you're referring to the don't-ask-don't-tell policy, that technically only applies to the military, not to civilians being recruited. And despite the official position, gays in the military don't bother me one bit. I've had guys come right out and tell me they're gay, because they wanted some advice on how to deal with it if they went in. They were afraid they wouldn't be able to cope with being around all those other guys, especially in the showers.'

'And what was your advice?' I asked.

'I told them to keep their eyes above the waist at all times. And to keep their personal lives very personal and always off base.' He smiled. 'As for breaking your neck if you tried anything...I sort of thought you wanted to, but were just too shy.'

'Can I ask you something rather personal?' I asked.

'If you're going to ask me if I'm gay, the answer is no,' he said.

'No, I never thought you were. Nobody would think that. I was going to ask if you've ever had sex with a guy you're trying to recruit.'

'Yes,' he replied without batting an eye. 'Does that surprise you?'

'No. Did they join?'

'Yes. And if that was meant to trip me up...did they join...yes, there has been more than one,' he said. He laughed. 'One guy went over to the Marines afterwards, but that's okay, we got him into a uniform.'

It was my turn to laugh. 'Maybe the Marines had more to offer,' I joked.

'Actually, it's not all that uncommon,' he said. 'I've had one kid who actually walked in for the sole purpose of making it with an Army Ranger, like it was a goal or something. Didn't have any real intention of joining.'

'Do they just walk in and say it?' I asked.

'No, but after about twenty minutes of conversation and questions and answers, it wasn't that hard to figure out,' he said.

'Did you?'

'Yeah. Fuck, yeah,' he said. 'I closed up the office and gave him what he wanted. He thought if the Army was anything like that, he wanted in. I told him no, I wouldn't sign him up.'

'Why not?'

'He would've been kicked out in a week. He was cock hungry. Hell, he would've been trying to crawl in bed with guys.'

I rose up from the railing and stepped around to the grill. 'We've about talked the coals to death,' I said. 'There's about enough life left in them to cook the fish.'

'Do you want to eat fish right now?' Mitchell asked.

I didn't know for sure what he was asking, but I was sure it wasn't about my appetite for fish. In light of the conversation we were having, I boldly stated, 'Unless you've got something better to offer to change the menu.'

'I just might have,' he said. He came around to where I was standing at the grill and moved up behind me. I felt his cock first, brush against my butt, then he was smashing it between my buns and pressing his entire body against me.

'How do you feel about bologna or a nice, big Polish sausage?' he asked.

'Are you Polish?' I joked.

'Very Polish,' he said as he ground his loins against my butt.

I could feel his cock heating up and coming alive.

'I feel like I gotta ask, how much experience have you had?' he asked.

'None. Except in my mind; in my fantasies,' I said.

'Geezusss, a virgin?'

'Is that a problem for you?' I asked.

'No,' he replied quickly. 'Fuck, no. Not if this isn't a problem for you,' he added, grinding himself against me harder.

'With no experience under my belt, I guess I don't know how big a problem it's going to be,' I said.

'Are you man enough to find out?' he asked.

'I think I am. I wanta be,' I said.

'Are you man enough to take this where I wanta put it?' he asked, smashing his hardening cock against my butt.

'An Army Ranger ought to be able to turn me into the man he wants me to be,' I said. 'Be all that you can be, isn't that it?'

'Yeah, something like that,' he said.

His hands were all over the front of my body, squeezing my pecs, rubbing and pressing against my stomach muscles, reaching down to feel my thighs. The guy obviously liked the feel of another male.

'Listen, this is going to sound crazy, but...would you mind if I called you Flint?' I asked.

'Flint? My name's not Flint,' he said.

'I know, but...well, I said you look just like one of my GI Joes; the big dark-haired one, his name was Flint. His real name was Dashiell R. Faireborn. He was born in Wichita, Kansas. He was infantry, but became a Warrant Officer when he became a helicopter pilot. He was a Rhodes Scholar, earned his degree in English Lit but he got bored and enlisted in the Army. He went to Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces School, just like I bet you did. He drafted the plans and led a half dozen rescue missions in hostile territories. One of the quotes in his bio from one of the men he rescued was, 'We had thought COBRA had us in the stinking dungeon for good '' so we didn't know what was going down when we heard that chopper comin' in and all the heavy hardware going off like the Fourth of July. Then somebody kicked down the door to our cell and when the smoke cleared, there was FLINT with that lop-sided grin sayin', 'C'mon boys, we're goin' home.'

Suddenly, I felt foolish for having described a little boy's toy with such detail and passion, but I had it memorized, and I was passionate about it.

Mitchell reared back a little, surprised, a wide smile on his handsome face.

'Damn, you really know your GI Joes,' he said.

'Yeah, well, I said it would sound crazy, but I didn't mean to sound that crazy,' I said, a little embarrassed.

'No at all. It was pretty impressive, actually,' he said.

'He had a buddy named Duke,' I said.

'Yeah, the blonde dude. I remember his name was Conrad Hauser, Airborne Infantry,' he said.

It was my turn to smile.

'He was born in St. Louis, Missouri,' I went on, to fill in. 'He held the rank of E-8, Master Sergeant, was fluent in French, German, and English. Graduated top of his class at Airborne School, Fort Benning, Georgia. He opted for U.S. Army Special Language School where he specialized in Han Chinese and South East Asian dialects. He went to Special Forces and was sent to Vietnam where he worked with tribesmen in the boonies of South Vietnam. He ran four different Special Forces schools there. He turned down a commission in 1971, stayed an Acting First Sergeant, G.I. He told them, 'They tell me that an officer's job is to impel others to take the risks '' so that the officer survives to take the blame in the event of total catastrophe. With all due respect, sir, if that's what an officer does, I don't want any part of it.'

'Shit, you're a regular GI Joe historian,' Mitchell said, laughing, and I could feel his rock-hard abs dancing and undulating against my back.

'Not really, just those two,' I said. 'They were the only two I had.'

'Well, hell, I would be honored to be your Flint; it's obvious you admire him very much.'

'He was my hero growing up,' I said.

'Sounds a little like he still might be,' Mitchell said. 'If I'm gonna be your Flint, is it okay if you be my Duke? You've got sort of blonde hair.'

I was so excited I was about to get emotional. Talk about living a dream. My dream was coming to life and I was right in the middle of it. I was going to actually be one of my GI Joe heroes. I turned around to face him and he eased me away from the grill so I wouldn't burn my butt.

'This is a dream come true, meeting you, and you looking so much like my childhood hero. I've had fantasies.'

'What kind of fantasies?' he asked.

'Like this one,' I said. 'Well, actually, they included Barbie and Ken, but only to take care of Duke and Flint.'

He laughed. 'You had Barbie and her boyfriend servicing your GI Joes?'

'Yeah, Barbie and Ken belonged to my sister,' I said with a sheepish grin. 'But the real fantasies, the real strong ones, were like this. I played with Flint and Duke naked most of the time, wearing just their combat boots.'

'Maybe you oughta tell me about your fantasies, about what Duke and Flint did together,' he said.

'They did whatever we're gonna do,' I said. 'That's the fantasy.'

'Look, Duke, I'm gonna be up front with you; I wanta fuck you in the worst way,' he said.

'Fuck me, then, Flint,' I said. 'Nothing I could do about it anyway.'

'I don't think Duke would've ever said that to Flint,' he said with a grin.

'Yeah, but I'm Duke, I can have him say whatever I want,' I said. 'You were probably gonna fuck me anyway, just like you did those other guys you were trying to recruit. That's the reason you asked me up to your place, isn't it?'

'Not really,' he said. 'I mean, I never figured I would get that lucky with you. Guess that was a fantasy of mine. But yeah, I'm gonna fuck you now.'

He maneuvered me over to the edge of the balcony and bent me over the railing. I was scared out of my skull. He was huge, and I'd never been fucked before, and I didn't know if I could handle him. I wanted to ask him about using lube but didn't want to sound like a pussy. I was, after all, submitting to an Army Ranger who would be deciding whether he thought I was man enough to join. While I was bent over the railing, waiting for the unknown, I looked out over the pristine landscape that stretched far out beyond the building, and I couldn't help thinking how un-pristine my ass was going to be when Flint got done stretching it to fit his huge cock. I was glad when I glanced around and saw him pick up a bottle of cooking oil from the cook table. He drizzled it over his throbbing cock, then he drizzled some into the crack of my ass. Then he stepped up behind me and clasped his big hands around my hip bones.

'Okay, Duke, let's see how bad you wanta become an Army Ranger, now,' he said.

I felt the heat of his cock, then the meaty head pressing against my hole, and my fantasy began. I was Conrad Hauser, Airborne Infantry, born in St. Louis, Missouri, E-8, Master Sergeant, was fluent in French, German, and English. I was a stud and all the guys at school knew it, and now I was going to prove it to the only guy who mattered. I refused to admit that I was scared out of my wits.

Flint shoved harder and I felt my asshole separating around the bulk of his cockhead. It didn't hurt at first, maybe because I willed it not to. I wasn't going to be a pussy about this. Yeah, I was a virgin, but Duke, Conrad Hauser was no pussy. I enmeshed myself deeper into my fantasy. Graduated top of my class at Airborne School, Fort Benning, Georgia. Takes a stud do that; jump out of fuckin' airplanes. I could speak French, German and English. Went to U.S. Army Special Language School, specialized in Han Chinese and South East Asian dialects; knew something important awaited me.

'UUUhhhnnnnn!' I groaned softly as Flint's big cock penetrated my hole. I clasped the railing of the balcony so hard my knuckles turned white. That's where the pain left my body, through my white knuckles, not through a scream that would have reverberated across the wooded valley. Fuck, he was big!! Bigger in my ass than in my visual of him. He was big and hot, and throbbing, and pushing deeper. Ohhhhh! Fuck! Awwwwhh! It was silent cry as he sank deeper into my guts. I pretended we were behind enemy lines somewhere in Vietnam and Flint needed relief and I was that relief for him, the only relief he had besides his hand, and he deserved better than that. Willingly. Gladly. I submitted to him; let him use me to get his relief. Anything for a buddy. He would do the same for me.

Joined Special Forces and yeah, I was sent to Vietnam''truth was, I volunteered''to work with tribesmen in the boonies of South Vietnam. Ran four different Special Forces Schools there. Got offered a commission but stayed an Acting First Sergeant. Hell, I was an ordinary G.I., nothing more. Didn't want to be an officer. Met this guy they called Flint.

'Ohhhh, Fuckkkk!' I intended to keep quiet but it came out. Shit, he was going deep! Spreading my asshole like it was butter, now, my ass muscles clenching around the girth of his thick cock like a glove.

'You're getting used to it,' he said.

Yeah, I was getting used to it; what choice did I have. I was getting fucked so I might as well get used to the idea.

Flint. His real name was Dashiell R. Faireborn. What a fuckin' weird name; but nobody made fun of it. You didn't make fun of Dashiell unless you wanted the imprint of his fist in your face. He was born in Wichita, Kansas.

'Awwwwhhh, Fuck, yeah,' I moaned, and it didn't matter any more than I couldn't keep quiet. He was fucking me, sliding his big hot cock in and out of my ass, and the pain was subsiding and it was starting to feel sort of good.

He was infantry, tough fuckin' bastard, but he decided he wanted to fly helicopters so they made him a Warrant Officer. He was a Rhodes Scholar, would you believe it? Earned his degree in English Lit; can you believe that! Should've been sitting behind a desk, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, teaching other smart kids who would never see the jungles of Vietnam. But his muscles wouldn't fit behind a desk. Sure enough, he got bored and enlisted in the Army. He went to Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces School; like he had to make up for being so damned smart.

All the way in, the last few inches shoving things out of the way, plowing a path through me. 'OOOOHhhhhh,' I moan softly, tossing my head back, gripping the railing. He grinds his loins against my butt, making his cock lob around inside me and I clench my teeth to keep from screaming. Then he starts moving again...out a little ways, then back in; pulls further out, then back in. 'Ohhhh, yeah, fuck me,' I whispered to myself. 'Fuck me a new asshole for yourself.' Because he was gonna be using it on a regular basis, I had a feeling. Godd, it was so good! Oh, fuck me, Flint!

He was smart but he didn't let his smarts go to waste. He drafted the plans and led a half dozen rescue missions in hostile territories.

I found myself using the railing to hold onto as leverage to thrust back onto his cock, even before he started driving it in me in steady strokes. I wanted this. I wanted it for him because he was my battle buddy and he needed it, and I wanted it for myself because I wanted to find out what it was like to get fucked. The guy knew how to fuck. I didn't have any basis for comparison, but I just knew that no other man could make the moves he was making. I wondered how much of this the Rangers had taught him, like did they have classes where they taught Rangers how to fuck when they went on pass? Or maybe it was part of the training, teaching them how to take care of each other.

'Goddam, Duke, you're tight,' he groaned as he tightened his grip around my hips and began driving his cock in and out of my ass. He wasn't rough, just big, and he went in deep and spread my butt apart with each thrust.

'Ohhh,' I gasped with each thrust. 'Ohhhh...ohhhh...ohhh, fuck...Oh, Godd!...Awww...Aww...Ohhhhh.' I'd never felt anything so incredible in my life. My wildest fantasies never approached this much pleasure. I thought I might pass out, and clung tightly to the railing.

'You doing okay, Duke?' he asked me

'Yessss!' I hissed. Even if I wasn't, I would've lied to him and told him I was.

'Good. I'm gonna shift into high gear then,' he said. With that, he started moving faster, driving deeper, slamming harder against my butt. He kept one hand tight around my hip and reached around with his other hand to find my cock. 'Fuck!' he said as he wrapped his fist around it. 'Where'd you get a cock like that at your age?' And he started pumping it. It was a mistake.

I wanted to tell him to stop doing it, to move his hand, and I reached down to grab his wrist, but it was too late. The mere touch of his big, rough hand around my hot cock was more than I could take. I lost my load.

'Oh, Godd...Ohhhh...Ohhhh, I'm gonna cum!...Uuhhnnnn!' And the stuff started shooting out. Godd, he was going to be so pissed for leaving him high and dry!

'Hey, fuck, yeah, buddy,' he said huskily as he pumped my cock hard and pounded my ass harder. 'Fuck, yeah, give it up, Duke...yeah...pump it out there...empty those balls, dude.'

It was the most incredible cum I'd ever experienced in my life. Through my slitted eyes I could see the great ropes of semen arching out through the railing and I wondered if there was anybody below. Flint kept fucking my ass, like he was trying to pump the stuff out of me, and fisting my cock. I loved his hand on my cock; it felt so much different and better than my own hand. Ohhh, shit, I couldn't stop coming! It felt like my cock was going to suck my balls right up through the shaft, and if it weren't for Flint's big cock inside me, I think my asshole would've turned inside out.

I felt selfish that I didn't give a thought to Flint's satisfaction till I started to come down. My chest was heaving and it was Flint that was holding me up rather than my own hands on the railing. He had lifted me up straight and was holding me tight against his own muscular body, his cock still throbbing inside me, his hand still tight around my cock. Come was still boiling out of me and running down over his knuckles.

'You still okay, Duke, boy?' he asked, his rock hard abs rippling against my back as he laughed.

'I don't know,' I gasped weakly. 'I just know I never experienced anything like that in my life.'

'Thanks. Glad I could make it that good for you,' he said.

He wasn't pissed. He was thanking me. I should've been thanking him. I did it for him. I let myself relax in his powerful arms, against his body. He held me tight for a long moment, then the muscles of his arms relaxed as he released his hold.

'You might wanta sit down,' he said. He eased his cock out of my ass and guided me over to a chair. 'I'll get you a beer.'

I slouched in the chair, my legs too shaky to hold me up. I was totally spent; exhausted. But my cock wouldn't go down. It lolled out between my legs, sort of bobbing up and down and swinging back and forth, with beads of come still oozing out the slit. Flint came back with two cold beers, following his huge cock out on the deck.

'I'm sorry I left you like that,' I said, nodding at his hardon.

'No problem, Duke,' he said, laughing, taking the chair next to me.

But it was, for me. I wanted to impress him and I'd lost all control and left him hanging. Way to impress the guy.

'Duke wouldn't have left you high and dry like that,' I said.

'Okay, but that was role playing,' he said, reaching over to squeeze my thigh. 'I'm not Flint, and you're wanting to join the Army and become a Ranger in real life.'

'Yeah, well, I handled that situation just great, didn't I,' I scoffed. 'Must've impressed the hell out of you.'

'Hey, kid, you were a virgin,' he said. 'You didn't know what to expect, taking a hot cock up your ass.'

'No, I sure didn't,' I said. 'I didn't know it was gonna hurt so bad...or feel so good.' I was eyeing his cock out of the corner of my eye. Godd, he was huge! I couldn't believe he'd buried it in my ass. I couldn't believe it felt so damned good! I couldn't leave him like that, sitting there with a big hardon throbbing up between his legs and him trying to ignore it. I didn't know if I could get my mouth around it, but I had to try. I set my beer down and stood up. He looked at me funny, sort of a what-the-fuck look.

'I'm not leaving you like that,' I said as I went to my knees between his knees, laying my forearms on his massive thighs.

'Fuck, kid,' he murmured

'See, you're calling me kid,' I said.

'Didn't mean anything by it,' he said.

'Maybe. But maybe it shows you don't see me as man enough to be a Ranger.'

'No, it don't. I didn't mean it like that,' he said, ruffling my hair.

'Just tell me one thing...would you take me with you on a critical mission, knowing I couldn't get the job done?' I asked.

'Hey, fucker, we were having sex, not attacking an enemy position,' he said with a crooked smile.

'That answers my question. I'm not leaving you like this,' I said. I wrapped my hand around his warm cock as far as it would reach, maybe a little wide eyed at the space left between my thumb and forefinger. Geezusss! How does a guy grow a cock that size! He splayed his legs out wide and hunkered down in the chair. I wrapped my other hand around him. Fuck! I had both hands around him and there was still enough cock sticking up to accommodate my mouth, or even another hand! I knelt there, gazing at his cock, feeling a little breathless over what I was about to do.

'Don't forget where this has been,' he reminded me, ruffling my hair again.

I knew, and I didn't care. He deserved more than I had delivered; virgin or not. I wanted him to see me as a man who could handle the situation. I leaned in and licked off the precum that was boiling out the end of his cock. It tasted good and I stuck the tip of my tongue in the wide slit to get more that was oozing up.

'Oohhhhhh,' he moaned softly, slouching lower in the chair. He put his hands on my shoulders.

I slathered my tongue around the big head, causing him to groan again, and his cock to quiver violently. I did it again and found what caused it; my tongue sliding across the tender underside of his cock where the head flared back from the shaft. His grip on my shoulders tightened, as if he were urging me to take him. I opened my mouth and slid my wet lips around his cockhead.

'Aawwwwhhhhh,' he groaned.

I started to suck him when he put his big, rough hands on each side of my face to stop me. I wondered why he was stopping me, and I rose up.

'Before you get into this, I need to know how far you wanta take it,' he said.

'All the way,' I said, without flinching. What the hell did he think? I was going to crap out again and leave the job half done?

'By all the way...you want my load?' he asked.

'Yes. I want you to shoot it in my mouth,' I replied bravely.

'Be warned, I cum like I'm hung...big loads,' he said.

'Okay,' I said.

'Okay,' he said, and let go of my face to let me have at him. But then he stopped me again, and stood up. 'Why don't we go in on the bed where you'll be more comfortable,' he said.

'I'm okay, I like it out here in the open,' I said, still moving my hand up and down his thick cock. 'It's like we're in a jungle.'

'Like Duke and Flint,' he said with a smile.

'Yeah, like Duke and Flint,' I said.

'Okay,' he said with a shrug, then took a cushion off the chair and tossed it down for me to kneel on, then he leaned back against the railing.

I liked it better with him standing up, towering over me; a tower of strength and muscle and awesome manhood looming out over my face. If I hadn't already been on my knees, I think they would've buckled under me. Godd, he was so beautiful it made me tremble inside just to look up at him. I leaned in and nuzzled my face back in his crotch, lapping at his balls.

'MMmmmnnnn,' he moaned softly, setting his feet wider apart.

I bent under him, crooked my neck so my face was completely between his legs, lapping at his balls and the crack of his ass alternately.

'Ohh, fuck,' he groaned. He reached out with his foot and dragged the chair closer and set his foot on the arm, spreading his legs even wider.

I twisted around, craning my neck so I could lick further up the crack of his ass.

'Geezusss,' he gasped.

I decided to abandon his cock for the moment. I moved back from between his legs, on my haunches. 'Turn around, and bend over,' I told him.

'Yes, sir,' he said and turned around, facing the railing. He bent over and set his feet wide apart, his big, round, high-and-tight butt facing me.

Now I was really having trouble breathing. Fuckkkk, he had a great ass! I clasped my hands around the two big globes...so solid!...kneaded them for a moment then pulled them apart. 'Whew!' I gasped softly as I gazed into the wide crevice. The tiny aperture, barely hidden behind a light flurry of hair, palpitated and clenched, almost as if it were winking at me, teasing, urging me on. I didn't fully understand this strange, new desire, but I needed no urging. I buried my face between the two taut muscles and began lapping at his hole.

'AAAwwwhhhhh!' he cried out softly as he shoved his butt back hard against my face.

I wrapped my arms around his massive thighs for leverage, and Flint reached back to pull his own butt apart for me. Yeah, he was my GI Joe again. Big, studly, awesome Flint, and we were back in that goddamned steamy jungle in Vietnam and he needed release from all the pent-up tensions of the fuckin' ceaseless war. I'd left him high and dry, and now I was going to see that he got that release. The railing was the edge of a bunker and the cushion under my knees was the thick elephant grass that we'd trampled down, in the middle of the thick foliage of trees and vines all around us. His ass was as steamy as the jungle, teaming with warm, male musk that was driving me crazy. His hole was open now, wide...so wide I could see the delicate inner lining up inside him. I drove my tongue in deep and licked all around the warm, velvety muscles. One big hand wrapped around the back of my head to hold my face in tight. I moaned softly and whimpered with excitement as I tongued his ass as deep as I could reach while I jacked my own cock and squeezed my balls.

'Geezusss, kid, what're you doing to me,' I heard him say; his voice seemed far off.

What was I doing to him? What was he doing to me? Godd, I was so hot I couldn't stand it. I wanted to crawl up inside his ass. I wanted to be inside him. Fuck! Open up wider! Godd, let me in! My head was spinning, like I was on some kind of aphrodisiac. I tried to rationalize what I was doing, but there was no rational explanation for the lust and desire I had for this man's ass. I half wished he was forcing me, but he wasn't, and strangely, that made my desire all the more intense. I let my imagination run amuck, with images that could only be fatal; images of me giving Flint what he'd given me. He needed it just as bad; he was squirming his tight butt against my face, moaning with the same lust and desire as me; he needed it and he wanted it. It was up to me to give it to him; to quench the desire and lust that had built up for so long. He needed the release.

'Flint!' I heard the voice speak the name before I realized it was my own.

'Yeah, Duke,' came the reply.

It was all I needed to hear; the mention of my name, Duke, the sound of his deep, husky voice speaking it. In his reply I heard his desperate need. In his tone I heard him asking me for it...not begging...Flint would never beg, not even for his life. As I stroked my cock, spreading the copious flow of precome all along the shaft, there was a tiny glimmer of sanity that warned me of consequences too awful to comprehend, but I had to take the chance. I was helpless but to do otherwise. My mind still in a frenzy, I stood and set the head of my cock against his quivering hole where his big hands still held his butt apart to expose it for my tongue.

'Wha......!' he started, snapping his head around, and even with that instant realization, he still held his butt apart.

'You know you need it, Flint...just let it happen,' I blurted hoarsely, and with that I shoved my cock in him.

'Whaaaaaaa!...Fucckkkk!' he yelled, tossing his head back in agony.

At the sound of his outcry I suddenly came to my senses and realized what I'd done. I had just slammed my cock into the ass of an Army Ranger! I was instantly terrified. He could kill me in an instant...snap my neck with a twist of one of those huge hands. I didn't know what do to. Something told me to pull out and run like hell, maybe even jump over the balcony and take my chances of breaking something rather than be annihilated by this man. But I couldn't move. It was as if my cock was lodged inside his tight, hot ass with superglue. All this within a matter of a second or two, during which I had broke out in a cold sweat.

'Awww, Fuck, Duke, what're you doing!'

I was stunned at the sound of Flint's voice reverberating through the steamy jungle, calling my name, Duke.

'Fuckin' your horny ass,' I said. 'Just like you want. Just like you fucked mine last time we were out on patrol. You said then you wanted to try it sometime, see how it feels to ride a big stiff cock. So, how's it feel, fucker?'

'Ohh, Geezusss, Duke...we're not supposed to be doing this...fucking my ass like this, I'm a fuckin Ranger, for chrissakes,' he murmured.

'Stop me then,' I said. 'You're a big, tough Army Ranger, you can stop me from fucking your hot ass,' I said, egging him on, as I kept slamming my cock in and out of him. He wasn't trying to move away from me; he was holding his ground, solid in his stance as I smacked my loins against his butt.

But suddenly he straightened and pulled away from me. My cock pulled out of his ass with a loud slurping sound. He turned around and grabbed me by the throat, his beautiful eyes snapping with fire. I was terrified. I'd taken it too far. He was going to kill me. I wasn't a Ranger; I was ready to beg.

'Oh, Shit...Flint...Mitchell...sir,' I stammered, but his grip around my neck cut off my words.

'You are the first man with the balls to try anything like that with me,' he said with his steely-eyed gaze. I finished it my own mind....'and I'm gonna slice those balls off and feed 'em to you'....but that's not what he said. 'I gotta admit, you took me by surprise. I like that, which means you're gonna live to see another day.'

'Yes, sir, thank you, sir,' I managed, my voice trembling.

I thought I saw the beginning of a smile; a twinge at the corner of his mouth, but he didn't let it form. I still didn't know what he was going to do with me; he still had his hand around my throat. Suddenly he pulled my face toward his and locked his mouth on mine. I whinnied with excitement and let out a surprised gasp and when I did, he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I was tentative about kissing him back, but his forcefulness demanded it. I let him find my tongue to see what he was going to do...to learn how two men kissed...and when he found it I knew, instinctively. I lashed my tongue at his, they entwined like two snakes. I think I surprised him when I sucked his tongue deeper into my mouth. He locked his lips tighter on mine and drove his tongue into my throat. I squealed through his moan that I felt more than heard, and our bodies ground against each other. I'd never been kissed by a guy, and he was turning my legs to jelly. As abruptly as he had kissed me, he pulled away. The sparkle in his eyes had turned to something else; lust, I thought.

'Now, we're gonna finish what you started,' he said, right in my face. 'And you don't leave me high and dry this time. You got that, fucker? You accomplish your fuckin' mission.'

'Yes, sir,' I said, strongly as I could.

He jerked the cushion off the other chair and tossed it on the floor and kicked the two cushions together. Then he lay down on his back with his knees cocked up, his feet set apart, his great cock throbbing up over his chest. I hurriedly got between his legs on my knees, happy and thankful that my own cock had retained its stiffness, ready to finish the job. As I knelt there he drew his legs up and laid them on my shoulders. I hunkered forward with the heavy load of muscle, bending him in two and buried my cock deep in his ass once again.

'Awwwhhh, Fuck!' he groaned as he locked his muscular thighs around my hips. He hunkered his butt up to meet my thrust, twisting his hips around in circles, causing my cock to lob around inside him. I started fucking him as best I could with his legs locked around me. He let me use only short jabs; he liked my cock in deep. 'Ohh...ohhhh...Awwwh, fuck...Ohhh, yeah, Duke, fuck my tight ass,' he moaned.

At first I let him have his way, however he wanted my cock, he got it. But after a while, he had me so steamed up that I took charge. I thought I should show him I could take command. I reared back and broke the leg lock he had around my hips so I could swing them into full motion. I started fucking him with full-cock strokes, going in deep and hard, pulling back till only the head of my cock was inside him, then lunging back in again.

'Awwwhh...Awwhhh, fuck...Ohhh...Ohhhh, man...Whew! How the hell did you learn to fuck like this?' he asked as he worked his hand up and down his cock.

'From you,' I said.

It dawned on me then, that his cock was big enough that if I leaned down, I could suck him at the same time I was fucking him. I brushed his hand away and pulled his cock upright.

'Oh, Fuck...Ohhh, Fuck...this is gonna be great,' Mitchell groaned with anticipation when he saw what I was going to do. Then he let out a yowl, 'Awww! Fuck ME!' when I went down on him.

Godd, I loved his cock. It was a club that filled my hand. I slurped the head with my tongue, lapping up the ball juice that he was producing, then went down as far as I could bend over while still keeping my hips in play to plug his ass.

'Oh, My Godd!' he cried out as he humped against me, riding on my cock and thrusting his cock through my lips. 'Awwhh!...Ohh, fuck...Ohh, yeah, suck it....suck it, fuck me...Awwwhhhhh!'

'Mmmaaaaagghhh!' I choked when he thrust his cock through the opening of my throat. Lucky that I was in the position I was in or he would've impaled me on it. I could only reach about a third of his cock as I kept fucking him. My mind was whirling as I clung to the reality that I was actually fucking my hero, Flint. Fucking him and sucking his cock at the same time. Nothing could possibly get any better than his. I was absolutely in my element; knew where I belonged for the first time in my life, and for the rest of my life...with a stiff cock in my mouth and my cock in another guy's ass, or his cock in mine...fuck, it didn't matter what, as long as it was with another male.

At one point I reached up and put my hand over Mitchell's mouth. I gathered that he lived in a pretty laid back neighborhood, and we were practically out in the wilderness, but he was making so much noise, and I didn't think he would want his neighbors to know that the big, studly Army Ranger was getting his ass fucked by some young recruit. When I did, he grabbed my wrist and began sucking on my fingers. Shit, it was erotic as hell. For him too, apparently, because he started moaning louder and sounding more intense as he hunkered his butt up to meet my thrusting cock, which also thrust his cock into my mouth. We were working up a real sweat; or actually working on the sweat we'd worked up when I was tonguing his ass. Suddenly he jerked my fingers out of his mouth.

'Aww. Fuuucckkkkk!' he groaned loudly. 'Ohhh, stud, you're doin' it,' he gasped, gripping my shoulder with one hand and putting the other one on top of my head as if to keep my mouth on his cock. 'You're getting me there!....ohh, Godd!...ohh, shit, keep doing it...keep sucking my cock!...keep fucking me! I'm gonna cum!'

I wrapped both hands around his big cock and held on for dear life as he fucked my cock more than I fucked him, and kept on slurping his cock. His body started lurching, like it was trying to fold itself in half, his tight abs bulging sexily. I fucked him as hard as I could; I wanted to go off with him, to make it all perfect. The perfection began when his cock suddenly exploded in my mouth and I was getting my first taste of another man's cum. Geezusss!! It came out with such force that I thought my head jolted back, like a fire hose gushing out warm semen. He was choking on his cries so no sound was coming out but his muscular body was out of control. Fuck, how could anybody come so much! Within seconds my mouth was full of the stuff and I didn't know what to do with it. Stupid me, I hadn't thought it through that far; I just wanted to get him off. His thrusting drove the head of his cock against the opening of my throat and set off my gag reflex and to keep from choking I started swallowing. It just happened. I couldn't help it. I just started gulping the stuff down. But he kept shooting hot cum into my mouth faster than I could swallow and there wasn't room for it, along with the bulk of his meat, and the stuff started escaping my lips and running down the shaft of his cock, mixing into his hairs and trickling down his balls. Fuck, he was gonna be pissed over the mess I was making of it.

All the while my hips were on automatic pilot, pounding my cock into the big Ranger's ass like a pile driver and I guessed that was what was making him cum so hard; like I was driving it and pumping it out of him. I'd forgotten about my own climax till I was making such a mess of sucking Mitchell's cock, and thinking how pissed he was going to be, and I needed to finish it up. I willed it to happen...not that it took that much concentration...and finally rose up from his cock and humped up over him and really fucked him hard. He looked eye-popping surprised that I was still going so hard and I must've hit his prostate from another angle or something because he started spewing out more cum all over his chest.

My trigger finally tripped and I started shooting my load way up inside him. He did another sort of double-take, his eyes widened and he moaned and humped his ass up at me. A moment later, I was collapsed on top of him, trying to catch my breath, worrying about what would happen next as I faced with a clearer head what had just happened. When he squirmed under me, I rose up and slowly pulled my cock out, without making eye contact with him. As I rested back on my haunches, he winced as he let his legs down on either side of me like he had a cramp or something. I didn't know what to do or say. I couldn't tell from his face what he was thinking. When he rose up I reared back off my haunches and shoved myself to my feet to get out of his way. I stepped back against the railing, well out of his way. Fuck, it was like watching a mountain of muscle move as he got up. His hair was matted with his own semen and his balls glistened with it in the sunlight. When he turned I saw my cum running out of his ass. I'd really given him a big load.

'Fuck!' he swore under his breath as he went in from the deck, I figured to the bathroom.

I picked up the cushions and put them back in the chairs. I should leave, I thought; he's gonna come back and throw me off the balcony. I looked around to locate my clothes. That's when I realized that my cock was still hard. I gave it a whack....'Fuck, you've caused enough trouble,' I muttered under my breath. I heard the toilette flush and the water run for a bit then turn off. This was my last chance. But then it was too late. He was coming back. I moved back against the railing....I would like to say I didn't cower, but I probably did. You would too if you saw this naked mountain of a man coming toward you. He saw my hardon.

'Damn, didn't that thing get enough action?' he growled.

I was sort of relieved. He didn't sound mad, but he wasn't smiling either.

'It just won't go down,' I said, my voice a little shaky. Fuckin' thing; I gave it a hard squeeze, to cut off it's lifeline, but it just throbbed harder in my fist and I let go of it. The few seconds pause between him speaking and my response was an eternity, maybe like waiting for a grenade to go off.

'You know what you just did?' he said.

'Y-Yes, sir, and I....I d-don't know w-what to say...Sorry, but it don't sound like enough,' I stammered.

'You plowed my virgin ass,' he went on. 'You fucked a Ranger's ass. You know how much balls that took?'

'I don't know what came over me....what gave me the idea I could do that to you,' I offered lamely. All the while I was judging how much time I had to get past him, grab my clothes and run. Yeah, I would run out naked to save my life. Seconds. Two, maybe three.

'You know I gotta extract my revenge,' he said. 'Payback.'

'Yes, sir, I know...just don't kill me.'

That's when he laughed, only it wasn't a laugh you could hear; it was a silent laugh that made his abs ripple. Hell, I wasn't sure it was a laugh at all.

'Hell, I'm not gonna kill you,' he said. 'I'm gonna fuck your eyeballs out for the rest of the night, you can bet your ass on that. But my revenge is your signature, stud, on the dotted line. I'm gonna have your ass in the Army before you walk out that door.'

'Yes, Sir!' I said, nearly a gasp; both happily surprised and relieved.

'You've got what it takes,' Mitchell said 'If you don't fuck up in training, you'll make it to Ranger School. In fact, I'm gonna personally recommend you for it.'

'Thank you, sir!'

'And stop calling me sir,' he said. 'I'm a corporal. Sir is reserved for officers.'

'Yes, Sir...Corporal,' I said.

'You know I could've stopped you,' he said.

'I know that. I don't know why you didn't.'

'My first gut reaction was to break your neck.'

'I was afraid you would,' I said.

'But you didn't back off, even in the face of your fear,' he pointed out.

'I couldn't,' I said. 'I knew my life was probably on the line, but I couldn't stop myself.'

'And that's what makes a Ranger,' he said. 'You charge in, with total disregard for your own life.'

'But taking orders from my cock wasn't too smart, was it?' I said.

'No, it wasn't,' he said, laughing. 'One more thing,' he said.

'Anything you say.'

'You gotta wash my Jeep.'

'Yes, sir, I can do that,' I said.

'You wash it, keep it clean and shined up till you ship out to basic,' he said.

'Yes, sir. I didn't call you sir like an officer,' I added quickly. 'You're just...just so big, and all muscles...I called you sir because you're intimidating.'

He laughed again. 'Your cock sure wasn't intimidated.'

The End


I went back the next day to wash his Jeep. I wore my gym shorts under my jeans but Corporal Mitchell had other ideas. He went in his bedroom and came out with a pair of his combat boots and camouflage shorts.

'You're gonna be washing a military vehicle; you oughta look military,' he said.

I held up the shorts. They were made of some kind of stretch material, sort of like denim, with a pouch sewn in the front. They were very short; no legs, a square-cut boxer.

'Is this what you guys wear around the barracks?' I asked.

'No, it's what we wear on secret maneuvers,' he said.

'I'll bet those maneuvers are so secret, not even the Pentagon knows about them.'

'Put them on,' he said. 'And the boots.'

I took off my clothes and I wasn't sure I would get the shorts and boots on the way he was looking at me. It was like he was reading my mind.

He laughed and said, 'Later, fucker. You put 'em on, I'll take 'em off of you, later, after you get your job done.' He showed me where to find the bucket and sponges and brush and cleaning equipment.

So I tromped out, in back of the apartment building where the Jeep was parked, feeling pretty naked and vulnerable, to wash his Jeep. Once I got into it, it was fun, being out there like that, knowing that people were probably watching me. I looked up once to see Mitchell standing on his balcony, naked, stroking his cock and drinking a beer and smiling.

The End.



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