I was in my early thirties at the time of this story. It was wintertime, and in the place where I lived there was howling wind and much in the way of rainstorms, making any efforts to go out pretty much impractical. I stuck close to home at that time, engaged in a variety of things, and spent a fair amount of time on the computer. In the way of these things and under such circumstances, it didn't seem too far a stretch to check out the chat rooms, and before long I had made contact with a local guy who really appealed to me.

He was in his late forties, and had a long beard and a braided length of grey hair. I had seen him around for years, though mostly at the bars. He was a striking figure in that his beard was quite long and he sometimes braided it in two points. I knew that he was into leather, and had read on his profile the he kept a dungeon in his house, and that his partner often joined him in his adventures.

We had talked for a while in a chat room one night, and he was really turning me on with what he was proposing. He said that he wanted to try a 24/7 kind of trip one weekend with him, where I would come over and be trained all weekend by him and his partner. I didn't know much about his partner, except from his description of him that he was in his late forties as well, and rather tall and lean.

I hemmed and hawed about this for a while, since it seemed to me that it was rather more serious than any situation I had been in before. I was intent on exploring this side of myself though, and once I had settled my mind on what was wanted, I made arrangements to spend some time with these guys. My cock was hard at the thought of it, and when the day came I found myself to be trembling from time to time, as if I were cold.

Pulling together my strength and arriving on time at his place, I walked up to the front door and knocked. It was an old house in a nice part of town, a substantial early nineteenth century house with an enclosed porch and a flight of steps up to the door. He answered the door and smiled at me. We had exchanged pictures, and he had said that he thought I was hot. He nodded his head at me and beckoned me to enter.

As we had discussed the scene and its customs on the chat and in subsequent emails, I was pretty sure what he wanted me to do. We went downstairs without any further delay, and with few words. We had agreed that the scene would have certain protocols, one of which was that I was not to speak to him unless he spoke to me first, and then only to reply with the preface 'Sir', or 'Master' when I spoke to him.

We descended the stairs into the basement, and the walls were painted black, with dark lighting, rather like you might expect in a bathouse. We walked over to a door and he opened it and stood aside for me to enter. I walked into a dimly lit room, with walls covered with various leather implements and tables covered in dildos and other equipment.

He told me to undress, and I did so in front of him after saying 'yes Sir' quietly, my heart pounding and my hands shaking uncontrollably. No doubt he was aware of my condition, and as our eyes met I saw a glint of amusement in his eye, a kind of masterly feeling and reference to my inexperience at this sort of encounter. My cock was hard in my pants, and stood straight out in front of me once I stood there naked in front of him.

He put out his hand and stroked my ass with it. I started in spite of myself, and I felt his grip stiffen. He told me to get on my knees in front of him, and to pay homage to his penis, which was to be the focus of my existence for the next while. I did so, and he guided his cock into my mouth. I was aware of the divinity in this gesture, the symbolical meaning in it that caused a drop of precum to ooze from my cock as I stroked it momentarily.

The touch of his boot on my leg stopped me, and I remembered that another of the conditions to which I had agreed was that I not touch myself without his permission. The yielding of this control was essential to the point of the scene.

After I had sucked his cock for a while, his partner walked in. He was tall and thin, with a short trimmed beard. He was wearing jeans, but had no shirt on. There were tattoos on his arms, and he looked at me intently. This was turning me on. The new entry turned and closed the door behind him, and I heard the click of the lock.

I was told to suck his penis as well, and so I did for a while. The Master had his hand on my head the entire time, to establish a physical relationship with me, in order to communicate his desires to me. He had told me that he liked submissive men, and I was trying to read what he wanted in his touch.

I had confessed to him that what I wanted more than anything was to be dominated by another guy who would use a dildo on me. I had never been in a sling before, and I wanted to try this very much as well. He liked the idea of this as well, and had told me he had an extensive collection.

I stood up at his order, and we walked over to where there was a sling hung from an exposed wooden beam. I knew this was to be my seat for the upcoming event, and I eyed it thoughtfully as we approached it. It looked comfortable enough, and was hung about waist height from the floor, which was itself of painted cement.

I got into it, and lay there comfortably. My feet were well supported, and my legs spread apart. My ass sat exposed to their pleasure. My heart was pounding more now than before. I looked at the Master, and he was over at the small table, ranging among the collection of dildos, and looking back at me occasionally, an arch look on his face.

He selected one and came over to me. I felt his partner, who was standing just behind my head, press his hard cock up against my neck. The Master came over to me and taking one hand on my chin he inserted the dildo in his hand into my mouth. I couldn't resist it, and he pressed it in hard. It felt slick against my throat, and the smooth surface up against my tongue was strangely sensual.

He ran it in and out of my mouth for while, and then took it out, and stepped over until he was in between my legs. He pulled up a stool and sat there, lubricating the dildo from a bottle hanging from a pouch underneath the sling and kept there for the purpose. I could feel him put it up against my ass, and the lubricant felt cold when he did it. His partner put his cock in my mouth at this point, and my head was turned.

I felt him start to put more pressure on the dildo, to slide it up my ass. It felt smooth going in, once the initial resistance of my muscles was overcome. I had only played with dildos a couple of times before this, and so it was a pretty new experience for me at the time. I felt so full, and it was so hot. My cock was bone rigid, and I could feel the air moving across the head of it, it was so sensitized.

The Master started to push the dildo in and out of my ass, and when I came up for air from sucking his partner's cock I would look him in the eye, and he would smile and ask me if I liked it. I always told him yes, and in these exchanges I came to be more comfortable with the use of the word 'Sir'. He fucked me this way for a while, and then he took out the toy and got another, this time of a different shape.

Where the other dildo had been in the shape of a penis, this one was fluted several times along its length, and was a bit longer. He still looked me straight in the eye as he was lubing this up, and it came to me then that part of what he was getting out of this scene was the enjoyment of my reactions to his attentions.

He put this dildo up my ass, and it felt different than the other. It was like taking it again and again, for each time it widened, of course, I felt it a bit more. I was whimpering in ecstasy as he fucked me with this, and clenched my ass muscles around it. He could tell I was liking this, since he gave it to me for a long time with it. I was so hot all during this, and I sucked the other guy's penis, which was hard and tasty.

Time stretched out and lost all meaning as we were playing together, the three of us locked in this connection of assfucking, here in this guy's basement dungeon. The sound of the leather sling I was lying in creaked and our breathing was clear in the sparsely furnished chamber of sensation. The Master had at least a half dozen dildos there, and he put them all up my ass one after the other. I was stretched, and sweating with the effort of coping with so much pleasure. He was extremely skilled in the use of his toys, and knew just how to put them to the maximal effect, some being kept in my ass for longer periods, or withdrawn and re-entered with different speeds and so on.

I was loving this introduction to dildos, and learned so much about how to relax my ass and enjoy the experience. I would spread my legs wider as each dildo was presented to me, and with the limited body movement available in the sling I tried to communicate how much I was into this. There was, by this point, a line of precum, drooling from the head of my cock all the way down my side, and to the floor.

The Master's partner had stopped me sucking his cock, and knelt before my ass, sometimes taking control of the dildo fucking I was getting. The Master would then come over and put his penis in my mouth, or stroke my forehead and tell me to keep my ass open, because he had a lot more toys to show me. We had agreed that I didn't feel comfortable with being tied up or restrained in any way while I was penetrated, since I thought the implicit admission of desire in doing so of my own free will would be hotter for me, as indeed it was.

Eventually I was allowed to come, and I did so in torrents, coming all over my chest and stomach in spurts that went on and on. I managed to look at both of them, standing over me as I was lying there before them, with a dildo still in my ass. I wanted this so badly, and after coming I decided to rest for a few minutes. The Master put a butt plug in my ass and I was told to get up and walk with him.

There were agreed rules in our breaks, and one of them was that I was still to call him 'Sir', but that I would be allowed to speak more freely. I was also to keep a butt plug or some other toy in my ass so that at no time could I forget that I was submitting to them sexually. They had some cold water in tall glasses, which the partner brought down. He didn't say much, and I was still pretty dazed by the hotness and the amount of sensation that I had experienced to start too many conversations.

It wasn't long before I started to get horny again, and this time the Master decided that I should bend over a padded bench in the middle of the room. I was told to grab some handles on the other legs at the bottom, so that my head would be down low, and my ass raised to a convenient height for the use of my master and his partner.

They put on condoms and fucked me, one after the other, and then again in the same order. I felt it so keenly, but at the same time the stretching of the dildos had made my ass more ready to experience them, and so I was really into the hotness of this again. They left me there for a while once they had come, and then after about half an hour of being in the room alone, they returned, and fucked me with a dildo again.

After this, I was told to get up, and put my clothes on. They were very pleased with me, but I was to be sent away without coming a second time, in order that I should still be horny for more. I was told that I was welcome to come back and serve them again at any time. The sudden return to a more normal pitch of conversation after having been dominated by them was a little strange, so I kept my thanks brief and made my way out before too much longer.

I walked down the steps into the windy, raining darkness. My knees were shaking after the experience I had, and my cock was still hard. I could feel in my ass where the dildo had been, and mental images of what had happened made me crave more. I drove back to my place and jerked off about three times in a row, until my cock was sore, and then I made plans to see them again.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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