"Have you ever had sex before?"

"No, sir."

Laud stroked Leonidas's cheek, and Leo let out a shaky nervous breath.

"Have you even kissed someone before?"

"No, sir," Leo replied in a soft voice.

Laud unbuttoned Leo's shirt, then pulled it back revealing the young man's pale, smooth flesh. Then he leaned in and started kissing his neck. Leo closed his eyes and let out a sigh as the older man ran his lips over him. He let his shirt fall to the ground behind him. Laud ran his finger around the young man's nipples, then he brought his lips to hover around Leo's, teasing a kiss. Then Laud violently shoved Leo backward.

Leo, shocked and confused, sprawled out over the bed that was behind him. He was about to get up, but Laud pointed down at him and commanded, "Don't move."

Leo stayed as he was. Laud opened the desk drawer and pulled out a crystal pot of ink and a brush. He sat on the bed next to Leo who was still sprawled out and shirtless. Then Laud dipped the brush in the ink and began drawing on Leo's belly. Leo didn't dare protest, even as the ink started to burn slightly. After a while, Laud had drawn a circle with runic writing inscribe in it. He put his hand over the symbols and a short burst of white light came from his palm. The burning subsided and Laud stood.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning," Laud said. Then he breezed out of the room taking the ink and closing the door behind him.

Leo's head was spinning. He knew that becoming a wizard's apprentice usually meant becoming his lover, and he was prepared, even excited, about that. But this mixture of tenderness and aggression had him bewildered. Then a feeling of lust started to build inside him. There was an artificial nature to it, but it was none-the-less there. His cock started getting hard.

He got up and crossed the small room Laud had given him. There was a full length mirror in one corner in which he examined the symbol on his belly. He didn't recognize the runes, though he was no slouch in such matters. His cock continued to push at his jeans, getting harder and harder begging to be released. It was late at night, so he dropped his jeans on the floor and climbed into bed.

'Maybe to him this is a sort of tease,' he thought, 'a sex game.'

Leo reached over into his unpacked suitcase and wrestled out the new jar of Vaseline he'd bought: his favorite lube for jerking off. He tossed his underwear on the floor leaving him completely naked on top of his covers. His cock was rock hard by now, and when he applied the lube his it immediately thanked him by sending waves of pleasure through his body. At first, Leo thought that his new master had done him a favor. This was shaping up to be the best jerk he'd ever had, as every pump of his hand felt orgasmic in itself. He even inserted his middle finger into his ass to make the most of it. However, time moved on, and he jerked and jerked for ten, twenty, then thirty minutes. He was constantly on the brink or orgasm but couldn't get off. He pumped ferociously while fingering himself but couldn't finish. He pulled his hand away to give his aching arm a rest. His cock was literally twitching and dripping pre-cum. The realization that Laud had put some kind of bizarre curse on him was rising in the back of his mind, but he was so full of lust that he had to try again.

A further thirty minutes later, he was sweaty, exhausted, and his cock was aching. He knew it was no use. He went to the bathroom, relieved himself, wiped the lube and pre-cum off his cock, the went back to bed. He was still hard when he finally fell asleep.

The next morning, Leo woke as the sun was coming up. He lifted the sheets he'd draped over his sweaty body last night and looked at himself. The symbol was still there, and he was still hard. It wasn't the throbbing erection he had last night as he vainly tried to jerk off, but it was still stiff and begging to be relieved. He had to ignore it, he knew. As he showered and shaved, his cock sticking straight out in front of him, he knew he must ignore it. As he'd done as a teenager, he positioned his cock upward and tucked it into the band of his underwear so it wouldn't show.

Laud had two servants living in his large country manor, an older butler and a middle-aged housekeeper. Leo and his new master sat through breakfast making small talk as the butler moved around them in the dining room. Laud made no indication that he was enjoying Leo's unspoken torment or that he even remembered his curse.

Finally, they moved into the study with their coffee cups to do some work. Laud specialized in ancient runes and symbology, and it was Leo's job to assist in his research, learning as he did so. Of course, as Laud started searching through his papers, Leo's mind wasn't on research.

"Why are you tormenting me?" Leo asked now that they were alone.

The slightly sinister smirk Leo had been expecting finally broke across Laud's face.

"Not enjoying my special rune? I should think that a young man would enjoy the constant pleasure."

"I can't... finish."

"I'm not new to this, you know. I'm fully aware of how the spell works."

"When are you going to lift it?"

"Who says I am?"

Leo squirmed in his seat and adjusted himself. Laud picked up his wand, which was lying nearby.

"You want to cum?"

Leo nodded, and as soon as he did Laud flicked his wand. Leo's cock immediately began dumping its pent up load. Squirt after squirt shot into his boxer-briefs. By the time it was done, Leo was slumped over, panting and sweating. After he'd regained his senses, he stood.

"Where are you going?" asked Laud.

"To clean up," Leo replied still catching his breath.

"There's no time, I'm afraid. We've already wasted enough time on your adolescent needs."

Leo paused a moment, trying to gauge whether or not his master was serious. When it became apparent he was, Leo sat back down. He could feel the wet cum running over his genitals.

Laud released Leo a little before lunch, and he immediately went up to his room. He kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants and underwear on the floor and went into the tiny bathroom attached to his room. He had dried cum all over himself, but at least he wasn't hard anymore; his cock was no longer begging for release. He set his package up on the edge of the sink, then took a black, plastic comb and started raking his pubic hair. After his pubes were clear, he turned on the water and used a washcloth to clean his genitals. A sharp knock on the door made him jump, his package slumping off of the sink and back between his legs.

"Lunch," the butler yelled through his bedroom door.

"Ok," Leo yelled back.

He hadn't done a perfect job cleaning himself, but it was the best he could do for now.

After lunch, they worked through the afternoon and by evening Leo was lying on his bed decompressing after a difficult day. He'd considered himself a near expert in runes that very morning, but after working with Laud all day he felt he knew almost nothing. There was a knock at his door. Leo pulled himself from his soft bed and trudged over to the door. When he opened it Laud immediately stepped in, not waiting for an invitation. Once the door was closed, he locked it.

"Take your clothes off," he said flatly.

Leo hesitated for a moment then did as he was told. He didn't stop stripping until he was standing the middle of the small bedroom completely naked.

"I have something for you."

Laud pulled out of his pocket a small rubber cylinder about two inches long and one across.

"It may not look like much," as he spoke the object doubled in length, "but it grows and shrinks to my will." He fixed his eyes on Leo's naked body. "Turn around and bend over."

Leo shifted nervously, for the first time defying his master.

"But," Leo said nervously, "I've never ... done that before."

"You told me that," Laud said matter-of-factly. "Bend over."

"But ... I wanted my first time to be with ... an actual person."

Laud stepped up to him so that they were almost touching.

"Are you saying you want me to fuck you?"

"Well ... yeah."

"If I wanted to fuck you, I'd be balls deep in you already."

Leo slowly and shyly wrapped his arms around Laud's shoulders embracing him and touching his bare skin to Laud's rough clothing. He leaned in and kissed Laud's cheek; his five o'clock shadow abrasive against Leo's lips.

"Please," Leo begged. "It's my first time."

Laud ran his hand through Leo's hair, and when his hand reached the back of Leo's head, he brought him in for a passionate kiss. He walked his apprentice back as they kissed and when they reached the bed Leo sat down and looked up at him with his innocent eyes. Laud sat next to him.

"I'll tell you what," Laud said, holding up the expanding dildo. "I'll give you two options. One: I take your virginity with this; work your ass all night with it, but for the rest of the week, I'll give you a break from my perversions. Two: I'll fuck you myself. Not only will I fuck you, I'll make love to you. The way every virgin thinks sex is: I'll give you that. But, tomorrow, you're going to have this in your ass all day. Which one do you want?"

Leo answered immediately.

"I want you to fuck me. It's my first time."

Laud was good to his word. He stood up and removed his clothes, letting his apprentice gaze upon his body for the first time, and he had an amazing body: tight muscles, little fat, and a large cock. He lay down next to his apprentice and let Leo glut himself on his well-formed flesh. Leo kissed his chest, sucked his nipples, and, when his lips slowly found their way down to his groin, he took his cock into his mouth with eagerness. Laud put his hands behind his head allowing Leo all the time he wanted with his huge member, absorbing half an hour of the sloppy, unpracticed blowjob with the utmost stamina. Once Leo's jaw was aching too much to go on, he crawled back up lay beside his master.

"Ready?" Laud asked.

Leo nodded. Laud sat up, then reached down beside the bed and grabbed his pants. He retrieved his wallet from which he retrieved a condom. Leo got up on his knees behind him and started kissing his back and shoulders as he rolled it on.

"I don't suppose you have any lube," Laud said.

"I have Vaseline."

"That could work."

"It's in the nightstand."

Laud opened the drawer in the nearby nightstand. Inside there was the white tub of petroleum jelly and some tissues.

"Is this your masturbation kit?"


Laud smiled and lubed himself up. He then arranged Leo doggy style, knelt behind him, and positioned the head of his dick just outside Leo's hole.

"This is going to hurt," Laud said. "Try to relax as much as possible."

Leo nodded and Laud pushed his way in.

As promised, Laud gently made love to his apprentice. He even gave Leo a break without being asked for it. After he thought Leo had had enough, he worked himself up, pulled off the condom, and came on Leo's stomach. Laud then used one hand to finger Leo's tender hole, while the other jerked him off. In no time, Leo added his own cum to the pool on his stomach. After they cleaned up, Laud held his apprentice in his arms until he fell asleep.



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