Matinees Are Better

Part 1

You’d think that an adult theater’s business was primarily at night. Well, the crowd may be larger but the daytime customers are always a lot more fun. Imagine, an old theater filled with guys who’ve taken the afternoon off to get their rocks off in the dark. Yes, afternoons are my favorite time of the day.

I remember one afternoon, I’d dressed in my favorite Wranglers and a tight white t-shirt. I paid my admission and walked into the darkened theater. The first thing I noticed was the smell. For the first timers it can be a gross place with the old cum, cigarettes, sweat, piss and disinfectant smells. But once aquatinted with them you learn to let it turn you on. I found my cock begin to harden as my eyes to adjust to the dim light.

There were about twenty guys, spread out across the vast theater. And, I was right, most of them were in suits and ties obviously playing hooky from work.. The back and side rows was where I liked to sit, so I started to scope out my neighbors. There was one Italian looking guy, whose suit looked like it was tailored for him. He was sitting all alone, about 3 rows from the back. And his hands were planted firmly in his lap. As I watched I could see his right hand slowly massaging his crotch. He looked to be about 30, with black curly hair, mustache and it was hard to tell with him sitting down but he was probably about 5-foot 10. I took a seat in the row in front of him, one seat closer to the wall. He noticed me sitting down and sheepishly removed his hands from his crotch. Although his fly wasn’t unzipped, I could see a well good size bulge in his crotch. The seats were angled in such a way that you can see over to the seat in front or behind you. So I made sure he saw that my hands were in my lap, about to start my own game of pocket pool. Pretending not to notice him, I started to slowly massaging of my crotch. After a few minutes, my Italian stallion relaxed enough to move his hands back to his own crotch. On the screen a man in a business suit was being fondled by a blonde woman. Her hands were moving slowly up and down the guys pants, finally unzipping the fly and pulling out his dick. When she swooped down to take it in her mouth and the Italian guy let out a, “Uuuuuuugh.” And so did I, just loud enough for my stud to know that I’d noticed the act and was turned on by the thought of oral sex. He stared over at me and I licked my lips, my eyes never leaving the screen. My left hand, however, reached back and wrapped itself around the seat next to me, the one right in front of his. My right hand ground itself into my crotch and I squirmed slightly. This didn’t go unnoticed by my neighbor and he began to watch me as much as he was watching the film. I let my left arm fall a little lower on the back of the seat and licked my lips again. This time, the guy sunk lower in his seat and spread his legs a little bit more, bring his right knee closer to my left arm. By now he was trying to control an erection that was threatening to break his zipper. The guy on the screen was moaning and groaning, obviously enjoying his oral assault, while my Italian friend was enjoying the show, too. He inched down a little further and made contact with my arm. I didn’t move but let out a small groan, acknowledging the contact. We still hadn’t made an eye to eye connection but I could tell you everything about him. His dark blue suit was probably imported. His crisp white shirt looked tailor made. The gold in his watch was only overshadowed by the gold band on his left hand. Ah, probably a frustrated young executive whose wife wouldn't go down on him, I thought. Across the aisle I saw two men with their coats in their laps. It was obvious that they were jacking each other off. Two rows ahead of me were two guys. As I watch the younger one lowered his head down into the other guy’s lap. Covering the kid with his coat the other guy fucked the kid's face. His moans were drowned out by the screen as the woman sucked her lover’s hard cock. Behind them was a kid. He looked younger, but you had to be 18 to get in the theater so I knew he was of age. He was wearing lose ghetto style basketball shorts and a wife-beater t-shirt and his eyes were glued to the men in front of him. His cock was out of his shorts and he, too, was jacking off.

Getting up I changed rows and sat down beside the kid. He froze with his cock in his hand and stared at me out of the corner of his eyes. Wanting to feel his big cock, I tentatively reached out and put my hand around it. As I knew it would be, it warm and soft to touch, yet hard in my grip.

He acted like it was the first time anyone had ever touched his cock before.

I sat there, staring at his cock, not really thinking of anything but seeing what it looked like. It was a little larger than my own, close to 8-inches and definitely needing some release. Almost in a slight daze, he went back to watching the movie as I started stroking him.

He gave an audible gasp when I leaned over and slowly took his semi-flaccid cock in my mouth, but didn’t try to push me away. It started to rapidly grow in my mouth. He let out an, “Ahhhhhh,” as his cock grew. I started to slowly lick and tongued around the base of his head and flicking the corona as his cock danced and flexed with each flick of my tongue.

Then I encircled the head with my lips and slowly inch by inch took his 8-inches into my mouth down to his balls. As my nose pushed into his pubic hair he let out another, “Ahhhhhhhhh,” and grabbed the back of my head and started moving his hips and fucking my mouth while he gently moaning and faintly saying, “Oh yeah suck me man.”

As his cock became stiff as a lead pipe in my mouth, he held my head and arched his hips up off the seat, burying his cock to his balls in my mouth and held it there for a few seconds.

Releasing his grip, he backed off for another hard thrust back into my mouth. This slow but steady rhythm went on for a good 5 or 6-minutes much to my surprise and delight because I thought he would blow his load quicker.

His moans became louder his pumping became more erratic and the head of his cock began to swell signalling me he was about to blow his load when he franticly whispered, “Oh shit. I’m gonna cum…in your mouth.” He was quivering and holding my head, when I felt a thick warm blast of cum hit my tongue. He held my head still and arched his hips, pushing his cock into my mouth and held still as he unloaded his balls in my mouth. I felt the swell and flex of each shot and counted six squirts and then a warm flow that I was able to hold in my mouth.

He was moaning and going, “Ah, ah, ah,” the whole time.

Once he quieted down and let go of my head I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Without a word I got up and returned to my previous seat. Arranging myself in the seat, I let my arm come to rest on the Italian’s knee again. As he pretended not to notice, my fingers started to slowly massage of his kneecap and then inch its way up his inner thigh. He accommodated me by sinking lower in his seat. His leg felt firm and toned as my hand slowly creeped up to the bulge of his crotch.

Then, I heard the zipper of his fly open and when I glanced back I saw that he was wearing blue bikini briefs. My hand started to rub his cock through the silky material. By this time I felt the wet spot and the guy wiggled in his seat. I brought my hand to my nose to smell his sweet, hot pre-cum, then I licked my fingers as he was extracted the monster from his sticky briefs. He also removed his suit coat and draped it over the back of the seat next to his, thereby shielding us from anyone to our left. My hand was rewarded with a handful of thick, hard dick. When I made contact it was his turn to groan, “Ugh, ugh, ugh.” My hand slowly started stroking…

 To be continued…




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