I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

My name is Tony. I was 37, recently divorced, just moved to New York to get away and start over. Even though I had gotten married, I always found an attraction to men.

My first time with a man was when I was 18, and working for contractor. The owner was around 50 at the time, and I would have never guessed he liked guys. After finishing work this one day, he told me to meet him in his office, he wanted to discuss my work. I sat in a chair in front of his desk and listened to him tell me that he had to make some cuts in the payroll.

When I was hired, I had told him how important it was for me to have a job. At the time I was helping support the house, because my father had passed, and my mother only worked part time.

Now, here I was hearing my boss, Mr. Thomas talking about cutting back. Into the conversation, I interrupted him and said I really need the work, and I would do anything to keep working. When I said that, I meant doing extra hours, doing chores,running errands.

Mr. Thomas, did not take the "anything" for what I thought he understood, but something all together different. He leaned forward from his chair behind the desk and bluntly asked me if I would do whatever he wanted, then added, if I asked you to suck my cock, would you do it.

I felt my face get hot, knowing I must be turning red from what he asked. Not answering, he asked again, Tony would you, it it meant keeping your job.

To this day, I don't know "why", but I mumbled "yes". Mr. Thomas, said boy open your mouth and give me an answer that I can understand. I then said "yes" again but this time louder so he could hear me.

Good, that is what I wanted to hear, go over and lock the door, once I did, he got up and moved to a sofa in the other room. I followed him and when he was seated, he told me to strip. By now, I was so nervous, but I took off my clothes, leaving my underpants on, and stood in front of him.

Instead of calling me Tony, he kept addressing me as "boy". He then asked me if I had ever sucked a cock or been fucked. I told him no. I then said, I go with girls, I have never been with a man.

Well boy, this is going to be your lucky day, not only do you have a job, now you are going to have a special job. As he was talking, he got up and took off his clothes. Trying to look away, I found myself watching as he pulled down his shorts, revealing a cock that had to be at least 8" and it wasn't hard.

Okay boy, now pull off your shorts, I want to see what you have. Now standing without anything on, he motioned for me to come by him. He put his hand on my cock and started to squeeze it at the same time pinching my nipple with his other hand. I jumped, letting out a yelp. He said don't make any noise or I will have to gag you. I don't know why, but I felt myself getting hot as he pinched my nipple and squeezed my cock and balls.

Well boy, it's time for you to keep your job. He sat back on the couch and made me kneel in between his legs. Now boy, I want that mouth on my cock, but don't touch it with your hands only your mouth. As I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth, he grabbed my head and held me on his cock, telling me to use my tongue, then telling me to take it in further. Each time I took more cock in my mouth, he pushed my head making me gag.

As I was gagging, trying to pull back, he laughed, you will learn how to take it all the way down without gagging, but for now, we will only put it to the back of your throat. It felt like I was on my knees sucking his cock for a long time, but it only was about 10 minutes. As I was going down again, this time Mr. Thomas held my head making me gag a little, then without warning, he began to cum in my mouth. Boy, don't lose any of it, just keep swallowing. At first the taste was strong and bitter, but then I got used to the taste as I swallowed the last of his cum.

When he finished, he told me to get up and stand in front of him. You are getting off easy, I have an appointment so we can't go any further. As he is saying this, he makes me turn around and bend over. All of a sudden, he pushes his finger up my ass. I wanted to scream out, but knew it would get him mad. Next time boy, we are going to show you how to use this. Smacking me on the ass, he said, just so you know from now on, this ass is my "pussy".

I got dressed and left, knowing that this was going to be the beginning for me.

(to be cont.)



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