His name is Lucas Monroe. I first saw him on my way to work several weeks ago when we were stopped side by side at a traffic light.

The first time I saw him he was riding his black Harley bike, wearing tight jeans, boots and an open black leather vest. His biceps were large, his chest and pecs extremely well defined and covered with a medium coating of dark brown hair, and his abs looked like a washboard. His face was sharp and chiseled like that of a Greek statue and he wore a neatly trimmed moustache and goatee.

AsI took in his beauty, he looked my way. As our eyes met, I smiled and nodded. He did the same.

I would usually see him two to three times a week. Our glances at each other became more friendly and we soon began greeting each other verbally. I became more and more attracted to him.

Then, one Friday morning, I decided to 'go for broke' when I pulled up next to him. Looking his way, we had our usual greeting then as he looked back toward me, I casualy licked my lips invitingly. He smiled and mouthed 'follow me.'

Owning my on sign company, my secretary was always here early and opened up. I called the office and left a message that I might be late.

After the light changed and he moved forward I slipped in behind him. After a half mile or so he turned into an auto dealership. I followed and parked near him. He came to me and as I got out of my car, he said, 'Hello, stranger. Haven't seen you in a while,' speaking loud enough for the others standing around to think that we were old friends. I picked up on it, and said, 'It's great running into you again also.'

'Come on with me. We can talk while I get into my uniform for work.'

I followed him to an employee lounge and to his locker. Opening his locker, he removed his vest and grabbed a shirt bearing the company name and his name...Luke.

As he put it on he asked, 'Do I have something that you might want?' rubbing his crotch.

'Yea, I think you just might,' I replied.

'I thought I might, and I think you might have something I want.'

'Oh, really?'

'Yep, but we'll have to find out someplace else. Can you be here at five this evening?'

'Yes, I can, but how do I know this isn't a trap?'

Looking around, he quickly reached over and unzipped my slacks and reached in, bringing out my semi-hard cock. He did it easily as I was going cmmando as I usually do. He quickly dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock totally. After a few seconds, he stopped, put my cock back in my pants, and as he zipped me back up he asked, 'Does that look like a trap?'

'No, not hardly,' I replied.

'I want t finish what I started. Please be here at five. You can follow me to my place.'

'I'll be here for sure.'

I left and as I drove to my office, I couldn't believe this hunk of a man had actually sucked on my cock. I was wanting his cock desperately and thought if I could get it I'd be lucky, but I never dreamed that he as gay also. I couldn't wait to see what tonight would bring.

At ten to five, I parked in the dealership parking lot and waited. I was approached by a salesman wanting to sell me a new car. I told him I was just waiting for an old friend to get off. He asked who and I said Luke. He commented that he was their best mechanic and a damn nice guy, regardless of his rough biker look.

Luke roared up on his bike and asked if I was ready. After saying yes, we pulled out and headed to his house, a rental with a totally private back yard and a pool.

We parked in the driveway, and I followed him in. After shutting the door, he said, 'You saw my first name on my shirt. I'm Luke Monroe.'

'I'm Brad Wilson.'

'May I have a hello kiss?' he asked.

'Most definately. You can have anything you want.'

We kissed passionately and as we did, I removed his vest and he unbuttoned and removed my shirt.

After the kiss, he said, 'I found you appealing tha first day I saw you but never dreamed I'd ever see you again. Then, the more we saw each other, the more I wanted you.'

'It was the same with me,' I replied. 'and today I decided to make my play and see what happened.'

'I'm glad you did,' he answered.

'Me too.'

'Brad, I need to shower. Beer is in the fridge. Make yourself at home. I'll be out shortly.'

'Sure thing,' I replied.

I began stripping and was soon nude. When I heard the shower begin, I entered the bathroom, and slipped into the shower with him, saying, 'May I join you?'

'Hell, yea,' he replied with a smile. We bathed each other as we fondled and kissed each other. After the shower, I led him to his bed and after climbing in, we again began kissing and making out. Moments later, I flipped around and swallowed his beautiful thick seven and a half inch cut cock. He immediately swallowed mine and we began eagerly and hungrioy sucking eachothers cocks.

We both soon climaxed and swallowed the rich necter each of us was fed. After swallowing we again kissed. 'Fuck, man,I wanted that so bad,' he said. 'Let's go get a beer.'

We went to the kitchen and retrieved our beers and after we opened them, we went to the lic=ving room and began talking.

Luke was twenty-seven years old, two years younger than me. We were both single and had been gay since our early teens, but kept it hidden.

Luke belonged to a motorcycle club and I asked if any of the members knew anything about him. he said no, but added that they were a fairly open minded group of men and women. He said that if they did find out, he thought that they would accept it.

'They are a great group. You'd like them. They look like hell when on their bikes but all have respectible jobs, including professionals and blue collar workers.'

'I wish I rode, but I have no idea where to begin.'

'You can take lessons. I can set you up with a great instructor.'

'I'll think about it,' I said.

We decided to go out to dinner and I wore one of his shirts wih my slacks. He insisted we take the bike, and with me sitting behind him, holding on for dear life, e took off, him saying to lean just as he did.

We had dinner and he tookme for a ride, stopping my the local lake. As we sat on a bench watching the ast of the sunset, he asked, 'Brad, can you spend the night with me?'

'I can stay till Sunday if you want me to.'

'I do,' he said smiling. 'Tomorrow you'll get to meet the guys in the club. We're having a barbeque at the park.'

'I hope I'll fit in.'

'You will. Don't worry about that.'

We returned home and undressed and began making out. I soon was between his legs sucking his cock. After getting my reward, he sucked me. Then before turning in for the night, we rimmed eah other for a while then we fucked each other, which as awesome.

We started Saturday with a hot sixty-nine before breakfast. Most of the day was spent having sex until time for the barbeque.

We climbed on Luke's bike and headed for the park. Luke introduced me and explained how we would see each other several times a week in traffic and decided to meet and became friends.

I was greated warmly by all and was made to feel as if I was one of them. As time went on, I was included in all their activities and even though I didn't ride, I was made a member.

Luke bought me a leather vest to match his along with some boots.

As time passed, Luke and I began spending more and more time together. I cared for him deeply, and I knew he felt the same about me, due to the fact than frequently when we were alone he'd call me 'Baby'.

Then one weekend when I was staying with him, he said, 'Brad, I own this house free and clear. When my dad passed away, he had a policy to pay off the mortgage and he left the house to me. Why don't you move in here with me?'

'What? What would I do with my house?' I asked.

'Sell it. Rent it out. I don't care. Brad, I love you and I want you to be part of my life forever.'


'Brad, I love you with all my heart. will you be my lover?'

'Luke, We've only known each other less than six months. I love you too, but don't you think we should take more time?'

'No, I don't. I love you and you say you love me so why should we take more time?'

'Oh, fuck! Yes, I'll be your lover.'

We had hot passionate sex to seal our commitment to each other.

I put my house onthe market and moved in with Luke. We couldn't have been happier. Even some of the club members saw a change in us bu didn't know the reason why. At least not yet.

A month later we had a charity barbeque scheduled with all the proceeds going to the local children's hospital. Atthe barbeque, Luke said that he would like a special meeting called he the function was over.

After the event was over and things cleaned up, the meeting was called. I had an idea of what Luke had in mind, but not completely.

The meeting was turned over to Luke.

'Everyone, this is going to be Brad and my last event. We're resigning our membership.'

As everyone began ooking around, Ken Brooks, the club president, spoke up and asked, 'May we asked what has made you come to that deision?'

'Sure, we think you have a right to know. We don't want to bring any negativity to the good work you do. Brad and I are gay and we are also life partners, or what some of you would call lovers. We feel we should resign for that reason. We love all of you like brothers and sisters and wish you all the best.'

'Luke,' Ken began, 'we respect you both tremendiously for being honest with us. I'm asking you two to leave and come back to a special meeting I'm calling for tomorrow nght at my place.'

Luke and I left after many handshakes and pats on the back. We knew that they ere having a special meeting without us.

The next day, Ken called and said that the meeting would be at six that evening. When we arrived, everyone else was already there. We went in and took the two chairs Ken had set up facing the rest of the membership.

'Last evening we had a special meeting to discuss you revelation to us and discuss accepting your rsignation. Tonight we vote on it.'

He paused, the said,'Members, you have known Luke for several years and Brag for about six to eight months. They have come forward and told us that they are gay and that they are lovers. The quetion before each of you tonight is this. After knowing the character and inegrity of these two men, do we accept their resignation?'

One by one, beginning on the front row, they began to answer. One by one, they spoke up. When it was over, there was not one vote accepting our resignation.

With tears in our eyes, Ken spoke up.

'Luke, Brad, you heard the vote. Your resignation from the club is not accepted. You remain members in good standing. You have not done anything in public to bring disgrace to our club. At our private get togethers where the public is not around, any affection you show is just between the membership. We accept you just as you are.'

Luke grabbed me and after a hug, he kissed me in front of everyone, then said, 'See, I told you they were great people.'

Everyone came up o us ahd congratulated us, all saying that they never dreamed that we were gay.

At private get togethers, Luke and I might hold hands or ocassionally give eachother a quick simple kiss. The members paid no attentionto us other than giving us a quick smile.

Over the next three months, two other members came out that they, too, were also gay. They were also accepted without reservtions.

We are still together after five years and as much in love as ever. We are still totaly active in the club and both believe that the way we met and the frequency of our seeing each other in traffic was meant to be. We were meant to be together.




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