My eyes were glued to his body, measuring every nook and cranny that I wanted to discover for myself. I watched as he slid down past the loops of the slide and right into my presence when he finally got to the bottom where he met up with me.

'Come with me again, Ramon,' he said.

He was looking at me in his usual enticing look that always gets me. His dark complexion was perfectly complementary to his deep dark eyes that seemed like angels were looking into my tainted soul. His smile was like sweet honey dancing around your wanting lips. You just can't resist this perfect specimen.

'I'm coming, Kevin.'

'You wanna do the train thing?'


I followed him up the slide and discreetly followed every bit of movement of his marvelous ass. It was like a sense of opportunity to use, a perfect time to do what I want to do to it, yet not the perfect time. He finally approached the top of the slide and positioned himself for the train down the slide and I positioned myself behind him. I tried my best not to expose my uncontrollable lust for him, which was expressed through natural sexual excitement, by sitting as far as I could away from his back.

'Are you ready?'

I loved the feeling of his sides against my thighs as I felt his deep voice vibrate while he spoke.

'You know I am!'

He let go of the sides of the slide and we plunged forward, feeling the uncomfortable stings of the electric friction we created against the slide. I laughed as I went down, enjoying the wind in my hair and the sharp vibration in my thighs. But all of the bliss came to an end in an instant when we finally reached the bottom of the slide. Well, at least I though it did.

He looked at me and smiled. I could see in his eyes that something was on his mind. When he finally looked away, I looked down at my lusty area and saw that it was indeed exposed to the point of someone noticing that I was excited. I quickly adjusted myself and then realized something else: Did Kevin feel my excitement?

'Hey, Ramon. You wanna go for another ride on the Kevin Express?'

'That's sounds so wrong in so many ways.'

His laugh was so enticing and lustful that my urges were right on the verge of rupture. I kept my urges locked in the cage for temporary service, but, most important, I kept my facial expression at ease.

'So, do you want to go again?'

'That's okay. I gotta go use the bathroom.'

'You want me to go with you?'

Something in my stomach or any part of my abdomen just tingled at the end of that sentence. I had such dirty and tainted thoughts in my mind when I thought of what I would do to him, but I knew that I would never ever try to seduce him into something he wouldn't do.


He smiled at me and I just melted, but I didn't show it. He followed me to the park's bathroom.

The park was surprisingly empty on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer. With the sun shining bright and the beautiful flowers blooming in nature's bedroom that lies south of the slide, I would suspect noisy little brats to flood the whole DeForest Park recreation area.

Kevin was very close to me as we walked to the bathroom. His eyes were focused into mine, as if he were reaching right into my soul and take hold of it, indulging it in love and endless affection through every word that came out of his mouth.

'Are you having fun, Ramon?'

'Yes. I guess since I'm not alone. Besides, you're with me, so every moment is nothing but fun.'

'I'm glad. Thanks for asking my mom if we could go alone. You know my brothers! They can be, like, a pain at times.'

'You're welcome.'

He continued to smile as I smiled and looked at his smile. I admired his smile. It was so sexy and tantalizing. It reminded me of something that you would see out of a romance novel that you wouldn't really want to read because the guy's smile looks too erotic and you might think that it's a dirty novel.

'You smile a lot, Kevin, why are always so happy?'

'I'm not. It's only when I'm around you when I'm my happiest, if that's a word.'

I walked into the bathroom as I observed the shitty pee-infested hellhole that was called a bathroom. Then again, it is a public bathroom. The bathroom was so disgustingly covered with water mixed with what looked like pee and feces. What made it worse was the darkness that made us really see nothing but the light from on top of the bathroom mirror.

'Gosh, it stinks in here! Are you sure you wanna use the bathroom in here, because they have trees?'

'I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll pass on the trees.'

There were 2 urinating stall and one toilet, but I needed to pee. Besides, I would hold it if I needed to use the toilet. I walked over to the urinating stall and began to use the bathroom. He just waited over but the sink until...

'You know what? Since I'm here, I'm gonna use the bathroom.'

He went to the stall next to me and began to pee. My eyes were down and trying their best not to look at the stall next to me, but my eyes drifted and I had a little peek and such a big...surprise. When I was finished, I went to the sink and washed my hands. He followed almost immediately behind me, washing his hands at the same time as me and even drying them at the same time. Then I hurried out of the bathroom and back into the freshness of the great outdoors.

'What do you want to do now that you've used the bathroom?'

'I don't know. What do you want to do?'

'Well...I guess we could go to nature's trail. You know, just to see the sights.'

'I like nature anyway.'

We walked down the way to the nature's trail and into the entrance to the trail. It was covered with sparkle-like earth that seemed like fairy dust just floating in the air. It was absolutely beautiful. It seemed as if we walked into a storybook of mystical forests and were swept away by the fairy dust.

'It's beautiful!'

'Follow me, Ramon, I want to show you something.'

He led me down the trail as we talked and admired the beautiful realistic scenery of the replica forest. He looked at me as I did, seeming as if he wanted to say something, but he didn't. The only thing that would've made that moment even better was if he would've held my hand.

'So, uh, why do you want me to have a girlfriend?'

'I don't know. I guess because...well, I really don't know.'

'Is it because you just want me to?'

'I guess. I mean, you're name sounds so promiscuous, Ramon. See: Ramon. It sounds so...risqué.'

'I didn't know you knew such words, Kevin.'

'Well, I do have to know some words like that to actually be smart.'

'What about you? Why don't you have a girlfriend?'

'Because I just broke up with one yesterday at my sister's birthday party. Remember that shorter one that I was talking to yesterday?'


'Her. I didn't really like her anyway.'

I smiled at the thought of seeing the ugly little bitch crying in front of him as soon as he broke her little heart. We came up to a place that looked like a campsite, but it had nothing of the sort. I looked at him to see if this was the place he wanted to show me.

'You like it?'

'I don't know. This what you wanted to show me?'

'Yeah. I just walked pass here one day and I saw it and I was like, 'Oh my God! I gotta show Ramon!' So, you want to sit down?'

'Uh, okay.'

I sat down next to him as I looked in his wonderful eyes. I really wanted to just lunged onto him and kiss all over him, but I knew that that was never gonna happen. I've never wanted someone that bad.

'So, uh, what do we do now?'

'I don't know. I thought it would be fun to just sit here and enjoy nature, but I think that doing something would be a lot more exciting.'

'What do we do?'

'That I don't know.'

He looked around and then he looked back at me. He smiled, as if he had just figured out what to do.

'I know what to do!'


'I've been wanting to do this for a long time.'

He leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek, soft but very subtle. My eyes were so wide open as I held onto the spot of my face that he had just kissed.

'I'm sorry. I-I should've never down that.'

I wanted to say something, but I just didn't know what to say. I had so many emotions in my head that traveled down to my heart and my stomach and then my loins, all over my body, but I knew what I wanted to do. I looked in his eyes and smiled.

'You've been wanting to do that for a long time?'

He just nodded as he looked away from me.

'Well, why didn't you do a long time ago?'

He looked back at me in a confused way and was about to say something, but I leaned forward and began to kiss him, just like I've been wanting to do for so long.

'I'm guessing you've been wanting to do that for a while now.'

'Yeah. So, uh, now what do you want to do?'

'Well, since the opportunity has came up, then I guess we can do this:'

He began to kiss me with a lot of tongue as he climbed on top of me. I began to feel on his ass, wanting to feel on it uncovered. He smiled as he kissed me. I guess he thought that the fact that me grabbing his ass was kinda kinky or not very me-like.

'You like my ass, don't you?'

'Always have.'

I pulled up his shirt and then pulled it off. He wasn't all that skinny, but it's better to have sex with a guy with a little meat on him. I don't want to be hugging myself! Besides, he has a happy line! I then slipped my hands in his pants and squeezed his ass. He laughed and he stroked my hair.

'So you want to do the deed, do you?'

'You know I do.'

'Well, so do I.'

He pulled me on top of him and pulled off my shirt. I felt so comfortable with my shirt off with him because we were about the same size. He smiled as he looked at my body. We rolled around in the dirt as we laughed and kissed. He then began to touch my ass and squeezing it hard. That's when I noticed my intensity trigger. I began to kiss him with power and intensity. He loosened my pants, but he didn't pull them down. He just slipped his hands into the back of my jeans, touching my ass and pulling my waist deeply into his waist. I wanted to fuck him so badly, and I think that he wanted to do the same.

He smiled and pulled down my pants, looking at my naked body. I smiled and pulled off his pants. That way he can feel as uncomfortable as I did. I looked at his naked body and then smiled.

'You're so sexy, Kevin.'

'I can say the same for you.'

I watched as his excitement for me grew and grew as he continued to kiss me and touch my body. He then pulled out a condom from the pocket of his pants and looked at me in his most enticing way.

'You have a condom in your pocket?'

'Yeah. You always have to be prepared. Don't worry, I have one for you, too.'

I smiled as he put on his condom. It was pretty sexy to watch him touch himself. He then looked back at me and smiled. He then began to kiss me and then positioned me in missionary style. He slowly came into me, seeming as if he didn't want to hurt me. Something told me that he wanted me to like it as much as he did. He pulled himself out slowly, and then pushing in deeper. It was a bit of an experience to have someone pop your cherry, but it made it better to see him moan.

His eyes looked deep into mine as he began to speed up just a little bit. I began to kind of moan while he continued to moan for about a while. I smiled at him as he was smiling at me smiling at him. He then began to kind of speed up, but not all the way. I grabbed his ass and squeezed it to make him giggle.

'I'm not hurting you *moan* am I?'

'Not at all. Just keep going.'

He smiled and continued to fuck me, expect this time he bend forward to kiss me. I made sure that he had the sense of that this was out of love by grabbing his head and giving him a passionate kiss with loads of tongue. He then began to speed up even more, but he quickly stopped.

'Alright, it's your turn.'

'Okay, but I'm warning you. I can be pretty wild when it comes to sex.'

'It's okay. You can do anything you want to do to me, just don't hurt me.'

'I won't. I like you too much to hurt you. Besides, you're too pretty to hurt.'

I positioned him in doggy style and began to fuck him, slow and steady after I put on my condom. He moaned as soon as I entered him in a soft yet strain moan, as if he was experiencing the same thing I did, which means he was a virgin. I smiled, as I held tightly onto the sides of his big ass, squeezing and spreading them apart for easier access. He pushed himself back into me with his mouth wide open, and his legs the same. I just kept my grip on his ass and tried my best not to do anything to hurt him like I did to Daniel because I actually like Kevin. I liked him more than liked him. I loved him.

I sat down while I was still in him, allowing him to sit on my and ride me up and down. I figured the only way that I wouldn't be tempted to fulfill my forbidden fantasies with him was to let him be the one in control of his own pleasure. He rode me faster than usual, going up and down and grinded me on the bottom. I moaned, thinking of all the insane things that I wanted to do to him right then and there that felt as good as what he did to me.

'Oh, Kevin! Oh!'

'Oh, Ramon! I never thought this would feel *moan* so fucking good!'

'You're telling me!'

He took off his condom and began to touch himself as he sped up, moaning and sounding as if he was picking off a two-day-old scab. I then grabbed the side of his ass again and took control. I forced him up and down, making him moan even louder and sexier. I felt his fleshy ass pound against my thighs, creating a loud, spanking sound that made me even more excited. He leaned back a little so that he could touch himself easier. He began to touch himself faster and, all of a sudden, something that I only speak of in private first squirted out of him and then began to seep out of him after a while. He was moaning really loud and high-pitched the whole time of the ejaculation. That just made me tick.

All of a sudden, I began to speed him up and then I felt my insides tingle and then I felt something come out of myself, making me moan really loud and strained. I felt my whole body tighten as it happened: my face and neck becoming tight, my eyes closing really tight, and my whole body just becoming really tense, but my loins felt so good. Then I stopped forcing him upon me.

We both gave out a loud and exhausted exhaled sigh as he got off me.

'That was incredible, Kevin.'

'You weren't so bad yourself, Ramon. Well, you're the best for my first time.'

'It's my first time, too!'

'Really? You seem like an expert at this.'

'Yeah, I know.'

He looked at me as he put on his pants and slowly put on his shirt. Once his head popped out of the top of his shirt, his beautiful smile returned and it totally made me smile, too. I put on my clothes as I smiled at him, saying nothing to ruin our speechless connections we were making. Then the silence was broken, but in the most sweetest way.

'I love you, Ramon.'

'I love you, too, Kevin.'

He walked over to me and kissed me, soft and making you stand there to beg for more and more... Maybe never again will I see him again, but I would always remember him by that oh so sweet kiss.



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