Mr. Dillos is in his twenties, 5 11 and toned, and has a really gorgeous face. Mr. Geckwahl is in his early thirties, 5 10, somewhat toned, and a decent face.

This story all started one day after school when i walked into my english teachers room looking for my notebook. My math teachers name is Mr. Geckwall, andmy english teachers name was Mr. Dillos, and i had been in love with their bodies for a few years. i look over to his desk and i saw him with my mathteacher. they both had their cocks out and were jerking each other off all while kissing. they notice me and stop immediately. i say sorry and that i wontsay a word, and they say "we know you wont". they both get up and my english teacher blocks the entrance to the door while the math teacher walks up to meand gropes my ass in one large hand. Mr. dillos locks the door and draws the shade down and shuts the light off. mr. geckwall drops to his knees, pulls mypants down and looks at my cock. now im only average at about 5 or six inches long and 1 and a half thick. im about 5 10 and mr. geckwall almost gets hitin the nose by my cock. he starts to jerk me off and then mr. dillos starts rimming my ass and shoving his tongue in and out of my tight virgin hole. mr.geckwall starts to suck my rock hard cock. and then mr. dillos lines his cock up with my hole and slowly starts entering my ass. i feel an intense burningpain when he initially enters and he slows down until the pain begins to subside, and then he slowly beigins fucking me. while he was doing that mr. geckwall began to stick his cock in my mouth and i was swirling my tongue around the head and then jabbed lightly with it into the piss slit and he lets out a low moan. he grabs my head and starts to face fuck me, all while mr. dillos is starting to fuck me harder and harder. i start to get harder and harder knowingim close i start telling them to move faster and fuck me harder. i blow my load all over mr. geckwalls legs and he starts shooting his load. his thick creamycum was shooting out quite quickly and seemed to never end. i mean i love cum, but damn. this was a lot of hot steamy jizz. he finally starts shootingslower and bucking less, after 10 ropes of cum and i swallow finally after savoring the sweet taste of his cum. mr. dillos pulls out of my asshole and movesto my face and starts face fucking me after mr. geckall was done and before long was shooting 13 long thick streams of cum into my mouth and 3 on my face.i suck his cock till it was clean and do the same for mr. geckwall and then they wipe the cum off of my face with my underwear. we all get dressed and say our thank yous and goodbyes, and we all leave silently.



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