Matthew Brant,or Matt as his friends called him was one of the hottest guys on the planet.The guy was not from this planet,well not literally but you get the idea.

Matthew was new in school,he transferred from upstate to Ridgefield about a month ago.Ridgefield's a pretty decent town,population 6057.Whenever he walked by me,it'd make me so nervous I could barely breath even.Not just because he was 6"3' and towered me over my 5"4' height or because he was on the football team,not because of those dreamy blue eyes or his perfectly defined muscle frame but because he was beautiful!.

We never really spoke,our social circles didn't exactly match,that was until he took Chemistry.

2nd period Chemistry,he walked into the class room and Mr.Bell introduced him,right before he assigned Matthew as my lab partner to sit next to me.Matthew nodded to Mr.Bell and walked over and smiled,"Hi,I'm Matthew Brant",he said as he sat down. "Dustin Clark,nice to meet you".We sat there in Chemistry and I could see Mr.Bell's mouth moving but I couldn't make out the words,all I could think of was the insanely hot guy sitting next to me."So,you're new here,why'd you move?",I asked.UM,um was the first words out of his beautiful mouth,"um,it's a long story,but mostly because my parents wanted to move away from the city and my dad got an easy job replacement we moved.What about you,you grew up here?".

"yup,lived here pretty much all my life",I replied.Surprisingly we really hit it off,considering how shy I am.He was so beautiful,there was no chance in hell that even if he were Bi like me-we spoke about girlfriends-that I could get so lucky.I mean sure I had my native american tan that people found cute and my British accent,courtesy of my mom but there was no chance.

And yet the next thing I know he wanted to come over to my place after school,just....because he had no other plans and wanted to play on my X-box.Lucky for me my parents were taking a vacation.

So after school we talked all the way home,I had to admit this guy was showing some interest after all.We were sitting there on my couch playing X-box when out of the blue he shuts of the system and says he's bored and wanted to talk.

So we talked,as we talked I noticed how his hand came closer and closer to my thigh until it was on my thigh.I looked at him and he smiled,He leaned and and laid his beautiful lips on my mouth and kissed me.

"I"m sorry,I couldn't control myself",he said and I just smiled away,I kissed him back,he started unbuttoning my shirt and I lied down in his lap.

He leaned down and kissed me again,this time he didn't hold back,his tongue parted through my lips and was in my mouth,as we kissed he wrapped his arm around my chest and began to run his finger on and around my nipples.

I broke the kiss,turned around and began kissing the bulge in his jeans,within minutes his jeans were wet with my saliva and he just slid his hand under my shirt and rubbed my back and neck,just feeling my entire body.I lifted his shirt from over his belt and began to undo it,I was fumbling with the damn thing so much that it made him giggle,his beautiful face was so much more defined when he smiled.

I pulled his zipper down and started licking his cock through his underwear,the shape was so defined it looked like he wasn't wearing any underwear.I grabbed his balls in one hand and continued licking his cock and playing with his balls.Now his hands slit down from my back to my butt and he kneaded my butt cheeks with his big hands,it made me moan around his cock.His hand felt so good on my butt I arched my body to push my butt further into his hand,as if that were even possible.

He helped me pull down the waistband of his underwear and his diamond hard cock popped out of his underwear,I took it in one hand,which was difficult coz my tiny hands couldn't even get all the way around it,he was at least 9 inches and I started licking the head and periodically the shaft.He lifted up his shirt to play with his nipples until I moved my free hand up and replaced his.He moaned and kept telling me to "do it like that".

He drove his hand through my hair,occasionally grabbing it if I started going too fast.I licked and kissed his beautiful cock and played with his nipples.I moved my head around his cock like I was starving,I licked the head and moved my tongue around the head letting my hot breath tickle his cock.

I decided it was time and I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck it,I took the whole thing into my mouth and this made him gasp.He unbuttoned our shirts struggling with mine as I went down on him.We stopped for a second till we could remove our shirts.I got down on my knees in between his legs and licked his cock while I looked up at him,he moaned and closed his eyes for a second.I pulled down my pants as i sucked his beautiful amazing cock. I moved up,up his body and let my pants slide down.As I rubbed against him even my underwear slid down a bit,I licked his neck and nibbled on it while he grabbed my ass and pushed me on top.We were making out as he slid his hands in my underwear and spread my ass and moved his hands around till my underpants dropped to my knees.I laid on top of him as he sat on the couch and jerked his cock and this made him slap my butt.I chewed on his neck as he rubbed his hands all over my body,bringing one hand to my nipple and twisting it making me moan around his neck and I gently stroked his cock and played with it as I kissed his neck and bit his ear.He grabbed my head and moved it to his face and dug his face into mine,forcing his lips into my mouth and chewing down on my lip.I took his balls into my hand and played with them.He pulled me up by the legs till my half clothed ass was in his lap,I sat down and moved a little around his cock and he grabbed my head and began to kiss me again.

He then pulled off my pants completely and pushed me against one side of the couch and climbed on top of me,all the while kissing me or my body.His hand was on my chest,I took it down to my cock and he grabbed my cock and balls in one hand.I moaned so loud that I thought I'd get into trouble with the neighbors.He jacked my cock a little when we made out,he actually moved to the other end of the couch to get his head into my crotch and took my 6" cock completely into his mouth.He spread my legs with his hands and I grabbed onto his hair,as he sucked my cock.

IT was really hot,someone as hot as him was sucking my cock,I thought I was gonna shoot the minute he took my cock into his mouth.I was so small compared to him that anyone watching would think he was sucking a kid.I was a little embarrassed about my height,I mean I was 18 and compared to him I looked like a kid.

He sucked my cock a bit more and then got on his knees in front of me,I propped myself up on my elbows and sucked his cock some more till it got back to it's 9" glory.All the sucking and plopping noise were really making both of us hot,and the heat was making us sweat.

I brought some lube from my room at his request and he spread it on my ass.He laid down on the couch and I got on top of him.He began to fuck me and boy could he fuck!

He was moaning and I was moaning and I leaned down and kissed him and he kissed me!!OMG!.He had my little body in his hands and he was pulling and shoving me on his cock.

Then he turned me and began to do me doggie.He grabbed onto my hair and his pace quickened like hell!

He threw me over the edge of the couch leaving my ass on the couch to fuck it.He fucked my ass and spanked it at the same time!!....He brought me up and turned me around and pulled out of me.He jacked his cock on top of me till he blew his load all over my panting sweaty body and then he kept fucking me till I could blow mine.He licked a little of it from my body and was like...mmmmmm.



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