Me and John are in the same form and same scout group we do everything together well we are best friends and I live him in the most heterosexual way well that was then this is now. He invited me round to do some homework we are both in 6th form and I'm 18 and he's 19 so he's always been taller that me he has a Pakistani heritage although his skin is very mixed raced I'm white so we are well put together and not completely different. So he invited me over do some homework have dinner and we can piss about for a bit and hell did we. I walked over to him after school and he said "Do you want to go then" I nodded at him so we started to walk to his house it wasn't far from the back gate we made it to his house in about 15 minutes and at first we just did homework then eventually I got up to go to the toilet and he grabbed his computer I noticed but I chose to ignore it when I came back I looked at him he had his trousers off and his pants off his blazer off his tie off an his shirt unbuttoned he looked at me and I saw how big his dick was from where I was standing it looked at least 71/2" inches he was so surprised and I ran over I saw one thing men on men he was gay John was gay and I was relived cause I am to I kissed him in a moment of seeing the blow job it was over welling to know that my best friend is a homosexual a fag it didn't bother me I was okay with it he started to kiss me back I felt his tongue fell around in my mouth with his tongue was warm and throbbing in my mouth it was beautiful he was already naked I broke the kiss he looked saddened I said one thing "lock the door" he picked up a key and strolled over to the door and looked the door he turned around and started to masterbate and I was loving he walked back to his bed and he sat on the edge we looked at each other with loving eyes I went on to my knees and put myself in front of his legs and started to give a hand job I felt his vain's on my palm his throbbing penis on my fingers that head was warm balls were cool a perfect mixture in the fact that we have only been boyfriends for about one hour we where already in love I started to wank him faster the layer of cum that appears before you cum starting to appear and I loved it and he just cummed and cummed I had only been doing it for like 10 minutes he must like men felling his knob or he gets horney very fast he lied back and but I carried on and he moaned and let it out in small spurts of cum like icing on a cake that's what it always reminded of. All he was doing was cumming to early and moaning about how good I was at this but it annoyed me but made me glad that he liked it and me the cum was all over his waist and my hands I started to lick it all up in a sexual way by licking it up slurping it up and many other ways I swallowed it all up he had a cheeky smile on his face I said "what's so funny Johnny" he hated to be called Johnny and the smile was gone so I decided to start to wank him again he smiled again an I smiled too he started to cum all over him self again I looked at the clock 6:00 pm I had been her for almost 2 hours I started to get dressed I ran out the house and basically ran all the home but I wasn't ashamed of what I did just scarred if what my dad will say when I get home at about 6:30 and boy was my dad angry he sent me to my room and about 10 minutes of just sitting there John texted me "I've been wanking about you and I cummed three times" then I thought that maybe he's to in love with me you know hay but it's love isn't it I told my dad if I promise to be back before 6:00 pm I could go back to Johns to do more "homework" if you know what I mean. We did the same thing we went to his house but no homework this time we only studied if you know what I mean. I took a step forward today I gave him a blow job I put my mouth around his penis and started feel around with my tongue I could feel the vain's in his mixed race cock so I started to bob up and down on his big fat meat stick it was so nice I deep throated him I got to about 6" inches then I gagged on his dick and I loved it even though I gagged on him I still liked it. I liked him. Then after the first deep throat he cummed he gets so horney so fast it's actually kind of cute the way he loves men an gets so horney and cumms so fast I think it's over me or maybe it's over men but it's still so cute and I love him in every possible ways it was almost 5:00pm so I stood up and started to get redressed and looked at me with loving eyes I had to go tough I kissed him lightly an strolled away. Yesterday was Friday so Tomorrow is a all day fuck fest we where doing it at my house today I already have a double bed in my room more space. He came over about 11:00 am we went straight my room and I said my mum "Me and John are studding for a test so I'm going to lock my door so we won't be disturbed okay"

"Okay dear remember don't start playing play station you are going to revise right?"

"Okay mum" we went up stairs I locked the door and kissed him aggressively we fell on to my bed we slowly undressed each other the eventually John said "you fucked me at my house now it's my turn" he slowly gave little pecks down my body it tickled until he reached my already hard cock and he licked all the way up then deep throat as his tongue played with head off my knob and jiggled my balls and I was loving it he was amazing he was amazing lets see how long it takes him to pleasure me. He was bobbing up and down on my penis with a nice rhythm then I had a surge and after 15 minutes of bobbing on my dick he made me cum he took his time but I loved him in every possible way. We stared at each other lovingly as he swallowed all of my cum in the way I did slow and sexual it was lovely. Then he stood up and got fully dressed an started to do our homework or my mum would suspect but next time it's at his house and I'm going one more step further that's right anal

End of part one



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