Leo and Luke were sitting next to each other in religion class when a hot hunky substitute teacher walks in to take the class.

As the teacher was looking at porn on his laptop thinking no one could see it when he is at the front, caught a boner.

It was very hard to see it as he was at his desk. Except for Leo and Luke who sat at the front.

Luke was a total jock! He was leb and had rock hard abs and pecks whilst leo was an average well built soccer stud.

Leo was bi-sexual and was very much interested in Luke and Luke was a total gay guy. Whilst going on with the set work, Luke noticed the substitue's massive boner.

Luke got such a hard-on automatically and began to make flirty but normal comments to the teacher.

Leo then caught on to what Luke was trying to do and made a silly comment saying 'Horny Much Luke!'

Leo then began to act more flirtacious towards luke and having a massive boner as from Luke he began to slowly present himself.

Luke then caught eye of the massive 8 and a half inch boner and began to make himself more appealing to Leo.

He then grabbed Leo's leg as if he couldn't get a question and 'accidentaly' grabbed part of his boner. Luke automatically pulled back and Leo being even more drawn in said 'It's okay Luke'.

Leo then grasped Lukes 9 inch package and began stroking it Luke then wispered in Leo's ear 'Meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes.'

Luke then told the sub that he felt sick and asked if he could go to sck bay. The teacher allowed him and Leo then caught on and asked if he could go to the toilet.

Leo then raced down to the toilets to find a note on a stall door saying meet me on the gym mats in the storage room. Leo then as horny as anything raced to the storage room to find a gym mat with a light presented on it.

Leo then walked into the room hoping to see Luke when someone closed the door spun him around and began to kiss Leo passionately.

Leo realising who it was automatically began to explore Luke's mouth and then sticking his hand slowly down the front of his trousers towards the awaited gold.

Leo grasped the cock and began to slowly pull it from out of it's covering and tore off Luke's trousers. He then threw Luke onto the soft cushioned mat and slowly brought his mouth over Luke's enormous package.

Leo then began to pinch and massage Lukes nipples and pecks as Leo suck and dranks Luke's Cock and manly juices.

Leo The tore off his uniform and plunged himself down strip naked on the mat and began another tonguing and make out session with Luke.

After fingering eachother and sucking eachother off, Luke with his big bulky arms picked Leo up and slowly pressed his virgin arsehole onto his cock!



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