As I parked my crappy old car, I started thinking of Max. He has short brown hair and beautiful green eyes - a very muscular body and big biceps (delicious abs, too). He also has a bit of a stubble, but he usually shaves it off.
It was my fifth time going to his house, which meant it would be the fifth time I'd see him shirtless and in sweat pants (his bulge will make an appearance too). I rang the door bell and waited with hot anticipation. 

His equally hot brother opened the door. Sadly, he was fully clothed.

"Hey buddy, here for my brother?"

"Yeah, is he upstairs?"

"Yep, go ahead. Tell him I'm going out for a few drinks. If mum calls and asks, I'm studying."

His door was open, and the first thing I saw was him doing pushups. His muscles were flexing and his abs were tensed. Max got up and bro-hugged me, sweat drops from his temples brushed on my cheek and my nostrils flared with his smell. 

"Hey Jace, how are ya?

"I'm doin' okay. You?"

"Same old same old. Melanie's being a bitch, as usual." 

I told him what his brother said, and he exclaimed with excitement.

"I love it when I'm home alone, dude."

For the next two hours, we played Call of Duty, drank beer, and scratched our balls. Our death match was interrupted by a phone call from his girlfriend which ended in a heated argument and him throwing his phone across the room. As he bent down to grab it and see if its ok, I caught a glimpse of his slightly hairy ass. I resisted all temptation to penetrate his tight hole.

"Look at what the fuck she's telling me."

He started showing me the conversation between them two. It was full of swearing, bickering, and middle finger emojis.
He mistakingly scrolled too high up and showed me a picture he had sent her. It was him posing in front of a mirror, holding his huge dick with one hand. It was captioned 'You'll miss this.' He quickly closed the app and looked away. The milliseconds were enough to fuel my fantasy, as I felt the blood rushing to my penis.

"Ummmm, let's not speak about that." He was red with embarrassment.

After another hour of gaming, he decided to have a shower. He came out with a towel wrapped around his waist, and I caught a slight glimpse of his pubes. His bulge could be clearly seen through the white fabric. I looked away and covered my crotch - I could not let him see my dick growing. 

He looked me straight in the eye and asked me, "What did you think about my dick?"

It took a few minutes to register. "Its fucking huge dude."

"You think?"

"I know."

He let go of his towel and unveiled his flaccid masterpiece. He isn't circumsised, and his big balls hang low, just like I like them. He has a bush, but not the type that would get in your way. Max's happy trail ended with a beautiful sight. My mouth watered at the thought of tasting him.

All I could manage to say was "Wow."

"Impressed? You haven't seen the best of it yet!" He grabbed his dick and started stroking it. I could feel my cock stretching my underwear, wanting to be released.
Almost as if he was hearing my thoughts, Max asked me to strip, so as to not feel lonely.

I took off my t-shirt, and unbuckled my jeans. As they fell down to my ankles, I felt Max staring at my crotch. 

"Looks like a big one too."

I blushed, and took off my underwear.

"Man, I haven't had sex in ages. I really need a wank." He said this with a smirk, like he was asking for my approval.

"So do so, I won't mind."

"I don't like doing it myself, it gets boring."

I couldn't help myself, "Shall I jerk you off?"

He didn't say yes. Instead, he sat down on his bed, and opened his legs wide enough for me to see the indentation of his asshole. I bent down, and wrapped both hands around his meat. As I was stroking his 8 inch cock, he asked me to look him in the eye. I could see the horniness inside them. He placed his hand on my head and slightly shoved it towards his dick. The smell of his penis made my dick even harder than it already was. I opened my mouth and shoved his shaft down my throat. My tongue circled around his foreskin and my lips felt his veins full of blood. I started kissing down his dick, and met his balls.

With my right hand, I continued jerking him off, and with my left, I cupped his balls and started licking and sucking them. His pubic hair made me taste him even more. His groans were loud, and he was pulling the sexiest face ever. I left his balls and went for his dick once again. While I started to deep-throat him, I moved my left index finger towards his anus, and started circling it. He clearly was liking it as the groans increased in volume.

As I inserted my finger into his hot hole, he exclaimed, "Fuck...I'm gonna cum".

I made sure that my mouth was securely wrapped around his throbbing cock and awaited to be full of his seed. After rolling my finger in his ass a few times, I felt 9 shots of thick cum shoot into my mouth. The slightly sour taste made my anus vibrate, and I sucked all the juice he had to offer. Max moaning made it 50 times hotter. I continued to finger fuck and suck him for another 5 minutes, until I decided it was time to taste his hole.

Still having some of his sperm in my mouth, I spat on his hole to make it easier to access. I started licking his anus and shoved my tongue inside, tasting both his cum and his asshole. I made sure not to leave any area un-licked and left his anus begging for more. Max looked as if he was just drained of all his energy. I glanced at his now deflating penis and saw a few drops of cum waiting to be licked. I slid my tongue on to them and swallowed them with pride.

"Where the fuck did you learn how to do that? That was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"I was just born with it." I winked at him. That felt cheesy. "You taste amazing."

"I'm glad you like it. Was this your first time playing with cock?"

"No, but its been a long time."

"It was my first time with a dude. And I doubt its gonna be the last."

" didn't exactly try me out."

"I'll leave that for next time, assuming you'll be up for it." He put his hands behind his head and flexed his biceps.

I looked at my dick, then looked at his again. I would never dream of missing out an opportunity to let Max fuck the cum out of me.





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