I live at 1800 West Street; Sean lives at 1801 Oak Street. His house backs onto my backyard. Therein a story unfolds.

My name is Jack O'Brien. I'm a second generation Irishman, Sean is also Irish. But that's the only way we are alike except that we look like brothers. Same dark curly hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes, tilted nose and wide humorous mouths. We both smile a lot. Sean shows peppermint white teeth you'd like to lick.

I think you get that we are neighbors of different ages. Sean is now at the start of his eighteenth year, I am twenty-seven and probably seems part of his father's generation.

I moved into this old house four years ago when Sean was a mere fourteen. Cute as hell even then, but now he is a paragon of young beauty. I think he knows it somewhat as he dresses somewhat provocatively for a straight youth. Last week he showed up at my door wearing loose fitting denim overalls that had cutoff legs. They showed off his Irish hairy lower legs and stood it little away from his slim body almost down to his hips. He stood there smiling at me. I think he knows I am gay and he is enjoying teasing me. I love it. He helped me move in four years ago and I know he saw my collection of DVD's and especially the naked guys on the cover.

I must be perplexing to him. First off, I am as straight acting as his Dad. I play superior softball on the local team. I got muscles.

I came to this community to take a job as a history teacher at Agnes Girls Academy, a prestigious girl's prep school. (There you go; you thought I'd work at a boy's school.) Sean told me that his parents think I have a married girl friend around and that is why no one sees a woman around me. 'They figure you have to be careful because you're a teacher, you know.' He smirked at me as if we shared a secret. That child can be irritating some times but forgiving him for his sins is a regular thing for me. I think that he knows, that I know, that he slips in to my garage and steals beers from the old frig there. But he doesn't know that I know that he has slipped into my house and checked it out. There is nothing there to suggest man sex except for the old DVD's he has already seen. He also helped himself to some five-dollar bills I was saving in my top draw. I never mentioned it, but I did change my locks.

Sean is a randy teenager. He has a girls friend Beverly for the last year and they do a lot of sexual stuff behind his garage. The view from my place is blocked by hedges, but he didn't figure on my upstairs window in the extra bedroom used for storage. I can look down and clearly see the activity, especially (I blush) with binoculars. I have a good idea of what is going on with those two. He wants bj, she won't. She allows breast play and even licking. I think she went into orgasm a few times. He slips his head under her skirt and apparently does a good licking job. He cock is protruding from his jeans. You heard of bobble heads? This is a bobble cock as it jumps as he crouches and works on the girls slit. I could see her convulse. She has a nice doggie to take care of her, but when our hero stands and holds his painfully stiff cock toward her she shakes her hand. Once he got angry and motioned for her to scram. When she was gone he started stroking and twice looked up at my house. Finally his face screwed up into a horrible, but cute, grimace as he shot copious quantities of thick, milky spooge onto his father's strawberry beds. I wonder if they helped the growth because they were gigantic berries when ripe. I got a whole bowl from his Dad and they were delicious, especially accompanied by the mental picture of gorgeous Sean shooting on them.

What exactly is my sex life. It is non-existent except for my DVD inspired wanking. I have girls in college. Sean knows this and has asked for sex advice. At first I demurred but he was so needy that I did give him tips. More about this later. I met Geoff, an airline pilot for British Airways. We lived together three years. He was killed in that crash in Egypt. I'm not one to go to bars who peep joints. I'm still mourning and will probably get more social soon, but for the present-----

'Jack, you've had lots of experience with girls, right?' His cute face was now cast into his serious look, wrinkles formed on his normally smooth white forehead.

'Y-e-e-e-s-s,' I said cautiously.

'How do you get a girl to, to, you know, do oral stuff.'

'Maybe you should ask your Dad.'

He gave a breathy raspberry. 'Are you kidding? Did you ask your father?'

He was right. I asked my older brother.

'What exactly do you want me to do? Give you a method to seduce Bev into a blow job?'

He coughed on his soda. 'Yeah, I guess.'

'Well you have to get her sexed up, then blackmail her into sucking otherwise you won't get her off with your tongue.'

He blushed. It is all I could do to keep from hugging him. 'How'd you know about what I do?'

'No magic, I just remember my youth, back then, during the Civil War.'

He seemed to accept that. The other thing I didn't tell you is that this talk got him worked up and I noticed a big bulge at his crotch. He walked away, back home, slighted humped over. How well I remember that Groucho walk in high school.

During one of our conversations he told me how much he loved Bev. She's lucky, I thought, he was so sincere. He told me that he'd die for her if she asked. Oh my and the bitch won't even give him relief. He's got a girl but one with no extra dividends.

Sean's graduation was coming in a few months. He asked if there was any jobs he could do around the place to earn money. 'You know, this prom stuff could cost up to $500 bucks and you know my Dad is always broke from the track betting.'

I wanted to help. I racked my brain. 'Tell you what, the garage needs to be straighten out, swept and hosed out, but leave the beers alone.'

He started to say something of denial but then just broke into his trademark grin. He could get over anyone, except Bev, with that. I told him I'd pay $10. 'Now you only need $490.'

'Yeah, I know,' he said sadly.

It was worth the ten. He arrived with broom and pan, wearing brief bathing trunks. He backed around putting things in order, then swept clouds of dust around, most of it tinting his hair gray and then pulled out my hose (not what you think) and proceeded to hose out the place. When he finished he appeared at my back door his think bathing suits hugging his nice long cock and held out his hand. I'm just a patsy for this boy----I gave him twenty.

About a week later I was lolling on a beach chair in the backyard soaking up rays, wearing a speedo. Sean appeared and came up to me. I had had my eyes closed and I jumped when he spoke in his slightly hoarse adolescent voice. 'Jack, I got another ten for baby sitting, but this is ridiculous. Bev's pressuring me. I'll need a tux, flowers, limo and motel.'

'You planning to do the old laid-at graduation thing?'

'Yep. Now what I want to talk to you about, now don't get mad. If you don't want to do it, we'll just forget it.'

I could see this was very difficult for him and his mouth as working and twisting and a fine sheen of sweat had broken out on the bridge of his cute nose. 'I promise I won't get mad. Now out with I!'

'Well, I heard that gay guys will pay a lot to have, you know, their way with younger guys. I need money, I think you got the need.'

I was floored by this. But it was so delicious I slipped into an unaccustomed perv role. After all I've been lusting after this finest example of teenage beauty for years. 'You mean, you want to sell you body to me----for money?'

'Yep,' he said annoyed, 'You don't think I'd do this for any other reason. I'm a hetero male, I don't hook up with guys, except if I really need money. Course I've never done it before, but I know you and I trust you won't do sick stuff.'

'What's sick stuff?'

'Ah, I see you are interested. Sick stuff like corn holing me, no kissing and one time only and only for an hour.' He thought for a moment, 'And no ever, ever telling anyone, and it'll be $100.'

I couldn't help smiling to myself. The boy had no gayness to him. I have good gaydar and I know yet he'd do the nasty with a guy for money. It made me think of the men in prison, tough guys who had 'girl friends' in jail and then when they came out where fully back to being hetero-sexual.

'When you want to do it?' I asked Sean. Now my voice was shaking.

'Right now if you want, I got dressed for it, just shorts, no underwear, no top no shoes.' He laughed nervously.

I took his shoulders, he shied back. 'It's okay, I'm just taking you inside. Would you like a beer?'

'You got anything stronger?'

'Yeah, I'll make you a Martini. Ever had one?'

'No but I heard they're strong. Make one.'

His voice was shaking. I made a double for each of us and we sat on the couch in the den. We sipped the drink, Sean made a face, soldiered on and finished it. 'You don't have to go through with this.' I said but he nodded his head grimly and told me to get on with it.

'How about a straight porno?' I've got one DVD.'

'What's that for, for seducing kids?'

'Ouch,' I said. 'Remember this was your idea.'

I put the tape on and he settled back against the cushion of the couch. This was a really hot tape. He watched with interest. I watched him. He was already a little buzzed from the drink---in fact a lot buzzed. His mouth was lopsided and his eyes was half shut, but little Sean was very active. There was a large bump on his upper leg as his cock elongated.

'It's really hot. I could fuck that girl gladly. I suppose you like the guy.' He snickered.

I decided to regain the upper hand. 'You ready?' I asked.

He stiffened. 'I guess so. I guess I should take off the shorts, yes?'


His attitude was like he was going to get a prostate examine at the doctor. I was encouraged that he was half hard and that he touched himself to lift his cock and balls up out of the tight 'V' of his legs. He blushed when he saw me notice it.

'Here goes,' I said. I reached out and touched his chest. He didn't expect that. I lightly touched one nipple with me finger. He jumped and his cock got bigger.

'Geez, I didn't now my pecs were so sensitive.'

'You're learning something new. Did you like that?'

'I hated it. I'd rather walk on hot coals than do this queer stuff.'

'Thanks for the encouragement. You can stop anytime.'

'No go on queer guy, I'll just keep thinking of the $100.'

I continued to excite his nipple, now I was stroking both of them and his cock had risen fully and lay back against his young tight stomach, reaching way above his navel. 'You ever suck yourself? You could you know, flexible body and long dick.'

'Never thought of it, too gay. Come on. You got only forty-five minutes left.'

I began rubbing his stomach, bumping against his jumping cock a few times. It flinched each time. I knew the hair on my hair was stimulating his cock as I passed against it. 'Turn over,' I said in a commanding voice. He immediately turned over. Ho ho, he takes orders, I thought. He put his head on his crossed arms (Oh that thick, black, Irish pit hair. I could faintly smell his youthful body order coming from there. This jock didn't believe in deodorant. Oh shit, what a back, smooth, lightly muscled, polished and perfect cascading down to his slim waist. His ass was pert and protruding, with a nice shelf at the upper part. Wait, Oh my fucking back, he has my favorite thing, a oval of fine hair at the top of his ass cheeks, ending before the waist. He seemed to have fallen asleep, at least he was quiet. I leaned over and pressed my lips against the hollow of his upper back. He lifted his head, 'Hey, no kissin'.' He slurred his words, how cute.

I assured him that I had no intention of kissing him, this was just the same as rubbing his body. The screwy logic seemed to satisfy him and he settled back with a resigned sigh, but soon there was another kind of sigh as I wetly kissed my way all over his back. The signs continued. 'You really get off on that, don't you?'

'It's okay' he said but had to clear his throat several times to get the words out.

Good, I thought, you're getting with the program, my program, not yours. I now kissed to dimple on the side of his ass cheeks. There was a nice smell around here. I gave the other cheek similar treatment. I noticed he was holding his ass tight with his athletic muscles. I gave his ass a smart slap. 'Hey!' he shouted, 'What's that all about?'

'It's punishment because you are holding your ass cheek tight. I'm not going to fuck you, relax, I just want to make you feel good with my tongue.' I have a long tongue. It's very celebrated in certain circles. I took my hands and spread his cheeks. This time he didn't resist. I swept his hairless, pink, virgin asshole with my tongue. 'Fuck, what was that? You are a pig Jack. How can you lick my asshole.'

'Want me to stop?' There was no answer. Now for the heavy artillery. I pushed my tongue out as far as it would go and make the tip small and entered his fragrance ass. He immediately began sighing and his back broke out in sweat. He was beginning to have a zoo-like sexual odor that is better than perfume. He was now partly hypnotized from sensation. He wanted more. He probably didn't realize that his ass was fully relaxed and he was imperceptivity pushing back again my tongue. I slipped in a few inches. He mewled in pleasure. I had him! Now I felt for his young small nut-like prostate. Ah, I found it as he reared up from the waist. 'Geez, Jack, you're killing me. You are some damn, fucking weirdo. Er, keep it up. It feels kinda nice.'

I now began sliding my tongue and pressing against his boy clit. He was in full ecstasy now, his hip undulating, I had to hold the sides of his ass to keep my stuff going. I knew his cock was getting stimulation from the sheet under it and I didn't want him to come out of sight. I stopped the tongue action. I was just about to ask him to turn over when he did so and rested on his elbows. 'What's the matter? Why you stop? I was just getting' ready to spew.'

'That's good. You kinda like gay stuff huh? But time is up. The money's on the table. Bye.'

'Hey wait. It's okay if you take a little longer and finish it---me---up.'

'Lil' Sean wants his rocks off. Even if it's with a queer?'

'Oh fuck you. Yeah, I'm hot and hurtin' get with it, make me cum.'

'Layback, put your arms behind your head. Just relax and let ol' Jack do his stuff.'

I could now see both pits, shiny with sweat and fragrant with his special Sean smell. I leaned in and sniffed them. He lifted his head. 'You are some sicky. Come on. I want a suck job. You know how to do it.' He snickered at his cleverness but soon fell into a sex stupor as my tongue raked the underside of his cock that lay stretched and hard on his belly. 'Oh, oh. Nice Jack. Don't stop. Really take it. I'm really hot.'

I stroked Sean's cheeks lovingly. 'You'll cum soon, I promise and you will love it.' But I secretly thought 'for the first time.''

I lifted his hard warm sticky cock to a better angle and moved my mouth within an inch and blew softly. His whole trunk lifted to get more contact. I smiled at his avidness. I could get him to do anything now to achieve that cum. I put my lips over the head, pushing his foreskin back as I did so. I tasted pre-cum, sweet and heavy. I moved deeper, three inches and allowed my tongue to lick the back side of the head. He was moaning now. 'Jack, you fucking shit, you are killing me. Get me off.'

I moved deeper onto his shaft, my nose was an inch from his luxuriant Irish pubes. Oh, the smell was fabulous. He was beginning to lift his hips to fuck my mouth. I slid deeper until his cockhead was in back of my throat. 'Oh shit, Jack, this is heaven. I getting close to shootin'. Do you want me to warm you?'

I took my mouth away a minute and he make disappointed sounds. 'No kiddo, just let it rip. Enjoy your hundred bucks.'

He settled back his eyes tightly shut, his mouth cast into a kissy lips. I had an idea. 'Sean.'

'Bastard, what now. Get to work. I'm dying here.'

'I will right away, but first, can I give you a little neighborly kiss?'

He let out his breath in annoyance. 'Okay, just a quick one and let's get back on the program.'

I pride myself on being a great kisser as Sean found out. I pressed my lips against his tightly closed mouth. His lips were feverously hot. I moved them slightly. I could hear his breathing increasing. I pressed again. His lips opened up. I slipped my magic tongue inside and found his retracted tongue. I touched it. Suddenly his arms reached up and went around my neck and his tongue came a calling. He slid our tongue back and forth. He was breathing heavy, his chest rising and falling. He was so impassioned with the kissing that I thought he'd might come right then. I pulled back. His mouth was still in a kiss formation. He flushed. I think he was embarrassed by his making out with me.

I went back to his hard cock and immediately took it deep into my throat and used a swallowing technique. He was flipping up and down and moaning out loud. He was totally in orbit now, slave to the sensations I was giving him. I could taste lots of pre-cum. He was a big leaker. Now he gets his reward. I began tonguing and moving up and down. He should have cum by now but the heavy stimulation had crossed his wires and he was struggling and gasping and moaning but he couldn't cross the line. I lifted up. 'Sean, I'm going to help you cross the river.' I reached around and entered his ass. At the same time I got back on the horse and began a vigorous sucking. My finger found his hot spot. I stroked it. He was choking with excitement and calling my name, and cursing me at the same time. Suddenly all sound stopped and all movement. His body went into totally lock. Then he began small sounds like hiccups. His cock seemed to get longer then pulled in to ready itself for launch. The first small spurt was accompanied by a shout from Sean, 'Oh shit, I spilling, get ready.' The second spurt was much heavier and he was crying out his passion. Three more loads followed and then little deliveries as he began to calm down.

He lay there, his eyes closed, bathed in sweat. 'Did you like that Sean?'

'It was okay,' he said and then laughed as I cuffed him in the arm.

'Tell you what, I enjoyed it although I didn't cum. What would you say to an addional $100 for wankin' me off.'

'Euew! That would be really queer. But I do need the money. Just don't look at me when I do it, kay?'

I lay down like he had, my arms behind my head. My cock was very aroused and already slimy with pre-sum. He gingerly reached out and took my cock. 'You ever fool around with your friends?' I asked as my breathing began to increase.

'Naw, I know some do it but I was too interested in getting started with girls. I know a lot of the guys stare at me in the locker room but I just ignore them.'

He knew how to wank, he had eighteen years of training on himself. I tried to keep quiet so as not to scare him but his smooth teenage fingers were so hot on my cock that I moaned a bit. He took his hand back. 'Am I doing it wrong?'

'No it's s-o-o good.'

He resumed and now put his fist around it and began a nice slow rhythm. I was breathing hard. 'Enjoy it Jack. This'll be the one and only time.'

I knew that was not likely to be true. My guy was hooked. Pretty soon he said, 'Jack, I think you're ready to deliver, your balls up up around the shaft and the head is getting purple. You have to up the price for me to continue.' Then he laughed evilly. 'Only kidding, let's launch this cum now.' He began a fast pace up over the head and then down again. I was bawling with pleasure and he seemed to enjoy what effect his shagging make on me.

'Sean, here it cums.' I shot all over my chest and some went on his smooth, tan arm, some into my hair. What a mess but it was fabulous. At last he saw that I had no more to give and I had gotten sensitive.

'Okay neighbor, enjoyed being with you but I gotta run now.' Sean said putting on his shorts.

We resumed our normal relationship. He still stole beer but about a week before the prom he told me that he was still about $100 short and would I consider, you know.

'Sean, the only think I would consider is if you fuck me. I know neither of us ever did it. It would be something different.'

He thought for a moment. 'Well, okay, it's icky. Can you clean yourself a lot first and get me a condom. I'm not ready to be a father.' He laughed a long time. 'How about in an hour?'



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