The other night I went to a nearby mall for a haircut. It was about 4:30. I went up to the counter and the receptionist said,

'Do you have a preference for hair stylist?'

I told her I didn't so she escorted to me to a man who seemed to be like in his early 30 and went by the name of Roger. He was a tall man who looking so hot.

I sat down, he put the covering over me, and we discussed the type of haircut I wanted. He said that he was going to do this in three steps: Trim a little bit, wash and dry my hair, and finish the job. Really, all I was looking for was a trim, but I thought I should let him do his job. We chit-chatted about a lot of stuff but mostly about sports.

I really liked this guy because he was so friendly and gentle. At the time I thought nothing of it, but he had a tendency to keep his hand on my head a little longer than I thought he should. I also noticed that he would sometimes hold his open hand on my neck as if he were caressing it. Because we both hit it off so nicely, I didn't think much of it and it didn't bother me at all.

It seemed like he was in no hurry to give me a trim because he would often stand in front of my chair and stare at me while he was cutting my hair. He had a captivating smile and a pleasant speaking voice.

The chair I was in was like a captain's chair with arms on both sides. At one time, I had my hands on the arm of the chair when he leaned into me to cut some hair. As I did, his lower body touched my hand and I was sure I could feel his cock touching me. If that's what it was, it felt pretty good. I didn't move my hand because I didn't want it to be too obvious. However, when he went around the other side of the chair, the same thing happened.

'Sorry, Bud.' was all he said.

I looked at him in the mirror and said, 'No problem,' and when I did, I saw a slight smile come across his face. Just as we were about to begin washing my hair, my cell phone rang.

'I'm sorry, but do you mind if I take that call?' I asked him. He said it was okay because he had to get the sink ready. The call was from peter he said he was starting to miss me and he wanted to know where was I. I answered to peter and cut the line.

When I walked over to the sink he asked if there was a problem. I told him everything about me and peter and our first incident.

I got in the chair and leaned back to have my head washed. As I did, he leaned into me again and this time, his crotch was just about in line with my head. I looked sideway and could see the outline of his cock which was not yet hard but it looked quite sizable. I hadn't realized it, but I was licking my lips while I was staring at it. I'm a gay I want to have more of his cock. He washed my hair and kept moving his dick back and forth across my shoulder. It felt pretty good.

We went back to the barber chair and he continued his clipping. I had my hand at the end of the arm of the chair and he leaned into me so that his dick was touching my hand. Thinking that it was the right thing to do, I slowly moved my hand back and forth and put a little pressure against him.

'H-m-m-m. I like that,' he said

'So do I,' was all I could say.

He finished my haircut and said,

'I'm done at 5:30. Want to grab a snack somewhere before I leave? I'll call peter and inform him that I will be back home late.

I told him that it was a good idea and that I'd wait outside in the mall until he has finished work. I strolled the mall for about 20 minutes and all I could think of was touching his cock again.

I suggested we pick up a pizza and go back to my place and eat it, he said sure but I will have to go home before 7.

We got back to my apartment. We got out together and we were walking towards my apartment he looked at me and said,

'I don't even know your name. My name is Roger Dawson, and you are...?'

I told him my name is Bruce Andrew and that I was happy to meet him and that I thought we would get along fine.

We went into the apartment, and I took his jacket and hung it up with mine. We stood there looking at each other and I said to him,

'Roger, you must work out. You have a really good build.'

'Thanks, Dave. You don't look bad yourself: good abs, and a good six-pack. Where do you work out?'

I told him that I use the equipment in the spare room but occasionally go to the Atlas Gym at the mall. I don't know why, but he took off the shirt he was wearing so that all he had on was a singlet under it.

'Fuck, you look really good, Roger. What a chest!' I said and walked over to him. I grabbed his biceps and commented on how hard they were.

He said, 'Not as hard as other parts are getting right now. Do you want to get it on, or am I not reading you right?'

'I think you are an excellent reader, Roger. I think I found that out when I was sitting in your chair. I can't wait to get more than a quick feel.' I told him.

With that, Roger moved into me and put his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. He took one hand away and dropped it down to my crotch. He used just a couple of fingers to outline my growing cock.

'Are you okay with this?' he asked.

'Two hours ago I wasn't okay with anything like this, but you are extremely exciting, sexy, and inviting. What makes you want to do this with me?' I asked him.

He looked at me again and said, 'For a long, long time, I have been eager to suck a guy off. Up to today, I never had the chance; but when you touched my cock in the chair, I thought the waiting was over. What do you think?'

'Well, to begin with, Roger, I thought you had originated this by pushing your cock into me while you were cutting my hair. I took this as a hint that you wanted to get it on. I'm not gay either, but I have sucked a couple of cocks before and really like it. I even sucked a guy off in front of my girlfriend. She masturbated and had a violent orgasm just watching me that she wants me to do it again sometime.'

While I was talking to him, I reached down and unbuckled his pants and pulled his zipper down. As I reached inside his shorts, he said,

'Do you mind if I kiss you?' and I told him it was okay with me. We kissed a couple of times with our tongues fighting each other. I reached down behind him and put both my hands inside his shorts and held onto his ass and kept kissing him.

'Your ass feels so good, Roger' I said to him and pulled him toward me.

'Just a second, Bruce. I want to get rid of some clothes here.' he said. So, he took off his t-shirt, unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. Then he unbuckled me, dropped my pants and underwear down and moved into me so that our bodies were together. With only a little room to do it, I pulled his shorts down so that we were both naked.

Roger dropped to his knees and took my cock in his hand and rubbed it around his lips. I pulled back and said,

'Oh, no, you don't.' With that, he looked up at me with a frightened look on his face.

'I thought this would be okay, Bruce. What's wrong?' he asked.

I told him that if he could have a cock in his mouth, so could I. So we headed to the bedroom, jumped on the bed and got into the 69 position. I sucked him, played with his balls and ass and he did likewise with me. It didn't take long before we both came. I sucked him hard and let him cum in my mouth, but he just jerked me off so that I would cum over my legs.

We got dressed just in time to answer the door to get the pizza. I thought we might have a hard time looking at each other but we didn't. I think he broke the ice when he said,

'The salami on this pizza is good, but not as good as the salami you gave me.' That brought a pretty good laugh from both of us. We finished the pizza and said it was time to go to the game. We got our jackets on and stopped by the door on our way out.

'That was so fucking good, Bruce. I hope we can do it again.'

I told him that I was sure that we would. On the way to the game, we discussed work schedules and found out that we could have an occasional afternoon delight. I'll let you know when we can do this again.



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