You could say that I've always had a certian soft spot for Lee; but perhaps to say that I have a particular hard spot for him would be better apt!

Lee was almost two years younger than me and when we were growing up seeing him again was one of the best things about coming back home from my Regina boarding school.

For my part I can't say exactly when my relationship with Lee became, shall we say, more emotional than friendly; but by my senior year, while the rest of my dorm was masturbating over underwear catalogue models and smuggled naked chick-mags, I would be holding some nude whore's photo in one hand, my fat dick in the other and then close my eyes and dream I was fucking Lee's virgin boy-cunt.

Now no one can say that even rural Canada lacks in opportunities for any good-looking gay high school dude; however, it still took me untill I was at UBC to get-up the courage to pop my butt-cherry.

Gordon was a broadly spoken international student from Scotland with a special fondness for Canadian born Koreans men like me. I had been hanging around in the shadows outside the gay students' meetings for a couple of weeks when he approched me. Once he had convinced, coerced, persuaded and almost phycially hauled me inside I never looked back! Almost instantly I started comming-out to anyone who would listen. Friends, teachers, my fellow LeCrosse teammates and even the checkout lady at the supermarket who then wanted to hook me up with her son! I'm pretty sure that the only people who didn't know were my family just outside Moose Jaw.

I arrived home in mid-July when the prairie around our old house was in almost full flower. I was back home for the first time in almost a year and as I stepped down from the bus I saw Lee running through the home-field toward me. Even the distant sight of him made my heart race a little faster.

"Hey!" He screamed waving his arms above his head.

"Hey! I yelled while both waving back and glad that I had chosen to wear a pair of tight elastic sportbriefs under my loose fitting walking shorts.

We finally met halfway down the drive. Another year had done little more than make Lee even prettier. He was still noticably shorter than me but what had been his lean frame had now bulged and inflated into the perfect example of the seventeen year-old high school jock. He was wearing one of our school's tight gym shirts that he had cut the arms off, just to make him look still more sexier.

"Hey," I repeated nervously holding out my hand.

"Christ man it's great to see you again!" He bypassed my gesture and wrapped his arms around my shoulders thumping his palms against my back.

Without thinking I dropped my backpack and embraced him too. I was less than half a millisecond away from passionately kissing his neck when I felt my constrained hard-on pluse me back into reality.

"What are you doing here?" I asked; forcing myself to take a step backward but leaving my hand resting on his hard round and slightly tanned shoulder.

"When I got the letter saying you were headding home I got mum to phone the Dean and say that my Aunt Millie had just died." He grinned and we started the long walk to my parent's house.

"If I hadn't, what with you off away all the time, we'd probably never meet ever again!" He laughed.

We talked and talked as we walked, well mostly Lee did. He filled me in on a missed year's worth of the same and still meaningless teen drama and angst that I had probably bored someone else with years before. So despite enjoying the romantic melody of his young voice and the odd lag behind to savour watching his arse as he walked, summing it all up, Lee may had grown-up pretty but I had just simply grown-up.

"Millie!" I yelled as we reached the gate. The over excited Border Collie chained to the fence fell at my feet and I scratched her woolly belly, "I heard you had left us for good ol' girl."

Lee may have changed in a year but it was good to see that my mom and dad hadn't. The laughing Buddah still sat on his little table across from the front door, the sweet smells of his fresh Honeysuckle flower garland and burning Jasmine incense filling the house while hanging directly above him the large gilt framed portrait of the Queen and Prince Phillip still kept a watching eye over their loyal subjects' household.

No matter where I am Lee is almost never out of my fantisies and dreams. Maybe it had been the inevitable result of the afternoon and evening we had spent together or perhps just being physically nearer to him; but then this was a long forgotten experience too.

When I woke early the following morning I headded quietly down the back stairs and straight on into the laundry, I needed to wash my sheets before mum and dad got up.

Just after lunch I was working in the haybarn repairing the dividing wall when Lee knocked on the large front doors.

"James are you still in here?" He called out into the darkness.

"Up the back!" I called back.

"I thought you might need something to drink," he said walking inside, "and a hand by the look of things." While passing me an icy beer bottle he looked amusingly at the way the long pine boards that I had nailed in place bowed every-which-way along the wall.

It was a warm and still day and although the huge empty barn provided ample shade it's black iron roof also meant that even with those big doors opened it was a good deal hotter inside than it was on the outside too. Half in need, mostly in hope, I peeled my soaked tee shirt from my trim athletic asian torso and wrung it out. I used the sweat dampened cloth to wipe under my dripping arms and then across my sweat-beaded chest and abs.

"Shit it's hot in here today," Lee said just before he took off his cap and then lifted his shirt up over his head too.

Success! Lee's body was achingly handsome, moving through the light and shadows cast by the skylights his muscular upper body twisted and contorted as he helped shift and hold the heavy planks. Soon enough his pale tanned skin was covered in an erotic salty dew. I took every chance and moment I could to just watch him work, this was not doing my underwear any good at all.

"I need to take a piss," I said hurriedly.

I stood facing the toilet, my shorts and briefs streached between my spread ankles. I was bent over and had my left hand proped against the cistern while my right one encircled my raging hard-on. With every stroke I aimed it's full length down at the bowl.

"Oh Lee, Lee...e. Lee," I repeated over and over again all but uncontrollably until... .

"Yeah, what is it? Don't tell me you need a hand or anything. Shit, you can think again if you think I'm going to wipe your crappy ass for you you lazy bitch."

Lee's voice got louder with every syllable, he came closer with every word.

"What the fuck!" he called out in a startled tone.

I spun arround, got twisted in my pants and fell backwards onto the toiletseat. My hard and almost purple dick still twitching in my grip. Lee laughed loudly. He pointed at me and then covered his open mouth with both his hands as he bent at the waist and let out an hysterical roar.

I was instantly embarrassed but angry and my blood was up too. I stood, steped out of my clothes and pushed him over! Bent and off-ballance he toppled easily; but, now laying at my feet, he was still giggling.

Lee finally composed himself as he looked up at me standing over him. A drop of my pre-cum fell on his bare smooth flawless side and so yet another rolling laugh erupted through his clenched teeth and closed lips.

"Stop fucking laughing," I said as he reached out his hand for me to help him back up.

"I would if I could Jimmy, but shit man if your fuckn' tossing-one-off in here, why the hell did you call me in for?"

"I wasn't exactly asking you to come in Lee," I replied while helping him to his feet.

His realisiation came as he stood. Looking right at me at first he smiled, then I could see the mental connections begin to lock into place. I placed my open hand on his side and gently felt the smooth skin covering his ribs as I used my thumb to smear away my seminal fluid. Lee's eyes drooped, his mouth fell open, his body stiffened under my touch.

"Fuck! When did you become a fuckn' fag?" He said backing away from the stall.

I lunged for him, grabbing him under the arms and forcing him against a rough wodden wall. I fell against him, our sweat slickened bodies slipping past each other as I pinned his arms above his head with one hand and pushed my free one against his throat. I lent my face very close to his.

"Since the very first second I fucking first met you, you fuckn' piss gorgeous son of a bitch."

I kissed him! Lee tried to pull away. He was shaking his head in an effort to dodge my lips but I just raised the grip I had on his neck to just under his angled chin and held his whole head still.

"This is wrong," he mumbled under me, "no..., wrong. No, no."

Lee was suprisingly easy to control. I spun him to face the wall. I wrenched his hands down to the small of his back and with my shoulder pressed between his shoulderblades and my hip holding down his arms I in turn raised each one of his legs and pulled off his boots and socks. Standing behind him I forced my hand against the wall and then slid it down the front of his pants. I could hardly belive I was doing any of this but then I started tingling all over as I got to feel his limp dick and hanging balls just a millimeter away through his sweat dampened cotton boxers.

"Please James. Stop this and I promise I won't tell anyone - I promise, I swear!" Lee pleaded.

"Christ, I can't stop now. Lee you've been so fuckn' hot for so damn long." I was on my knees kissing along his spine and licking the sweat from his lower back. My right hand was moving up his defined thigh. Up under his pants leg, passing beneth his boxers. I could feel the base of Lee's warm crouch, my fingertips brushed through the edge of his corse pubic hairs. I started licking and kissing the top of his crack, my tongue darting down the back of his waistband.

If there's one thing you can always count on it's lengths of discarded bailing twine all over a hay barn. I bound Lee's wrists in a pattern that a certain excellent and much repeatedly viewed gay bondage film ensured me was secure. As he bagan to quietly sobb I pulled his shorts and boxers off throwing them into a distant corner of the brightly sunlit washroom.

"Please James," he repeated as I led him back into the dark and hot barn, "I won't tell - promise."

I licked a tear from his chiseled cheek, took hold of his beautiful flaccid cock and then turning his head to the side I kissed his soft lips again, and then again.

"What the hell?" I said stepping away.

Lee smiled.

"Shit Lee, that was your fucking tongue!"

"Yes I'm pretty sure I know that already. Now are you going to come back for some more?"

Lee's perfect limp dick and balls hung low between his slightly spread muscled thighs.

"You mean your...?"

"Gay," he interrupted, "Not a fuckn' stick if it. Fucking one-hundered percent pure pussy-lovn' ass-virgin is me."

"Then... ?" I asked puzzled at his change of mind.

"I just thought, shit look at me," he nodded at his own wounderous and erotically damp firm teenage body, "with a bod like this I'm bound to eventually get fucked by some dude sooner or later. Hell it might just as well be you and now!"

"Are you sure?"

"Hell no! I'm not anywhere near sure. But look, I know I'm going to get jerked-off and sucked," he smiled and stepped over. He brought his arms around from behind him and simply tossed the peice of twine aside, he reached over and dragged the tips of his fingers along my hard shaft. "And having this thing tear inside me's bound to hurt like all hell, but then they say even that's enjoyed by us straight guys' too - well... , eventually."

"But I'ld really want you to... , well, as well, you know."

"Fuck you Jim? Well I guess if I can slide it up any number of juicy wet sluts I'll certainly be able to fuck your rancid loosened-up queer arsehole. Hell I'm not exactly pornstar qualified!"

Now we both smiled.

It was a pure untainted passion, at least on my part. I lifted Lee off his feet and carried him deeper into the shadows; over to a remaining mound of last year's hay. We laid some horse blankets over the dried grass and as Lee lay on them, his thighs raised and legs bent at the knee I fell on top of him. We kissed as my constantly dribbling pre-cum began coating both of us.

My hands, my lips, my tongue all played with him. Moving down and across and back up his smooth young body in the ways that are the truth behind the old gay excuse of the 'only a man can know how to truly pleasure another man' adage.

As tongues began exploring open mouths, arms held bodies closer and our skins started tingling under the touch of our full-body contact. I encircled stiff nipples that were held tightly against the curves of Lee's large chest muscles. I held their tips between my teeth and drew back, stretching the lightly tanned flesh away from him as he loudly moaned.

My wide hands had hold of his peach-fuzzed buttocks, spreadding them, moulding them. My fingers filling the gap and teasing his clamped sphincter. Then he paid me the greatest compliment any straight guy can give his very first gay lover.

"Well now, will you just look at that beauty," I said rolling off Lee's right side.

Lee looked slightly dazed as he raised his head from the blankets. His erect dick was standing straight up at the large barn's roof!

"Suck me Jim, fuckn' eat my straight meat," he moaned.

Lee's cock tasted so much better than I had ever dreamed it would! It tasted wounderfully of sweat and seventeen and was outrageously stiff against the top of my throat. I savoured working on it. Years upon years of fantasies were played out in every single decent to it's base. I held it's purple tip between my lips and filcked over Lee's piss slit with my wet tongue. I easily let it's full length right down my throat and that made Lee scream!

"What the hell!" Lee called out, his voice having increased by an octave or two.

"What the fuck was that?" He added.

I stroked his shaft while catching my breath and then began licking his soft furry balls.

"Swing yer arse up here," Lee grunted as I slid both of his nuts into my mouth. "I want to try... ."

I didn't need him to complete the sentence. I slid my stiff cock along his body and into his waiting grasp.

"Well I guess this it it then." He said quietly to himself.

"Fucking shit yeah!" I screamed as Lee closed his lips around my glans.

Lee sucked hard on my head, he took in the top-half of my shaft and worked under my forskin with his rough tongue. I braced the back of his skull with my right hand.

"Hey Lee," I said looking down at his pretty face pounding my prick. "You want to try and take it all? Take it down yer neck too?"

Lee's eyes widened as he looked back at me. I tightend my grip on his head and while holding him still slid myself deeper into his moist mouth. He coughed as I pressed on past his tongue and began to gag just after I felt my forskin rolling back against his soft palate; my exposed head was now pressing deep inside his tight throat.

"Oh yeah," I grunted before diving back down on Lee's prick. I took it in easily, right down to the tightened ballsacks.

Lee was choking, he started grunting and slapping at my thighs. I dropped my hips and forced my dick all the way in. My balls were pressed hard against Lee's nose and I pumped a couple of times before pulling myself out.

"What the fuck?" Lee mumbled hoarsely between coughs and ghasps, he was sitting up and rubbing his neck.

"Yeah, fuckn' great isn't it?"

"Shit yeah!" He grinned, "Now you get that fucking fat thing back down there," he said laying back and licking his lips. "Just try and get it down there faster this time - eh," he asked.

I exposed my tip and spat on it before, as I hovered above him, Lee took hold of my pole and guided my prick into place atop his throat. He took hold of my buttocks and I fell into him.

He gagged loudly and often as I immediately started humping his neck, and soon enough I was back down Lee's pink granite-hard prick too. Lee's butt started grinding.

As I yanked his balls down between his legs he bagan slowly kicking as if trying to find some purchase in the mound of straw to push against. I jumped to my feet.

"Fuck me Jim, what the hell did you do to me," Lee slured his words. His hands were deep in his short black hair and pressed hard against his scalp. "I'm going to cum like a fuckn' fountain!"

"Hold-on pal," I pleaded running back down toward the washroom, "I'll be right back!"

"Shit Jim, I can't. Fuck I'm not even touching it and I'm gonna blow!" He yelled back.

I turned and ran back cursing the fact that I had forgotten to bring the condoms from my wallet along with us.

It was the first, and so far only, time I'd ever seen pre-cum leap from a cock like it was the real white stuff! Lee's entire body was radiating steam, his dick was so full that you could see the blood flowing into it's veins and his scrotum was so tight that his testies were almost pushed inside of him! I stared; I was facinated and entranced, I pushed the tip of my index finger against the underside of his shaft and the thing was so fucking hard that it nearly didn't move!

Shit, shit, shit... SHIT!!!" Lee first mumbled and then screamed as the next load of clear fluid lept a couple of inches above him.

All that may have only taken only seconds but I was not going to waste anymore time.

"Fuck it," I mumbled to myself as I straddled Lee's trim hips, "like I was ever gonna miss-out on taking this particular load!"

Bracing myself against the wall with my left hand while using my right to part my buttocks I rocked back and caught the tip of Lee's distended prick at the edge of my sphincter on the first pass. I immediately lent back and slid his entire over inflated pole into me in one continual rapid decent. Lee screamed a long tirade of homophobic abuse as I sat down right on his plusing nuts.

"Fuck you - you filthy fag bastard!" He finally yelled while grabbing hold of and digging his fingers into my thick thigh muscles.

I smiled, I think I may have even giggled. I was in a state of utter bliss - my own little personal Nivana, as years of my dreamings were utterly unmatched by the feeling of Lee's jetting penis so completely filling my naked rectum with his great teenage masses of sperm!

As I pulsed my cannal milking him for yet more I could feel his warm seed begin escaping down between his twitching shaft and my blissfully aching arse-wall. Lee's head was thrown back, his mouth was wide open and he looked as if he was screaming loud enough to bring the barn down; even though apart from the slight infrequent gurgling sound he was completely silent. Silent and unmoving, his smooth and handsome typically high school athletes' body stretched taught in a uncontrollable fit of orgasmicly contracting muscles.

"James," he eventually said reaching out and placing his hand on my hip, "I've had it man." He was still panting between his words, "I can't take your cock - not today - shit man, not that too!"

With Lee's rich cum leaking out of my spread A-hole and running down the inside of my leg I knelt beside his head. As I beat myself over his face, my left hand tugging at my nuts, Lee traced his fingers back up the trail of his spunk. I was getting very close, biting my lower lip and tossing my head around when Lee unexpectedly plugged my weaping manhole with two of his fingers!

My cum landed in long white ribbons across his face. One, two, three times thick streaks of white rocketed from me and landed on my young and pretty jock-boy's face. My warm fresh sperm covered his forehead, his nose and one thick streak landed square across his cheek and lips!

As I lay close beside him gently stroking my shrinking tool Lee ran his index finger across his pursed lips. A long white string hung from his raised digit; he took time to examine it as I turned on my side and started picking off the errant lengths of hay that had stuck to his sweaty hairless torso. He turned his head to look at me, he grinned and without a word opened his mouth and lowered in the length of hangging spunk before closing his lips around his finger. I grinned and put my arm around his shoulders. Lee lent his head down onto my chest. I felt him swallow.

"Hey" Lee said smiling up at me again. Great wads of my cold sperm were now starting to fall from his cheeks as the corners of his wide mouth curled up. "Don't go tell'n anyone 'bout this, eh; but I think I just might have enjoyed that."

April 2010.


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