As he finished up his workout with his 45 minute run on the treadmill, Max could feel his muscles starting to ache. He finally hit the 45-minute mark and did a short cool down walk and then hopped off the treadmill. He walked out of the workout room and headed to the locker room. Walking down the aisles of lockers, glancing out the side of his eyes all he saw was a few guys with towels around their waist, one guy looking through his bag while wearing a pair of black boxer-briefs, and one guy blow-drying his hair in the adjacent room the lead to the showers.

Max unlocked his locker and opened his bag and brought out his towel. He slipped off his basketball shorts and a tank top and was just in the pair of jock-briefs he woke up in a few hours ago. He slipped them off and wrapped his towel around his waist and headed to the showers. All the shower stalls were taken, leaving only the communal showers across from the stalls. He slipped in and hung his towel up and turned on the shower. He stepped into the water and let it pour over his already aching muscles.

As he lathered himself up and washed his body, he glanced over at the shower stalls and noticed one with the curtain pushed a little to the side and a pair of eyes looking at him. They moved as soon as he looked over, but he could see the body in the stall. The muscular thighs lead to calves that were bulging and toned. He looked up and saw that above the thigh was the always hot “V-line” of a very well sculpted man. He noticed that there was a shadow of an, at least, semi-erect dick on the thigh.

Max turned away and began lathering up more of his body, spending a little more time than normal on his package just to tease whoever was watching him in the stall. He normally wouldn’t do such a thing but after the new boost of his confidence the past week he decided to play along. He glanced out of the corner of his eye and could tell the guy had moved to the side again to be able to see him. He decided to continue rubbing his dick to play with the admirer and drive him a little crazy since he was obviously interested.

Max was fully hard right and there was no hiding it. He turned sideways where anyone in the stalls looking out could see his impressive 8 1/2 cock sticking straight out. He glanced over and saw that the man in the stall was obviously stroking his own dick behind the curtains.

Max turned off the shower heads and grabbed his towel, wrapped it around his waist, and positioned his dick so it wasn’t as visible. He walked through the showers and to his locker room and to his locker. Spinning the combination in he clicked the lock open and grabbed his duffel bag. He grabbed the pair of blue and gray bikini-briefs and slipped them on. Max noticed a shadow behind him move to the lockers across from his own and he glanced to see who it was. The man's back was ripped and as he reached and grabbed things from his locker his muscles moved and bulged. His shoulders were broad and it was like a ball on each shoulder from the muscles wrapped around the shoulder blade. His biceps were just as impressive, bulging from a fresh workout. The guy was totally ripped, and Max couldn’t help but notice and glance a few more times trying to not be obvious.  

Max continued glancing and then noticed as the man let the towel drop and balled it up, tossing it aside. His ass was perfectly sculpted to what people would say is like a “Greek God.” And this man had to have been the epitome of it. Suddenly he glanced back and made eye contact. Max continued looking at him and then he winked. Max smiled and looked back down to continue getting his clothes. His heart was racing thinking and wondering if that was the mystery man in the shower stalls. Grabbing his basketball shorts he slipped them on and pulled them up. After putting on his shirt he glanced back to see the man had put on a pair of Calvin Klein white briefs and his huge muscled bubble butt filled them out amazingly.

The man was around 6 foot 2, a lean and muscular body. He had wavy medium length dark brown hair and perfectly trimmed body hair to match. Other than the very short hair on his chest his stomach and washboard abs were smooth expect a tiny treasure trail leading to the waistband of his briefs.

Max had always found white briefs to have a “hot” factor, even though most guys bashed them. It was something about the All-American classic feel. He glanced again to see the man was turned sideways, revealing that for the amount of muscle and ass in the back of the briefs there was just as much of an impressive and large package in the front. He felt the blood begin pumping, rushing towards his dick.

“Hey,” Max heard from behind him. He looked and turned around to see the broad muscled guy standing directly behind him. 

“Hello,” Max said, quietly almost in a whisper. 

“You have an awesome body, and amazing cock,” the guy said in a whisper, smiling at the end. Max straightened up and looked at him. Now that he was closer he could see his perfectly defined pecs and huge bicep. He had a dusting of hair on his chest, but his abs and stomach was smooth. His six-pack was completely ripped, and Max suddenly felt very aware of how much hotter this guy was. He glanced down and noticed that the man had not put any bottoms on and was standing in front of him in only his pair of very, very tight white briefs. Max’s cock pulsed from the view.

“My name’s Derek,” the man said while extending his hand.

 “Max. Nice to meet you,” Max responded and shook his very strong hand. He felt the warmth emitted from Derek’s strong muscular hand before they parted.

“Not to be forward, but would you like to go to my place and hang out?” Derek asked, tilting his head in Max’s direction. 

“Sure,” Max said back, a slight quiver in his voice.

“Awesome!” Derek said in a normal tone. He turned around and walked back to his locker. Max watched as his brief-clad ass swung back and forth, bouncing up and down in the thin white fabric. Max turned and put his clothes in his backpack and zipped everything up. He closed the locker door and turned towards Derek. As he walked he saw Derek bend over to put on some basketball shorts, noticing that he could see the lump pushing in his crotch even from behind from Derek’s impressive package. 

“I live at Green Oaks, across from campus,” Derek said. 

“Okay, I will meet you there,” Max responded a slight drop in his voice from his nerves. Derek turned and headed out of the locker room with Max following behind him.

Max parked his car in the visitor section of the parking lot. He walked and saw the pickup truck he had seen Derek get in. He thought back to how huge and muscular the guy was. He instantly got nervous from how good he looked and not feeling he could score such a mutual attraction.

Derek waved from one of the apartment entrances. Max made his way over and met with him. He turned and went up one of the flights of stairs and headed for a door right outside the stair landing. He opened the door and motioned for Max to enter. 

“Thanks,” Max said, stepping into the apartment. He looked and saw it was neat and smelled amazing. The decor was nothing grand, just a simple bachelor's pad. He walked past Derek into the living room.

“I guess you figured out I was the one watching you in the showers,” Derek said while walking towards Max.

“Well,” Max chuckled, “I deduced the probability to be most likely you.”

“Yeah, I really don’t normally do that,” Derek had a slight nervousness to his voice, “But, your body and cock was so amazing it got me going.” Max smiled and looked up at him.
“Well, I won’t lie. You wearing white briefs got me going,” Max said and glanced to the side.
“Really?” Derek responded, “Normally people think they  are dorky or shit and try to get me to wear boxer-briefs or something,” Derek smiled. 

"Hell no. Tighty whiteys are the hottest thing on a guy,” Max looked up and smiled at Derek.

“God damn. I think so too!” Derek smiled back. 

“I’ve always thought so,” Max added. 

“I agree,” Derek said and reached down, untying the drawstrings of his basketball shorts. He loosened them and then slipped a finger in the waistband. He glanced up at Max whose eyes were shifting between the shorts and Derek’s eyes that were focused down. Slowly, Derek began slipping the shorts lower. Past the waistband and eventually down his huge muscular thighs, the shorts dropping to the floor.

“Fuck,” Max mumbled. He looked to see Derek reaching and taking his t-shirt off, leaving him in just the pair of Calvin Klein white briefs. Max could feel his cock pulsing more and more, stretching against the tight bikini-briefs he wore under his own shorts. 

Derek reached over and patted the bulge in Max’s shorts. Smiling he looked Max in the eyes. His own cock was growing very rapidly, pressing down in the very tight fabric. Max let out a light moan as he continued rubbing the growing bulge. 

Max put his hand out and touched the package in front of him continuing to increase in size. He grabbed and felt the huge piece of a masculine man wrapped in the thin white fabric. Max felt a hand graze through his head and bend his head back. He looked to see Derek leaning down in the motion to kiss him. Max responded by lightly closing his eyes and flicking his tongue to begin playing with Derek’s. Both hunks moaned lightly into one another mouth. 

Derek wrapped his arms around Max and grabbed both ass cheeks with his muscular hands, squeezing and pulling Max closer against his ripped and bulging chest. Max let his lower body be pulled until he felt his hard cock pressing against Derek’s even bigger package. His own dick was throbbing and pulsing and he could feel the pre-cum rising through his shaft. He moaned again, this time, a litter louder and he heard Derek give a very deep manly grunt. Both continued batting each others tongues back and forth, pushing back and forth. 

Derek was experiencing complete extasy rubbing his hands all over Max. He was rock hard, if not the hardest he had ever been. He kept thinking and wondering if Max was a bottom. As he grabbed and squeezed his ass he wanted his cock to slide in the hot bubble-butt more and more. He grunted and then heard Max moan, and at the same time buckle his hips backward against Derek’s hands. Derek had a pretty good feeling about the boy now. He leaned back and smiled, seeing that Max’s eyes were half rolled back in his head.

Max looked up into Derek’s light blue eyes and felt weightless. Both his ass cheeks were cupped in his strong hands, lightly squeezing back and forth from right to left. He pressed his hips back, pressing against Derek's hands. He responded by opening his fingers and lightly slapped his right cheek, pulling Max towards himself. He felt Max’s hard cock pressed against his own, and he knew that the white brief fabric was probably about to split from his massive 10.5-inch cock pressing out. 

Derek had been blessed very young. Growing up he always noticed that his penis was larger and bigger around than his brothers. They even made fun of him, at the time. That soon changed as they got older and realized that Derek was the blessed one. At a steady 10.5 inches long, his cock was also 7 inches in girth. It was the epitome of a “horse hung” cock. He loved wearing tighter jeans that pushed his package up and out and constantly saw both guys and girls glancing down in disbelief. He had learned to love it and strut along, letting his cock and tennis ball size testicles bounce around.

Max could feel the man meat pressing against his own cock he had always been told was larger. Compared to Derek though, he looked tiny. Just when Max thought that it would stop growing it just got bigger. Finally, he looked down to see what looked like almost 11 inches and the girth was indescribable. The briefs Derek was wearing was fully pulled away from his body on all sides and even the top of the waistband. Max could see down to a very nicely trimmed bush and the base of the biggest cock he had seen, even online.
Derek saw that Max was looking down at his crotch. He debated what he would say, if anything. Eventually, he pulled again and gave Max another kiss. 

“It’s a little on the big side,” Derek said in a low raspy voice. 

“A little? Dude, I’ve never seen a cock that big,” Max responded and reached out and grabbed it under the material. As he pawed and rubbed he heard Derek give the manliest low deep groan and moan. It instantly sent a shock of sexual desire down his body. He felt his own cock become even harder. He glanced up to see Derek looking directly at him. Max smiled.

“Well, I was gifted, what can I say?” Derek quipped and looked at Max. 

“Dude, I don’t know if I can take it,” Max responded with hesitation in his voice. 

“Buddy, I won’t hurt you. Coming with a huge cock I’ve learned to use it properly and not hurt people,” Derek looked and gave a reassuring smile.

Max felt another surge of bliss from Derek’s very assured way of talking about his manhood. The way he was sure of his abilities. Max took a half step back and began kissing, licking, and nipping at Derek’s firm chest. 

“Fuck,” Derek moaned and leaned his head back. Max continued nipping and used his other hand to flick Derek’s other massive pec and nipple. Derek again gave the low and deep grunt that made Max’s knees buckle. He continued down, licking the impressive six-pack bulging. He leads his way until his face was directly in front of the massive piece of manhood he was wanting. He reached up and slipped his fingers under the waistband and slowly pulled down. The fabric pulled tight against Derek’s big thighs and bubble-butt. Finally, the huge cock flopped out and pointed at Max. He couldn’t believe the size he saw in front of him. 

“God damn,” Max breathed out.

“It’s not as . . . “ Derek got out before Max interrupted. 

“Don’t say it's not as big as it looks. It is just as fucking big as it looks!” Max exclaimed, “It’s the size of my forearm!” Max said, rising his arm up to put the cock on his forearm.
“Well, I guess,” Derek said and chuckled at the end.

Max rubbed his forearm against the flesh of the biggest penis he had ever seen. Derek responded with a moan and a breath out. His hips pushed forward, causing his cock to get even closer to Max. One deep inhale and he could smell the manly clean smell coming from Derek. Suddenly he grabbed the dick forcefully and aimed it at his mouth. He opened wide and stuck his tongue out and began licking all around his cock head.

“Holy fucking shit,” Derek stammered. His eyes shot up and continued rolling in his head as he gasped for a breath of air. Max continued licking and slowly slipping the head of his cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head. Max tasted pre-cum already which showed how turned on Derek was.

“God, dude, you are fucking amazing.” Derek whispered.

Max looked up and grinned.

Max felt Derek’s hands move and grab his ass. He was suddenly turned around and his legs stood apart, his sweet plump bubble butt pointed out and his back arched. Derek reached up and grabbed the waistband of his bikini-briefs and pulled them down. He saw the taught toned ass was spreading apart and revealing a pink smooth skin. 

“Oh, fuck yeah dude,” Derek said breathing out. He bent down and began wiggling his tongue in toward Max’s tight hole. Suddenly he slapped both hands on each ass cheek and forcefully spread his sweet cheeks. Max moaned and leaned forward feeling his legs buckle. He arched his back further and pushed his ass towards Derek. He could feel his scruffy stubble against his smooth hole and it was driving him crazy.

“Oh, fuck,” Max breathed out, realizing his cock was rock hard between his legs and pre-cum was rising quickly. Derek leaned back and yanked his bikini-briefs all the way down and Max stepped out and then set his feet apart and arched his back again. Derek reached back up and spread the plump ass cheeks apart again and dragged his tongue from the soft skin below Max’s balls to the top of his crack. As he skimmed over his hole he felt himself pulse. Derek reached between his legs and grabbed his rock solid cock and pulled it through his legs, taking it in his mouth and pushing it down his throat.

“Holy fucking Jesus Christ,” Max moaned, “Oh my God, fucking hell,” Derek grinned with the cock in his mouth and continued swirling his tongue along Max’s long slender cock. He could taste the pre-cum seeping out of his cock at a quick rate and loved the taste of the sweet boys young cum. He slid his mouth up and down, his Max’s balls landing on Derek’s face when he pressed his cock further into the back of his throat.

“Baby, eat my hole again,” Max said half moaning at the end. Derek could only oblige and slid his watering mouth up and began lapping at the clenched down hole. He continued working it more and more, pushing his tongue further in. He could feel the more time he spent swirling his tongue around and shooting his tongue in his tight hole became just a little loser. Derek’s own cock was pointed straight out, rock hard and anticipating stretching the sweet hole open.

“You ready for my cock, baby?” Derek said in a deep sexy voice.

“God, yes,” Max replied in a soft quiet voice mixed with sexual tension and pleasure. He still stood with his legs apart and his tight plump ass sticking out revealing his hole that was all but ready for Derek. 

Derek stood up and ran his hands up Max’s back, one of his hands grasped under Max’s upper pubic bone and the other placed on his right shoulder. Max felt Derek start rubbing his cock on top his hole and pulling him back. It filled all in-between his cheeks and Max felt his stomach tighten at the thought of him trying to enter. 

“Oh, baby. Fuck I love this ass,” Derek said again in the deep sexy voice Max was already loving so much. Max felt Derek’s grip tighten on his shoulder and the pulsing member in-between his ass. He closed his eyes and listened to Derek’s heavy breaths. Finally, Derek broke the silence and spoke in an even deeper voice. 

“You ready to take this horse hung cock, baby?”

“Oh God yes,” Max moaned. Derek chuckled at his eagerness. 

Derek continued sliding his cock up and down, driving Max even crazier. Finally, he moved back slightly and Max could feel the head of his cock was positioned directly on his hole. He pushed back slightly but was overwhelmed by the size of the member. He gasped, and let out a breath of air. 

“Easy cowboy,” Derek said, letting out a laugh at the end. He then gripped his hip and shoulder very strongly and began a very slight pulsing movement, slowly pressing against Max’s hole. He could feel the strength in his hands that drove him crazy. He continued this more and more, and Max could feel his hole loosening ever so slightly. He was amazed at the talent Derek had. He could feel the tennis ball sized testicles slap the smooth underside of his cock every so often. 

“Okay baby,” Derek said, and he could feel him push down on his lower back and begin moving back. He could feel his hole stretching more and more and a slight pain shoot through his body equally met with a burst of sexual pleasure. He expected Derek to stop, but only felt him continued to pull him towards his body. Then he felt a pop as the huge head of Derek’s cock entered his body fully.

“Oh fuck!” Max exclaimed, more in pleasure than pain. 

“Easy baby,” Derek said strong and confident, “Easy. Yeah, take that horse hung cock.” Max could feel as he continued sliding it in, inch by inch. He then could feel a slight tickle, and realized that Derek’s bush of pubic hair was brushing against his smooth skin. He looked back to see Derek’s bent knees, up his tight muscle-bound body and meeting his eyes.

“God damn, boy,” Derek said, “You just took it all!” Derek smiled. He felt him begin pulling out and lightly pulsing in and out, and realized his own cock was rock hard. He never did become soft when he got fucked, proving to whoever was fucking him that he loved ever second.

Derek moved the hand from his hip up to his other shoulder and began moving in and out at a more steady pace. Max moaned with pleasure at the same time Derek grunted in a deep tone. They continued until Max realized that Derek had stepped up the pace and was really fucking him hard. His balls were slapping him harder, and as Derek’s pelvic bone hit his ass there was a slap.

“God, yes,” Derek grunted, “Take. My. Fucking. Cock.” This caused Max to begin pushing back on Derek, increasing the intensity of slaps. He couldn’t believe he was taking an almost 12-inch cock, balls deep, and loved every second. Derek was equally impressed at his talent. They continued more and more, and Derek was sweating. Max looked back to see the hunk had beads of sweat dripping down his sculpted body. His own cock was bouncing up and down still hard as a rock. He reached down and began stroking it, feeling Derek’s balls slap his hand.

“Holy fuck,” Derek said, “Dude, I’m going to cum!” Derek continued sliding in and out and looked at Max in the eyes.

“Blow your fucking load in my ass!” Max exclaimed. Derek obviously found this hot because he continued pumping harder and harder, shoving his cock further in, causing Max to yelp in pleasure. 

“Oh, FUCK!” Derek said, and Max felt him slam his cock in the furthest it had gone. Then he felt Derek grab his hips and pull him closer, Derek’s pubes smashing into his ass.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby,” Max screamed, “give me that fucking load!” And just as he said this he felt pulse after pulse as streams of cum hit him inside. He felt the warmth envelop his body and the pulsing of Derek’s cum inside him.

“Oh fucking hell,” Derek said, “take my seed baby!” And Max could only push back further, causing Derek’s cock to pulse and shoot another last load from his cock. 

Max felt Derek begin pulling his cock out and finally it broke free. He felt his hole gaping open from the size of the member, and a slight stream of cum drip out. Max collapsed on the bed beside them, his legs still spread apart, ass cheeks open and hole exposed. He felt Derek’s finger sliding on his ass, playing with the drop of cum that had slipped out. He moaned. 

“Shit. No one has ever been able to take me like that,” Derek said, leaning down.


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